Rude comments on Frank Report stopped — All comments to be held for review prior to publishing

Not any more.

The Frank Report is dedicated to taking down NXIVM, and other criminal enterprises.

The Frank Report was meant to turn the tables on Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman.  MK10ART painting: entitled “Frank’s chariot is pulled by Keith + Clare”.

The comments section somehow devolved into a hate-infested place where anonymous people [and one known named individual] express their vitriol to other anonymous people [and one known named individual].

I tried several things in the past to rid the Frank Report of rude comments.

None of them worked.

My ideas were good, I think – such as Scotty’s Corner, the Beasties Corner, and the Flowers and Scott show.  The problem was I could not spend hours every day reviewing and eliminating and relocating rude comments.

I had hoped the assholes would eventually clean themselves up and become civil. That was naive on my part. It had gotten so bad that I did not enjoy looking at the comments on my own blog.

I am now banning comments that are rude to other posters. Period.

There are many good people who comment. Because the viciousness has descended to the level of obscene, some of them have become hesitant to comment.

You can be critical without being rude. But the time has come – and the demand from decent people too strong to ignore the request any longer: Ban rude people.

I cannot spend all my time monitoring comments. So. the simple method I have chosen is to hold all comments pending my approval.

I can review them quickly and all I need to do is hit “approve” or “trash”.

Only comments that are germane – at least tangentially – to topics posted – will be published. All comments calling other people rude names will not be published.

All readers can feel free to criticize the subjects of the stories, even the writers of the stories, other public figures etc. But the day has come to stop insulting other posters.

If you can disagree civilly, your comment will be published, but if you’re rude, you will not be published on Frank Report.

Good people – please continue to comment. It may take a few hours for your comments to post.

That’s the price to keep this forum civil.

As for the nasty ones – it doesn’t matter if you comment or not, nothing rude will appear anymore.  No more will one commenter call another a coward, a cunt, a brown shit skin, a perv, or any other insulting names that have appeared here lately.

I hope this will not inhibit the free exchange of ideas. And not foreclose on free speech.

It should only refine speech a little.




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Suppose you just comment on the Frank Report…

MK10ART: Painting “The Two-Headed Bronfman Monster.” This is a brilliant painting and what the Frank Report is about. It is not about calling each other names.

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  • Could you not just make a website where the articles dont sound like they’ve been felched up by something called a vanguard. A .Does he even have a van ?

  • I hope this works out Frank. I appreciate that you’re curbing behaviour rather than individuals. Perhaps those who bring their rage, unrelated to nxivm, will give it a second thought. I agree with OCD there is a generalised, the media are calling it ‘populist’- rage, afoot in our lands. Im not surprised tbh, political power has devolved to nothing, in that too many people feel they have no representation, no say in the running of nations that continue to bleed us dry of taxes, this while global corporations and a growing non-domeciled ‘billionaire class’ avoid rendering unto Ceasar, who seems to function as an overseer for their interests, rather than as government for and by the people.


    Catherine also discusses a bit about the latest Nx court filings in this Radar report on the devastating destruction of her new home. We know this lady fights like a mother and, along with Frank, Toni and others, led the charge against Nx and is saving lives thereby.

    Catherine is deserving of our deepest respect in the fight to regain her daughter and, also, of our deepest sorrow for this terrible loss of their dream home.

    Perhaps we can set up a go fund me or acknowledge support for Catherine and India somehow as a community?

    Remember, they’ve lost EVERYTHING of material sentimental value, regardless of how much more than others they may be perceived to have had to begin with. Lost everything but each other, of course.

    They could really use some “love bombing” of the real sort! (And they do read FR, at least periodically, I’m sure.)

  • Thanks Frank,
    Long over due but it appears some posters have another agenda other than helping to expose KAR and his evil followers.
    Some will clean up their act as being seen on the blog is better than being banished, but wont ad much content.
    Some current Nxivm /KAR supporters will have to find a different way to troll.
    I will visit more often and maybe start posting again if the FR is better controlled from rude abusive posters.

  • Thank you, Frank. As most people should know, I am a counter-puncher. If Frank prevents me from being punched, there will be no counter-punches. I’ve stated before, I was Donald Trump before Donald Trump was Donald Trump, from the perspective of being known as a counter-puncher. Now I will no longer need to throw my massively effective knockout punches, and I’m quite happy about that, because now we can get back to the issues at hand.

