How Lauren Salzman operated as a slave master in DOS

Lauren Salzman

Since collateral – more so than branding – is going to be a significant aspect of the extortion, forced labor and sex trafficking charges against the three DOS defendants  – Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, and Lauren Salzman –  here are few things that readers might find interesting.

I found it interesting that Lauren Salzman’s attorney claimed in her motion to dismiss that Lauren had only been in DOS for four and half months. If true, that would mean that Lauren, who joined DOS in January 2017, must have quit in early June – about the time Frank Report first revealed the branding of women.

If she was only in for four months – she seems to have risen in the ranks remarkably quickly.  She was, after all, a leading slave master.

Lauren found it stressful in Albany and liked traveling away from headquarters. Because of her bizarre eating regime, Lauren often was ill and vomited often. But she found time to both teach NXIVM intensives and recruit slaves.

She taught that the point of DOS or AKA “The Vow” was to build self, to bust pride, to uphold principles, to build a sense of honor and  character.

“Yes, we want to bust pride and build humility and vulnerability which help us have character and conscience,” she once texted a slave.

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Lauren Salzman with Allison Mack

The steps that were followed by all the DOS slaves were as follows:
1. The Vow
2. The Collar
3. The Brand

The slaves had to ask their master’s permission to go to sleep. This was usually done
by text. The general rule was that the slave had to wait for the master’s permission for up to one hour. If there was no response by text within an hour, the slave could then feel free to sleep. However, the slave had to sleep with her DOS phone beside her because she was required to respond to texts from her master within 60 seconds of receiving the text. Even if she was sound asleep and it was the middle of the night, the slave had to rise and text her master.

Sometimes, the master would have the slave stand up and wait for a period of time before going back to bed.

Lauren put on her phone a “self destruct timer” and set it at 60 seconds to time the speed of her slaves’ responses.

Lauren pushed hard for new slaves. There were benchmarks DOS needed to
meet.  Lauren referred to “an enrollment culture” for DOS.  For the slave, this took up a lot of time, recruiting new slaves and training them.

A list of headings on a leaked document of a DOS slave has these categories.
1. Enrollment
2. Personal Contract,
3. Sanitize base camp
4. FU branding
5. Branding meetings.
6. “Clean” phones and computers.

Lauren was adamant about collecting proper collateral. She told her slaves that
when they did videos meant to destroy a family member, spouse or business associate, they must name the person’s full name and do so early in the video.

Lauren also liked her slaves collateral to be “hardcore.”

The collateral was uploaded to a Drop Box. It is not known who else besides the direct slave master had access, but it is a pretty good guess that the Grand Slave Master, Keith Raniere, had access.

I believe the DOJ knows – and may have found collateral during their raid on Raniere’s “Library” on 8 Hale or during their search of his emails.

I found it intriguing that some collateral had to do with herpes.

Lauren always had to approve her slaves’ collateral and she instructed her slaves to make sure the videos looked candid and not contrived.

Lauren insisted that her slaves collateral destroy or consume the following areas of her slave’s life:
1. Work
2. Family
3. Social Credibility
4. Important People
5. Assets
6. Wealth
7. Rights
8. Possessions.

When a slave expressed worriment about the collateral getting into the wrong hands, Lauren told her it was a “control” issue. That a slave let “fear and viscera taint your thoughts instead of using your mind to craft your principles.”

All slaves had to wear symbolic chains – either on their necks, ankles or
bellies.  Slaves would text their masters emoticons of hearts and chains.  Brooklyn Charms sold belly chains for a few hundred dollars.

Losing weight was a bedrock principle of DOS. Some women wanted to achieve their desired weight before they put on their symbolic chains.

Each of the slaves had to perform a daily act of self-denial.

Some slaves’ self-denial was not pleasing enough for Lauren. She mocked one slave because her daily act of self denial was to eat only one donut instead of several.  A true act of self-denial would have been for the slave to eat no donuts at all.

Failure Protocol
When there was a failure of slave what happened? Was she punished? Some slaves were bare-ass paddled. Some were put in cages, in isolation, according to sources in DOS.

Failing to respond to readiness drills – or getting angry or defiant – were punishable events.

“Choice Points” is a concept where a slave makes decisions or choices. Choosing things the slave thinks is important over what the master says is important to her in her life is wrong. This could also lead to punishment.

Some slaves were forbidden to have sex and told that includes masturbation.

Being uncomfortable as a discipline is part of DOS.  Taking longer cold showers, for example, was a simple discipline that helped slaves make choice points that were uncomfortable.


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The genius behind it all – Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard.



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  • Lauren is an interesting character in this movie. I’m with her on the donut thing. I’m with her on hooking up with who she wanted to. Hopefully, Keith has been dying for the last 20 yrs cause Lauren hasn’t been faithful to him. And hopefully, Lauren figured out the Avatar baby BS was just that.

