Do NXIVM ‘little guys and gals’ get to walk?

Did some of these followers of Vanguard commit crimes? If they did, will any be prosecuted?

Several readers have raised questions about what, if anything, will happen to the “little guys and gals” in NXIVM who participated, at least in some small way, in the Raniere/Bronfman crime syndicate.

– Like people who collected extremely personal information by conducting brutally intrusive “Explorations of Meaning” (EMs) on NXIVM students who were later targeted by Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, or members of NXIVM’s High-Rank.

– Or the people who helped convince erstwhile students who were broke to run up huge credit card debt in order to take more NXIVM training sessions.

– Or the people who drove around, on a regular basis, throughout the Capital District area, to pick up the cash and pre-paid credit cards that were being mailed to a series of Post Office boxes by members of NXIVM’s operations in Mexico.

– Or the people who “muled” cash from Mexico over the border to the U.S. – then gave it to Nancy Salzman or her designee.

– Or the people whose job it was to sort through the materials that NXIVM’s IT staff stole off of computers of people targeted by Raniere.

– Or the people who housed illegal nannies who worked for Rainbow Cultural Garden.

– Or the people who housed one or more foreign NXIVM members who stayed in the U.S. after their visas had run out.

– Or the people who participated in sham marriages so that a foreign member of NXIVM could obtain a green card.

– Or the people who didn’t bother reporting income they received from NXIVM.

– Or the people who allowed their names to be used to set up shell companies, some of which were used to launder money.

– Or the people who lied to the New York State Police about where the server hosting NXIVM’s website was located so that criminal charges could be brought against Joe O’Hara, Toni Natalie and John Tighe.

– Or the various public officials who were bribed or blackmailed into turning their backs on NXIVM’s criminal activities – and, in a few cases, even aided and abetted NXIVM in the commission of crimes.

– Or the lawyers who abandoned their professional ethics – and in some cases broke the law – in carrying out Raniere’s directives on legal matters.

– Or the numerous others who did something illegal to help the Raniere/Bronfman crime syndicate..

What, if anything, is going to happen to those “little guys and gals”?

The answer is probably not much.

The reason why most of the “little guys and gals” won’t get prosecuted is simply a matter of the limited resources the Feds have to assign to any one case. In this case, the U.S. Attorney has assigned three Assistant U.S. Attorneys: Moira Kim Penza, Tanya Hajjar, and Karin K. Orenstein.

That’s a big commitment of resources – especially when you take into consideration that this case may not be over for another 12-18 months.

Another factor to take into consideration is how much more complicated a case becomes every time new defendants or new charges are added.

I doubt the prosecution wants the case to get so unwieldy that a jury won’t be able to keep all the facts straight – and, because of that, ends up acquitting people.

Experienced criminal defense attorneys I have consulted about this case think the maximum safe number of defendants to prosecute is 10-12.

If that’s true, there are at least 4-6 more that may be charged – but lots of potential defendants who will not be charged.

Of course, there is an option that could permit the prosecution of lower-level members of the Bronfman-Raniere crime syndicate.  The EDNY could permit the Northern District of New York (NDNY) to prosecute lower lower-level members.

Jurisdiction would not be a problem since most crimes involving the “little guys and gals” did, in fact, take place in the Northern District. And the NDNY has enough resources to put together an investigation/prosecution team to handle the additional cases that would be heard in Albany, NY and/or Syracuse, NY.

There is a challenge to doing this, however.  The NDNY did absolutely nothing for almost two decades to stop the build-up of the NXIVM crime syndicate. This has raised questions about the capability and the integrity of its leaders and staff  The fact that several whistleblowers went to the NDNY during that time period to provide information and hard evidence about NXIVM’s illegal activities only deepens concerns that the NDNY did not want to stop the NXIVM crime syndicate for reasons unknown.

There is,  however, one way the Feds could utilize the resources of the NDNY – and still ensure that local investigations and prosecutions are properly carried out. And that’s to appoint an independent Special Prosecutor from some other geographic location to oversee the handling of the cases that would be prosecuted in the Northern District.

Perhaps it is a little far-fetched, but such a Special Prosecutor could use those NDNY staff who were not part of the prior decision to stay out of NXIVM’s affairs.

Then the little criminals would be prosecuted in separate trials in the Northern District – with charges narrowly tailored to fit the crimes they committed – as opposed to a large and unwieldy RICO case – all lumped together in the EDNY’s prosecution of the High-Rank members.

Will the NDNY get involved? Time will tell.  But if they don’t, my prediction is that many of the “little guys and gals” will not be charged.

