Experiment: New comments’ policy – same name/moniker & no bullying for one week test

I want to try an experiment.

For one week – starting today – I am going to ask that all commenters adopt a name.  That’s right, everyone who wants to comment needs to have a handle, a name, a moniker and stick with it for all your comments. I don’t want to see different names from the same IP address.

Of course, it does not have to be a true name, but don’t use someone else’s name – unless they’re dead.

Let us get to know you. Your views and opinions, which is hard to do when you don’t fill in a name and use “anonymous.”

How do we know which Anonymous you are?

In order to have a name appear, you must fill in a name in the space where they ask for a name on the comments. If you don’t type in a name – “anonymous” – is automatically placed there. So please put in a name.

If I had my preference, I would love for people to use their own true names. It is not likely to happen. NXIVM is a terrorist organization. So I understand why people are reticent to use their names. To date, with more than 30,000 comments, only a handful have ever done so.

If memory serves me correctly, Toni Natalie was the first to use her real name. That makes sense – since she was the first to stand up to NIXVM. Joe O’Hara, I think was second.  There was Susan Dones, Angela Ucci, and Barbara Bouchey – of the NXIVM Nine. There was Christine Marie – who had several encounters with Keith Raniere. And of course that spectacular writer and one of the greatest of Raniere’s victims, Heidi Hutchinson has weighed in recently. Attorney Omar Rosales has also been a big part of the conversation – he posts as “Former Nxian”.

Then, of course, there is our good friend, Scott Johnson who, while posting in his own name, at times got a little carried away, creating a clamor for his ouster.  He caused a fair amount of outrage by insulting other commenters who, in turn, were rude to him – creating a series of shit-storms that made the comments careen wildly off topic.

I tried to solve the problem by creating Scotty’s Corner where everyone could be as rude as they wanted. It worked for a short time. Now Scott seems to have stopped commenting, but I think others are pretending to be him by writing about Amway.

Then there are a fine group of commenters who regularly post using monikers: Shadow State 1958, Sultan of Six, Heather, One Woman’s Army, Flowers, All Of Them Witches, Orange County Dreams, Albany Attorney with Big Ears, Pea Onyu and many others.

Don’t you feel like you kind of know them? They are our friends. When we see their names on a comment, we are excited to see what they have to say – because we do feel that we know them. You don’t get that feeling with “Anonymous.”

So, if you have not created a moniker, please do so – and be creative in your monikers. Be distinct. Look like something.

While you are thinking about which moniker is right for you – let me advise that names that mock other commenters – like Shadow State Sucks Balls, Shadow CrapBan the Spanker, Potty Scotty –  will be rejected.

That’s only good manners.

By the way, I wish to thank everyone who has ever posted for taking the time to do so.   A lot of people think I am insane to let the comments flow so freely, acrimoniously and anonymously, like this was a wild west barroom.  But I have gotten many good leads and broken stories from information that arose from comments on this website, and many times I got a different point of view that deepened my understanding. It is important not to suppress comments.

But I am learning that, if you permit complete anonymity, trolls can take over. My compromise is that anyone can comment anonymously – only give yourself a name – and stick with it.

Which brings me to a final point – also – for one week – I am going to try to tone down the rudeness. I think if you come to someone’s house or blog, you ought to be civil. I don’t mean we can’t debate, we can do so vigorously, but we shouldn’t be bullies.  For one week, I am either going to delete bullying comments – or if I find the time – delete portions of the comments that are just pure meanness and keep the salient portion of the comments intact.

That rudeness and bullying provision, however, does not apply to Keith Raniere or for myself. I have always been greatly amused by anonymous comments that heckle me and accuse me of being a pussy and not having the balls to do this or that. Keep them coming.  But for other commenters, I am asking for civility. I realize there may be NXIVM trolls sent to disrupt the comments section and other trolls who just love mischief.  This new plan is meant to try to get them off the site – or at least require them to be less disruptive.

Thanks for your help.






Heather: Frank, do you believe this? I know you say you verified a legit person, but do you believe what she is saying? This is very strange and as FBI knows names of slaves and has their collateral isn’t all of them going to be interviewed?

FR: I don’t believe or disbelieve. I think she had a right to be heard. She identified herself at some risk. If I had to guess I would say this woman was connected to Girls By Design. I don’t know how much contact she had with Allison Mack or Kristin Kreuk or how much of her story is true and verifiable.




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  • I’m a jerk and because I have such a thin skin, I have to get Frank to delete everyone who criticizes me.

