More on the ‘cult’ that may be worse than NXIVM – OneTaste

One of the sex slaves of OneTaste?
.After publishing an article on OneTaste, in Artvoice and Frank Report – I received this email from a Nathan Hewat. The subject line was

Wow… You win the prize

There are many factual inaccuracies contained in it.  If you call yourself a journalist, please stop.  Please also take a look at the quality of the information you’re putting out – by spreading lies, you’re making the world a worse  place.
I responded:

Thanks for giving me your sarcastic “prize”. But you cite not a single fact to support your contention that my article is inaccurate or bad. Perhaps you will back up your statement with some evidence. Otherwise, why would you expect me to heed your comments?

Nate responded:

Have you engaged with anyone who was actually involved, or is it all 3rd or 4th hand hearsay?  Have you looked at Robert Kandell’s social media presence over the past 2 years?

Have you read any of the many posts written by ex-students and employees?
Have you explored any of the groups on Facebook filled with resentful ex-students?
These are all things that any real journalist would do. It’s clear that you’ve not engaged with anyone who was actually involved. I’m not going to play the role of your unpaid researcher.
Please stop putting uninformed lies out there – spreading ignorance is an anti-social thing to do.
I responded:

And I’m not going to waste time debating with an unknown – and rather anti-social emailer who is strangely reticent about providing facts or engaging in meaningful debate. You must be a member of this group – or cult.

Nate replied:
…or waste time on research either it seems. I along with thousands of others was involved for a time – several years in my case. There’s literally hundreds of people you could interview; you seem to be just a peddler of click-bait nonsense though.
I’m sure you’ll get everything you deserve.

Yes Nate, I will get what I deserve and so will, I suspect, OneTaste.

Here is a little more on this curious organization that smells like a sex trafficking cult to me.
Much of this info was published in a blockbuster story in Bloomberg.
OneTaste may be a dangerous organization 

OneTaste is known for classes on “orgasmic meditation,” [or OM] a procedure that involves a man, called a stroker, using a gloved, lubricated fingertip to stroke a woman’s clitoris for 15 minutes. The woman is the strokee.

The company hosts OM circles featuring up to 30 or more pairs of strokers and strokees in one room, the fully clothed men moving their gloved fingertips inside the women, naked from the waist down.

The pitch to women is 15 minutes of focus on their pleasure and sensation, with no obligation to reciprocate. Men are told it will help them learn to be sensitive to women’s needs.

Sales members set up booths at conferences and dance parties, serving coffee in shirts with slogans like “The Pussy Knows” and asking passersby, “How’s your orgasm?”

The initial events are free or almost-free with titles such as “Tired of Swiping Left? Let’s Talk Real Intimacy!” or “You Do Yoga. You Meditate. Now try #OrgasmicMeditation.”

At these events, OneTaste staffers sell the $199 Introduction to OM class.

The intro class features a live OM stroking demonstration between staffers.  The way to learn more, the students learn, is take more classes.

Students pay $499 for a weekend course, $4,000 for a retreat, $12,000 for the coaching program, and $16,000 – $36,000 for an “intensive.”

Among courses is a five-day, $6,500 event called Magic School. It featured ceremonial piercings and performers who dance with snakes draped over their shoulders.

OneTaste sells a yearlong $60,000 membership, which lets members take all the courses they want.

Students are encouraged to repeat courses and take out credit cards to pay for courses.

OneTaste says about 1,400 people have taken its coaching program, 6,500 have come to an intro class, and more than 14,000 have signed up for online courses.

The company’s co-founder is Nicole Daedone. According to her story, Daedone founded OneTaste in 2004 after she met a Buddhist ‘monk’ at a party who showed her a masturbatory technique she developed into OM.

Image result for onetaste daedone
Nicole Daedone founded OneTaste

OneTaste has centers in London, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  It plans to expand to Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Washington.  The company uses flirtation and sex to lure targets.  Female employees wore lipstick, heels, and short black skirts.  OneTaste teaches employees to work for free or cheap to show devotion.  Managers order staffers to have sex or OM with customers.

At OneTaste events, attendees play communication games prompting them to share vulnerable secrets as staffers take notes that might help them sell more courses.

Former staffers and community members said OneTaste resembles a prostitution ring. Older men and couples can pay OneTaste as much as $10,000 a month to house younger female strokees. The money does not go to the strokee but to OneTaste – to pay for strokees coaching classes.

Strokees can become unpaid prostitutes for their ‘pimp” OneTaste -which collects the money, while the storkee goes deeply into debt – and has sex or stroking repeatedly every day.

“OneTaste is the Whole Foods of sexuality—the organic, good-for-you version,” says Chief Executive Officer Joanna Van Vleck. “The overarching thing is, orgasm is part of wellness.”

Former staffers say they were trained to target young, beautiful women and awkward, wealthy tech guys. Former staffers say they called customers “marks” and referred to themselves as “lions,” “tigers,” and “fluffers,” a term borrowed from porn sets.

