Readers comment on Kristin Kreuk and her role in NXIVM

Kristin Kreuk plays a brave lawyer on the Canadian taxpayer funded TV show Burden of Truth. Her character risks her career to protect young women.

Readers from time to time bring up the role Kristin Kreuk had in NXIVM. Here are some comments from yesterday


… Allison Mack was part of the inner circle very early on, but Kristin Kreuk who joined first, recruited her, and was deep in the cult, lied and said it was “blatantly false” that she herself was in the inner circle. She also retweeted Sarah Edmondson’s lie that she was never in the inner circle.

Allison Mack was no deeper in the cult than Kristin Kreuk.

Kreuk was NXIVM’s most high profile member. Everything Mack did, Kreuk did. The smell of bullshit is strong with Kristin Kreuk.


… Ally Wack was inner-circle from the beginning. If she was, so was Kreuk. Inner-circle means connected to those at the top like Raniere, Nancy Salzman, the Bronfmans etc. There is a reason Kreuk and Mack were invited to Necker Island. Only top trusted people were invited. According to the man who exposed that secret NXIVM meeting, money laundering was planned on the island. That sounds pretty inner circle to me. Making decisions about the crime of money laundering.

According to John Tighe, who released those Necker Island photos, money laundering was discussed on the island.

Seeing as Kreuk and Mack were on the island for a secret summit, they would of participated in such discussions with the other few invited people. …. Allison Mack was “inner circle” straight from the beginning. Maybe others had bigger roles to play regarding money (Salinas, Betancourt etc) but being close to these people means they must of known more than the average course taker…


Look at this clip Kristin Kreuk filmed in 2017 while refusing to acknowledge NXIVM. She was being called out for her silence yet she still filmed this. The irony…



… Kreuk brought Mack in. If Mack was in the inner circle early on, whatever that definition means, so was Kreuk.

As for John Tighe, he released the photographs. Either a leaker/whistleblower provided them and the information or he had access to their computers. In his article, he released the pictures, names and roles of the executive board, he named two individuals involved with the money laundering … … and he made the very specific claim money laundering was discussed.

Where did he get all this information from? He was reliably good at exposing NXIVM. The Necker Island trip was secret, or at least they wanted it to be. Kreuk and Mack were not there because they were celebrities, they were there because they were trusted NXIVM insiders.


…  Tighe specifically claims they did not want publicity and Raniere was too much of a chickenshit to leave Albany:

“None of the participants at these meetings wanted their attendance to become public knowledge but, in all three cases they did and in all three there was a lot more going on than just a little socializing by old friends. The spring of 2010 saw NXIVM in a bind. Continued negative press here and in the mainstream media had severely cut enrollment in the Capital Region. In spite of this, the increasingly paranoid and agoraphobic cult leader Keith Raniere was loath to leave the region – and was, in fact, pretty much in hiding at the time. Under these circumstances, Sara Bronfman called a conference of the leading figures of NXIVM to plot the future of the cult. Sara picked up the phone to her old buddy Richard Branson and made arrangements for a plush conference in a beautiful surrounding. Sara was in charge of the exclusive guest list which included Nancy Salzman and Jim Del Negro as Keith Raniere’s personal emissaries. After pleasantries, cocktails, and sex, attendees got down to the business at hand. NXIVM’s Executive Board was created with key positions given out to trusted personnel.”


… I don’t know how factual John Tigue’s Necker article is, but when he writes: “After pleasantries, cocktails, and sex, attendees got down to the business….” the fact that he threw in “sex” without explanation makes me suspicious he is capable of exaggerating what went on to entice readers.

Thanks for being civil.


It seems to me like Kristin is going about living her life like she did nothing wrong and it seems like the legal authorities think so too. In her Instagram pictures and stories she’s put out there she looks happy and not concerned at all with what’s going on with NXIVM anymore.


“Truth is going to come out. Maybe you want to be on the right side when it does”.

Filmed while refusing to talk about NXIVM. and being called out for it. She downplayed her involvement.

“It seems to me like Kristin is going about living her life like she did nothing wrong and it seems like the legal authorities think so too.”

She would of lied through her teeth to the authorities if she’s even spoken to them. Didn’t see nothing, didn’t hear nothing… Sure.

“In her Instagram pictures and stories she’s put out there she looks happy and not concerned at all with what’s going on with NXIVM anymore.”