    • Do you really beleive this is true? This message is for scott. You are way off base if you do not realize you are the most harmful person on this blog. With the greatest respect for genuine human decency i can assure you that you have caused unneccessary personal damage to me. I cant speak for others. That is up to them. I would appreciate messages like this to be posted so you can understand that you really have caused emotional harm to myself and you need to know your responsibility. I know I never wrote anything to hurt you first do that claim is false. This may just be a forum for you to vent but personal attacks and suggesting I wasn’t dying fast enough for you for what purpose would you write something like that?

      • This is one comment that I was not certain i should publish. But after thinking about it, I think it is fair to allow it. Anne here is trying to express that she was hurt by Scott. And since this post is about rude comments and how I am handling them going forward it seems to be appropriate. It would not be appropriate I think on other posts about other topics.

        • I am very glad you posted Anne’s comment, Frank.
          You did not post my own criticism of Scott’s–which is your right assuming you deemed it too personal and harsh regarding Scott’s false belief that he didn’t start fights.
          I have been annoyed by Scott’s posts, but I’m sure others were actually offended and even hurt by them. Maybe Anne’s comment will get thru to him and he will become a more diplomatic debater here.

          • I think this is fair comment – since it does not name call but rather – germane to the post – prompts the idea that civility is essential to advance the cause of Frank Report.

      • Anne,
        I did not know that Scott suggested you weren’t dying fast enough because he disagreed with your comments. I’m so very sorry to hear this. It’s so not right In fact, it’s quite disgusting and I think an apology from him is in order. Even though this blog is now being monitored for derogatory statements, there are still some unsettled feelings. Frank’s decision to allow Scott’s comment where he is boasting that he is a far better counter-puncher than Trump ever was, is perplexing. If you like to go for more clicks and comments like a grocery store tabloid, this is the place. For someone to say they counter-punch harder and better than you, or can say things that get under your skin better than anyone else? I’m just sorry you were hurt. In my opinion, there really is no excuse for this to happen.

        • Chiming in to support Heather Anne, TK, LaLa regarding Scott Johnson. For weeks, I did my utmost to ignore Scott pestering me to be on his show, the mudslinging, taunting, insults, without any provocation at all on my part. Scott’s comment to Heather was the first, “last straw” before I started firing back and that’s here on archive record along with all Scott’s other unprovoked attacks on everyone from Susan Dones to Joe O’hara to Catherine Oxenberg to Omar to Toni to all y’all.

          There’s no question Scott was pulling the punches first — and with brass knuckles on — not “counter” punching. (Same story with Flowers.)

          I don’t care if he apologizes myself, but now he owes FR readers two of them: one for being an asshole and a second for boasting about being an asshole because we all “had it coming” when none of us ever even saw it coming before it hit!

          Contrary to what Scott believes, normal people DO want (and deserve) kindness and respect. Life itself deserves respect.

          • I am publishing this because this is under the post about rude comments. It would not be published in another unrelated post. The good news is that the insults whether by Scott or anyone else have ended.

          • P.S. to Heidi, all of my other “unprovoked attacks” on others were a result of them not answering very simple questions. If you believed that life deserves respect you would help millions of others not get scammed by MLM scams instead of staying on the NXIVM mantra 24/7/365.

          • I thought we were not supposed to be writing insulting posts to others?
            Anyways, that is another untrue allegation by Heidi .
            Here’s an example of the type of stuff that has been posted about me…note I did not even post on the following thread before (Clicky ?) wrote this post about me:

            Bernie Bitchmouse

            September 19, 2018 at 11:02 pm

            You’re so naive.

            Try going to any SugarBaby/SugarDaddy web site.

            College gals at every university (including the Ivy Leagues) fuck for money, tuition and gifts (sometimes they just blow and give head, but most of them fuck too).

            It’s all legal too, as they come to an ‘arrangement’ (just like a gal who only fucks dates who spend lots of money on her first).

            As long as she can keep the gift even if she doesn’t fuck, then it’s legal. The guy gives the gift first, the gal then usually fucks, then she gets more gifts, and so on…

            If you want to know more about this topic, I’d advise asking Flowers since she’s an EXPERT. Back in her college days she fucked guy after guy and wound up getting gaslighted, eventually becoming a man hater.



