A significant development: Someone ‘high value’ has flipped

Keith Raniere has owned Nancy Salzman for years. But that ownership may now be rescinded.

As always, take everything with a grain of salt.

A source contacted Frank Report with information about a recent possible “flip” in the Raniere case.  This source is known to me as a highly reliable individual, who has provided me in the past with key information in the NXIVM matter.  I cannot reveal the source but I can say this individual is a public figure and the source of information emanates from Washington DC.

I must again clarify that none of my sources are from the DOJ in the Eastern District of NY [and to reiterate for the benefit of Keith Raniere’s attorneys – I have never spoken to anyone at the EDNY – either at the US Attorneys Office or the FBI – or anywhere else – except for the Public Affairs Officer, whom I spoke to briefly on matters concerning information available to all media.]

My source is not a lawyer representing any defendants, victims or witnesses.

Here is what my source told me:

“There is a ‘high value’ figure – high profile [in NXIVM], a key figure – who has flipped. This is the understanding of the case at Main Justice.  The prosecution now feels it has the ‘whole case nailed’ with this particular witness cooperating.  The emphasis is this is a ‘high value’ person.”

This is seen as a “major development”. The time frame is “the past week or two”. Someone “has flipped and is cooperating with the prosecution now.”

Main Justice considers this “a major shift in the way the prosecution is dealing with the NXIVM case – because they have an extremely high-value personality who is cooperating now. It is reported that everyone is ‘quite affected’ by it. At Main Justice, the word is they feel they have the whole case ‘nailed shut.’ That’s the language that was used.”

Who is it?  My source could or would not say.  My source said, “…the report yesterday was the timeline for the new cooperation happened in the past week or two.”

The source said, “Here is my speculation: The Arizona attorney who represents Lauren Salzman did not just withdraw from representing her in the criminal case, he left the law firm. To me, this is a hint of which family is cooperating.”

James Burke, one of three Arizona lawyers representing Lauren Salzman, dropped out.

Attorney James Burke, up until recently, represented Lauren Salzman. Two of his former co-counsels, who are still representing Lauren, requested from the court that Burke be given permission to withdraw from representing her within the last two weeks and Judge Nicholas Garaufis approved his withdrawal last week.


Has Nancy [center] chosen to try to save herself and her daughter, Lauren [right] and possibly her daughter, Michelle [left]?
The reason given the court for his withdrawal is that James Burke left Quarles and Brady, the Arizona law firm representing Lauren Salzman.

My source said, “If Lauren is cooperating, that would throw off Dennis Burke [a friend and partner of Emiliano Salinas, and one of the lawyers who represents Clare Bronfman]. He would pull any conflicted parties out of the criminal case.  James Burke is not related to Dennis Burke, but he worked for Dennis at the US Attorney’s office in Phoenix, as an assistant US Attorney when Dennis was US Attorney. He was well known as one of Dennis’ guys.”

On Quarles and Brady’s website – on James Burke’s page – it was noted, “Mr. [James] Burke is a former Assistant United States Attorney in the District of Arizona, serving as lead counsel in numerous criminal investigations and jury trials.”

When I went to the page today, https://www.quarles.com/james-l-burke/,  I found the page is shut down.

Fortunately, Frank Report made a copy of the page earlier: It read, “During his 12 year tenure at the United States Attorney’s office, Mr. [James] Burke worked in the Organized Crime and Gangs and White Collar Crime Sections. In these roles, he oversaw and prosecuted cases related to organized crime, drug syndicates, financial crimes, securities fraud, and intellectual property crimes. Prior to that, Mr. Burke was a county prosecutor in Seattle, Washington where he tried over 100 jury cases taken to verdict. Mr. Burke has also appeared before the Ninth Circuit on numerous occasions.”

James Burke is obviously a very experienced criminal lawyer with a great deal of experience in federal practice as both a defense attorney and a prosecutor. It may be true that he left the firm because of a conflict of interest – in that the firm representing Lauren no longer is cooperating with the Bronfman-Salinas interests. However, that may not be the reason. There may have been another reason James Burke recently left Quarles and Brady. Either way, Lauren lost an important, and one of the most experienced federal criminal trial lawyers available.  Does this mean she is not going to trial?