It’s called pretending nothing is happening. She is being allowed to not publicly discuss what she has done and what she knows. Frank Parlato knows she’s full of shit. The CW Network is shielding her from reporters. She would of sat down with the CW and lied through her teeth about her involvement, claiming she thought it was just a self-help group. Bullshit.


Kristin Crook has shown zero remorse or guilt that someone she recruited into the cult is going to jail for many years. Mack will almost certainly never have children or a family of her own. Her life is virtually over. She will leave prison old, single, childless, infertile and broke.

Kreuk is pretending nothing is happening, as long as she gets what she wants, TV and money privileges. Kreuk did nothing to get Mack out, before or after DOS and has not even spoken about her. Nothing.

All Crook cares about is her shitty career and public image. Kreuk just left Mack there to rot instead of teaming up with Frank Parlato and Catherine Oxenberg behind the scenes to try and get her out. Not even an attempt. What a cold-hearted bitch.


… I don’t know, and neither do you know that Kreuk did nothing.


Kristin Crook has shown zero remorse or guilt that someone she recruited into the cult is going to jail for many years.

Evidence? That’s right you have none. Regardless, recruiting/referring someone into a self-help program which is what all MLMs ask people to do all the time has no causal connection to engaging in illegal activities and becoming second in charge of a master/slave sex cult almost a decade later. Nice slippery slope though.

– Mack will almost certainly never have children or a family of her own. Her life is virtually over. She will leave prison old, single, childless, infertile and broke.

While that is a possibility, it is not set in stone. Perhaps if she takes a plea she can turn her life around. A lot of healing will be required and things will never be the same, but she can still live a long life if people are willing to forgive her. But she should have made better decisions and left like others did instead of falling for a reclusive man two decades older with a bad history when she had a career that many only dream of.

– Kreuk is pretending nothing is happening, as long as she gets what she wants, TV and money privileges.

I don’t think she has to “pretend nothing is happening”. It was no longer relevant to her life and hasn’t been since she left half a decade ago. The only thing that brought it back into her life was DOS and the Allison Mack/Smallville connection.

– Kreuk did nothing to get Mack out, before or after DOS and has not even spoken about her.

How would you know? Perhaps she tried to get her out when she moved on but Allison wouldn’t listen.

– All Crook cares about is her shitty career and public image.

I don’t think that’s “all” she cares about. But just like the vast majority of people, I’m sure she does care about them quite a bit. If only Allison had done the same.

– Kreuk just left Mack there to rot instead of teaming up with Frank Parlato and Catherine Oxenberg behind the scenes to try and get her out. Not even an attempt. What a cold-hearted bitch.

Allison got into trouble all by herself. When she crossed the line between victimhood and human accountability is left for the psychological professionals to decide. Kristin isn’t Allison’s keeper. Even NXIVM teaches that, except they take it to an extreme.


Frank Parlato has a lot of sources from NXIVM. He has been calling out Kreuk on her silence. If Kreuk did something behind the scenes, his sources would of told him.


It’s called method acting. But like everything NXIVM does, Kristin Crook has it backward. She is pretending to be the lawyer/prosecution, but she’s really the crook.



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  • First, thank you so much for this citizen journalism, which is where most of the real news is these days. This story– a painfully average guy gets a bunch of rich beautiful women to turn themselves into his harem, and even brand themselves with his initials. They call him Vangaurd. Vangaurd!! C’mon– isn’t this every teenage guy’s dream? And they even give him all their money! If this were a tv drama it would be criticized for being over the top. And your posts keeping readers up-to-date on the goings-on are excellent. I can’t wait for the trial.

    As spellbinding and salacious as the actual story is, I found it hard to believe you have so many commenters who just show up to hurl insults at one another. I thought it was so sporting of you to provide them a soapbox (albeit in the corner). And I howled with laughter at what they said! The awkward family photo you found is perfect for this food fight.

    As I reread them (yes, they were that funny, adding more absurdity to the already ludicrous situation), it dawned on me that there was a similarity of tone and voice, as if they were all being written by the same person. And then it dawned on me that perhaps your blog is being used for machine learning– that the comments are actually the product of an AI program as it “learns” to hurl insults.

    Just a thought.

