Shadow State: Thanks to conspiracy charges – Allison Mack – Pack your cr@p — You’re going away.

Allison Mack during a performance with Simply Human at V Week.
By Shadow State 1958
The 7-count superseding indictment issued this past summer against the NXIVM defendants features several Conspiracy charges.
Counts One through Four plus Count Seven are all Conspiracy charges. 
COUNT ONE (Racketeering Conspiracy)
Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft
Conspiracy to Unlawfully Possess Identification Document
RACKETEERING ACT TWO (Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft)
RACKETEERING ACT THREE (Conspiracy to Alter Records for Use in an Official Proceeding)
RACKETEERING ACT FOUR (Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft – Jane Doe 2)
RACKETEERING ACT TEN (Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft – Jane Doe 7)G ACT TEN (Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft – Jane Doe 7)
COUNT TWO (Forced Labor Conspiracy)
CO1JNT THREE (Wire Fraud Conspiracy)
COUNT FOUR: (Sex Traffi cking Conspiracy)
COUNT SEVEN (Conspiracto Commit Identity Theft – Jane Doe 7)
The defendants are trying to get these charges dismissed.
I predict that any new charges filed in superseding indictments will feature numerous conspiracy charges.
Prosecutors love filing Conspiracy charges.
Every email and text message is more evidence to prove a NXIVM conspiracy.
Allison Mack loved sending all those emails and text messages.
And they’ll be used to hang her and her friends.
Why do the Feds love Conspiracy cases?
The rules on hearsay testimony change and co-conspirators hearsay statements can be admitted. as evidence.
Why do prosecutors love conspiracy? 
Conspiracy is an “add-on” crime that prosecutors can charge on top of the target offense, e.g., the crime of selling drugs and the separate crime of conspiracy to sell drugs.
The presence of the additional charge gives leverage for prosecutors in plea bargain negotiations—and in enticing one co-conspirator to testify against another in exchange for leniency.
There are other benefits for prosecutors. They can try co-conspirators jointly; there is an exception to the ban against hearsay evidence that allows the government to introduce certain out-of-court statements by one co-conspirator against another.
A conspiracy means there must be an “agreement” between two or more people. It comes from the Latin that the parties “breathed together” in devising the plan.
Case law suggests this agreement need not be formal, or clearly delineated arrangement; a mere implicit understanding often suffices.
Under the Pinkerton Doctrine, a person can be held criminally responsible for subsequent crimes their co-conspirators committed in furtherance of the conspiracy even if they were not involved or even aware of the actions.
There are ways you can abandon a conspiracy after you entered it, but the rules of abandonment are not easy.   Some statutes demand that to exit a conspiracy and avoid criminal responsibility, you must act to thwart the success of the conspiracy.
With that said, Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman and Allison Mack pack your cr@p.  You’re going away.

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  • Hey, Allison,
    Why did you treat Siobhan Hotaling like dirt after she refused to have sex with Raniere?
    Siobhan Hotaling is an EMP. She is also Allison Mack’s punching bag.

    Allison takes out her “meanness and bitchiness” on her
    Everyone knows Siobhan had an ethical breach. It was “non-integrity”, [lack of] loyalty.

    Her breach was she refused to fuck Keith.

    • Stick it up your ass johnson. Frank report has gone to shit with crap like you and shadowperv here. Niether of you assholes add anything of value here

  • Another great read Frnak…..not !!!!! Shadowperv’s bullshit brings out all his fellow idiots…..Johnson, flowers Sultanperv the usual gang of morons


    Can you believe the hypocrisy? Her generic “straight white male” father is portrayed as a pedophile like Keith Raniere! Kristin Kreuk stayed loyal to Keith Raniere even after being named in the Albany Times Union four part expose as a recruiter for NXIVM, that revealed Keith Raniere was a disgusting pedophile who fucked little girls. Yet, she is happy to film that hypocritical bullshit… and recieve a huge sum of other people’s tax dollars in the process. She also changes her last name from “Hanley” to “Chang” because, well, bad white people! She still has not even acknowledged the mere existence of her favourite pedophile Keith Raniere.

    She filmed the first season why ignoring the NXIVM shit storm of 2017 and the second season having already received press coverage for being a part of NXIVM, without her true role being exposed and spoken about (other than on Frank Report). Why won’t the lazy media call her out on that? The Daily Beast has already confirmed the CW Network is shielding her from questions about NXIVM. What cunts.

