Salzman plea deal looks uncertain; NXIVM ‘high value’ witness to provide crucial evidence; defense lawyers team up – including Salzman’s – to try to dismiss charges

Nancy Salzman

The negotiations for a deal between the US Attorneys and defendant Nancy Salzman appear to be far from complete – if they are happening at all.

Nancy Salzman and her daughter, Lauren Salzman, have NOT entered into a plea bargain.  Whether there is a deal still being negotiated, whether it is stalled, or dead, or whether it involves one of both of them, is unknown.

AUSA Moira Penza told the court last summer that Nancy Salzman was in negotiations with her office.  As of today, there is NO deal in place.

Nancy and Lauren – at least for the next round of motions – will be aligned with the Bronfman-Raniere defense team. They will – like the other defendants – be seeking dismissal of various counts against them in their indictment. 

The DOJ now has at least one “high value” NXIVM member who has been granted immunity and is expected to testify against the defendants.  I cannot reveal the name of the witness for his or her protection. This witness is high value enough, in my opinion, to provide some of what Nancy would otherwise bring to the table as a witness for the prosecution.
Alexandra Shapira, a lawyer for Clare Bronfman, filed a letter with the court.
A new court filing informs us on the status of the case:  A letter filed by Alexandra A.E. Shapiro – one of Clare Bronfman’s attorneys “…on behalf of all defendants” that the defense attorneys will be working together to file two consolidated motions rather than six independent ones. It also requests that the two consolidated motions be allowed to go beyond Judge Nicholas Garaufis’ usual limit of 25 pages – and notes that the total pages of the consolidated motions would still be less than six 25-page motions.
Motion #1
The first motion – which will be filed on behalf of Clare BronfmanNancy Salzman, and Kathy Russell and which may be joined, in relevant parts, by one or more of the other defendants – will request the following dismissals of counts in the superseding indictment:
   – Dismissal of Count One (RICO Conspiracy) in its entirety;
   – Dismissal of Count Seven (Identity Theft Conspiracy) in its entirety; and
   – Dismissal of specific predicate acts of racketing that are part of Count One.
The late Pam Cafritz’s credit card was allegedly used by Keith Raniere – after her death in November 2016.
In conjunction with this first motion, Clare, Nancy, and Kathy will be arguing, among other things, that the RICO pattern is deficient, that the RICO conspiracy is duplicitous, that several of the charged acts were missing essential elements, and that venue is lacking for Count Seven.


Motion #2

The second motion — which will be filed on behalf of Keith RaniereLauren Salzman, and Allison Mack  — will request the following:
   – Dismissal of Count Two (Forced Labor Conspiracy) in its entirety;
   – Dismissal of Count Four (Sex Trafficking Conspiracy) in its entirety;
   – Dismissal of Count Five (Sex Trafficking – Jane Doe 5) in its entirety; and
   – Dismissal of Count Six (Attempted Sex Trafficking – Jane Doe 8) in its entirety,
In conjunction with this motion, Keith, Lauren, and Allison will be arguing, among other things, that each of these counts fails to state a claim — and that they are constitutionally flawed in the way they are drafted. In addition, they will also argue that the underlying statutes with respect to those four counts are unconstitutionally vague. If Motion #2 is denied in whole or in part, then Keith, Lauren, and Allison will request more details with respect to Count Two, Count Four, Count Five and Count Six.
Branded slave Lauren Salzman was a member of the NXIVM Executive Board and was in charge of Education.

In addition to the above, Lauren Salzman will be seeking dismissal of Count Three (Wire Fraud Conspiracy) against her.  And all six defendants will be seeking to compel the prosecution to disclose exculpatory material and/or information material — and to be allowed to have foreign witnesses testify live at trial via closed-circuit television or via deposition.

So, what does all this mean – and what are the likely outcomes?  In my opinion, this is a lot of high-priced legal activity that will most likely NOT result in dismissals across the board. But it’s what defense attorneys do in trials like this because every once in a while, they win one of these motions or they set up an issue they can pursue on appeal.

To me, the most interesting information in this new filing is that all six defendants are still working together to get the charges against them reduced or tossed out.

It suggests to me that prison time is still part of the best deal offered to Nancy and Lauren, which may be why they are joining in the defense effort. Should they get any counts against them dismissed, they will be in a better bargaining position.  The wild card, of course, is a potential future superseding indictment charging them with additional crimes.


