Bombshell Revelation: 2006-7: 46-year old Raniere had sex with 15 year-old girl who later became the DOS ‘Fuck Toy’ slave — was it Camila Fernandez?

Right age

In the government’s opposition to Keith Raniere’s Second Bail Motion, the prosecution revealed that Raniere, when he was 46 [2006-7] was having sex with a 15-year-old girl.

This girl later became a First Line DOS slave. She would now be about 26-27. Raniere is 58now.

Here is what the government wrote, “The defendant’s creation of DOS was the culmination of a long history of abusing women and girls through manipulation and coercion. The government has obtained evidence that the defendant began having a sex with a “first-line” DOS “slave” when she was fifteen years old and he was forty-six. Among other sources of evidence, journal entries written by the DOS slave before her eighteenth birthday reflect an ongoing sexual relationship with the defendant.”

Who was this girl?

I suspect it is Camila Fernandez, sister of Mariana Fernandez, Keith’s baby mama.

Camilia’s birthday is March 2, and as I recall she would be the right age.

She is also a top member of Raniere’s harem and a likely candidate to be a First Line Slave.

She was groomed specifically for the underage sex role by longtime statutory rape enabler, Karen Unterreiner, who mysteriously has not been charged.  However, Karen lived with Cami and might have access to Cami’s journal.

It evidently is in the possession of the Feds.

In considering if Cami is the one, I have taken into consideration the following exchange between Barbara Bouchey and Kristen Keeffe – from their recorded conversation that was later filed with the court in the computer trespass case:

Kristen: Some people were just flat out illegal like Cami Fernandez. And, some people were in the country on fraudulently obtained visas…For example,[Jane Doe #4]  and her mother were living imprisoned in the room while illegal alien, Cami Fernandez, is downstairs teaching the children [for Rainbow Cultural Garden] …Cami Fernandez was the head…teacher. Nancy’s [Salzman] maid, who came into the country illegally, lived there illegally and had no education except a GED that she got around 18 years old here in the U.S. when she wasn’t even supposed to be here. And, she’s the head teacher and they’re running classes in her house with…  [Jane Doe #4 and her mother] locked in rooms upstairs. 

Barbara: Oh my god. Geez, geez. This is just a sidebar, was Keith having a sexual relationship with Camilla?

Kristin: I believe that he did in recent years, but I don’t have proof of it. She moved into Flintlock number three with Karen [Unterreiner].

Barbara:…you know, two months before I quit [Barb quit April 2009], I saw him doing stuff with Camilla that to me was just an indication that he was grooming her. He was either already doing her or he was grooming her.

Kristen: The only reason I think he may not have [had sex with Keith] is because of Marianna. Mariana wouldn’t have tolerated it. [As if Keith would have told Mariana]

Barbara: Well, I’ll tell you, Camilla had like a girl teenage crush on him and it was ridiculous. We would be at a social event and she would have red lipstick on, a red dress, and she would be watching Keith the entire night. Going over and flirting. And, I would be like, oh my god, you gotta to be kidding? Well, that’s just a sidebar.


Whether Keith had sex with Cami when she was 15 or with another 15-year-old girl – who became a first line DOS slave – it may not matter. Keith has had sex with underage girls many times.  It was his M.O. and he got plenty of help from Pam Cafritz and Karen Unterreiner and quite possibly from Rosa Laura Junco and Allison Mack and others.

Stay tuned. They may yet get this varmint on statutory rape after all.

Did Camila Fernandez start having sex with Keith Raniere when she was 15?



Was Cami the DOS Slave who Raniere demanded of her that she find him a ‘Fuck Toy”

It appears, based on a footnote the government included in their latest filing, that the girl he statutorily raped 12 years ago – is the same woman he texted in 2015 telling her he wanted her to procure a Fuck Toy for him.

The government wrote, “In the defendant’s reply in support of his previous motion for bond, see ECF Docket No. 45, the defendant characterized this individual as ‘someone very close to him’ whose communications with the defendant did not relate to DOS and were taken ‘out of context.’”

On June 11, 2018, the defense wrote about this girl who was allegedly previously raped by Raniere:

“… the Government cherry-picked communications between Raniere and someone very close to him. (See Gov’t Ltr at 3-6.) These are (i) out of context and (ii) relate specifically to the long-term relationship between Raniere and this person at that particular time. As will be shown at trial, these communications are not evidence of sex trafficking or any other crime.”

This strongly suggests that the woman Raniere sent the following and now notorious ‘Fuck Toy” text  was Cami Fernandez:

The government wrote on June 8, 2018 

Electronic communications obtained by the government pursuant to a search warrant reflect admissions by the defendant that (1) he created DOS; (2) there was a significant sexual component to DOS and that some DOS slaves would be recruited to have sex with the defendant; (3) that the brand received by DOS members was his “monogram”;
and (4) that his identity as the head of DOS would be concealed from some DOS slaves. For instance, on or about October 1, 2015, the defendant exchanged the following messages with a sexual partner who was a “first-line” DOS slave:

RANIERE: I think it would be good for you to own a fuck toy slave for me, that you could groom, and use as a tool, to pleasure me…

[DOS Slave]: huh?