    This right here, is a perfect example of virtue signalling celebrities, including d-list “smell the fart” actresses like Kristin Crook, being full of shit.

  • Under “Pinkerton” that makes Kristin Kruek liable for any underagers, anyone GBD reeled in who were later trafficked or collateralized or branded…like our “Jane” Doe?

    Hmmm. Now let’s see how fast Sultan shows up to get Shadow some more clicks under his belt 🙂

    • Even worse…if/when Sultan responds, lots of MAGA-nuts also will show up to bore us all with their racist stupidity,

      • Really flowers? You alt left hypocrites are the biggest racists around. Look how you evil bastards treat blacks and other minorities who leave the libtard plantation.

      • So it’s racist to support immigration law, to point out that some of the people that enter this country illegally are rapist, murderers and have committed other crimes. That it’s preferable when becoming a citizen of your adopted country to assimilate with some of the traditions and culture, have involvement in your community. Not to expect everyone else to adapt to your needs instead of taking the initiative yourself. Pointing out that it is outrageous to campaign to make your new country like the one you just supposedly “fled”.

        Accusations of racism, homophobia, misogyny needs to be backed up by more than taking statements out of context and a secretly recorded private conversation that was immature locker room talk meant to be humorous.

      • Racist for support of immigration law. Recognizing that some coming here illegally and legally for that matter are murderers, rapist and have committed other crimes. Accusations of racism, homophobia and misogyny based on statements taken out of context or a secretly recorded immature locker room type conversation that was meant to be humorous.

    • Not really, because it would have to be proved that Kruek was part of the conspiracy to begin with.
      And who is “our Jane Doe?” If you mean the alleged slave who contacted Frank a few weeks ago, there is no proof that she’s real. I bet she’s just as believable as “our Ben Szemkus.”

          • Ask Frank. He said he asked her to send him pictures doing certain things to ID herself that matched pictures of her already accessible on the internet. She also criticised Keith Raniere while defending Mack.

          • So, now you’re an expert on who is or isn’t fabricating a story when you’ve never spoken to the person yourself? Or are you just an expert on fabrication generally?

          • — Exactly how did she prove she’s “real?”

            She never did. Frank said: “She is who she said she is.” That’s all Frank confirmed.

            He never claimed the story was real, legitimate, or authentic. He just gave it play for website clicks to collect advertising revenue. Otherwise, he doesn’t believe it himself.

      • Jane Doe apparently proved her identity to Frank but was her story true? The timing coincided with Clare’s trip to Clifton Park.

      • Proof? LOL.

        …Says the woman who’s been claiming for months that “criminals” have been stalking her, with NO PROOF being offered other than the ‘word’ of an anonymous Vancouverite with a history of also complaining about “gaslighting”, lol.

        Pot meet kettle. Toodles. 🙂

      • Flowers, aren’t you the person who also originally claimed that Heidi wasn’t who she claims she is?

        Months ago you claimed that Heidi wasn’t really Gina’s sister and was just a troll pretending to be Heidi Hutchinson. Yet you were wrong. lol.

        You seem to have a history of claiming that people aren’t ‘real’ — while simultaneously making wacky claims about “criminals” stalking you without any proof, LOL.

        PS — Even though I dislike Heidi and have said she lies and/or exaggerates certain stories like the IQ test story — I have NEVER questioned the fact that Heidi is really Heidi Hutchinson (Gina’s sister) since Frank verified it and knows her.

        Stop your conspiracy theories, Flowers.

        Why don’t YOU provide some photographic proof for Frank, just like others here have done?

        If you’re too chicken then WHY keep questioning everybody else’s identity?

        Toodles. 🙂

        • How do you know Heidi is who she claims, Toodles? If she is the real Heidi, she,sure seems to invent all kinds of fabulous tales that are obviously not true
          And I’m not the only poster her who thinks Heidi is not who she says she is.
          Why does it concern you? Isnt it time for your meds now, before you get too worked up over stuff that’s none of your fucking business?


        • @Clicky Eight, possibly aka Scott Johnson.

          Your flawed I.Q. test argument was based on YOUR OWN FABRICATION, a false reiteration, of the absolute truth I told in comments that Frank strung together and made into a post on the topic.