  • A joint NXIVM friend of Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack and Mark Hildreth, named Julie Patzwald committed suicide in April 2012. Officially, it was said her suicide was due to “chronic pain”. She was a Vancouver actress.

    • Are you implying that her suicide was related to her being in NXIVM?
      Or that her suicide contributed to Kreuk’s leaving NXIVM sometime later?

      • “Are you implying that her suicide was related to her being in NXIVM?”

        I am saying she was in NXIVM and she commited suicide. I don’t know if there is a link. NXIVM is not good for mental health. Kristin Snyder named NXIVM in her suicide note. At the time of Julie Patzwald’s death, Kreuk made a non-specific reference on her public Facebook page and Ally Wack and Mark Hildreth posted about it on their blogs.

        “Or that her suicide contributed to Kreuk’s leaving NXIVM sometime later?”

        Definitely not. Julie Patzwald commited suicide April 2012, two months after the Times Union expose, Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit against NXIVM and many of it’s members and the Necker Island cult summit being exposed. Kreuk was in Albany June 2012 and was still coaching. She claims she left in 2013, yet was with the Vancouver NXIVM people in April/May 2015. I don’t know if there is a link between the suicide and NXIVM. Just putting it out there.

        • Don’t forget Olivia Chang, who fronted One Asian, a NXIVM shell company, Giles Panton, Aliyah O’Brien, Aleks Paunovic, Rebecca Davis, Ryan Egan, Zen Shane Lim… lots and lots of shitty crypto-celebs, d-list “actors” and a-list assholes. They are all silent cowards.

          • Michael Margolis, a wannabe film director. He was the cameraman of Kristin Kreuk and Olivia Cheng’s shitty internet video series “Queenie”, which was absolutely pathetic. Kreuk dubbed herself “executive producer”. Who makes YouTube videos and calls themselves executive producer? They filmed a Queenie video on the set of Hawaii 5.0 as fellow NXIVM cultist Grace Park was on that shitty show.

            Olivia Cheng, coached by Mark Hildreth. She got her tiny tits, bare ass and hairy vagina out on a television show about Marco Polo for money. She actively pursed NXIVM recruits for Keith Raniere. She is as silent about NXIVM as a fart at a rock concert.

            Tony Dean Smith, a wannabe film director, who recruited Mark Hildreth and his tiny testicles. Kristin Kreuk, Mark Hildreth, Allison Mack and Rose Bhura (Kreuk recruited them both into NXIVM) and Tony Dean Smith did a terrible short film called “Blink”. Sarah Lind who was in Edgemont and Smallville with Kristin Kook was in “Blink”. She probably was involved with NXIVM too.

            Christopher Sayour, a stuntman and Stunt coordinator from Smallville. He was Tom Welling’s stunt double and did stunts in the film The Fog with Welling. Coached by Mark Hildreth.

            Laura Lee Connery a stunt woman, referred by Ally Wack. She was Ally Wack’s stunt double in Smallville and did stunts on “V” a shit show with Mark Hildreth. She also did stunts in The Fog with Christopher Sayour who she referred into NXIVM. Ironically, she did stunts on a television series called “Cult”.

            Alliyah O’Brien, coached by Nicki Clyne. She was in Rookie Blue with Kristin Kreuk’s co actor Peter Mooney. She is in a relationship with Aleks Paunovic who was in the NXIVM cult.

          • You seem to know something about the Vancouver NXIVM members who work in the entertainment industry. Did they do something illegal? Are these people charged with anything?

            Let’s not make this comment section some personal venting space to unleash contempt upon these former NXIVM members for personal reasons that aren’t related to the negative state of affairs that is current to NXIVM.

            Maybe what they’re guilty of is being smug, exclusive, bad actors and directors, irrational, not very smart, narcissistic, etc., but these have nothing to do with the real skullduggery that NXIVM engaged in and certain members are currently charged with.

          • Kendra Voth, a producer on Smallville recruited into the NXIVM cult by Kristin Kook. They did Girls By Design together as their NXIVM project to spread NXIVM bullshit. They also coached together in Vancouver and Seattle.

            Suzanne Gomez, Kristin Kook’s CW Network producer, recruited into NXIVM by Kook. She loves posting anti-Trump liberal/feminist crap on twitter. How about admitting you were in NXIVM you self righteous hypocrite Suzanne instead of attacking the morals of others on twitter? How about talking about Allison Mack if you want to talk about #metoo type stuff? Does women branding other women like cattle not fit with your anti male hysteria? Hypocrite. She even boasted on twitter that she had a guy fired from Starbucks for being rude.