It always seemed strange to me that Lauren retained Arizona attorneys for a New York City trial – and strange that Clare Bronfman’s lead attorney [behind the scenes] is also from Arizona and deeply connected to the Salinas family.

Dennis Burke is the former US Attorney for Arizona. He was forced to resign when his role in the drug and gun running criminal enterprise called Fast and Furious was uncovered. He is one of the leaders of the so-called Arizona Mafia, is closely connected to the Salinas family, and represents Clare Bronfman.

My source added, “James Burke is tied to Dennis Burke and it makes sense that the Salinas people would have the ‘underling’ in there working with Lauren Salzman. It also makes sense, if Lauren and Nancy are the ones who flipped, that Dennis Burke would remove James Burke from the law firm to avoid any potential conflict. In federal cases, conflict is a big deal, and could throw off the joint defense agreement of other defendants. Clare and Salinas are trying to control all the defendants by paying their legal fees. If there were a conflict with one of the firms, with one cooperating – they would pull the guy out of that law firm. Based on this, I am assuming Lauren is cooperating. I cannot say it is Nancy and Lauren Salzman…But I know this directly from [redacted] there is a major figure cooperating in the NXIVM case.”

At the September 13 court hearing, it was reported that Nancy Salzman’s attorneys were in discussions with the government about Nancy taking a plea deal. After the hearing, a source at the Metropolitan Detention Center [where Keith Raniere is being held without bail] told Frank Report that Raniere went to his cell and openly wept.

A source in the Albany area told Frank Report that Nancy’s recent operation, a radical mastectomy – was a success.  There was no cancer in the margins. [A radical mastectomy involves removing the breast, underlying chest muscle, and lymph nodes of the axilla as a treatment for breast cancer.] She is apparently not having chemotherapy and next month will have reconstructive surgery, the source said.

Nancy was excused from her last two court appearances. She was excused at the last one – on October 4th  – because her lawyer told the court she had recent surgery and medications she was taking made her nauseous and weak.

Whether Nancy and/or Lauren, or someone else – perhaps Karen Unterreiner, or someone else – or all of them, or other witnesses with high value – is cooperating – is something time alone will tell.

But if this report is true – Keith Raniere has plenty of reason to sob.  Over time he made many women sob.  Now – and I vaguely recall there may have been a song to this effect — it’s Vanguard’s turn to cry.

Keith Raniere wept openly when speaking about Pam Cafritz when interviewing with the New York Times prior to his arrest. If Pam had lived, would she have been able to persuade Keith not to brand women? Pam was a much better wing woman than Allison Mack. Maybe they would not have needed to brand them for Old Vanguard – with his initials.

Our last known photograph of Keith Raniere, taken on March 25, 2018, while sitting inside a Mexican police vehicle, which was to chauffeur him from his luxury villa in Puerto Vallarta Mexico to a less luxurious prison cell. The lad looks like he might be crying or on the verge of crying. Some might call that “poetic justice.”

Adios Vanguard!









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  • Meanwhile in headlines :

    Hillary : “Its perfectly fine when ol’ Billy rapes women .”

    Fauxhontas : “Im 0.00978957 % victim , too !”

    Stormy Daniels : “How many cocks will I need to suck to repay Trump’s attorneys , too ?”

    WINNING BIGLY ! And this is only the beginning of salty tears waterfall …

  • Is Flowers Stormy Daniels??

    Here are the details of the ruling … from the Washington Post …..

    By Elise Viebeck October 15 at 6:56 PM A federal judge on Monday dismissed a lawsuit from adult film actress Stormy Daniels in which she claimed that President Trump defamed her when he suggested her allegation that she was threatened to stay quiet about their relationship was a lie.

    Federal District Judge S. James Otero had suggested during a late September hearing that he was skeptical of Daniels’s claim on First Amendment grounds. The ruling ordered Daniels, whose given name is Stephanie Clifford, to pay Trump’s legal fees.

    “No amount of spin or commentary by Stormy Daniels or her lawyer, Mr. Avenatti, can truthfully characterize today’s ruling in any way other than total victory for President Trump and total defeat for Stormy Daniels,” Trump attorney Charles Harder said in an emailed statement.

    • Why would Stormy be commenting on the Frank Report? Even if Ben’s crazy story made sense, why would she write comments here?
      And didn’t she just write a book…. I remember something about a tiny, misshapen mushroom.. that description rings a bell for some reason.