          It’s an important topic — the IQ test — and I did witness the fact that Keith had a lot of help taking it, had his groupies researching, etc. I was even there during the “crisis” when Keith called Hoeflin after Karen U. and Gina, yes, got a couple answers wrong.


          Your attempt to negate this TRUTH, THESE IMPORTANT FACTS, by making a false argument just to make yourself look good is really a disservice to FR, this community and anyone who may need this information to heal and understand.

          I don’t mind critical analysis of the TRUTH — and I am ALWAYS TRUTHFUL — but putting false words in someone’s mouth just to turn around and say they’re lying is truely despicable. As is your abusive treatment of dozens of other victims with good info who no longer comment here because they do not want to be in the same company as a mean, sick, old redneck spewing Schlocky insults just to hurt and humiliate others.

          The “dislike” is mutual. You may have Frank fooled with your false loyalties to Trump and some alt-right agenda, amazing “alpha” abilities to put women in their place, etc. but most of us see right through you.

          • Heidi, if you knew all of these things about VanFraud cheating on the IQ test via others, inclusive of your own sister, why did you let the lie live for so long while VanFraud was selling his fake genius self to so many others as NXIVM was recruiting more in more people into a scam with bullshit foundations, instead of, oh I don’t know, TELLING THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

          • Heinous Heidi, I don’t play the multiple ID games. The only exception was a few weeks ago when I posted a few comments as yet another “Anonymous” to make people believe I was being banned, and Frank even posted one of my comments as its own story. I gave you an opportunity to help millions of people currently being scammed by MLMs rather than replaying the tired and old NXIVM story which is essentially over. You blew it, just like you blew your marriage and blew keeping your sister from committing suicide. You simply aren’t credible.

          • @ Anon 9:37 re: IQ Test

            As a matter of fact I DID INDEPENDENTLY CONTACT and tell several reporters at the Albany Times Union about the IQ test as soon as I suspected Nx members were being duped about Keith’s alleged genius solely on the basis of that test. (Who knew that was the ONLY IQ test Keith would ever dare take in all those intervening years. Only when I learned that did I fully realize Keith probably wasn’t, isn’t a genius.)

            That was about late 2009 early 2010. I have the emails (btw, so does NXIVM courtesy of Rodger Kirsopp.).

            I also discussed the more important facts I knew then about the pedophilia matters with Jim Odato, Bob Port and Jennifer Gish who investigated. But the full expose’ wasn’t published until February 2012 and the facts about the IQ test inexplicably, disappointingly were left out of the story.

            Maybe Albany Times Union didn’t want to contradict the 1989 fluff piece they did on Keith, IDK. But I’ve recently learned Bob Port and his wife’s secret massage parlor business sadly played a role in the soft-pedaling of that entire report.

          • — That was about late 2009 early 2010.

            That’s several years after he took the IQ test. Why didn’t you contact guys like Rick Ross who had a entire area of their website dedicated to NXIVM and put your name out there and say “Keith’s alleged genius is a charade. I know for a fact that MY SISTER helped him take the test”? That kind of backing on the record gives it substantial credibility. I’m sure Rick Ross would have added that to his website of articles on NXIVM. There were others like journalists from Metroland who were already writing articles on NXIVM in the 2006 timeframe that would have put that information out there as well that could’ve prevented others from being scammed.

          • If Scott admired Trump’s interview, his lack of “listening comprehension” explains why he was so easily suckered by the Amway BS.

          • — And what did YOU do that “could’ve prevented others from being scammed?”

            What kind of stupid question is this? I’m not someone who had such inside information to reveal that could have done so.

        • Provide photographic proof of what, Toodles? You want to see if I have cankles? 😄…So you think Frank is now required to post the name and photo of all commenters?

          What type of proof would you like to prove I’ve been harassed? BTW, the harassment hasn’t been going on for months – it started in 2013, when my phone was stolen. I’ve also been threatened with legal action by these people (I’m sure they did so in an attempt to intimidate me) because they didn’t want me posting an account of what they’ve done to me.
          Their intimidation tactics didn’t work, and neither will yours.

          • Proof of what? Duh. 🙂

            Firstly, provide Frank with photos or scanned images of documents that prove you’re a victim of official ‘crimes’ being investigated by a real law enforcement agency.

            I’m not talking about some voluntary police report you filled out complaining about an anonymous person insulting you online or calling you a libtard, LOL.