            Both women recruited by Kook tweeted a defence of her when all this DOS stuff came out. No acknowledgement that 1) they were in NXIVM and 2) she recruited them into the cult.

            Sima Kumar, Kreuk’s stylist was involved with the NXIVM cult, recruited by Kook.

            Rose Bhura, a Pakistani woman who Kreuk started a “production company” with called “Parvati Inc” was recruited into NXIVM by Kook. The only thing they have ever “produced” was Olivia Cheng’s “Queenie” YouTube videos and “Blink” which I do not recommend you see, it is awful. Ally Wack was involved with this “production company” but quit. There wasn’t exactly anything to quit.

    • The little chicken shit pussy Mark Hildreth made his Twitter account private to try and ride out the storm. He has made it public again but has deleted everything from before 2015. Coward.

      • What he is doing is virtue signalling – just signalling. It is a very North American thing to show that you are pro something that cannot be reasonable attacked by anyone. If you have to fill your twitter to interact with your ‘fans’ or social group you put up something that does not cost you a thing about disaster relief, animals in cages, social injustices and so on. NXIVM’s female empowerment was one of these things as long as it was not publicly known what it actually meant.

        When it comes to that there are two things that come to my mind that are actually funny. This: and the story about Canada and Saudi Arabia recently. The Canadian MP thought it was his job to fight against conceived social injustice in a sovereign country and all they said was fuck you Canada. And Canada noticed they have no friends on their side supporting them.

        • Virtue signalling and those who do it piss me off. Pretentious, irritating and no substance. It requires no sacrifice for them to make a comment on Twitter about homosexuals, trannies and climate change for digital “likes” from strangers on the internet. Kristin Kreuk and Mark Hildreth virtue signal. No talk of NXIVM though. All cock and no balls. Pretending to be moral ethical crusaders yet prove themselves to be cowards.

          • I guess NXIVM and it’s members do or did. In particular Mrs Mack, Mrs Mack and the Bronfman sisters were citing people and promoting causes to do this.
            As I was not looking into the twitter accounts of the two people you are referring to I cannot say a lot about it. But if Mr Hildreth tried to wash away the sins of the past, one could assume he is ashamed now. Or he hopes not to end the way a former actress seems to end now.
            Did Kristin Kreuk remove NXIVM related stuff from her timeline? Did she ever post any?

        • Mark Hildreth wiping his twitter account and being a silent cowardly wimp means he is scared of consequences. Will he stop virtue signalling too? Doubt it. It gives them a dopamine hit and makes them feel righteous and part of something… like being in a cult… Kristin Kreuk never posted anything NXIVM related because being in a cult + being in the public eye = bad publicity. However, she indirectly promoted NXIVM via Acapella innovations, Juicy Peach, College Project, Girls By Design etc. But having a look at her twitter page and some interviews in 2017 when she was being called out on NXIVM, lots and lots and lots of virtue signalling. Her tv show Burden Of Truth is all left wing liberal drivel written by ugly white feminists and soy boy dickheads, funded by white male tax payers. Season 2 will lecture said white tax payers about Native Americans. I want to hear about NXIVM, not Native Americans from Kristin Kook.

        • What the fuck do you want cunt features? People to post their fucking drivers licence and mug shot if they want to post something online? Go fuck your self.

  • “Why is Kristin Kreuk still an actress and Allison Mack is not?” I think it;s debatable if Kristin Kreuk was ever actually an actress,period end. I watched Smallville, Beauty and the Beast and Burden of Truth and the woman hasn’t improved one iota. She still only has three facial expressions, little to zero ability in emoting and she relies heavily on being beautiful and throwing her hair around.

    So no, I wouldn’t say that Kreuk was an actress. More like a line reciter who can smile or frown on cue..

    • That was one of my first thoughts when I saw that clip of her going on about “truth” the other day.

      Now, if she is intentionally trying to come across as a really bad actress, then that is great acting.

      I somehow doubt that is the case, though.