Maybe that is – or is not – a form of justice.


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  • Scott you can’t have it both ways. In another thread you called me out for misinformation and you sir are using wikipedia as a source yourself in your about post.

    The link show information I shared in calling you out on your over the top whining and preaching the “Amway Scam” when it’s been around since 1957 and last year was a 8.6 Billion dollar company.

    Facts are Facts Scotty Boy and you at one point thought you could beat the odds and be successful in Amway when the average person who makes money = 65.00 a month and 54% don’t make any money. Some get very rich and that was the hook for you, wasn’t it. You wanted that walk away residual income.

    It appears your a sore, angry ex-Amway failure and now your acting out

  • Frank, I just hope you’re not getting your information from the lawyer known as “Albany Defense Attorney with Big Ears and a Fat Belly”.

    That guy came to chirp in a few days ago —- and for no reason he blatantly insulted ShadowState on a good post. He wasn’t even polite, he was super rude.

    This Albany Defense Doofus was too dumb to realize that if any of Nancy’s devices were encrypted, the Feds will need her (or another insider) to unlock/decrypt such devices.

    This type of ignorance leads me to believe that he didn’t attend a good law school and was likely forced to attend a ‘fictitious’ law school such as the Brooklyn Academy of Law where My Cousin Vinny attended.

    I’m guessing he flunked the BAR exam 6 times and passed on his 7th try.

    I’m also guessing that he lacks serious clients and probably works as a ‘gofer’ for more senior and successful attorneys, perhaps fetching their coffee and writing a few briefings for them for minimum wage.

    Go away Albany Doofus with Big Ears. Nobody wants your low level and amateur advice here.

  • NDNY (Northern District New York) and New York Attorney General’s Office can either suck up, admit they fucked up and help prosecute or take another sucker punch that’ll knock the wind out of them Dems come election time.

    Anyone who gives a Democrap ought to be rooting for the former scenario.

  • Again, everyone has their mouth open and tongue out–the NXIVM pose.

    Can anyone explain why this is so common in the cult pix?

  • For the little fish the Feds will have to break the cases down into several little trials that are easier to prosecute.
    Inevitably some of the little fish will escape through the net.
    The RICO charges are designed to target the elite and destroy the organization altogether.

  • As I’ve thought all along it’s the money the feds will be tracking, that’s the only reason this case is getting the attention it deserves. Those people running errands and housing the illegals use to the feds is who they were doing it for.

  • There is a proverb: A fish rots from the head down.

    So let us hope the remove the head first. The rest can be examined later. But I guess the head is well taken care of by now.

    • Very well said, Willard. One thing at a time. Without Raniere as its core, NXIVM is nothing – unsustainable.

  • I am far more concerned about the politicians and law enforcement that aided and abetted them in their crimes. Unless these filthy corrupt bastards pay a steep price than there will be no real justice

  • I have seen no evidence, and believe none exists, that corruption has decreased in upstate NY in the last decade.
    I would be amazed if NDNY or NYAG did anything whatsoever about this.
    Pointing out, all those people, who weren’t reporting and paying the IRS, weren’t reporting and paying NY, either.

    • It starts in the top in New York, eliminate Cuomo and keep on going. You have to believe that all the corruption rooted out this past year in the upper levels of FBI and DOJ and others that their are many loyal honest people that weren’t happy about how this affects these agencies that they take pride in working for. They are coming forward and telling their stories. If we can keep this going and I mean the longer we can keep the liberals from power we might turn some of this around.

      THE NDNY owes its constituents to follow up on why a dozen plus years of reports were not only ignored for the victims but turned against them as well.
      If all you have to do today is say X attacked Y and get a big payout just to keep it quiet, then victims should be able to go after the NDNY for not protecting them, not investigating heinous claims. Fight back. There’s time hopefully before all the statutes run out.

    • You’re probably right, but it’s sad that the only way you could really know that stuff is if you live in upstate NY (aka American’s icy cold crapland).

      Judging by Allison’s reported ‘monthly rent’ and the property values for several NXIVM condos in that area, it sounds as if upstate NY is a real shithole with super low property values. Even the Bronfman mini mansions in that area seem majorly underpriced compared to similar properties located in nicer areas of the country.

      I sure as hell wouldn’t live in that low-valued crapland.

      I’m guessing it’s probably because of the cold temperatures along with the fact that nothing nice exists there, it’s like a big rundown semi-ghetto. It’s kinda like the Northeastern version of Portland, which is another shitty area that deserves to be bulldozed and rebuilt into something nicer.