            September 20, 2018 at 3:32 am

            You have an unusual name.
            Do you identify with bitches or with rodents? Both, I guess.

            What’s the matter, ratboy? Ya starting to get worried or something? If you were getting worried now, that would actually be the first smart thing you’ve done.

            Your pathetic lies don’t bother me, they just make you sound like a little toddler, sitting in his pissy Pampers, and having a big old temper tantrum – raging at the world because things are not going his way.

            And with every tantrum, ratboy, you make another mistake and give me a little more evidence each time.

            As you can see , his post was written before mine (feel free to check the original thread)

            Considering the name used (Bernie Bitchmouse) it’s obviously one of the same people involved in the previous harassment I talked about. If I was “mean” to him, he certainly deserved it.

          • You are right Heidi. And, thank you. I take offense to someone who thinks they are one of the best counter-punchers, as if to warn others not to cross them. It’s not something to be proud of, and yet here we are. In many ways, it’s a heady statement meant to more or less forewarn others not to mess with them, or disagree. It’s akin to the same lengthy and juvenile accomplishments Mr. Raniere boasted on his resume. Quite childish, actually. From what I have read, in many ways it’s a similar character trait Keith Raniere exhibited early on in his life. It’s clear there wasn’t any true formidable presence in Keith’s early years to thwart his tendency to put others down so he could feel superior to them. While this is just a guess, when one can take a step a back and look at the whole picture, something was missing in Keith’s childhood for him to get so wrapped up in himself. The way he tried to look and act the part of a radical John Lennon / Jesus figure is a hoot. Just a bunch of crap. PS. Sorry for any typos Scott!

  • This is a good idea, Frank. I tried posting several times on this blog about a month ago, and I was attacked by several other angry posters, and I don’t even know why, as they refused to tell me.

    I have participated in discussions on several other forums, but I’ve never experienced this degree of inexplicable hostility before.

    I hope this fixes the problem and encourages more people to post.

  • I have wondered if someone has paid the likes of 4chan trolls – who have been known to be intellectual assholes that flood garbage into meaningful conversations and disrupt the flow. Especially the way they just appeared one day.
    It would not take much for someone who is unhappy with what the frank report is doing to pay a few people off. Scientology is notorious
    for that kind of thing. why wouldn’t NXIVM supporters ruffle feathers here?

  • Thank goodness. I commented a few times that comments needed to be reviewed before publishing. It’s the only way. Stop it before it starts. I look forward to a more constructive sensible comment section!

  • I want to sincerely apologize if anyone was offended by my cruder comments directed at the deserving. I rarely stoop to that level in reality and will endeavor to ignore or respond not “in kind” but with replete kindness to any breakthrough sicko slurs.

  • In theory it’s a good idea, but Frank you need to practice what you preach, and posting an abusive tirade against Scott as an article makes you sound like a hypocrite.

    The same rules should apply to everyone, (and they don’t) which I’ve tried to demonstrate here.

    Let’s if you’ll post this. I have a feeling you won’t.

      • Yes, you did.
        Not trying to insult you, but just pointing out the obvious-that if you allow Scott to be insulted in that way, you are, in fact, condoning the rudeness.

          • Lol!
            It was not concern for you, Scott. I was commenting on the principle. If Frank claims he doesn’t want to see rude and insulting comments, then posting insulting articles about other commenters is going against his own rules, and it encourages more rudeness in return.

    • Flowers , you seem unaware that you are also a major attacker on this site. Lately you have improved although the tendency to make a comment and convince yourself it’s true isn’t healthy. It’s odd that the three most harmful are Scott, Shadowstate and you,
      I hope you really mean what you say and stick to the topics at hand rather than others opinions. Thankyou

      • Again this comment seems acceptable to me since the topic is rude comments. It would not be so on another post. And at the end it expresses a hope for peaceful friendly resolution.

      • Heather, I think the issue is this- early on you said a number of nasty things to me (well before I ever commented to you) and then when I called you out on those comments, you claimed to have forgotten them due to your medication. Perhaps this is true…or perhaps an excuse to get away with rudeness? But, as you’ve probably noticed, I only take a certain amount of bs before I start to fight back. If you are truly suffering from cancer, I apologize , as I am a cancer survivor myself.