      Maybe if President Mushroom Mario stopped grabbing pussy, and stuck with scewing just the one whore he’s already paid for, he would have less legal problems?

  • Don’t worry Junior, Bush is going to get his due. And hopefully you will disappear when you see what happens to the criminal racket of Obama-Clinton. Those two devious pieces of crap are going to be exposed for being the evil corrupt criminal they are.

    There is a reason Judge Kavanaugh was asked about Military Justice and Tribunals in his hearings.

  • Thank you. This clown is another Scott Johnson. I am so fucking tired of have to wade through all the comments to get past his bullshit and read something interesting. It is like walking through a grass park that is bombed with dog shit.

  • Nancy, if your reading this report do the right thing. My first bout with cancer was also a radical mastectomy, removal of lymph nodes and no chemo or radiation. Every 6mo. And then every year I had ongoing tests though they didn’t find it til to late it was hiding in there and now owns my body through the brain. I was vigilant it didn’t matter. Because you may start to feel it’s ok they got it, that’s not always how it works. I won’t live to see your trial but my prayer is for your family to survive it and your daughters to have a life with you. I had a few good years you may too. My name is Heather I don’t post much or get here very often but I see you as worth saving. I don’t come back and read the nasty replies intentionally either. But I’m real to protect my family I won’t post my last name. Find a support person or group. If possible I will follow in hopes that ex cult members survive this intact. The Lord forgives anyone who in genuinely repentenant. It’s simple to do the right thing when you make that choice. Nancy I was 36 the first time around with cancer. You are 64 the Drs don’t always find everything. You would be stunned at what was ignored and missed at critical times. By best to you and your family and real friends. Heather P
    Ps I no longer read the bulk of these posts

    • Heather, I am so sorry about your diagnoses. And that you are not doing well. It was very touching of you to reach out. Hope she sees your post. That is very good information you posted. I have 2 friends that are breast cancer survivors. Do you think that starvation diet the cult had them on weakened their immune system? I will say a prayer for you.

    • Nancy, Heather’s words of advice are the kindest and realest words you are going to hear in your life, and the fact that they come from a total stranger who has found something redeemable in you should give you hope and courage to do the right thing and to tell the prosecution all you know about Vanguard. Even the parts that involve you and which you are no doubt ashamed of now. Redemption is still possible.

  • Is the crazy person who posts under the alias “Flowers” also posting as “SultanOfSix”. Having looked at their bullshit comments in a previous article, they seem to be the same crazy person. SOS goes by other aliases including “Scarrom” “SoSalty” “Hmmm” “Karl Bassett” “Jesse” “Seriously” “Anonymous” and God knows how many more.

    • You mean the consistent shit disturber attacking evreyone that Frank Parlato specifically asked to keep commenting?

      • Look! Anonymous posted. All of these posters are me including the most generic of them all – Anonymous!

        “Hello me it’s me again”.

    • No, I’m not the same person. Can you explain how I seem to be the same person? Reading your comment, you SEEM to be the same person as several others who posted under various names today (judging by your topic, which happens to be off-topic, btw.)

      Can you explain why you think I’m “crazy”? Since I’m not the one who keeps posting bullshit about other people, and I had only posted one comment regarding Frank’s post, it “seems” to be a strange accessment. How did my comment suggest “craziness”?

  • Has anyone else noticed Clare’s sudden trip to NXIVM-land this week coincides perfectly (or should we say, “Prefect-ly”) with the possibility suggested by Frank’s blog post: “Someone ‘high value’ has flipped”.

  • Too bad — this was threatening to be a decent comment thread until petalhead showed up with his pistons pulled ready to cry “rape” at anyone who shoots down his D.C. conspiracy theory on Keith Raniere…

    And where-oh-where is Scott-schlock when you need him to defend FR against the shadow forces?

    • Frank
      Are these the type of comments you want on your forum? Her comment attacks me for no reason, as I never mention her at all in my one and only comment on this thread.

    • Frank, I have to agree with Flowers here.

      You told us that no more gratuitous insults would be tolerated here any longer.

      Heidi is picking fights just for the sake of being antagonistic and retaliating for previous comments that may have hurt her feelings in the past — but this is not the forum for that any longer.

      You said that you’d ban anybody who did it going forward.