[DOS Slave]: not disagreeing, just don’t understand

RANIERE: But your [sic] my wife…she isn’t…just a tool for you to use for me…

[DOS Slave]: a person?

RANIERE: Get a slave… you’re her master…


October 9, 2015, Raniere wrote to the same woman who he had formerly raped

RANIERE: Without going into detail. It caused there to be other slaves, all who want to be branded with my monogram plus a number…your number is reserved…it is number 1. It is now a secret growing organization. I don’t know well some of the people involved but I command them ultimately. They are not who you might think. . .  I think there are 10 or more in the current jness2 track…and others outside of it.

[DOS Slave]: Does that mean that they know about each other?


* * *
[DOS Slave]: I’m ok with you having other slaves, I assume that these are not sexual

RANIERE: They may or may not be. They would be if I commanded but that is not the reason for the organization


RANIERE: It is an absolutely trusted commitment…

[DOS Slave]: I want to be the one that worships your body

RANIERE: Many will not even know of my existence… some don’t already….



If this is Cami, Raniere groomed the young lady well.  Very well.

One has to question whether or not that Fuck Toy he requested was about 15 years old – like Cami was when she first got started with the Vanguard.


[One last point: The defense has tried to portray Raniere as this faithful partner – to Pam Cafritz – and loving dad to his baby and baby mama. When Raniere was sending the fuck toy texts to Cami, Pam was supposedly his life partner and was suffering from cancer. And Mariana – who he allegedly went to Mexico to be with her and the baby- is Cami’s sister. ]

All in The Family: Keith with Mariana Fernandez – pushing a stroller with baby Kemar in it. Cami Fernandez would be the aunt of baby Kemar. This is true sister-wifehood.

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  • KAR and those that still follow him / protect him are the shitholes of society. Those who have left saying nothing as hundreds are reported to, such those of the Knife media are lowlife cowards. Those who know the truth and say nothing are cowards.

    Whoever Pea On You is, is the slime of sewers. Defending KAR as she has makes her as much a low life as KAR. Pea, know your karma awaits you.

        • Statutory wouldn’t apply if anybody could prouve drugs were involved.

          If the only route they could go is statutory it would be 5 years from the time she turned 18 minus the time he was hiding out in Mexico.

          • Question: How the fuck do you know drugs were involved?

            If drugs were involved and the government isn’t bound by the statute of limitations, then why the fuck hasn’t the government charged him with that?

            I hope they do charge him with it. However, it sounds to me like you’re just talking out of your fat ass, just like you usually do.

            Sounds like you have no fucken clue about anything.

            Sounds like you’re probably a paralegal or a coffee fetcher for attorneys.

            If you’re an actual attorney yourself then I feel sorry for your clients —- since you lacked the ability to get up walk out of a sexually harassing seminar for 5 full days.

            Attorneys need to be more decisive and able to stand up for themselves.

            Toodles. 🙂

          • I expect your reading comprehension will improuve if your mental health ever does.
            Get well.

          • Interesting. I didn’t know drugs affected the statutes. Do you have more deets on how so?

            Back in 2010 – 2012 the Albany TU investigation/legal team researched the statutes on some of the pedophilia allegations for the story. They said New York State had some of the shortest limits — the 5 years from 18th birthday as you say — due to the Catholic priests rape controversy. We were looking into introducing a bill to change the laws, however improbable. Hoping the story would have a bigger impact but…

          • If they can prouve that someone was drugged, technically their ability to consent was diminished or completely gone, and it is always, therefore, forcible rape.

  • Directing someone to obtain a “fuck toy” or a slave hardly sounds like highly intellectual enlightenment that Mack, et al espouse about Raniere. Rather, it sounds like behavior which is barely more sophisticated than Neanderthal man.

    I can’t believe that some people are actually gullible enough to buy into this lifestyle. But when you look at some of the people involved, they all seem to be self aggrandizing and self centered. It kind of sounds like Raniere exploited either the young or those personalities who tend to think highly of themselves.

    If he ever walks free again, “buyer beware”…

  • Again. The female was almost 16 years old. This is madness. In the us and canada most females have already begun to consent to sexual encounters. The difference being they consented to some idiot male. Cami consented to a Vanguard. It was her privilege snd solely her right to do. This was mutual consent and of the two Cami got way more out of it.

    • Pea, madness is your continued defense of a pedophile. GROSS! She was not old enough to consent, nor was she intellectually mature enough to consent. The reasoning and judgement centers of the brain do not fully mature until the mid twenties.
      Your failure to understand laws with regard to minor children and your failure to grasp basic anatomy and physiology is astounding. The time you spent in the presence of the “smartest man” has not enhanced your reasoning, judgement or intellectual capabilities. So much for the NXIVM tech.

  • A “sorority” he knew nothing about and had nothing to do with Nxivm. What a load of bullshit. I guess solving humanity’s problems was just too boring so he had to become one instead. Oh so ethical that one.

    • I remember that KAR’s lawyer mentioned in an interview that Keith had only viewed a few of the slaves videos, like it was okay because he didn’t see them all.

      • I was dumbfounded by that admission, actually it was just that, too. Now, he’s saying not ALL the slaves were forced to have sex with Keith. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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