Mother and daughter Nancy and Lauren Salzman - both ensnared by and enamored of one Keith Alan Raniere.

Salzman friend: Nancy and Lauren Salzman are two of the ‘biggest victims’ and ‘enablers’ of Keith Raniere

By Nutjob

I’m not going to defend Nancy and Lauren Salzman on most things. But I will on a couple.

Nancy thought she was starting a legitimate business relationship with Keith Raniere. Keith tricked her and took advantage of her.

Nancy did not “give” Lauren to Keith. Lauren was a big girl who had just graduated from college. She had been hearing about this smartest man in the world B.S. And than, out of the blue, KEITH WANTED HER!!!

Can’t really blame Lauren for falling for the liar. Who knows if Nancy was even that cool with it – but what could Nancy say if she wasn’t? Keith wanted her daughter. Her daughter was an adult. Plus, Nancy was running around telling everyone how perfect Keith was. But he’s not good enough for Lauren?

The problem is that Keith then used Lauren to keep Nancy snared to him. He kept whispering sweet avatar nothings to Lauren as a way to keep Nancy from causing him problems.

My problems with Nancy started when she piled on and helped ruin Toni. Nancy should have seen the light and RAN. Nancy should have planned her exit as that was going down. I hope that the only reason Nancy went along for the ride for the next 20 years is because she got Lauren into the mess and Lauren certainly wasn’t leaving the mess. But instead of doing the right thing, Nancy wimped out, helped NXIVM thrive, and let the psychopath keep going 100 mph forward.

Many of you don’t understand just how tricky, devious, calculated, and dangerous Keith was/is. Nancy and Lauren are two of the biggest victims. They then turned into two of the biggest enablers of Keith.

Obviously, I’m in the minority, but I’d be OK with Nancy and Lauren not doing jail time as part of a plea deal. If that deal helps solidify the case, I say do it. Not that I don’t think they deserve to do time – it’s that stopping the monster is more important. And I believe Nancy and Lauren would have lived perfectly normal, law-abiding lives if they hadn’t ever met Keith.

In the past, I’ve posted things I hope Nancy has read. What the hell else does she have to do other than read Frank Report? I’m sure half of Frank’s hits are from ex-NXIVM members hoping not to read their names.

Nancy was manipulated for the past 20 1/2 years by Keith. Hopefully, something has woken her up to realize she has been under “da voodoo”.

Nonetheless, she is killing herself, has led her daughters to prison’s doorstep, and has turned herself into a criminal. Without first looking in the mirror and realizing that, she is a lost cause. I still have faith in Nancy because I know Keith has turned her into something she wasn’t meant to be.

L-R Clare Bronfman and Lauren Salzman. Both were members of NXIVM’s Executive Board. Clare was VP in charge of Operations and Lauren VP in charge of Education. While Lauren had a higher rank [Green Sash – with Four Stripes] and Clare was only an Orange with Three Stripes, they followed the golden rule – she who has the gold rules. Clare’s enormous wealth permitted her to control much of the direction of NXIVM – under the command of Keith Raniere, of course.

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  • Nancy and Lauren were enjoyed by the Vanguard as was his prerogative. From 1998 Up until 2009 when Nancy failed him she was still being enjoyed. Lauren was being enjoyed from 2000 to 2017. They were enjoyed in common but not together from 2000.- 2009. You are all scandalized you prudes. But We lives to be enjoyed by Keith. A woman needs to be submissive to a strong man. We knew we didn’t own Keith’s penis. He owned us. And we loved to be enjoyed by him. Keith taught that because of reincarnation there are no true family ties. You are somebody’s restive in one life and someone else’s in another. Only one thing is constant in life after life -Keith enjoys us but only if we don the type of spiritual body he enjoys. Slender and female. If this is not the greatest honor to women and the proof of the luckiness of being born a woman nothing on earth is.

  • Lauren was cracking the whip hard on the slave brandings and recruitments. Sarah E.’s detailed account on the CBC podcast of what Lauren put her and the others through in one branding session is chilling.

    If Lauren’s her own woman enough to have relations with her Mom’s ex, she shouldn’t rely on Mommy’s VIP plea to protect her and prevent justice for her victims.

    • I 100% agree. I don’t think Nancy agrees. I’d bet Nancy feels tremendous guilt for where Lauren has ended up. I think Mommy wants to give a VIP plea deal to Lauren as a way to atone for her Mommy failures.

  • Good observations. I would venture to say that most, if not all of those who went down the dangerous path with Keith would have led normal, law abiding lives. Whatever fault you subscribe to followers / cohorts, I see Keith as the root of destruction: Sexual, emotional, financial, and physical. A good leader does not need to impose starvation, sleep deprivation and guilt trips to keep his followers.

  • Nancy had to stay because Keith had her daughter is an interesting concept. People are not perfect and Nancy had put out so
    Much of her time and reputation and she may also have been afraid of Keith. He is one scary guy and then came the Bronfman money. And her daughter is making good money and then he employs her other daughter. Plus Nancy is venerated. Nancy is a mixed bag. I wasn’t in the cult these are just my observations

    • In the 12 point mission statement read at every Nxivm class it clearly states “There are no victims……”
      Nancy and Lauren are not victims. They were consenting adults that both had had a sexual relationship with Keith.
      It is disgusting that a mother can condone her 20 something year old daughter having sex with her former lover
      They had feet to walk
      They both stayed for the cash and the positions of authority in the cult
      Lauren and Michelle have forsaken their relationship with their father a loving kind person!
      May they all three rot in prison where they belong and atone for all the pain and heartache they inflicted on thousands.

      I hope Karen U can provide all the computer data and evidence to prove without a doubt the tax evasion, money laundering and racketeering crimes perpetrated by this evil and highly unethical group of criminals.

  • And in the next installment of “As the NXIVM World Turns,” will Mack and Clyne stay married, and what will happen with Clare’s long distance relationship with her sister, daughters of a late Jewish billionaire, married to a Muslim with eyes on ruling over Libya?

    Look, if Nancy’s daughter was such a “big girl” after finishing college, what does that make Nancy and her poor choices? Answer: a criminal.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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