When Barbara Jeske was suffering from excruciating headaches, Keith Raniere told her she had carpel tunnel syndrome and not to consult a doctor. It caused her to delay getting medical treatment until she was at stage 4 cancer. According to one source, when Keith learned he was wrong and that Jeske had brain cancer, he comically imitated a person busting out in tears, crying with grief. He was far more serious in arranging that she will all her assets to NXIVM.

Complicating matters further is Nancy’s health. According to a reader, Nancy may have to undergo another surgery. She recently had a radical mastectomy.  According to the source, Nancy has left her home at 3 Oregon Trail and is residing in the home that was willed/collateralized to her/NXIVM by the late Barbara Jeske, which, I believe, is located at 1 Brigantine in Half Moon, NY.

Lauren is permitted to leave her own home daily for the next six weeks to visit her mother at her residence from 9 am to 6 pm.

1 Brigantine Half Moon NY
Whether in the privacy of their home, mother and daughter will discuss possible plea deals with finite prison time versus trial, potential convictions, and longer sentences is anyone’s guess. Stay tuned…
Image result for thank you vanguard because of you v week frank report
Much of the torment, fear, degradation, and sorrow the defendants likely are experiencing – and their vastly changed life circumstances – can be directly linked to the same horrific mistake each one of them made in their lives: The decision to associate with a man who calls himself Vanguard.
Any one of the five female defendants – left to their own devices and far from the influence of this one man – probably could have lived their lives without being charged with felonies, spending time subject to home arrest or facing prison for years to come. Cherchez l’homme!

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  • The US DOJ does not like being played for fools.

    First Allison Mack played them for fools pretending to be considering a plea deal.
    It was all a ruse, a dirty trick by a Hollywood trained trickster.

    Now Nancy and Lauren appear be playing the DOJ for fools.

    When the dust settles the prosecutors will remember who played them.

    And Keith, Clare, Allison, Nancy and Lauren will be buried so deep you’ll have to pipe in air and feed them with a slingshot.

  • What Frank isn’t telling us is that the REAL problem here is Moira Penza.

    1) The reason a plea deal hasn’t been finalized yet is because that fucken bitch, Moira Penza, is playing ‘chicken’ with the goose that laid the golden egg — Nancy Salzman. But Nancy will not ‘blink’ or ‘swerve’ first. She’ll drive her figurative car right thru Penza’s car and meet up with eternity, if need be.

    2) Nancy Salzman is like God’s “right hand man” — she knows everything to bury everybody. She knows where all the bodies are buried (figuratively).

    3) IMO, Penza needs to DROP ALL JAIL TIME for Nancy and offer her full immunity.

    4) IMO, Penza also needs to DROP ALL JAIL TIME for Nancy’s lovely youngin Lauren, because a mama bear cannot allow her baby cub to be placed in harm’s way.

    5) Until that bitch (Moira Penza) decides to give Nancy WHATEVER THE FUCK SHE WANTS, there will be no plea deal and Nancy’s valuable testimony will be lost.

    6) It doesn’t matter if the government has a case without Nancy. It only matters that the government’s case WITH Nancy is 100 times fucken stronger. Even a retard can figure that out.

    7) I’d be surprised if Penza doesn’t change her attitude soon because if she doesn’t, she’ll lose Nancy and risk putting on a weaker case — and possibly wind up as the ‘laughingstock’ of the EDNY if any acquittals happen.

    8) Nancy and Lauren must be allowed to walk free as a bird. They must be free to soar high in the skies above Albany forevermore. They are two birds that must be free to SING for the EDNY and spill the beans on everybody for everything.

    9) If you disagree then kiss my ass because, deep down, you know everything I said is true. 🙂

    Don’t shoot the messenger just because he says things in the most annoying way possible. 🙂

  • One, or more of them, to redeem themselves, better turn state’s evidence or Clare better fly them off to her private island.
    Folks think Casey Anthony is a social pariah? Not even Hollyweird will welcome these folks and those in Hollyweird would f%$k a duck!
    Keirh, Clare and Sara are all about themselves. Nest of vipers.

  • Nothing new here. There could be a deal with Nancy or not. I’m not sure why some want to act as though the sky is falling. I expect information is going to be limited from here on out and I’m cynical of any so called sources that claim to know what’s up with the doj or any of the defendants.

    This group was /is a group of half assed nitwits. Yes they did awful things to people but the narrative that they were going to kidnap, imprison and take over countries?
    They talked but lacked motivation, understanding, planning or implementing any thing towards most of their “goals”..

    Minor League

  • Nancy is recuperating from her successful cancer mastectomy in the DEATHBED of Barbara Jeske — whose own painful cancer went deliberately untreated for years under Vanguard’s rule?