  • I have always stuck with the name “Somebody” because, well, I am somebody. I am not a former Nexian, I was an avid watcher of Smallville and only got sucked into this story because of Mack. I do strictly adhere to the no bullying policy. I think it’s insane that we teach our children to not bully while they go online and watch adults bully each other. That being said, I would like if FR continued with this new policy. Not just for a week.

  • I would like to know – which of you are dedicated to getting KAR behind bars for life? Even if it means some others (like Kristen Kreuk – God knows, what is the fascination about) – skate? Is this a gossip site or the real thing?

    KAR is a decidedly dangerous individual. Don’t we understand that? If he gets out, it will start all over again. I promise. He will be raping 5-year olds – preferably from Mexico.

    • Why can’t they all be exposed for what they did, knew about, endorsed, ignored and recruited into?

      Kristin Kreuk has not answered a single allegation about being named in a criminal lawsuit as a future defendant, what she did on Necker Island, why she stayed with Raniere after being named in the same expose that revealed he was a pedophile, tricking college kids into taking part in a market research survey etc.

      She only released a statement because the press forced it out of her. She denied being in DOS, that is it. She deliberately chose not to even admit to being a coach and recruiter, let alone the things she must of known about and done in NXIVM. She said she “maintained” “minimal” contact with “some” of those still involved. “Maintained” is past tense, to suggest that she might not still be in contact (she is). “Minimal” is downplaying the contact and “some” is to suggest she cut the NXIVM cord with most of those she knew. She didn’t and we know she didn’t. Raniere is a monster and all of those who helped him and went along with him when they knew NXIVM was more than just a “self help” should be ashamed of themselves and exposed.

      • “Kristin Kreuk was named in a criminal lawsuit”

        Actually, it was a CIVIL lawsuit…and she and 100+ others were not defendants.

        • Potential defendants.

          “Based upon information and belief, there are numerous other individuals who have (a) assisted
          NXIVM/ESP and/or other named and to-be-named Defendants with respect to a variety of
          tortious and/or illegal activities – and/or (b) benefitted financially from the operations of the
          various NXIVM/ESP-Related Business Entities. Although many of these individuals will be
          identified during the course of discovery with respect to this lawsuit, the following individuals
          have already been identified as likely members of one or both of those groups”

          Kristin Kreuk “identified as likely” to belong to one or both of these groups.

          • Again….KK and 100+ others, in a CIVIL (not criminal) lawsuit that was DISMISSED, were listed as ***May Have*** participated or ***May Have*** financially benefited.

            Exhibit 4
            Case l:12-cv-00252-GLS-ATB Document 1-1 Filed 02/09/12 Page 19 of 41 Other Individuals Who

            ***May Have***

            Participated In Tortious And/Or Illegal Activities – And/Or Who

            ***May Have***

            Benefited Financially From The Operations Of NXIVM/ESP And/Or Other NXIVM/ESP-Related Business Entities

        • Just because nothing came of it, does not make these people innocent of the accusations. The current investigation could collapse, doesn’t make them innocent. Joe explained why the case was stopped and it wasn’t because a judge deemed the accusations bullshit. These same crimes Joe accused them all of are being investigated now. Same accusations, different lawsuit.

          While the lawsuit says “may have”, it also says those people were “identified as likely” to be involved in bad behaviour. Those are scummy people on that list and to be named among them is not good.

          Also, everyone discussed in the Necker Island article that spoke about attendees discussing money laundering plans was named in the lawsuit. That increases the suspicion.

        • Not necessarily. Rather, accusations, (not just Joe’s lawsuit) that Kreuk is hiding from makes her look more suspicious. Being cynical is appropriate in this fucked up world.

  • Hi Frank — If we use moniker will you answer some questions? You’ve been posting a lot about one particular ex-member from NXIVM’s acting community, but I’m curious about some of the actresses you wrote about being a part of DOS last year. Do you have any updates on whether these actresses are still slaves?
    Alicia Novak
    Nikki Isbell
    Darlyne Dolap
    Ludwika ‘Mika’ Paleta

    Also any updates as to whether these actors are still involved with NXIVM?
    Mark Hildreth
    Kristinna Loken (did she actually sue you?)
    Grace Park

    Thank you

    • When you want to be in the public eye and be famous, but refuse to answer numerous allegations (Kristin Kreuk), that just makes you look more suspicious and guilty, as a minimum, of immoral behavior. That is why Kristin Kreuk is spoken about. A totally innocent person who knew absolutely nothing (tax evasion, money laundering, the harem etc) would not be behaving like Kreuk, nor the others you named. Also, more allegations have been thrown the way of Kreuk than the others, which she arrogantly refuses to answer. More information will eventually come out whether they like it or not.