        I’m trying to understand the meaning of your other comment:

        (Lately you have improved although the tendency to make a comment and convince yourself it’s true isn’t healthy. )

        Convince myself WHAT is true? I’m not following what you mean.

        Also, how in the world has Shadow been harmful to you?? I’m a bit puzzled….

        • Shadow and his obsession with allison is one of the things that makes him unpleasant, but especially his language to treat her or how he wants to draw her, I am a man and yet his continuous attempt to show her as the worst person in the world or as a monster is Something that only confirms again and again that his true intentions are not decent and only obey his own insane desire to see her suffer and at the same time see himself as a hero who knocked down the great evil he sees in her, is curious that although not all shadow publications are on allison mack most if they are, while not a single publication of shadow to treat about KAR which is obviously the main reason why so many bad things happened in NXIVM.

        • Flowers, I apologize if I caused this in the beginning, I wish I knew how to pull up all I’ve ever written. Maybe I would be angry at myself. My memory of events is very different.
          I do take medications and my memory is not what it used to be.
          2 things are facts: yes I have cancer, I would never lie about such a serious disease. When my children were young I had breast cancer , after a mastectomy I was given a clean bill of health. My husband and I raised our two daughters, they put themselves through college and are capable adults I am very proud of. God gave me this 18 years ago, I was rediagnosed 4 years ago in Dec. Since March of 2015 I have undergone , different chemo every three weeks to date. Among other treatments.
          I only hoped to reach Nancy S with a portion of my story.
          The second is you went after me, wether you realize it or not. You insisted I was a troll over and over. You must see that you say this to a lot of people.
          I guess maybe both of us could go back in time and regret things we accused others of.
          I try very hard to be truthful, but am not a mean person.
          I’m sure I’m not the only person posting who has challenges going on in their lives.
          I’d like to start over with you and if you remember my middle name posts you might see I’ve even defended you when I believed you were being treated unfairly. Sincerely Heather Anne

          • Heather- I’ve posted here starting in fall 2017, right after the story came out about the brandings and about how Keith was considered a cult leader.

            The reason I was interested in the story was because I had been harassed by a group of people, and I had been told they went after me, (and any others who had pissed them off) because they were a cult. Whether this is totally true or not, is impossible to know, because I’ve never been involved with any cults myself…and I had no idea why these people were behaving in this manner, but they certainly did harass me in a manner similar to that used by Scientology.

            Sometime in April, I noticed that a number of new commenters showed up here, and I began to be harassed again. I suspect that the original harassers are now posting here, especially since one of them has since asked me to provide “photographic evidence” of any police reports I may have filed regarding the matter. Why would he want to see that? It’s not his concern (unless he wants my private information.) Of course I had suspected something was not right since April or May, and I was also suspicious because the date April 20th was repeatedly mentioned here lately. While that may be coincidental, that date does have a certain meaning to me, and that date is also connected to the harassment.

            You obviously feel I’ve unjustly accused you of trolling this board, and of course no one here can prove their identity – any of us here could be writing a fake story. All I can do is say I really have been posting here since Oct 2017 (which is easy to prove) and that I did start to be harassed here around May (again, easy to prove.)
            You may have started posting here around that time as well, and I may have suspected you to be connected to the harassment, and so I apologize for that, Heather.

  • The rudeness is going on not only here but on other forums, such as Next Door. It seems to be epidemic, so is likely a societal issue. We have largely lost the ability to have thoughtful debate, and vicious name calling has become the norm. Just watch the news. We are truly, finally becoming the “ugly Americans.” Sad.

    I applaud you, Frank, for taking the extra time to filter because I know it is a great time investment for you. The delay in publishing may discourage those who need the instant gratification of seeing their posts pop up.

    With this, maybe some of the other posters will come back, and I could name at least five of those whose posts I once loved to read. As for now, Heidi is a great addition because she has offered real insight and stuck it out through being called a fake, one who is responsible for her sister’s death, and worse. Once in a blue moon, I see one of the old, good posters pop up, only to quickly exit again after being attacked.

    The strange thing is that even those who are vitriolic and hateful sometimes have very astute comments worth reading. But even then, their detractors pounce and the game is on.

    For those who question Frank’s motives, remember NXIVM is not yet done. There is a real chance that some or all of those currently indicted will escape punishment through the justice system, through one fluke or another. I think it’s wise to keep the heat on. I’m sure the prosecutors read this blog. I watched the A&E story on NXIVM, “Cults and Extreme Beliefs” again last night. It is sobering.