            I mean a SERIOUS police report of a real crime where there’s an investigating officer taking it seriously.

            After you establish that “real” crimes are being seriously investigated on your behalf, you’ll then need to provide Frank a photocopy of your ID also — so he can verify that you’re the actual person mentioned in the documented evidence, and not just some wackjob pretending to be that person. LOL.

            Duh. 🙂

            I don’t believe a word you say and neither does anybody else here.

            You keep telling strangers about ‘gaslighting’ and ‘stalkers’ —- without realizing how crazy it makes you sound. Normal people don’t say things like that to strangers.

            You’re a drama queen who can’t stop trying to get attention by mentioning bullshit events.

            Truth is, you sit around watching CNN all day and hating Trump. That’s the extent of your life. I feel sorry for your former man who dumped you — since god only knows how he put up with your fake drama for so long, before coming to his senses and bolting for greener pastures. 🙂

            Toodles. 🙂

          • Toodles
            There are no “official documents”, retard. When (and if) you make a police report to report that your tires have been slashed, or your phone has been stolen, or that you were harassed and threatened by strangers who tarfered you at work, the police don’t write up an “official document ” and hand it to you, IDIOT. Nor do they even investigate these little incidents. If you actually think the police give a fuck about petty vandalism, and that they will investigated a string of incidents of this nature, you are even stupider than you sound.

            Also, the police here don’t care about cyber crimes, unless there is some type of financial fraud involved. Join the real world, Clicky toodles…. police are not going to investigate hacking, or online harassment, or anything of that nature.

            The police did check into a few things, though in regards to a couple of the crazy people who have contacted me in connection to this…again the police don’t write up a report and hand it to you, Clicky. You’ve watched too many police dramas, obviously.

            Toodles 🖕🖕

    • — Under “Pinkerton” that makes Kristin Kruek liable for any underagers…

      Nope. As Flowers already responded to this correctly, there has to be a proven conspiracy to begin with.

          • No you ugly rag head, you are the obsessed one, ejaculating your third world disgusting brown semen on cunty Islamic scriptures and pictures of Kristin Crook. Why do you now post anonymously? We know it’s you every time. You are such an asshole that if you were to have an asshole replacement, the asshole would reject you. Stop jacking off to pictures of little Aisha and go back home you foreign fuck.

          • Great analogy of yourself sultan. But you are far worse than any Justin Bieber girl fan. On this blog YOU ADMIT to following Kruek for over a decade, you also admit to knowing girls from the girls by design site that was for young 12 year, and 14 year old girls.. You accuse anyone who objectively talks about Kruek of being a hater to cover the fact that you are a sick pedophile stalker.

          • — Great analogy of yourself sultan. But you are far worse than any Justin Bieber girl fan. On this blog YOU ADMIT to following Kruek for over a decade, you also admit to knowing girls from the girls by design site that was for young 12 year, and 14 year old girls.. You accuse anyone who objectively talks about Kruek of being a hater to cover the fact that you are a sick pedophile stalker.

            LOL. You’re dumb. I never denied any of those things. Fans follow people they like. Sometimes they follow them casually. Sometimes more than that. But no one is more obsessed than a teenage girl for their teenage obsession. They hang posters on their bedroom walls, join fan clubs, go to all their rock concerts, talk about them constantly, buy their albums, etc. Fans often also support projects of the person they are a fan of. These are all logical motivations because there is a positive attraction to them. Haters of such people too are obsessed, but they are even nuttier because there is a hidden positive attraction to them wrapped in an outward negativity.

            But what’s really weird is you’re obsessed with someone who is a fan of someone you hate. Not even someone you actually have seen physically with your own yes or heard talk with your own ears, but an alias. A freaking alias. Now that’s really fucking nutty.

      • Anonymous
        November 19, 2018 at 9:37 pm
        Heidi, if you knew all of these things about VanFraud cheating on the IQ test via others, inclusive of your own sister, why did you let the lie live for so long while VanFraud was selling his fake genius self to so many others as NXIVM was recruiting more in more people into a scam with bullshit foundations, instead of, oh I don’t know, TELLING THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

    • You ain’t Heidi Hutchinson. Stop usurping someone’s identity and pretending that you are. NXIVM is already under investigation for identity theft.

  • Unfortunately they are going away at taxpayers expense, they should be made to turn their sashes into nooses and hang them, and cankles and all.

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