Exposed: Why Clare Bronfman Really Went To Clifton Park, NY

Deeply entranced by her master, Legatus long ago entered a world of shadows and Vanguardian ideas,. as vast as space and as timeless as insanity.

In her October 11th letter to Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, Kathleen E. Cassidy, one of Clare Bronfman’s attorneys, requested that Clare be allowed to travel to Clifton Park, NY on October 16th-17th “…for purposes of conducting defense investigation in preparation for trial in the above-captioned case”.

Clare needed permission from Judge Garaufis to make the trip because she is confined to her luxury apartment in Manhattan, as she awaits trial on a variety of criminal charges. She is only allowed out five hours per week to do errands, exercise, shop, etc..

Based on Ms. Cassidy’s representation as to the purpose of the trip, Judge Garaufis approved Clare’s travel request the very next day.

Perhaps the next time Clare makes such a request, Judge Garaufis will require her to appear before him – and testify under oath exactly why she needs to go anywhere to meet with anyone.  The reason he might do that is that Clare may have lied [or lied by omission] about why she really wanted to go to Clifton Park earlier this week – or what she planned to do while she was there.

Like all high-ranking members of NXIVM, Clare has been taught that lying – even to a Federal judge – is ethical as long as doing so is for the greater good of the mission. Clare is well practiced at lying. Court records and police blotters all over the U.S. and Canada are littered with examples.

Clare has also perfected the art of testifying, under oath, the exact opposite of what she previously testified to, also under oath.

In addition to lying in legal proceedings, Clare has shown a proclivity for lying to law enforcement officials. This includes, but is probably not limited to, the Albany County District Attorney, the Saratoga County District Attorney, the Niagara County District Attorney, the New York State Police, and the Vancouver Police.

And, she may have lied to Judge Garaufis.

Why do I make that claim?

Because Clarebear was arrogant enough – or dumb enough – or both – to document, in her own handwriting, that she went to Clifton Park to work on something other than her criminal case. She went there – at least in part – to further orchestrate a lawsuit against me.

According to the old saying, “The proof is in the pudding”. But it’s also in the notarized affidavit that Clare signed in Saratoga County on October 17th. Here’s the front page of her affidavit.


Below is the signature page bearing Clare Bronfman’s signature.

Note that Clare signed and notarized her affidavit – part of her well-funded effort to sue me and shut down the Frank Report – while she was on her overnight trip to Saratoga County — a trip that her attorney told the judge was to “…conduct defense investigation in preparation for trial.”

Should Clare have told Judge Garaufis that she wanted to go to Clifton Park – at least in part – to orchestrate her lawsuit against me? Of course, she should have. So, why didn’t she do that?

Maybe she chose to withhold the information because she’s angry at Judge Garaufis, who had the audacity to order her – her, Legatus – Vice President of Operations of NXIVM, an heiress of the Seagram’s Liquor fortune – a woman who could buy and sell the judge ten times over – to post $50 million in assets to secure an astonishing $100 million bond, and then ordered her confined in her apartment 97% of the time until she goes to trial, while wearing an ankle monitor 24/7.

Doesn’t he realize how hard it is to jog 30 miles per week with an ankle monitor on?

Then again, maybe she wasn’t angry with the judge.  Maybe it was strategic. Perhaps she didn’t want to tell him about the lawsuit, for it might be deduced that this is part of her strategy to try to shut down the Frank Report – possibly because it has exposed so much about the illegal activities perpetrated by her and her Vanguard.

Maybe she was just worried the judge would not have approved a 2-day overnight trip if he knew she was planning to go there to continue her never-ending battle to punish NXIVM enemies.

In any event, this past week, Clare came to Clifton Park and right off the bat, she began orchestrating her lawsuit against me.

I doubt her attorney, Kathleen E. Cassidy, was aware of what may have been one of Clare’s chief reasons for wanting to go to Clifton Park when she submitted her letter to Judge Garaufis.  Whether Clare chose to hide it from the judge deliberately, or whether she did not think it needed to be disclosed, it’s ironic that this is just what the Government said she would do – if she was not confined to home detention.

Go out and sue people.

In arguing against her release, the government alleged that Clare Bronfman “…has led efforts to discredit DOS victims and has orchestrated abusive litigation meant to intimidate and attack perceived enemies and critics of Raniere.”

In arguing against the Government’s position, her attorneys wrote, “The government’s only allegations with respect to Ms. Bronfman that they claim suggest a risk of witness intimidation are (1) that she aggressively pursued litigation against NXIVM adversaries”, and (2) that she “…compile[d] information and threaten[ed] litigation against those she considered to be an enemy or critic of Raniere”…”These allegations fail as a basis to restrict Ms. Bronfman to house arrest. First, they are not recent and do not raise any concern that Ms. Bronfman would attempt to obstruct justice while she is under Indictment.”