      Criticism is fine, but her remarks are not just criticism. Ask yourself IF Scott made those same remarks, would that be okay? …and if not, then you need to remind Heidi that the rules apply to everybody. 🙂

      Heidi is using her perceived “status” as an ex-NXIVM hero (lol) as a tool to claim that the “civility rules” don’t apply to her. She’s too big to be banned, in her own mind. It doesn’t matter how many others support Heidi, if she’s allowed to use immature attacks then your “civility” rules really don’t mean much.

      Please clarify if what Heidi is doing is allowed. …Because if it is allowed, then others will respond in kind if you don’t start enforcing your rules for everybody. Either the rules apply to everybody or they don’t apply to anybody.

      Heidi offers almost no real insight about any serious topics anymore. Her tone is often childish and immature, almost a female version of what Scott was doing. She’s become jaded and angry.

      Please clarify for everybody if Heidi’s type of attacks are allowed. If so, then great. 🙂

    • Okay Frank, since Heidi has gone OFF topic and attacked twice without any intervention from you so far, I will at least politely indulge her. 🙂


      In your article where you claimed that Keith stole NXIVM’s technologies from the “hard won knowledge”, “brain trust” and “Spiritual Buddhism” possessed by Gina, I can’t help but to wonder about the obvious…

      NXIVM isn’t really based on Spiritual Buddhism or any other eastern crap learned on some San Francisco commune by teen hippies in the 70’s. There may be some minor things included from that, but nothing much.

      NXIVM is mostly based on shit Keith stole from Scientology and other MLM scams, and other NLP shit brought in by others. You and Gina had pretty much NOTHING to do with that aspect of it.

      So maybe you’re giving yourself just a bit too much credit in helping to create the NXIVM “evil technologies” that you bragged about. Whadda ya think? 🙂

      You ought to consider a career in fiction writing. You’ve got a great knack for it. Just kidding. We’re all friends, aren’t we? 🙂

    • Notice all these comments of Flowers talking to themselves and endorsing themselves.
      Post from Heidi are a lot better than the troll.
      It seems Frank prefers this troll to people who have experienced real situations.

      • Oh yes we notice. When the dirtbag flowers shows up the shit hits the fan. Has the useless tool ever contributed anything to this comment section. Obviously she is still a Vancouver NXIVM member who come in here to dump her load and dirty up the comment pot.

  • Mark Hildreth has not posted anything to twitter for over two months. Not even a pretentious Ghandi quote. Are these people trying to keep a low profile because they have done wrong and don’t know what the investigators will find on them?

  • The most interesting part of this story is that Frank’s source is a public figure who is connected to Washington DC. What does that tell us? This fact ties in with some of the theories I have about what may really be behind Keith’s motive, and who may have been helping NXIVM.

    And notice all the oblivious comments to this story, such as the childish bullshit about Nicki Clyne and the usual “Shadow Perv is obsessed with AM” bullshit…Are we to believe that these commenters are normal adults, while the only topic they constantly remark on is their pathetic delusions about people they’ve never even met? They ignore the topics at hand and remark on their imagined delusions about ShadowState?
    What does that suggest?

      • Shadowstate,
        Are you saying then that you think the person posting with the name “Heidi” is really a NXIVM troll, and that is her/his reason for attacking all my comments? Since my comment she attacked had no connection to Heidi, at all.

        • Some of us who offend the NXIVM trolls get all kinds of abuse.
          Sultan of Six comes into a lot of abuse because he defends Kristen Kreuk.
          You come into a lot of abuse.
          I won’t repeat the obscene names they call me.

          I know that we are targeted for abuse because we tell the truth about the cult and its leaders.
          If anything the abuse encourages me to fight back.
          With their world collapsing around them all the NXIVM trolls have left is to abuse people and spread lies.
          If anything I respect Pea Onyu because although she is a NXIVM troll at least she clearly states her position and usually does not try to smear NXIVM critics with outright fabrications.
          Pea actually tells us where she’s coming from.

          Don’t let “Heidi” get you down.
          Just keep telling the truth and call her out as a troll.

          • Fear not, flytrap, for the all-knowing, ever-present Shadow is here to defend your honor against those who seek to “abuse” and outshine us with any harsh facts in the light of day.

            Let their troll excrement be your fertilizer as you extol your brilliance!