“You fluff someone to get them energetically and emotionally hard,” one former salesperson said. “You were the dangled bait, like ‘You can have more of this if you buy this $10,000 course.’”

OneTaste calls outsiders “asleep,” “Muggles,” or “in the Matrix.”

“Aversion practice” is the company’s teaching that you gain power and expand your orgasm—within the group, a broad term for sexual energy—by performing sexual acts you don’t want to do or doing them with people you find disgusting.

Image result for onetaste
Onetaste teacges men to finger women who are taught to have sex with anyone and everyone – including those they find disgusting. Some say it is in reality a sex trafficking and prostitution ring disguised as a self help group.

“Sometimes they’d assign someone to be your sex manager for the week,” a former employee said. “That person would go on Tinder or ask the community and line up a person for you to sleep with each day, do all the texting, and tell you who to meet when.”

Some members asked others to pay for their courses and offer sex in exchange. They called it hooking, former staff say.

“A lot of women would [say] ‘I’m going to hook this guy for money,’ ” said one former salesmen. “They would brag about it.”

Here is a video of a Strokee:

Recently Daedone sold – at least on paper – OneTaste to Sujo Offield and possibly others. Sujo is the wife of Jim Offield, the great-grandson of William Wrigley Jr., who founded the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company in 1891. In 2008, the company was sold to Mars, the makers of M&M’s, in a $23-billion deal.

Daedone still is deeply involved in the organization and may be licensing her technology to the company that Sujo now owns – much like Keith Raniere licensed his technology to NXIVM.

Image result for Sujo Offield
Jim and Sujo


Women pay OneTaste to learn how to get orgasms by giving blow jobs to men. Men pay OneTaste to finger women.  The beneficiary of this is OneTaste. Here new CEO Joanna Van Vleck explains the secrets for women to give long-lasting blow jobs.

OneTaste also teaches women to give fellatio to men – for as long as 30 minutes at a time – to learn how to develop their throats as a second clitoris.

Nathan — stay tuned for more.


Men and women paying for men to ‘finger’ women is one of the chief practices of OneTaste.

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  • In regards to the prostitution comments, I don’t believe prostituition is degrading to woman at all. It is legal in multiply places around the world. Many woman choose to do it. Leave the brainwashed bubble of the US and walk the streets of Amsterdams red light district, Costa Rica Ect.

  • I’m compelled to weigh in as (per usual), I find myself on board generally (i.e., something’s pret-ty fishy about OM/Onetaste and it should be investigated), but I think the message is getting a little lost amidst all the moralizing and salacious detail. So I’ll share my (limited) experience with OM/OneTaste.

    Several years back in NYC I ran into a lady that was deep in the OM matrix. She described the intro “stroking” seminar and her pitch sounded legit: it focused on (generally hetero) couples with the two-fold goal of the woman learning more about her orgasm and “orgasmic energy” and the partner learning how to stimulate both. It sounded good to me, but there was something about the glassy-eyed fervor of her pitch and her incessant emails and FB invites that smelled of MLM so I stayed away. Later conversations did indicate that through OM, she was found work as a sexual therapist or surrogate, which squicked me out ONLY because I wondered if people were hiring her of their own volition or because OM had browbeaten them (or her) into it. I told a friend of mine about it and he said, “Ugh… stay away they’re a cult!” to which I responded, “I can see that.” and stayed away.

    A couple years later, someone I was dating heard about them and was intrigued. I shared my past interactions and they responded, “good to know… but $200 for a day of touching each other can’t be bad” I couldn’t disagree but as “luck” would have it, I got the flu and couldn’t make the seminar (which apparently is now conducted fully-clothed, pending legal proceedings, we surmised). So while I can’t tell you what goes on, I CAN tell you that my email inbox and PHONE were met with a barrage of OM communications about when can I make up the class, maybe I’d like another class, etc. I had to vigorously demand they stop calling.

    I’m sharing this to offer a third perspective of sorts.
    A. At best it’s the most annoying pyramid scheme I’ve encountered.
    B. Which seems questionably ethical, as it definitely plays/preys on women’s insecurities about their bodies and sexuality. So on its face, it IS similar to NXIVM except instead of being a more powerful woman emotionally it promises to make you a more powerful woman sexually.
    C. There is nothing wrong with exploring your sexuality in whatever setting you feel comfortable with. Similarly, there is nothing wrong with working as or hiring a trained and ethical sexual therapist or surrogate (or partner even).
    D. There IS something wrong with being COERCED into purchasing these services and very wrong with coercing your salespeople (or “followers”) into providing these services, especially if the responsibilities of these “tracks” (or stripe paths) are not explicitly laid out when someone joins . Sex work is sex work and enlightenment is enlightenment…. and pyramid schemes are pyramid schemes. Mixing these together is quick and delicious recipe for exploitation and that’s the (alleged) crime here for both OM and NXIVM.