      I guess that’s why you went to the Karner Road facility in person a few years ago. It sounds like you were raised in that cold upstate ghetto and are still residing there. My condolences. I’d much rather head north and live in Canada than upstate NY. You ought to consider relocating to the land of Justin Trudeau.

      • I recognise that I am so important to you that you need to reply to every post I make with petty insults thinly veiled as ignorant assumptions. Still wishing you more happiness in your life. I guess we’ll know if you ever find it if you stop cyberstalking people in this comments section.

      • Get lost flowers. Trudeau is every bit as corrupt and evil as Coumo. Just when you can’t possibly say anything dumber you top yourself.

  • The assumption that Nxivm is a criminal group is outrageous. These are among the most ethical human beings in the world. Some of them have had ethical issues and some are betrayers like Prefect but Keith is pure and if we remain loyal to him we remain pure. This legal assault is nothing more than a test of our ethics. Keith has it under control but he need to test us to see if we do. We must have faith in our own ethics which is want He teaches.

    • Vanturd intentionally got himself arrested and jailed and will be tried, as a loyalty test for his flock ??

      If that were true, why did he, when he learned that EDNY was investigating NXIVM, did he first try to drive to Canada? Then when he was denied entry, fly to San Diego and drive across the border to Mexico ? (Flying across a border leaves an electronic exit record, driving across does not ).

      And when he was recognized in Mexico, why did he move to a different city and go underground, dumping his cell phone and using encrypted email ?

      His ethics and loyalty test arrest would have been easier to arrange by just staying put in Clifton Park.

      The alternative hypothesis, that Vanturd was scared shitless of being arrested is much easier to swallow

      What’s your answer, Pea ?

      • pee brain won’t answer. Rarely, does should say. It’s here just to incite and entertain. pee brain lives in bizarre world. Good is bad and bad is good. Simple, just like pee brain.

    • Keith Raniere is as pure as the driven slush.

      Was Keith pure when he told a woman to drink from a mud puddle?
      Was Keith pure when he told a woman to run head on into a tree?
      Was Keith pure when one V Day celebration he had women practice punching each other as hard as they could?

      Keith Raniere is pure evil.

      • Nothing funnier than a Pea Onyu post followed by a Shadowy reply….

        “Keith Raniere is pure evil” (That makes Brandon Porter and/or Danielle Roberts Dr. Evil?)

        According to noted political scientists/historians Shadowstate and Catherine Oxenberg (the last time I took a humorous swipe at Ms. O my post was deleted tout suite), NXIVM aka “the Raniere/Bronfman crime family” was plotting to infiltrate and eventually rule Libya and Mexico.

        Usually an infiltration on this scale would be attempted/accomplished by a government agency (i.e. CIA) using great STEALTH, with the assistance of mercenaries or paramilitary forces.

        The Raniere/Bronfman crime family, far from stealthy, has left behind a trail of incriminating bread crumbs which the investigative team of Ray Charles, Magoo, Wonder and Keller would have a hard time missing.

        Rather than a paramilitary or mercenary force, the military wing of the Raniere/Bronfman crime family is composed of branded “bad ass bitches”, B minus at best actresses and cuckolded husbands. The consigliere of the family, Clare Bronfman, has indeed made many lives miserable due to her proven deep pocketed willingness to try to litigate NXIVM infidels and Raniere ex-girlfriends into submission, but has she ever actually prevailed in court? It would appear that her record in court might rival the record of the Washington Generals on court.

        So I laugh at Pea Onyu, because (s)he is playing her role wonderfully. I laugh even harder when people who should know better swallow the bait. I laugh hardest when I read about Keith Raniere (every bit as pudgy a pile of evil as Kim Yong Un) and his plans for world dominance.

        So while Shadowstate, quoting THEORIES Frank Parlato has developed with an insider’s knowledge, and usually quoting them as fact, thinks there is an evil (pure evil) Raniere/Bronfman crime family, I am reminded more of Jimmy Breslin’s “Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight”.

    • Pea, is Keith a pure man while having sex with minors? Is that how broke your moral compass is? Or is that the standard by which your moral compass operates? “The purest of men will always be the ones having sex with 12 year olds”

    • Do you realize how messed up that is for an old man to fuck a 12 year old? Do you? If so, your opinion on anything/everything is pure bullshit. Will you do us a favor? Will you video yourself sobbing when your hairy fat midget gets life in prison and post it here? Please for the love of God do this!!!! I will pay you to do it!!!

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