  • Frank I think this is a great idea, if you are willing to follow through with it.

    I have been long time forum member of Rick Ross’s cult education site and everyone who posted has to use an ID. His site could be a good example of how to keep NXIVM trolls or those who just come to start a riots.

    When you think about all the ex Knife Media people who have nothing better to do with their time now that it has shut down, you know they have a need to write and some could still be getting paid to do so by VanTurds followers. Some could be here working to destroy your blog.

    Also, people like Scott Johnson who adds no value with the number of worthless comments he makes per post. Why is he back? Please send him back to his corner. He continues to say unnecessary things that add no value to the blog and is saying them about people’s comments.

    How long are you going to allow Scooter to behave like this? I thought you gotten rid of him.

    I vote for a Scott Free Zone again. I’d rather hear from Pea than Scott.

  • Sorry serious readers of this blog, until Frank controls his little boy Scooter, I have to keep asking Frank to send Scotty back to his corner. He’s having another “Hey pay attention to me” days. Guess his wife and kiss totally ignore the poor guy.

  • @ Frank Parlato:

    At the end of the day, your solutions to the problems in the comment section can all be boiled down to one phrase:

    “You can’t fix stupid”.

    I give you an A for effort and persistence, though.

    Many of us have our own biases against other commenters on this site, and 3 particular commenters seem to attract more negative responses from more people than anyone else does (though we all find seem to find ourselves in the crosshairs, sooner or later).

    Until you’re willing to deal with these 3 “problem children”, it’ll be business as usual on FR, because these 3 will continue to provoke many of us, and continue to get the same kinds of replies.

    As far as tracking accounts by IP address, it’s really a waste of time on your part:

    Some ISP’s provide dynamic IP’s, which change every time the user logs on.

    Trolls could also use a free online web proxy, or connect to a neighbor’s WiFi (or even a public WiFi), and have a different IP address every time.

    • Thanks Shlomo you may be right that there are just a few causing all the disturbances and making the comments section oftentimes a savage and hostile place. I am constantly amazed that some otherwise intelligent commenters resort to name calling which is the least effective form of rebuttal.
      As for changing IP addresses -what can I do? I can’t really spend the entirety of my time searching out who comments. I think of people at least adopt monikers (even if they change them ) and rude comments are deleted we ought to see some improvement.

  • I think that’s a fair policy. There’s a lot of ‘trolling’ in the comments, and while some of it is topic based banter, some of it is unnecessary. I feel like most people that post in here contribute in some way or another, it only takes a few to ruin a good thing. I think using the same moniker/name is a good thing, it’s nice to know who’s arguing/discussing with rather than just anonymous or a moniker that is made up just to mock the person they’re harassing.

    I know I have not been commenting for very long, but I have been a regular reader since the first NY Times articles hit the newstands aka my web browser. I know I’ve received some flak for my comments anout Kristin Kruek, I would love to believe she’s innocent but in my opinion things don’t add up with her story and lack of transparency on the matter. But I do understand people annoyed that it just seems like click bait with little content. I think there’s so much that could be covered with all the difference branches/entities/companies cpmmected woth NXIVM, I would love to see more details regarding the Rainbow Cultural Gardn and/or Dr Porter’s experiments… please and thank you!

    Either way, keep it up Frank!

  • Please implement a one or two comment per article limit , or something of the sort to make comments worth reading. More than a few comments per article should require you to start your own blog.

      • APOLOGY TO ALL HUMANS: The entity you know as “Scotty Potty” has once again escaped from his multi-level enclosure in the 5th Density. We will try to capture this entity once again.

  • Why do I feel like I’m back in high school, and most of the class just got chewed but somehow I managed to come out unscathed?

    • I couldn’t decide on a name .. yours helped. I was going to go with Lapras, or Farfetch’d .. but I know what I would get with that name here.

  • ATTENTION ALL HUMANS – the one known to you as “Scotty Potty” as referenced above, is well known to us as he escaped his multi-level confinement from the 5th Density. We apologize to all posters on this forum for the chaos surrounding his escape, and will seek to reduce all trolling on this site.