To be clear, I have not been notified that I may be witness – either for the prosecution or as a hostile witness for the defense – although there is certainly a chance I may be called. Still, it is funny — the very first time Clare gets a two-days-of-freedom pass – one of the first she things does is work on her lawsuit against me.

Perhaps Clare may regret her decision not to inform Judge Garaufis about one of the reasons for this week’s trip.  He is, after all, the man who will be presiding over her criminal trial – and who will be deciding how long she spends in federal prison if she is convicted. If the judge wanted to, he could also revoke Clare’s bail – and have her incarcerated at the Metropolitan Detention Center until she goes trial. She will find it far less pleasant there and much harder to sue enemies from her cell.

The ironic thing about this whole matter is that Clare could have secretly met with lawyers representing her in the civil case against me while she was in Clifton Park, discussed what they else they might be able to do to shut down the Frank Report, and then taken the affidavit back with her to Manhattan. She could have then signed the document, had it notarized there, and sent it back to her attorneys via overnight mail – and no one would have been the wiser.

Instead, she seems to have chosen to flaunt what she was really doing in Clifton Park.  Maybe it was meant as a message to other NXIVM enemies.

On the other hand, it might be just an addiction. She not only loves to lie, she loves to sue – and when she can do both, she is probably in heaven.  Perhaps it’s just an irresistible impulse.

MK10ART’s lovely sketch of Clare Bronfman AKA Legatus

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  • Frank, you failed to let your readers know that this lawsuit is old. Its the same civil suit that the Bronfman sisters filed against you years ago.

    Up until you put in a motion to dispose Clare Bronfman the case had no activity for what, six years?

    Why not put in a motion to dismiss for lack of action on the Bronfman sisters part. Why did you poke the ClareBear?

    A are lot of stupid things people do in legal cases but your actions caused a ripple in a legal battle that could have been over with of you just asked for a motion to dismiss.

  • Nothing more fun than catching the NXivm 6 (Raniere, both Salzman’s, ClarBear, Russell and Mack) in a con game in their court cases.

    Its happened over and over again in all their legal battles. Its one of the reasons they lose in court. They also cannot keep track of all their lies and it comes back to bite them in their assets.

    Makes one wonder if the DOJ will use their past lies against them to show the jury just how much they lie?

    Since ClarBear doesn’t do anything without Raniere’s direction, this order to file suit against Frank had to be passed along from him to her.

    Does it have anything to do with two of Raniere’s attorneys getting their security clearance taken away?

      • Interesting comment from one who exhibits such bitterness and disdain upon others who you feel as small — an “automatic reflexive action” towards others who make grammatical errors, or, just, don’t, agree with you. In many ways, I can see some common threads in your heady and pompousness as Clare. You were the one you got stupidly sucked into the Amway scheme. Why don’t you try your hand at something you are good at? Please forgive me, I absolutely forgot and got off topic. Please continue to do what you do best, and we all know very what that is.

  • Frank ,
    What did the rest of this document say? That they are suing you for libel?

    If she is convicted, what will happen to her lawsuit against you? And even now, prior to her trial, how reasonable is it for her to sue for libel…. when she’s already been charged with the crimes that she claims she’s been maliciously accused of?

    What type of case can she make against Frank when law enforcement also believes there is enough evidence to arrest her? She may as well sue the FBI, too.

  • Where’s Pea to lecture us how Clare is a Bronfman, one of the most powerful and influential families in the world?
    Or has Pea been told by her attorney that she’s about to be indicted?

  • “It’s not the first nor the last time ClareBear has shot herself in her foot. Let’s just hope it’s not the foot that bears her ankle jewelry.”

    😁. @wallywoo2 I think they’ve just about proven even footless Legatus cannot be stopped without chains!

    @ Big Ears. Hear ya, the order says ON THIS CASE! Think you’re being a bit soft as this is the 6th time she’s tried to trick the Court with her middle finger raised. They all ought be a bit concerned with showing special privilege to Clare after all she’s gotten away with to get to this despicable point.

  • Why is anyone surprised. A liberal judge just being what he is. Until society demands that criminals are not coddled and held accountable and PUNISHED then business will continue as usual. Bronfman is every much culpable as Raniere, so why the double standard.

  • How many shats would a shit horse shit if a shit horse could shat horse?

    Un-fuck-ing-real! …Congrats, Don Parlato! This will be the last lawsuit in history Legatus ever files — while not serving time, that is!