    And she’s there, in the comfort of Barbara’s home, comforted daily by her felonious slavedriver daughters — because while dying Barbara was forced to will her home to “NXIVM,” which Nancy owns???!!!!

    How does she sleep at night?!

    Maybe Vanguard’s right. Nancy reallly is Hitler reincarnate.

    • I’m honestly not trying to attack you Ms. Heidi.

      I realize that you knew Barbara and probably have fond memories with her.

      I also consider myself a kind, caring and fine human being who’s capable of forgiveness.

      But truth be told, Barbara Jeske was not a nice person. She was part of the NXIVM harassment crew who fucked over lots of innocent people.

      *If Jeske were still alive today — she’d be right at Vanguard’s side doing his dirty work, fucking over anybody Keith requested, without hesitation or remorse.

      So would Pam Cafritz.

      You’re a soft hearted person to forgive these women when they NEVER repented, apologized or left NXIVM while still alive. Forgiveness is possible only when somebody asks for it. Jeske never did. That whore did Keith’s bidding until the very end.

      Cafritz was even worse. She wasn’t even human anymore, she was literally just an extension of Keith’s arm.

      I have a guru who communicates with the dead (via Seance) and I paid him to do a special Seance recently.

      His sources from heaven have confirmed that both Jeske and Cafritz were turned away.

      Both ladies currently have a giant pitchfork up their buttholes as payment for the evil deeds they performed while on Planet Earth.

      Additionally, Lucifer has carried on with Keith’s annual tradition of “servicing” them on their birthdays each year — only instead of giving them “tune ups” (cuz Keith’s dick was too limp to fuck properly) Lucifer pulls out his huge 24 inch cock and makes them bend over and take it up the ass.

      You are simply too forgiving Ms. Heidi, which is odd since I have no doubt that you’d wish death upon myself for making posts like this (even though I’ve never fucked anybody over in my life) and yet you seem to ‘love’ these evil women who routinely fucked people over.

      You have a strange sense of justice, Ms. Heidi.

      Just like you hate Trump for verbally talking about grabbing pussy (but not actually doing it) while you love Bill Clinton even after 7 women claim that he sexually abused them.

    • It’s time for you to be removed from human contact. When you get cancer are you going to blame yourself or MLM scams? Do you actually wonder why no one will have anything to do with you. Your the biggest fraud out there.

      • Shut up, Heather. IF I get cancer I’ll blame statistics and probabilities. It won’t be for having a guilty conscience, I’ve worked very hard to educate othes about Amway and other MLM scams. There’s a lot of losers on this website, so it’s no surprise at all why they don’t want to come on my radio show. You haven’t said a single thing that would indicate that I’m a fraud. Time for more of your meds.

        • “Nobody wants to come on my show, BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL LOSERS!!” (Closes laptop, sends a couple unsolicited dick pics, receives a response to pls stop)

  • Isn’t it clear? There is no case. The government is scrambling. Many of these counts were slap dash thrown together. Now the government will pay the piper. And when Clare gets out she will be suing the hell out of the prosecution and look out then. They will be forced to pay and Clare is no one to underestimate.

  • Hey Frank…

    The defense is likely going to “open the door” to Keith’s ‘character’ being allowed as evidence by the prosecution.

    The defense will likely be calling witnesses to say that Keith was a perfect gentleman who respected women and didn’t harass, coerce or stalk them at NXIVM intensives —– which means the prosecution can counter those assertions with their own negative character witnesses who might have experienced such harassment.

    So I’m wondering if people like JustSayin’ (the pretty girl scholarship member who’s now a preggo blimp) will have the courage to actually contact the prosecution and offer her testimony about Keith’s bad character towards her?

    Not just her, but others here who have experienced anything similar too.

    JustSayin’ has claimed that Keith ‘stalked’ her at an intensive and that he sexually harassed her with ‘intense gazing’ which she found ‘creepy’ and felt the need to “get away from”.

    She’s made several posts about it over the last few months.

    I’m too lazy to Google her older posts, but here’s a recent quote from her:

    “I left the event Raniere was stalking me at before they got the volleyball going.”

    She talks a lot about how Raniere was stalking her and sexually ‘gazing’ at her at an intensive (to the point she felt “creeped out” and wound up leaving early because of Keith’s perverted behavior towards her).

    This kind of testimony would help to counter Keith’s likely witnesses who will say that he treated all NXIVM students professionally and that he wasn’t using intensives as a sexual recruitment platform.