            Please, please we beg you to expound on this wise kernel of knowledge that the Whitehouse itself is protecting Vanguard…

          • Shadow
            We have no way to know if Heidi is really Heidi Hutchinson, or if the original person who posted with the name Heidi is the same person using that name now. They always use the anon icon, I believe , so they could be multiple people.
            So you’re right, she could actually be a NXIVM troll who is using Heidi ‘s identity.

            And “Me”, I agree with your post.

    • And I never once said that I thought the WH was protecting Keith. Why do you think Keith is being protected ? Could you tell us your reasons for coming up with this theory? It sounds like you know more about this than the rest of us.

      • Flowers:
        Whatever you think of Donald Trump, he is not protecting Keith Rainiere.
        I doubt if concern about this case rises much higher in the Trump administration than Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
        Only a NXIVM troll could come up with the theory that Rainiere is protected by the Trump White House.

        • Exactly shadow
          There’s too much evidence against Keith – he’s never going to come out of this looking like a victim. The only question is who else is guilty, and of what crimes?

  • “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

    The Salzmans were pushed out of control of NXIVM years ago by the Bronfmans and their Flying Monkeys.
    The key turning points were the Bronfmans’ dealings with the Dalai Lama and Richard Branson on Necker Island.

    Now the Salzmans will get to return the favor by sticking cold sharp stilettos in the backs of the Bronfmans and their Flying Monkeys.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.

  • Nancy and Lauren are two brutal beasts. They have learned nothing from Vanguard. The jury will not believe them. They will believe Keith, Alisson, Kathy, and me and others. Clare is especially compelling and has had lots of experience testifying. Juries know she is ethical. The jury will see that Lauren and The Defect (not Prefect ) are lying to save themselves. It was all voluntary and how can Keith be blamed he never had his name on anything? Nancy has her name on everything !!!! So who is guilty?

    • The jury will not believe them.

      Pea: The jury will believe the computer files with thousands upon thousands of documents detailing the crimes of Raniere, the Bronfmans and Allison Mack as well as the other Flying Monkeys of NXIVM.

      Revenge is a dish best served cold.

      • Oh you mean for you Shadow? Because Allison didn’t accept your love when you came to New York stalking her ass.

        • If Allison would sleep with the hairy, stinky primate known as Keith Raniere she would sleep with any primate in the zoo.
          And since I don’t want any venereal diseases you are welcome to share Allison with her Vanguard.
          Or Nicki Clyne,
          Or Clare Bronfman.

          • OMG, Shadow, I had no idea! You mean that whacky pimp Mack slut slept with everyone — even that slimy Vanguard beast — but had the audacity to turn down a fine gentleman like yourself?!

            No wonder you’re so destroyed you’re on here 24/7 making sure she gets what’s coming to her!

            Why, you’re only doing what any normal, red-blooded Trump patriot would under the same horrific circumstances. F that C, she’s goin’ down for good if Shadow State has anything to say about it.

            …And no lying Heidi troll or Sultan or anybody better come between a man and his right to revenge on a slut who chose Nicki Clyne over him, either! Or, or, or…Flowers will smack you with a knockout petal punch you’ll never forget! …Go get ‘em Flowers!

          • To Anonymous:
            No man wants to sleep with Ms. Mack now.
            Read the numerous articles in the FrankReport about rampant STDs at the VD week celebrations caused by the promiscuity of the cult members.
            You NXIVM members are like your Vanguard.
            You only think with your gonads.

            And Ms. Mack, through her epic brutality and cruelty demonstrated that she is incapable of a normal human relationship.

            No one wants Allison Mack.
            No one needs Allison Mack.
            If you believe otherwise you are as delusional as she is and you are welcome to her.

        • Pea Onyu
          October 14, 2018 at 12:16 pm
          Keith teaches us compassion. This I wish you and others would learn


          Like the compassion Keith Raniere displayed when he pursued former girl friends like Toni Natale with bogus law suits for years?

          Like the compassion Raniere and his Flying Monkeys displayed towards Rick Ross, Joe O’Hara and Frank Parlato?

          Like the compassion Clare Bronfman displayed towards Sarah Edmondson after Sarah complained about being branded without “informed consent”?

