Should Frank Report reveal names of rank and file members of NXIVM?

During these times of virulent anti-NXIVM fervor, Keith Raniere’s lawyers think the courtroom should be closed when Raniere’s friends come forward to co-sign his bail bond.

To protect them from public scorn and possible threats or other crimes, should the names of rank and file NXIVM members be kept secret? Not only in court but in posts on Frank Report?

For example, does the public have the right to know about Kim Constable in Belfast, or [Name Redacted] of Saratoga Springs?

They are not High Rank. Their reputations are good in their communities and could be ruined if people learned they are members of a cult that brands and blackmails women.  They themselves may or may not be branded, but they live a fairly high-profile life in their communities and just the touch of association with a branding sex cult would hurt them and their businesses.

Recently, Constable removed Instagram posts following a story I wrote about her connection to NXIVM. She took down pictures with NXIVM partner, Allison Mack – now infamous as an alleged sex slaver.  Prior to Mack’s arrest and my post outing Constable, she was proud to show the world her closeness to the former actress.

The following email came from an anonymous source and is in the spirit of a warning or threat. It refers to Raniere:

“Although I agree with all your thoughts, diatribes, essays, etc., I do need to remind you that he is not yet behind bars permanently.  That means that anyone that contributes to your blog is at risk of retribution.  He is not a man to take lightly.  If he is not convicted then many, many people are (at) risk.”

Another email writer asked a question:

“I love your reporting. I live in Upstate NY and I want to know why the local news hasn’t caught fire on your reporting of local members like [Name Redacted]? All of what you wrote is true and it amazes me that the people of our community aren’t aware.”


Diana Lim – NXIVM devotee – who reportedly lured Lucas Roberts back to NXIVM – to head up Society of Protectors
Here is another email I received:
“Just read your tidbit on Diana H. Lim. Very scary. I might make a phone complaint about her. As far as I am concerned it’s dangerous for a teaching assistant who deals with psychology and the brain to be with someone who may be recruiting into a mind control cult.  I gather this Lucas Roberts had to leave Montreal. However, this does not bode well for trusting this teaching assistant. I may check into this.”
Diana Lim reportedly gave collateral so that Keith Raniere can blackmail her if she got out of line.


It may seem unfair that low-level NXIVM women are named on Frank Report. When people Google “Diana Lim”  – her cult involvement comes up because of Frank Report.  Otherwise, few would know she’s involved.
According to her Linked-In account, Lim is an LTA Assistant Professor at Concordia University. Probably the last thing Lim wants is to have students know she is a member of a cult that brands women.
However, there is a challenge. Lim might recruit others into the sex-slaver, brainwashing cult.  Reliable sources told me she recruited her ex-boyfriend, Lucas Roberts, back into the cult by telling him she would get back together with him if he did that.
Will she recruit other boyfriends – or students at college?
An actor – who I will not name – asked me to take his name off Frank Report – because it is preventing him from getting acting jobs, he said.  He claimed he left NXIVM – but has made no public statement. There is no way to know if he’s telling the truth.
Should we shield ex-members and present members?
Sara Bronfman-Igtet is still at large – with her enormous fortune and propensity to use her money to destroy the lives of others in the name of Keith Raniere.  There may be others lured in on promises of curing diseases such as Crohn’s or Tourette’s Syndrome or teaching children seven languages through the Rainbow Cultural Garden child abuse scam.
Clare and Sara appear to be funding a battery of 22 lawyers to fight for the freedom of their leader, and for Clare’s as well. If the lawyers do their job, some of the lower level women might testify Raniere is innocent – even if to do so, they have to admit that they, themselves, are guilty.
Meantime, there are members of NXIVM – like Lim – teaching college – with access to young women and her ardent boyfriend, Lucas Roberts, propping up a men’s organization  – a NXIVM offshoot – called the Society of Protectors.
Constable is teaching children his “tech” and selling how-to books online – perhaps using Raniere-influenced “tech”.
Should I name those who are faithful to Raniere’s cult?  Or allow them to live obscurely and prosper?
Raniere hasn’t been convicted.  On the off-chance he is freed or convicted, and given a light prison sentence, one that could allow his followers to believe he will one day re-emerge to lead them, and they in the meantime hold his organization together – should his followers not be outed?
Should these followers seek to reject Raniere, they should be accorded a measure of privacy to heal – that privacy being measured in proportion to their past role in the cult, and what they are doing to bring it to a permanent end.
The actor who claims he left the cult – but will not denounce it – even though he recruited others and was used to promote the recruitment aspect of the cult – does not deserve purging from the website.  On the other hand, if he is really out, I am not looking to further embarrass him.
On the other hand, Lim, [Name Redacted], Constable, Roberts, and others appear to be in deep and are awaiting their Vanguard to come and set everything right.  I don’t want to hurt them or their businesses.
But on the other hand, my guess is Raniere is pacing his cell, or walking the commons allotted to him in his dank and fetid prison.
As he walks, he is perhaps contemplating winning his case [maybe throwing Allison, Lauren and others under the bus – with their Bronfman-paid lawyers helping to make it possible] – and ultimately getting out.  His two objectives –  once out – will likely to be again be worshiped by skinny women and wreak havoc on those who put him in jail.
He has admitted he’s had people killed for his beliefs and their beliefs.
In any way we can, we should thwart those still aiding Raniere and his grim objectives. This ranks higher to me than protecting their businesses or jobs – from which they will earn money which may be used to fund and aid the criminal Keith Raniere.