  • Would be really nice if this works! I’m drawn to read the comments, but sometimes regret it. I would never ever put my real name on a website. To me, in this day and age, it isn’t safe or wise to do so. It makes you a target too easily. Many years ago during the Jodi Arias trial there was a group on FB and so your comments linked to your profile. Some people strongly supported the vile murderess and I started getting horrible private messages that made me feel scared. I’ve had a true life stalker before which only ended when he was arrested for raping another girl. Then I left the country. I’m not ex-NXIVM and I don’t have exciting things to add, but I do enjoy reading what others have to say (when it isn’t all out mud-slinging) and I’m all about privacy.
    Thank you, Frank, for everything you do here. I’m hooked on your news and updates.

      • Yeah! Who wants to read a news/information site edited for clarity/content like your failing New York Liberal Times, your Washington Elite Post, your Communist Tribune and…every other reputable or even non-reputable outlet?!?! The real scholarly approach is to enjoy a tossed salad of relevant and irrelevant information to keep your critical thinking receptors SHARP. By curating content and tightening stories, editors are nothing but CENSORS whose every CTRL-X is a violation of our civil liberties. Frank understood that not letting you butt into every convo in the comments to warn people about the 800lb gorilla of AMWAY would be violating your protected speech whether or not it actually has anything to do with the 1st Amendment. But now he wants a compelling readable blog with more 1st hand info, and is throwing the Scott Johnson baby out with the biohazardous bath water. LOCK HIM UP!

  • Giving credit to a troll (Flowers) in your post, just makes it look like the whole thing is a joke, anyhow. I don’t know any long-term poster who is a fan of Flowers trolling.
    I do believe you are missing leads because of people seeing how those of us who have had actual experience dealing with NXIVM has been attacked.
    I would be very surprised to see anything change, when every time I have seen you make a post about the trolls, you either encourage them in the post, or in the comments.
    I can see that it may be humorous for you, but I think you are shooting yourself in the foot with this game.
    Wish you the best with it, though.

    • “Just saying”, what makes me a troll? If you actually read my comments (such as my opinion that this slave email is fishy…) I am immediately attacked by people who call me a troll. Then, if I decide to attack back , I’m now a troll? If other people have decided they are allowed to attack my opinion, accuse me of being Scott ot Allison’s mom, and insult me, then fair is fair. People can’t expect to do those things, and then complain when its done to them.

      I imagine you think I’m a “troll” because I didnt believe your story about the free class. Questioning the authenticity of information doesn’t make someone a troll. Other posters questioned your story as well…are they all trolls because they didn’t believe you?

      I didn’t believe your story because some parts of the story seemed very familiar, and I remembered that months earlier I had read another persons account of taking a NXIVM class, and some parts of your story seemed to be copied from it. So when I questioned you and you were defensive, I decided to question further.

      Having dealt with a group of harassers who use fake stories as part of their harassment, I now pay attention to any stories that seem false, especially when there is anger when the person is questioned. Questioning people doesn’t make me a troll. You have no idea what I’ve gone thru- so quit judging people for seeking information.

      • Not sure if that was addressed to me… but I don’t think it’s that anyone is afraid of words. But words do have the power to cause damage, as people do sue for libel and defamation of character.

          • But you were sued yourself by Amway Scott, so you know that it does happen. And the people who harassed me (who now read this site) have threatened to sue me. I am now pretty sure they won’t follow thru, but it’s still stressful.

            I don’t know if my fear is exaggerated…anyone can sue for anything, even if they don’t have a strong case. Just look at all the vindictive lawsuits that NXIVM brought against their enemies.

      • Scott is back just doing his blah blah blah. Frank ask Frank to comment on post instead of readers unless hie is going to have an intelligent debate. He is acting just like before you kicked his Amway butt of his soapbox.

  • Frank, I think most posters would prefer you just delete the entire post. If there is anything informative in the post it gets lost in all nastiness. We can live without them degrading you.

  • Frank, thankyou for responding, and I for one appreciate what you are attempting here. I believe there are way more real people trying to post than trolls. Hopefully we can prove it.

  • My, My ….you little “snowflakes” are going to ruin everything interesting about this site. Mr Frank works hard to post the latest news – you should be more appreciative and show some RESPECT !

  • I would have thought the various Anonimi would want this…so their comments don’t get confused with those from other Anonimi.

    And civility would be welcome….but SS sicks balls got in under the wire

  • Go fuck yourself! you’re fake news buddy. Unfollowing your dumbass! Till you have you have proof you have no right to be posting that bullshit that your so-called source told you.

    I hope those ladies or at least one of them sues your asses.