    Those who are working to bring down NXIVM now have been screwed royally by KAR, in one way or another: Frank, Sarah, Catherine, Toni and others. I for one do not want to see this evolve into a website about other cults. We (well, Frank) should keep the goal laser focused.

    • I refuse to see Sarah Edmondson as a victim in any way shape or form. She did not give a damn about the crimes of NXIVM as she profited. She did not care about the victims. She did not like it when she was on the receiving end of NXIVM bullshit. She turned on them out of selfish anger, not morals.

      • I guess you can look at it that way – but my impression was she thought the courses were helpful to herself and others and she thought she was part of something good, until it was brought home to her in the worst way. Regardless, IMO she has done a great service by speaking out when so many others were understandably intimidated.

        • Consistent with most MLM scams, most of the people believe they are operating in a legal, ethical, and moral business. It’s the few rotten apples at the top (distributors and corporate types) who know otherwise that are behind the curtain running the scam.

        • Negative.

          How many people spoke out and were ruined by NXIVM while Sarah Edmondson profited?

          She knew about money laundering and tax evasion. She knew about all the lawsuits against critics and defectors. She knew about the harem. She knew Keith Raniere was fucking female students, pimped out to him by other female students. She knew he was exposed as a pedophile rapist. She knew her spineless beta male cuckold husband Anthony Ames aka “Nippy” was named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit and why. She even lied about Kristin Kreuk leaving NXIVM in 2013 when she knows that is not true. Kreuk was still a member after that. She lied to protect her just like Susan Dones did. Dones went as far as to say Kreuk left in 2009!

          These people are all dirty.

          • “She even lied about Kristin Kreuk leaving NXIVM in 2013 when she knows that is not true. Kreuk was still a member after that.”

            There has still been no evidence whatsoever provided for this. It has been asked if you for the eleventh or twelfth time now to provide it and you just keep repeating it as if it’s true but you have never done so.

      • I think people are willing to cut Sara Edmonson a break because she has expressed sincere remorse for not only getting involved in NXIVM but in bringing other people into it as well I appreciate the fact that she is speaking up about how she was persuaded to not only give collateral/blackmail material, but to get branded with initials. She is a classic example of a smart person who made stupid choices.

        I wish Kristin Kreuk would also get this candid, especially about the amount of people she helped recruit into the cult.

        • What remorse?

          Has she admitted to knowing about tax evasion and money laundering? Has she admitted to knowing Keith Raniere was a disgusting raper of little girls? Has she admitted to not caring one little bit about all the lawsuits? Has she admitted recruiting people into the cult knowing all this stuff? If confronted with accusations, did she deny anything while still recruiting? If confronted about allegations of financial crimes that she profited from, did she lie or admit it? She is a scam artist and a fraud, milking all this for attention and out of selfish revenge. To Sarah Edmondson, it’s okay if other people are affected badly by NXIVM, Keith Raniere, the Bronfmans etc, but not her.

          And Kristin Kreuk is keeping her virtue signalling mouth shut on NXIVM because she wants to continue virtue signalling about “causes” that have nothing to do with her, that require no sacrifice to tweet about, so long as she continues to receive fame and money privileges, in this case, other people’s wages that they worked for. And the spineless press are so far, letting her get away with it. If there was enough press pressure on her, like in early 2018 but more so, all the allegations and facts spoken about on Frank Report about her, would make her shit herself. It would give literal meaning to her being a “smell the fart” actress.

          • – To Sarah Edmondson, it’s okay if other people are affected badly by NXIVM, Keith Raniere, the Bronfmans etc, but not her.

            That’s life.

            The vast majority of people only care when it affects themselves. Most people aren’t morally upstanding individuals because it takes a strength of unwavering character no matter the circumstance. You’re no different. You only care about NXIVM because of some type of negative relationship you have with one or more of these actresses, and that’s why you’re seemingly always displaying your anger towards them via their past association with the group in the comments here.

            If you’re looking for moral exemplars in the entertainment industry – people who keep their word and stand up for what they believe in reality – you’re looking in the wrong place. Their jobs are to be entertainers first and foremost, and so that is why they’ll protect their career opportunity first and foremost, and they will rationalize as much as they can to keep it.