          Like the compassion Allison Mack displayed towards Siobhan Hotaling when Siobhan refused to sleep with Raniere? A campaign of harassment, humiliation and degradation

        • What is compassionate about abusing people with frivolous legal action? What is compassionate about branding people? What is compassionate about making sure it is slow and not allowing pain killers or changing minds? What is compassionate about deception? Where is the compassion in taking damaging images and information about someone and threatening to expose it if they don’t do as you say?

          Most of what I’ve read of Ranierre’s teachings seem like they promote either selfish hedonism or misogyny (And I don’t toss that word around lightly).

          While I’m willing to say those might be “Out of context” it is a very hard sell to say that Ranierre himself is benevolent, rather, it seems he twists benevolent people to do wicked things for him by spinning lies about the good it will do.

          I believe in innocent until proven guilty, but the publicly available data doesn’t support what you’re saying.

          • Vanguard brings “Joy” to all who follow his wondrous words and ways. This may not look like “compassion” to some but how can you judge what makes another joyful?

            …Maybe it’s branding, rape, pedophilia, suing people, starting wars, blackmail, extortion, adultery, harassment, polygamy, even dying or killing for your beliefs …hey, whatever rings your Joy bell let it peel, let freedom reign across the land! That’s real compassion. That’s Vanguard’s rule.

            …He who has the most Joy wins! And winning is everything!

      • Compassion not revenge is the lesson of Vanguard and the Dalai Lama. With this we will build a more noble civilization.

        • Frank, troll or not, obviously Pee Onyu is a broken record. It’s not a point of view, it’s just an artificial intelligence that repeats the same things again and again : “I’m not a troll, Vanguard is Christ, his tech is the best, defectors are traitors…”
          Enough !!!

          • So is shadowperv. Frank would do this blog comment section a favor and get rid of both of these worthless narcissists

        • Pea:
          Could you clear things up for me?
          I would appreciate it very much.

          1.) There is a rumor that Allison, your brave and heroic friend Allison, financed the purchase of a 400,000 dollar house with the proceeds of laundered money from Mexico.
          Later Allison sold the house to Dr. Brandon Porter with Allison co-signing the mortgage.
          Is this rumor true?

          2.) Allison, that brave reincarnation of Joan of Arc, had an acting school called “The Source”.
          This school had tuition twice as high as more famous acting schools like Stella Adler.
          Was Allison’s acting school operation really a front for a money laundering operation?

          3.) The last I heard Allison has a BMW car, worth about 40K that was supposedly a gift from the generous (?) Clare Bronfman.
          That car, the last I heard, was abandoned in the Knox Woods subdivision.
          Was that car a payment from Clare Bronfman to Allison Mack for services rendered or was it part of the proceeds from money laundering?

          4.) The holding company that owns Clare Bronfman’s private island in Fiji is titled ACK Wakaya.
          Does the ACK stand for Allison Clare Keith?
          Does Allison have a secret ownership interest in that island?
          Was that island purchased with the proceeds of money laundering operations?

          I know you want to explain to us the truth behind the financial operations of Allison, Clare and Keith.
          It will all come out in the computer files.

      • You have repeated the words “Revenge is a dish best served cold” maybe four times. Any other culinary advice forthcoming? Can you tell me why most every recipe one reads calls for “kosher salt”? Part of a vast Israeli/Hebrew/Zionist conspiracy?

        While I find your pompous pronouncements sometimes tone deaf, and usually opinion or conjecture stated as fact, the repetition of said pronouncements ad infinauseum lends credence to those who believe that any commenter’s contribution to a particular post should be limited.

        One more thing Shadow. I notice a tone in your recent missives that leads me to believe that YOU believe that as someone who (frequently) makes your anti Raniere/NXIVM/ESP/Bronfman feelings known in comments that you are somehow part of a unified front to bring down the evil empire. This is a rather dubious delusion of grandeur, though if it makes you feel like you are part of something important, I guess that is not unhealthy.

    • how can Keith be blamed he never had his name on anything?

      Pea: Hitler never had his name on any document ordering the mass killings of Jews.
      Does that make Hitler innocent of the Holocaust?

      • Times have changed. In Nuremberg people were sentenced to death for giving or executing orders, which were classified as criminal acts. Being an enlisted man was not an excuse, while the higher ups got treated worse.
        If you look at it from today’s point of view you must think it was a show trial as even the US do not live up to these standards. US citizens get protected from ICC. Torturers and their superiors are national heroes, while those who publish it have to flee to Russia. Times have changed.
        If Hitler and the Nazi party are your gold standard you have to hang the Bush administration and quite a few high level US generals + Tony Blair and his men.
        Knowing of criminal activities, ignoring it or even covering it up is not something the US cares about at the moment.