    Everything attributed to Lauren in the above article is Lauren parroting Keith. Lauren was perfect for Keith because she did what he said.

    I have no doubts about what Walter or Johnny posted. Lauren (and Nancy) sometimes get more love on this site than they probably deserve. It’s because they were real. Hard to call somebody “real” when they parrot a psychopath – but in the case of Lauren, being real and being a parrot for Raniere are oddly not non-sequiturs. Plus, you gotta give love to get love, right?

  • Sure it could get more evil, thats where it was headed.
    This is what a cult does, I can think of three off the top of my head where mass suicide was the end result, and several where murder was their undoing.
    Lauren made a huge mistake in bringing Sarah Edmonson into the fold. A fortunate mistake because Sarah is to strong willed , she may have fallen for Laurens lies short term as they were close friends in Sarah’s mind. Lauren was getting desperate to meet her quota and didn’t take into account Sarah’s husband and the significance of the brand or that Sarah would not be as easy to control living as she did in Canada.
    Wonder who deliberately spread STDs ?.

  • Wi thought Lauren Salzman was a bitch way back when she was in her early twenties and having sex with every new man that showed up at ESP. I guess she started practicing celibacy when there was no man left she hadn’t had as they say “a roll in the hay.”

    The person I feel sorry for here is her Dad. I can’t imagine how he is living with the knowledge of the depth of cruelty and depravity of his daughters!

    • Not every guy. I shot down little miss toucan beak.A three some with her and Jeske. Vantards wet dream. Not mine.

      • You are mean, It not true. You do not treat my people like this you mutherfucker. I fook Kristin hard deep and passionately

        • Fuck off. I’ve only defended Kristin against any involvement in NXIVM’s illegal activities or recruiting teen girls for DOS involvement.

          Otherwise I don’t support her screwing around outside of wedlock or the loose and open sexuality that is on display in the entertainment programming that she is involved in.

          • Riggghhhhtttt perv. Kreuk was another one who could suck a medicine ball out of a straw. You would have given you tiny nutsack to fuck her out of wedlock.

          • You can’t defend Kreuk from shit you sad old man. What the do you know what she did in NXIVM and knew about? Nothing. Absolutly nothing you can say to defend the coward for being named as a future defendant in a lawsuit alongside Allison Mack and being on Necker Island (with Mack) where the whistleblower said they discussed money laundering. Nothing you can say to defend that. You will ignore all his other facts about Mark Vicente, his mother, Siohban Hotaling, the Executive Board, their roles etc but refuse to accept that one. Kristin Kreuk is a coward and nothing you can say will change that you fucking asbergers loser. Cry some more. WAAHHHH CALL THE WWHHAMBULENCEE!

          • Stalking, sociopathic trolls. You got nothing and will never have anything. You’re the same shit on rinse and repeat.

            Cry. Cry. Cry. Cry and cry some more.

          • “Fuck off. I’ve only defended Kristin”

            Ohhhhh, Kristin? Are you on a first name terms with your digital pixel sexual fantasy? Are you on second base yet?

          • “You got nothing and will never have anything”

            Yes we do spanker. Kreuk and Mack were named in a criminal lawsuit. Poor spanker! Kreuk and Mack were on Necker Island where money laundering was discussed. Poor spanker! Kreuk and Mack were named in the pedophile expose in 2012 and stayed with him. Poor spanker. GBD was Kreuk and Mack’s attempts to turn teen girl on to NXIVM bullshit. Poor spanker! Kreuk and Mack used their fame to get college kids to do a market research survey for NXIVM without revealing it was for a cult. Poor spanker! Kristin Kreuk did nothing to call out NXIVM and help victims even when being called out by Frank when he teamed up with Catherine Oxenberg to get Allison Mack out. Poor spanker! Kreuk is being shielded from questions from the CW Network and probably CBC because she does not want the press knowing what she did. Bad spanker!

            Allahu spankbar you smelly foreigner.

          • Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous

    • I was curious about Michelle and Lauren’s father. According to FrankReport post

      “If a person insists on being suppressive there is no choice but to remove her or him from the group.

      The heroic Michelle and Lauren Salzman don’t talk to their father, Dr. Michael Salzman.

      They shun him because, when suppressive defectors left Mr. Raniere a while ago, Dr. Salzman had the audacity to not take the side of Mr. Raniere.

      Ever since then, Lauren and Michelle Salzman – slaves of Master Raniere – have shunned their father.”


      “The breakaway of the NXIVM 9 caused the closure of the Seattle Center of ESP.

      But Miss Cowell continued to work for Dr. Salzman.

      Mr. Raniere told Nancy Salzman to tell her ex-husband to fire Nina Cowell.

      Dr. Salzman refused.

      Mr. Raniere ordered Dr. Salzman’s daughters, Michelle and Lauren Salzman, to shun their father. From that day forward, the two daughters shunned their father and refused to talk to him. Such is their loyalty to Vanguard.”

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