    • Why don’t you want to see this evolve into a website about other cults/scams? I think that could prove very interesting, and considering that NXIVM is pretty much finished (as Frank has stated himself) , he will soon run out of information to post on Keith and the gang.

      Already people are complaining about the articles that reference oral sex and tongues ….and as Frank runs out of new info on NXIVM, these types of articles are what will often be posted here.

      • NXIVM as an organisation may be done, but the story is most emphatically NOT done. On the contrary, the most important chapter is yet to happen: the court case. And who knows how long it’ll drag out. There’ll be plenty of stuff to report on for months.

        It’s only if/when the perps are found guilty and justice administered accordingly that the story will be over. And even then, there’ll be appeals, or people coming out of the woodwork who finally feel emboldened enough to speak out once key players are locked away that will keep the wheel turning.

        It’s possible Frank may consider turning the spotlight on other cults and cultlike orgs once the NXIVM trials are over. But until then, a focus on NXIVM is best.

      • Thank you for the kind words. I had the opportunity to meet KAR and a few of his cohorts several times in the 90’s. I won’t go into more detail but even then he exuded CREEP. He had a bad impact on the lives of several people I dearly cared about. I guess that’s why I keep coming here.

        PS to Scott Johnson: I’ll bet I hate MLMs more than you do.

        • Ah, so you were around during the CBI frenzy cum debacle —when Keith was using his sudden celebrity status to sex preteen warehouse staff while the adult women in his life — Toni, Karen, Kristin Keefe, etc. were running the business.

          There was nary a second thought for those who sank and lost their life savings in that MLM scheme. I agree, the pyramid sales structure can be evil but as Keith himself pointed up to me a time or two — there’s a pyramid on every U.S. dollar bill.

          • Perhaps you’re right. I am not a crusader. I’ve just observed them all tank one after the other after fabulous promises, taking people’s hard earned money with them. The only ones who seem to make money are those at the top.

            In the course of crashing, they hurt more than their members – vendors go unpaid, too. It’s all about greed.

    • OCD, I think Frank can handle more than one MLM scam. In fact, he told me during our first telephone conversation this spring that the NXIVM saga is essentially over and in the hands of the Feds, and Amway (and other MLM scams) looked like a good “next challenge.” Since other MLMs are, unlike NXIVM, still scamming massive numbers of people, why NOT shine a light on them while gossiping over the NXIVM scraps?

      • I just don’t think it’s over – not by a long shot. Where is Karen Unterreiner and what evidence is she holding? There is likely to be another superseding indictment and possibly more arrests. I think we have only scratched the surface of this thing.

        What’s different about this cult is that it seems to have bred and encouraged an army of narcissists! Get rich quick by selling bullshit courses ripped off from other curriculum. It’s all wink, wink, look the other way. I am intrigued as to how this could happen.

        Is it as bad as Jim Jones isolating and killing over 900 people? No. But unchecked, it could have gotten there.

        • OCD, since all of NXIVM’s key players have been arrested, and all their bullshit, lies, and crimes have been exposed, I have to disagree with you….it IS over.
          There is nothing to resurrect, everyone is aware of the corruption now. Of course more of their crimes will be exposed as this investigation continues- but NXIVM has lost it’s power.

          • Flowers, I so hope you are right. I am just afraid one or more will slip the net. They have gotten away with so much, for so long.

            Frank is now posting specific articles on how they might defeat the charges.

  • I am becoming more and more afraid for the future of our society. It seems people have learned no lessons at all from the past. Intolerance and hate continues to thrive and appears to be growing. It goes underground from time to time but then tunnels its way back to the surface.

    People should be able to enter into debates and comment without using vulgar language and put downs or just trying to advance their own agenda.

    There should be a movement toward kindness and respect in order to stop people like KAR from being capable of captivating the vulnerable with his words and pats on the head to lure them in until they are under the spell and then that affection and affirmation is withdrawn until the person is desperate for it to resume so they are willing to do anything. People long for community and a sense of belonging so why is it so hard to find one today that is safe and inclusive?

    Commenters spewing hate aren’t just here on the Frank Report. Unfortunately you can visit almost any popular blog and find it. My question is why? Why are people filled with so much rage? Why do these people keep shooting darts at people they don’t even know? Why is it important to get a leg up? To look for a troll behind every comment?

