Source: Salzman girls shun father in the name of Master Raniere

According to a source:

A sign of a good student of Keith Raniere is that they do not assert their own opinions but repeat what Vanguard says.

They win every debate with their argument: “Don’t you think the smartest man in world would know this?”

While it may be argued, ‘if he’s so smart, why can’t he win any lawsuits?”

Or “why are all the people who work for the company broke?

Or “where are all these inventions Vanguard is suppose to have?”

The answer may be he intends to lose lawsuits to teach the world about the corruption of the judicial system; and the reason people in the company are broke is because they put the cost of education in his classes ahead of accumulating personal wealth.

People who fail to understand this are suppressives.

If a person insists on being suppressive there is no choice but to remove her or him from the group.

The heroic Michelle and Lauren Salzman don’t talk to their father, Dr. Michael Salzman.

They shun him because, when suppressive defectors left Mr. Raniere a while ago, Dr. Salzman had the audacity to not take the side of Mr. Raniere.

Ever since then, Lauren and Michelle Salzman – slaves of Master Raniere – have shunned their father.

For, as they might be proud to say, he may have given them physical birth, but it was Mr. Raniere who gave them spiritual birth and everlasting life.

If Mr. Raniere shuns people who refuse to do what he says, his followers are taught it is wise to do likewise.


Daddies come and go but Vanguard is forever. Michelle, Nancy and Lauren Salzman shun their father, according to sources, to please Kieth Raniere.

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