  • I remember reading some blurb about this a few years back. I didn’t realize it was still going.

    Fingering a woman is not very exciting. What sort of losers are paying to do that?

  • I’m not sure what the issue is here. So what is people Pay to finger women and women pay to get fingered. What’s it to any of you morality police. Moira Penza is already the morality police of Nxivm. Don’t we have enough government down our throats. Do we want them in our clitoris now as well?

    • Ignoring the other morality issues, forcing women into prostitution is illegal. It sounds as though this cult should be investigated, as enough people have spoken out about their illegal activities, there is probably some truth to their accusations.

      • Some people argue that prostitution is a “victimless” crime.
        But the real victims of prostitution are the prostitutes themselves.

        Many are coerced into the trade by desperation and poverty.
        Others are hooked on drugs by ruthless pimps.
        The rebelliousness of the sex slaves under Pimp Mack demonstrates that it was not a popular choice by many of the women.

      • Yes prostitution is bad and should be dealt with by law enforcement.

        But it sounds like you’re purporting to have ‘morality’ issues with finger banging, gangbanging and women who simply enjoy banging lots of guys.

        Clearly you mentioned the ‘morality’ part of this issue as being separate from the legal part.

        There’s nothing ‘morally’ wrong with gangbanging. It’s no less ‘pure’ than anything else, if the women enjoy it and do it freely.

        Just because you don’t enjoy it, that doesn’t mean other women don’t.

        I can assure you that there’s a Toronto gangbanging club — and one in every other Canadian city too. Women (swingers) get spitroasted and gangbanged and enjoy it, especially Canadian women who are mostly sluts at heart. 🙂

        • Free sex sounds wonderful in theory.
          But what what happens when promiscuity leads to social diseases?
          One thinks of the V Day celebrations where the participants have second thoughts and begin to wonder if they’ve contracted social diseases.
          By then it’s too late.
          One also thinks of the NXIVM women who thought their relationship with Raniere was unique and special when for the Vanguard it was just another lay.
          Polygamous relationships generally break down over jealousy issues.
          Vanguard was jealous when a woman would leave him and the women would get jealous over one woman having more “body time” with the one man than the other women.
          The same patterns of jealousy occurred during the polygamous marriages of the Mormon Patriarchs in the Old West.

        • Frank, surely these comments directed at me have no place here.
          If you’re going to remove my comments for replying to this moronic fucktard, then j guess I should make my reply to him worthwhile.
          You seem to be very interested in these “gangbanging” clubs, which I’m sure are really clubs where prostitutes make money off of John’s like you (you know…guys that need to pay for sex)

          You must frequent these clubs if you know so much about them. Have you been tested for HIV and other STDs?

          What a pathetic existence you must have..

          I can see why guys with teeny “mushroom dicks” would need to pay for sex. So, can we include you in the ‘mushroom dick’ club, too?

  • Englesh is not my 1st language. Pleaze excuse my writing.

    Please don’t insult my beloved daughter Pea. She’s a lovely soul.

    When she was 18, she left our beloved homeland of Bavaria and began fucking weird men from NXIVM. I think she may have fucked Jim Del Negro and aborted his wicked avatar baby. She fails to bathe regularly in order to emulate her master Keith.

    She got work as an actress on Battlestar Galactica, but later quit that job to be a food server at a Vegan restaurant. Our family is proud of Pea even if she’s only a lowly food server working for $15/hour.

    She keeps posting here because she’s running out of friends. India left the cult. Allison and many others got indicted. Nancy is about to flip on Keith. My daughter is now all alone without any friends left in North America.

    Please come home Pea.

  • In OM we see the camel’s nose in the tent to legalized prostitution.
    Prostitution will be promoted as part of one’s Constitutional right to Freedom of Association where consenting adults may associate with one another on whatever terms they wish, romantic or monetary.
    Prostitution will even be promoted as Freedom of Religion.
    Since God created sex a means of worshiping God is free unconstrained sex.
    Sex for love or sex for money or sex as a means of worship.
    Are are kosher in tomorrow’s “anything goes” morality.
    Ms. Mack has already tried justifying NXIVM as women’s right to do with their bodies whatever they please.
    Even selling their bodies.
    We are quite literally witnessing the fall of Western Civilization.
    And since so many Americans and Europeans believe in moral relativism (If it feels good do it)
    and no longer recognize the existence of good and evil,America and Europe are becoming modern day Sodoms and Gomorrahs.

    Gay Pride Day parades in North America regularly feature NAMBLA floats.
    NAMBLA is North American Man Boy Love Association.
    Keith Raniere is the patron saint of the NAMGLA movement.
    North American Man Girl Love Association.
    In Raniere’s Utopia every man will be entitled to his own Lolita.

  • Glad to see this retard is writing about something else. Many of the ideas and a lot of the tech was stolen by Daedone from Keith.

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