    • Kristin Kreuk is a shit actress. There is a reason she has not made it big in Hollywood: she can’t act. She just kisses lots of males on camera and does “smell the fart” acting. In the so-called “entertainment” industry, you can be useless as fuck like Kristin Kreuk yet be given a ton of cash you did not earn. And they like to lecture us on everything like they are the fucking messiah. Privileged twats.

    • Whew!

      Did these tirades make you guys feel better? Did it give you comfort to release all of that pent up anger directed at her? My guess is that it didn’t, and as the Joker said in TDK, “not…one…bit”. Soon you all will be back again doing the same thing. It’s a weird thing to be consumed by the hate of someone they think is so bad at their job that they have to release this vitriol in anonymous diatribes on the Internet. Especially since that makes their judgement so irrelevant and the impact of their words so futile to others. But that was never the selfish point anyway.

      As I said before, no one is more obsessed than a hater. Well, maybe I was wrong. Maybe a lover is – let’s call it even so that I’m not – but most people at least find the latter dignified.

      • Poor little Apu has put down his quran to defend Kristin Kook, again. Maybe you and shadowperv could team up for a Smallville jerk off marathon. Two old guys obsessed with genuinely pointless actresses half their age.

        • Poor guy. Cry me a river.

          When you have nothing of consequence left to say, when you’re intellectually bankrupt, the only the thing you have left to pull out of your head stuck in your ass are the farts of your stinky insults.

          • “the only the thing you have left to pull out of your head stuck in your ass are the farts of your stinky insults”

            What the fuck? Worse comeback ever Apu.

        • One other you big ignorant dummy, if you’re going to insult someone for their heritage, at least use a name that is relavent to it.

  • Why is Kristin Kreuk still an actress and Allison Mack is not?

    Kristin Kreuk at some point was able to discreetly extract herself from NXIVM.
    NXIVM’s insanity was too much for Kreuk.

    Perhaps the rampant promiscuity was acceptable to Kreuk so long as it was between consenting adults.
    But at some point Kreuk became aware of more sinister activities and discretely left the cult.

    Maybe it was the money laundering or the rumors of pedophilia and sex trafficking.
    Maybe it was the fall from power of Nancy Salzman with whom Kreuk was close.

    Whatever it was Kristin Kreuk did the right thing and left.

    On the other hand Allison Mack was not bothered one iota about the rampant criminality of NXIVM.
    And today Allison stands indicted as one of the Unholy Trinity of NXIVM.
    Allison’s value as an actress is zilch.
    Hollywood has a dozen actresses who could take her place,
    Allison’s value as a wife or sex partner is ZERO.
    No man (Raniere does not count as a man) wants a wife who so casually tortures and abuses other women.
    Allison will forever be known as Allison Pimp Mack.
    As a woman who sold her soul to the Devil.

    When Allison gets out maybe she and Nicki Clyne and Clare Bronfman can form a menage a trois of like minded souls who see nothing wrong with unconstrained sado-masochism.
    In the meantime Kristin Kreuk will still have an career as a B-list actress.

    Viva Executive Success

    • Kreuk did not leave the cult because of any of the reasons you stated. She said she left in 2013 yet she was in Vancouver mid 2015 with the Vancouver branch, meaning she did not turn on the cult. DOS only came to be in 2015 and was exposed by Frank in 2017. Two years. Even if the branding did not happen and DOS did not exist, the cult was still evil, the financial crimes were still happening and the participants were still dickheads. They should of been investigated and trailed years ago. So many wasted years.

      • I agree about the wasted years.
        As early as 2003 there were stories that NXIVM was a cult.

        But as long as the crimes were financial and the money laundering was discreet and the sexual shenanigans was done on the down low, NXIVM would be a low priority.

        Only the branding, blackmail and sexual slavery turned NXIVM into a major crime wave demanding FBI attention.
        In that way Allison Mack through her cruelty and stupidity inadvertently destroyed the things she loved the most, Raniere and NXIVM.

      • Maybe he has a thing for a different actress now, which is by coincidence the one Frank favors as well. Maybe there will be a menage a troi in the near future.

        • And you will be obsessed with her long after that. The obsession has morphed from lustful and longing to hateful, but it shines through in all of your turgid, tired pedantic posts where you basically regurgitate Frank Report factoids you have collected over the past few months. Face it Fanboy, the woman of your dreams took more balls off the chin than Pudge Rodriquez, Carlton Fisk and Liberace combined.

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