    And fuck you ShadowState get yourself a life and stop stalking Allison Mack, we get it she rejected your dumbass 🙂

      • If I get information I get it legitimately from a source available to all with a little digging.

        that’s the point you’re really good at looking for information on the internet, but why you try to manipulate the information available to legitimize your narrative by saying things like “the rumor is” when you’re just using that rumor anyone can verify that information and still insist on directing the narrative to your interest to satanis allison everything bad came from it, according to your logic without allison keith raniere and Clare Bronfman could continue with their scams and financial crimes. You always use this narrative to want to focus the responsibility of DOS alone in allison but all the information published by frank about the cult says all the opposite DOS would have existed with or without it the difference is if it were an unknown person what would have been the female leader of DOS would probably have less interest of so many journalists and media interested in history and this I say from my own experience if I had not been or looking for information about her after smallville never would have reached the frank report although this blog was not the first thing I found about her and the cult but if it was the one that more information collected or researched had

        • You are correct. Shadowperv is clearly obsessed with Ally Wack. His frequent posting bears this out. When the old fuck croaks I don’t think his creator will buy the Ally Wack love excuse for his wasted life

        • As Frank Parlato has said NXIVM is a terrorist organization that hides behind lawyers and corrupt cops and prosecutors.
          And the big people in NXIVM don’t publicly announce their plans, schemes and motives.
          So when you’re working with rumors mention that fact and let the reader judge what the reality is.

          So far six people have been indicted in NXIVM.
          There might be more in the near future but we will focus on those six.
          As far as the US government is concerned the most important defendants are Nancy and Lauren Salzman.
          Nancy has the ability to unlock coded files in the NXIVM computers.
          Moreover, Nancy knows the history of the cult and can tell us who is most important and who does what in the cult.
          Nancy’s daughter Lauren was part of the DOS slave cult and also knows Emiliano Salinas.
          Because Nancy and Lauren have lost power in the cult to the Bronfmans and Allison Mack they will be open to flipping and helping the governme
          Kathy Russell should flip but for some personal reason she is out of it psychologically.

          That leaves the Unholy Trinity of Raniere, Bronfman and Mack.
          Raniere was already a figurehead when he fled to Mexico.
          Expect Raniere to suffer from a nervous break down. Even odds.

          The cult has been financed and run by the Bronfmans and their Flying Monkeys for years.
          And the chief Flying Monkey is Allison Mack who was brought into the cult to be the public face.
          Mack ran the sex slave cult and is close to both Clare and Sara Bronfman.
          At trial the keystone of the defense will be Mack telling the narrative (the lie) that the sex slave part was just consenting adults having fun.

          Mack’s narrative must be exposed as a fraud and Mack’s credibility must be wiped out by showing that Mack has sold her soul to multiple devils.
          Not just Keith Raniere but also Clare and Sara Bronfman.

          As a shorthand I refer to the Unholy Trinity of Raniere, Bronfman and Mack.
          To drive home a point one must boil it down to the simplest components.

          • shadowstate1958 most of us appreciate your contribution to this site. Keep it up, thank you for your dedication to help expose NXIVM

          • Thank you to “No Sympathy For the Vanguard.”
            I try to focus all my fire on NXIVM and its top people.
            Right now six people are indicted.
            Two of those people might flip and help the prosecution.
            As long as they might flip I will hold my fire against those two.
            I want them to cooperate.
            That leaves three top people.
            Raniere, Clare Bronfman and Allison Mack.
            I believe Keith Raniere is on the verge of a nervous break down.
            It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.
            But I will not rest until NXIVM is history.

    • Frank Parlato — This is what I am talking about in the post and I thank you ShadowState Sucks Balls for your assistance.

      Firstly the name is not appropriate since it is intended to bully or demean another commenter – Shadow State 1958.

      The content is rather mixed, some good, some bad.

      ShadowState Sucks Balls writes about me, “Go fuck yourself! you’re fake news buddy. Unfollowing your dumbass! Till you have you have proof you have no right to be posting that bullshit that your so-called source told you. I hope those ladies or at least one of them sues your asses.”

      This is perfectly fine since it is addressed to me and while it is said rather crudely it is an opinion.

      But ShadowState Sucks Balls goes on and spoils it a little when he attacks another commenter, writing: “And fuck you ShadowState get yourself a life and stop stalking Allison Mack, we get it she rejected your dumbass”

      Still ShadowState Sucks Balls does try to redeem himself with an emoji at the end. 🙂.

    • When your one causing havoc with nothing else to offer, there are those of us pleased to see what this sight can turn into-without you!

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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