    If people would just treat one another the way they wish to be treated the world would be better. This sounds so simple and trite but there is often power found in the most simple things.

    • I think the internet is broke. It gave people a voice and it’s pathetic what they chose or many choose to do with it. The crap that I see in comments on blogs, opinion pieces and news stories to name a few, is said by people that would never speak to someone like that in person. Sadly, I would expect them to do even worse as part of a crowd or mob to be exact.

    • Raniere would love everyone to use kindness and respect (especially the “soft’ kind), it is exactly how he hides behind the evil he practices. Most people are not longing for kindness and respect, or they wouldn’t make all of the insulting comments they make, and would join the effort to have meaningful impact on helping millions of others who are still being scammed by other MLM scams instead of placing most of their focus on NXIVM, which is essentially a dead story.

    • Except, when websites require commenters to use their real names the vitriol most often vanishes. It isn’t a societal problem so much as it is simple anonymity creating a mask that even decent people (surprisingly) tend to abuse if given a chance.

      • I disagree Ernie. I don’t think decent people(which would be most people) will abuse if given the chance. There are some who abuse the people closest to them because of mental health issues (abusive spouses, alcoholics) but it takes a very different mentality to maliciously abuse people for sport/enjoyment. The people who do this suffer from severe personality disorders.

        And I agree that we are seeing this type of thing more and more with the anonymity provided by the internet, but I also see it happening within cults (and within the groups which could be considered cults) ….specifically a certain fraction of people usually referred to as alt-right (or white supremacists.)

        If Frank is planning to shift his focus from NXIVM to other cults, my vote is to focus on this group. While these alt-right groups are not a cult in the way NXIVM was, their mentality is very cult-like, and they participate in organized harassment very similar to Scientology.

          • Actually, it’s not so “teeny” as you might think…but they certainly are secretive, so most people are unaware of what the alt-right are doing , or how great their numbers really are. They are not an MLM scheme, but they definitely are a brain-washing scheme.

            Recently Faith Goldy ran for Mayor in Toronto (and luckily lost), and Faith is an admitted member of the White Nationalists,… it seems that political candidates with these beliefs are becoming more and more common.

            Mitch, Antifa is a much, much smaller group than Whiite supremacists, and they really pose little risk to society. They only show up (in very small numbers) at certain events, and they appear to be violent only at these events.

            But research alt-right groups…what you will find is very alarming

    • I couldn’t agree more. This is the only site I’ve ever joined so to speak and my interest is only in Nxivm crimes. But everybody has the right to their opinions. It’s going after strangers to make them feel small and worthless that is unnecccessary. I have also been accused before I started using my middle name of being a troll and posting under numerous aliases. I honestly don’t have the computer skills nor do I wish to learn them at this point.
      Interesting to me is not once since I started using my middle name have I been attacked or accused of being a troll.

  • Thankyou for trying again. I can’t imagine what a pain it is with so many angry people only wanting to hurt others, I don’t understand it.
    This is very important to me, I’m now in a position with very limited time and even though I have tried to bypass the report because of the nastiness it is still the best outlet for information on court filings and cult members. Some time in the near future I will pick a day choosing my right to die with dignity in my right mind. Until that time I’m limited to tv, internet, books and would like to be able to follow this case without total strangers attacking. The trial is to far away.
    So I thank you again, i know I’m nobody on here but I am somebody of substance in my life.

    • Heather/Anne you are someone here and your opinions are important. I hope your pain is being well managed. You have been treated very poorly here and it’s wrong but have shown, by example, you can rise above and not engage with those throwing mud at one another.

    • Anne, you have my very best wishes. You have made good contributions here. Please keep reading. And you never know about your time. Life can surprise you.

    • Anne my heart breaks for you. I wish you only the best. I’m sorry if I said anything to you. I think I remember something and no excuse but I was caught up in the nastiness. I was ready to stop posting but maybe there will be a change this time.

      You’re in my thoughts

      • OC And Mitch, I’d also like to thank you, initially I had not planned on putting my personal life out there, short answer it started with the hope that Nancy Salzman might get something useful from it.
        On the funny side Mitch I have been accused of posting under your name as a troll. It is a bizarre world this internet posting. My husband thinks I’m crazy to keep coming back, but there are good people on here to and praise to all of you.