  • I would not bet that Ms. Cassidy had absolutely no inkling of Cruella’s scheme to sue Frank Parlato.
    And like other commenters I believe the statement by the DOS slave to Frank the other day was also orchestrated or timed to follow Cruella’s Clifton Park trip.

    This affidavit mentions Cruella’s sister Sara Bronfman Igtet.
    Maybe it’s time for the US DOJ to consider filing criminal charges against Sara for her crimes on behalf o’f NXIVM.

    These NXIVM leaders are terrorists who use and abuse the legal system to stifle free speech.
    It’s time to slap them all down.

  • Such breathtaking and compulsive contempt for the law. Can she even conceive of a justice official who cannot be bought? Its over bold to redouble the vexatious litigation thats become her identifying feature. lets hope she is in the grip of a delusional vice and not reckless with the kind of confidence that comes from knowing you’ve bought something or someone off.

    • Gotta be a bit of both —recklessness based, in part, on prior perceived gains through the excersize of bribery or other political favor.

      Is Legatus being represented in this ill-advised action? Or has she gone batshit clean off her broomstick just in time for Halloween?!

      • Winning is only secondary to paychecks, so they will probably do whatever Clare tells them to, however ill-advised.

  • Well, Well, Well

    Can we check ClareBear off the list of who has flipped? How can ClareBear sign a lawsuit that includes her sister who lives in another country and is too chicken to come back here? Don’t you have the right to depose both of your accusers? Sounds like a motion to dismiss is in order based on that reasoning alone and ClareBear will have to refile it in her own name from her apartment in NYC.

    ClareBear seems to be five cans short of a six pack. It’s not the first nor the last time ClareBear has shot herself in her foot. Let’s just hope it’s not the foot that bears her ankle jewelry.

    Is she allowed to read the Frank Report since there are ex NXIVM members who post in their real names? Is she even allowed access to the internet?

    It will be interesting to to see how the Judge will react to her not being fully truthful about her trip to Smallbeny. ClareBear might of come into NXIVM with her lying skill but they sure were enhanced by her Master and his closes followers

    Also interesting to see if the Judge will read the riot act to the lawyer that went along with such actions. Even if she didn’t know ahead of time, she was to be with ClareBear the entire time as her guardian while on her 2 day pass and the request was approved to work on her defense.

    I’m sure the Judge believed CB meant her defense of the case he is dealing with and not CB other legal defenses.

    It’s kind of unfair that she pulls this kind of stupid acts. It’s like playing poker with her and she doesn’t know you can see her cards in the mirror she is setting in front of. CB has totally showed the Judge that she is willing to lie to get her way.
    Fool the Judge once, shame on him, try to fool him a second time, her bail could get revoked.

    Come on CB do some more stupid shit so you can join your Master at the MDC.

    • Agree on your analysis. If a Defendant is on house arrest (because deemed a flight risk) and makes a request to the Court to take a trip to research and help with the defense…

      But then that Defendant uses the trip to work on a separate civil case (and possible obstruction of justice via witness intimidation)…wow…not too bright.

      Sounds like someone is going to contact the US Attorneys Office. And include Clare’s affidavit as evidence of misconduct.

      I think it also shows Clare’s mindset. Does she think she has the criminal case in the bag? Does she not understand a superseding indictment is coming? Does she not get that she could be spending 10 years in the Big House?

      My my my…as Joe Kenda says!

      • In all fairness, I don’t think she has ever been that particularly bright.
        Whilst she thinks she is super calculating, it’s much more likely a case of Dunning-Kruger effect.
        All that being said, I don’t know how seriously anyone is actually taking enforcing the bail conditions, so I would be surprised if the judge bothers to do anything about this, either.

      • All the “Order” consisted of is the judge’s notation “Approved” and his initials and the date at the bottom of the letter submitted by Clare’s attorney. So, just as Frank indicated, all the judge approved is that Clare be allowed to go to Clifton Park, NY “…for purposes of conducting defense investigation in preparation for trial in the above-captioned case”. The above-captioned case, of course, is the pending criminal case against Raniere, Clare et al.

        Will the judge likely revoke her bail over stupid stuff like this? Probably not.

        But he’ll probably be less likely to grant any such future requests without a whole lot more info and detail.

        It’s kind of like when you let one of your kids borrow the family car to go to the movies. But, instead of just going to the movies, they actually put 100 miles on the car driving all over the place before – and after – they go to the movies.

        You’re probably not going to ground them – but you’re sure as hell going to ask more questions the next time they want to borrow the car.

        Bad move, Clarebear. Embarrassing a federal judge is never a good thing to do – especially one who will be presiding over your trial and potential sentencing. Federal judges have really long memories.

      • Wasn’t she required to be specific about meeting people regarding her defence on the current charges? How do you forget a little thing like suing Frank Parlato?

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