    Why wouldn’t the prosecution want to add this type of testimony to counter Keith’s likely defense that he was a perfect gentleman to all women students at intensives?

    Anyway, people like JustSayin’ (and others here) should have the balls to contact the prosecution (thru Frank if necessary) to at least offer their stories of his bad character and his sexual intentions towards innocent women who simply attended these intensives to better themselves.

    *If the prosecutor doesn’t want their testimony then so be it. But these women should at least offer their testimony to the prosecution, should it ever be needed to counter any positive character witnesses called by Keith.

    The trial will likely be held late next year so it doesn’t matter if you’re still preggo or if you’re nursing recently hatched hatchlings right now. Spare us those excuses please, as the trial is a year away at least. 🙂

    Either offer your stories to the prosecutor or you’re just a SELFISH bitch and/or a lying sack of shit who doesn’t care about defending women as much as you claim.

    Do it NOW! 🙂 🙂

    PS — If you’ve already done it, please kindly disregard any insults I floated in your direction here. 🙂

    But I still won’t apologize, so you’ll have to do without my apology. 🙂

    *But to other members reading this who may have experienced Keith’s unwanted sexual advances too, please contact the prosecutor thru Frank and at least offer your testimony.

    PPS — I don’t give a fuck what Albany Dumbo with Big Ears has to say since he’s not trying this case, it’s up to the EDNY to decide what testimony they wish to use (so until the prosecutor says ‘no’ — you should assume that your testimony might possibly be usable).

    • There is no reason to use Frank, just go to the FBI/DOJ directly. It will also probably be the judge’s decision whether to allow character witnesses on either side. Some judges are “stick to the facts of the case” types, others are more open. Usually, character witnesses are used more often at the time of sentencing.

    • That sounds like a good idea, Character witness.
      I bet “Just Saying” (aka Preggo blimp) would not need to testify in person. She could probably write up an account and have it notarized and signed. Or how about Skype?

    • If necessary the doj will drag in Keith’s 3rd grade teacher. Can you imagine the witnesses that have been sued etc.. over the past 2 decades that can’t wait to testify against Rainere?

  • Can we do an investigative post on why cancer is rampant in the top tier of this organization? Seems the closer these women come to ridding themselves of disintegrations, the closer they come to being cancerous! (Literally cancerous, bc they have been figuratively cancerous for quite sometime) Predictions on who will fall victim next? Oh wait….there are no victims.

  • Well well, I guess I didn’t know what I was posting about awhile back as I was attacked by a couple of numnuts. Like I said stop wasting time speculating as there is so much more to come. And of course anyone who pays any attention to shadowstate and a few others mindless rantings is a fool.

  • I’m just putting this out there. Could it be that high-level American NXIVM members have less to fear from the US justice system and prison, than from making powerful enemies on the Mexican side of NXIVM.

  • So all that freedom the good judge has allowed so recently, has been put to good use by the cult members. While relatively divided, they seemed to be coming to their senses, but now with more time and freedom to connect looks like they are back to consolidating their shared nxivm values and promoting a unified front for their defence, which already sounds like the tedious hair-splitting semantics they have used in the past – “constitutionally flawed”? “unconstitutionally vague”? sounds like they are leaning on the broadest most generalised appeal they can muster – against the specific charges levelled at particular individuals, for a brace of particular crimes which added together make up the RICO charge. good luck ladies!! it’s off to hell in their collective hand basket – and if justice cannot bring them to contrition, may hell mend them, parcel of dim-witted rogues and tin-pot tyrants.

      • What happened to all of your pompous claims of various plea deals being cut? Always (over) confident, often in error. Keep it up. Just admit it, you don’t know jack, the FBI/DOJ has the information from the raids that makes ALL of us merely guessing at what is happening. Carry on, Chicago-boy.

          • Frank wastes space promoting his bullshit.

            You mean like showing that Nicki Clyne set up a mirrored social media account.
            Or showing that Kim Constable tried to erase pictures tying her to Allison Mack.
            And Sara Bronfman erased her whole Twitter account.
            Or showing that Allison Mack considers herself the reincarnation of Joan of Arc.
            Or that Allison Mack admires the Marquise de Sade.

            What have you contributed?

        • Always (over) confident, often in error.
          I don’t see it as a waste of space, it’s helpful to expose the Shadow for what he is, and Frank gave him plenty of rope to hang himself. Shadow obliged.