        • Anne – It is exceedingly kind of you to think of Nancy and what she is going through. I, for one, do not want to see her suffer. None of us is perfect, and those who are generous of spirit are a blessing to our world – in every way.

    • You are not a nobody on here, Anne. I have noticed your comments and I see a lot of wisdom in them. You have definitely made an impression on me and I’m sure on other people too.

  • Thank you for this and I’m sorry you have to go to such lengths. I could not believe what the comments section turned into at times. I do believe that anyone who doesn’t like what you write or what you choose to post is either just a NXIVM supporter trying to cause trouble or someone who should get lost and choose another site to frequent, but you are very kind to give people who disagree with you a voice as long as it isn’t rude or offensive.

  • A good decision Frank. I was a non participitating visitor to your blog for quite a while before finally posting, wondering if it was wise to throw myself into something that at times could resemble a bearpit. It was a shame because you throw light on a criminal organisation that escaped prosecution for so long. Some people would have given in to the pressure. Thankfully, you are not one of them.

  • If you want the rude comments to stop then stop reporting fake news. You’re making NXIVM look too good with you believing everything you’re being fed to without any proof as far i’m concern i believe you just want fame not caring about the victims.

    Oh Frank you might want to talk to ShadowState about his unhealthy obsession with Allison Mack just because he got rejected by her on Twitter for sending her a love poem.

    Talking about Allison Mack’s ankles? Yeah guys real professionalism… Not!

    You believe that Nicki Cyde or Mindy Mack are somehow trollin this page without any evidence.

    Putting Kristin Kreuk on the spot isn’t helping things as far i’m concern the only thing good y’all have done is update people on the court case but beyond that you’re getting sloppy.

    Encouraging people to stalk Allison Mack not exactly professionalism folks and i don’t approve of it neither.

    If you consider criticism rude? then you’re in wrong line of business here.

    You haven’t really given us real news besides Allison Mack BI boo woo, so what if she was we get it you find that such a turn on. Grow up and start reporting real news. How about you go after other cults? Oh wait because Keith is the only thing thats keeping your lights on or you would be smart trying to help others who have been cults who have been thru worst than India Oxenberg, the other victims of NXIVM i wonder if you truly care about them or you’re exploiting them so you can get famous being heroes.

    You guys are a joke.

    • This is fair commentary in my opinion. It criticizes Frank Report and one of its contributors Shadow State. While it is rude, it is not rude to other commenters.

    • I agree with you. Shadowstate’s latest posts about cunnilingus are just plain disgusting. I used to wonder why Frank would allow such posts, but I’ve come to realise that Frank is not really a journalist anyway. He peddles trash.

      • Shadowstate’s latest posts about cunnilingus are just plain disgusting.

        Cunnilingus is contained in the US indictment which accuses someone (Ms. Mack?) of forcing cunnilingus on a Jane Doe against her will.

        Moreover, Ms. Mack, a 36 year old woman, has the habit of sticking her tongue out in photos, something I was told not to do when I was 4 years old.

      • One thing that has helped me on this subject is completely bypassing anything shadowstate. I see that name and refuse to give a second glance. It’s been worth it and I doubt I missed anything of substance to the case.

      • While I agree that the Ally-whacking is below the belt — when I saw her home address published here immediately AFTER the shocking stalker arrest, I was ready to catch a flight to El Plano, TX to visit a little vigilante justice on the prime publishing suspect — I like Frank’s solution to let Shadow do his own thing with his own, er, …posts (tee, hee!).

        It’s really cleaned up the Ally comments and rebuts on other threads. And, of course, you can just skip the Ally discourse if you’re not in the mood. And if Shadow minds the boundaries which he seems to be abiding. (He’s not THE peeping Tom, that was someone’s idea of a joke.)

    • Polite Correction: FR IS reporting on other cults or MLM’s if you prefer.

      Just this AM, there’s a delightful piece here on the Aleister Crowley wank-a-like busted in Britain and there’ve been several pieces on “One Taste” going down, etc.

    • Anonymous, what is the basis for claiming Shadow “… got rejected by her on Twitter for sending her a love poem?” The cankles discussion is just for fun, we are still allowed to have fun as far as I know. Plus, the were a couple comments regarding Mack’s cankles could be a dangerou medical condition, so it may have helped her to spend more years surviving in prison rather than dying in prison earlier. And that’s a good thing!

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