        • While this is a tad off topic I will agree that since 1963 and the assassination of JFK the US has lost the moral high ground.
          I believe Bush’s 2003 invasion of Iraq was morally wrong and I believe Obama’s Arab Spring, which spread chaos throughout the Middle East was also morally wrong.
          Since 2011 some 500,000 people have died in Syria, a country which never attacked the US.
          Obama should return his Nobel Peace Prize.
          For too long the US has been in bed with the Islamo-Fascist nation of Saudi Arabia which just murdered a journalist in cold blood.

      • To compare Keith with Hitler is so ironic. It is Nancy who was Hitler in her last life and isn’t it fitting that she is betraying him? She is worse than Hitler !

    • To put it very simply Pea, if there were no crimes committed, what reason would Nacny, Lauren or anyone have to flip. How would they be saving themselves if everyone is innocent? As far as a jury will believe you and others, don’t count on it. I do not believe anything you post, you have been proven a liar repeatedly.

    • If you are really connected, you thought Nancy and Lauren were great too. Your opinions are worthless. If you hadn’t picked such a stupid name to go with your stupid inane comments that could be anyone. You were put on here and your having fun. If your one of the indicted your ip will no longer be protected.

  • Well done. As part of your plea deal, make sure there is a path for you to go on an apology tour. I’d start with Toni.

    • Well done my ass. These people are scum. They’re only giving in because they were caught and the gov has loads of info on them. They’re just living the NXIVM philosophy of their Randian leader: selfishness.

  • Will every NXIVM coach be investigated? Surely the digital files will contain information on anyone who coached and anyone who did something illegal.

    • Those digital files will contain a treasure trove of info on money laundering and other financial crimes as well as communications between the conspirators.

      If the Feds can flip Nancy and Lauren, the Feds will have hit the jackpot.

      • But will the names of every NXIVM coach be on those files, like the coach list John Tigue published a few years back? What about those people named by Joe O’Hara in his lawsuit?

        • Lots of names will be on those files and it will take some time to research and verify the information in those files.
          And because the US government has limited resources many of the smaller fish will slip through the net.

  • “It is reported that EVERYONE is ‘quite effected’ by it.”

    The computer files controlled by Nancy Salzman and in the possession of the FBI contain information about EVERYONE in NXIVM.

    Lauren Salzman’s body language in twisting her body away from Raniere in two court hearings was a big clue in what was happening.
    Nancy Salzman’s absence from recent court hearings is another big clue of what is happening.

    Nancy S. some ten years ago lost her position in charge of NXIVM’s finances.
    To the point that Nancy had to go to Clare to beg for money.
    And Nancy had co-founded NXIVM.
    And all of Nancy’s friends had been eliminated from the cult by defection or demotion or even pre-mature death.

    On top of that Lauren S. Nancy’s daughter was passed over for head of the harem in favor of the younger, more charismatic, more brutal and ruthless Allison Mack.
    Ms. Mack has always been a tool for the Bronfman sisters and their control of the cult.
    Mack sold her soul to the Bronfman sisters.
    It was Mack who enthusiastically helped introduce the branding and blackmail which brought Federal attention to the cult.

    If this report is true it is bad news for Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Sara Bronfman and Allison Mack.

    Gals, pack your stuff, you’re going down.
    All of your dirty little secrets are going to be exposed.

    • Thank you for the rehash. I’ll sum it up. Keith ruined Nancy and Lauren’s life. They finally are coming together and doing something about it. Nancy was ready years ago. Lauren finally, now.

    • “Nancy Salzman’s absence from recent court hearings is another big clue of what is happening.”

      This is where your comments fall somewhat short of credibility. It turns out, as subsequently reported on these pages, Nancy Salzman’s absence was likely due to the fact that she had undergone a radical mastectomy and was undergoing radiation treatments.

      The comment “Mack sold her soul to the Bronfman sisters” marks you as much more of a drama queen than Allison Mack ever was.

      • Dude you really don’t take the Shadow perv seriously do you. I mean a psycho like Allie Whack is still living rent free in his empty head.

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