          Hate to puncture your ego, old man.
          Talk about overconfident.
          Everyday you tell us the Feds have all the info they need.
          How would you know?
          Are You in conferences every day with AUSA Moira Penza?

          And what information have you uncovered?
          Like showing that Nicki Clyne set up a mirrored social media account to hide he communications
          Or showing that Kim Constable tried to erase pictures tying her to Allison Mack.
          And Sara Bronfman erased her whole Twitter account.
          Or showing that Allison Mack considers herself the reincarnation of Joan of Arc.
          Or that Allison Mack admires the Marquise de Sade.

          And I was the first commenter to argue that NXIVM is a perfect fit for a RICO case.
          A conclusion echoed by the FBI’s Organized Crime Task Force.

          So Scott, tell us more about Keith Rainiere in Amway 30 years ago.

          • I usually say the Feds PROBABLY have all the information they need. Try to determine the difference between that and a flat out factual statement with no proof. Do you consider the things that have disappeared as helpful to prove guilt? If the FBI/DOJ has their act together, they already captured the information and/or have retrieved it from the providers. The RICO charge was obvious, but keep trying, Captain Obvious. I can tell you Raniere learned all of the fundamentals he later applied to Consumers’ Buyline and NXIVM, because I know how Amway actually operates better than virtually anyone on the planet. If you would like to discuss these and other issues, you are welcome to join my radio show, and I’ll show the world the fool that you are.

  • “the same horrific mistake each one of them made in their lives: The decision to associate with a man who calls himself Vanguard.”
    So True.

    The high ranking person has to be Karen U. Right? Does Kristin Keeffe still count as “high ranking”? She’d be the low hanging fruit, if yes.

    • I hope the source is at a much lower level than those two criminals. The government should get as low of a level, as few as possible, sources that flip that they can still win the case. The longer this goes on, the more the government will know and won’t need any help to make their case.

    • According to Kristin Keeffe she gathered information for years before going into hiding. Then she went into hiding from the corrupt cop who ‘ helped ‘ her escape. I’m sure his motives were suspect. I’m glad she got Gaelyn into safety and away from the sperm donor. She simply has to be a witness it’s her best shot at safety and a normal life for her son who fortunately made her see the light. As she was involved in some very shady inner circle litigation help, if she can prove her motives were for the right reasons I would hope feds offer her immunity. She warned the women involved in the Mexican plot which we all heard Emiliano talk about, no doubt it’s true. This info has to continually be brought back up, on the podcast everything focused on DOS and though DOS disgusted those of us watching it’s a small portion of this case. So Nxivm s thinking your off the hook come pot day.haha I’m sorry it’s just so empty headed.

  • One thing this proves is Pea is a liar who apparently knows a whole lot less than she let’s on. Didn’t you say Nancy and Lauren were weak? So Nancy you’ve decided you’ll live so fuck a plea deal? Guess what cancer hides away in there and pops back up no matter what your Drs say. Your adult daughters must not care about you but what does one expect from such dysfunction.
    The one good thing no matter what is NXIVM is over you can’t come back from this in the US . Have no doubt the feds have plenty on you and you’ll all do time. If Agnifilo is one of the best lawyers you have to put forward that’s a shame for you because all I saw was Keith’s mouthpiece and Keith does have a very good track record with his court cases.

      • Yes sir, sorry bad typo. I sure hope they have some strong evidence. After listening to the entire podcast and Marc Agnifilo, I know it’s his job but he sounded so reasonable. If nothing else Keith is in jail right now and will be at least through trial.

    • Agnifilo has a horrendous track record: I especially liked this part, “Agnifilo has experience representing men who claim to be brilliant but find themselves in a legal mess. He previously represented Martin Shkreli, the convicted securities fraudster who became an international pariah for hiking the price of a potentially life-saving drug by more than 5,000 per cent.

      “So this is probably my 10th client who is the smartest man in the world,” Agnifilo says.”

      • Shkreli?? Seriously? What an equally awful human as KAR.

        Any chance that the “high level” working with the prosecution is a certain celebrity daughter whose mother has been making the press circuit lately? I think we’re all pretty confident she was likely CC2.

        • Too bad Not all Mom’s are Princesses with prior information and Fame … in a position to Help . A shame no money was set up to help the others. Bet that would have helped A Lot, after their money was drainned for what they believed were good causes and they were worked tirelessly like dogs for Nothing but heartache. Could have helped with “deprogramming expenses ” lawyers , moving foward in a positive way. Maybe made a real difference. Guess we’ll never know.
          Bet Italy is beautiful this time of year!

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