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  • Why is all of a sudden someone’s “name redacted?” I know who she is and she was named here until a few days ago…

  • [Name Redacted] has been in the cult for over 13 years. Ask her employees from a decade ago and they know of her NXIVM clients who would come regularly. One of her regular spraytan clients had to get sprayed by an employee because [Name Redacted] was busy, and she saw the branding. This was from a decade ago. [Name Redacted]knew what was happening. She is a monster. And to think she is in the beauty industry, working with women… it’s sick. She is most definitely some sort of recruiter. She made her bed, now she just has to get smothered with a pillow. If you google her name the Frank Report is the first thing that comes up. She is ruined, now if only they could find something that will put her behind bars…

  • First and foremost, I wish people would shed a lot more light on Diana H. Lim, whom I believe (unless I see for myself otherwise) to be a branded DOS member.

    Secondly, if Mark Hildreth is bugging you to take his name off, absolutely not. He had a big role (well, in NXIVM, anyhow…outside of it he is a 2-bit d-list sort of a guy), and I haven’t seen any evidence whatsoever that he is cooperating with authorities or doing anything to prevent NXIVM from going froward.

    Wonder how [Name Redacted]’ yelp reviews are looking for her salon.

    Reveal everybody. I don’t care if the name my parents gave me is on that list.

    • Mark Hildreth is a coward. Pretentious loser. He deleted his tweets from before 2015 to hide his NXIVM history because he is not innocent. And his ex-gf Kristin Kreuk too is a coward. Expose them all.

  • You asked, ” Should we shield ex-members and present members?” My questions would be:
    – What is the purpose in publicizing the names of EX-members you haven’t already publicized on here?

    – Who would benefit from the publicizing of the names of EX-members? Keith and Clare would probably be happy to see you help them publicly brand those who dared to flee from their cult but otherwise . .

    – What criteria would you use for determining who had been a member of NXIVM and how far back would you go? Would you include someone like Catherine Oxenberg who took more than one intensive and recruited people?

    – How would you determine who was still a member of the cult? A couple of weeks ago, when you published your list of those you thought were “High Ranking and powerful members” still in the cult, you did have to delete at least one person you were told had left more than 10 year ago and you still included Grace Park who I believe you have previously ridiculed for leaving the cult silently so not sure about the accuracy or consistency of your information. Also your constant stating that someone should contact you if you have wrongly listed them as a member of NXIVM, DOS, SOP or whatever, assumes that everyone you name reads your blog. If someone left the cult or was barely a participant 10-15 years ago, why would they necessarily be reading your blog.

    – You wrote, “It may seem unfair that low-level NXIVM women are named on Frank Report,” to which I would ask, if you did name members why would you only name the low-level women and not the low-level MEN?

    Finally you wrote, “The actor who claims he left the cult – but will not denounce it – even though he recruited others and was used to promote the recruitment aspect of the cult – does not deserve purging from the website. On the other hand, if he is really out, I am not looking to further embarrass him.” I think that is wonderfully compassionate of you and I hope you will apply it to the female actors as well going forward. As Catherine Oxenberg said in today’s article in the SUN, “I have watched other young women come out of NXIVM and this transition period is a very fragile moment in these women’s lives where everything that they believed has imploded and most of them have asked the question ‘was everything I believed in a lie?’ and it’s a very frightening moment.”

  • I agree with this emailer on KR:

    “Although I agree with all your thoughts, diatribes, essays, etc., I do need to remind you that he is not yet behind bars permanently. That means that anyone that contributes to your blog is at risk of retribution. He is not a man to take lightly. If he is not convicted then many, many people are (at) risk.”

    If he and Clare beat the charges, they will go on the offensive with a vengeance. No that this should silence us. Hopefully in that case, after the trial, every single new lawsuit filed will get media attention. The nice thing now is that no one is afraid to go on TV.

    • Even if by some actual freak error of the justice system they went scot-free, I genuinely believe they would have a very hard time to sue anybody with their extremely, well-revealed history of malicious persecution (and that is not a typo).

  • Credit to Raniere for his taste in attractive women. Now I’m considering letting my hair grow, not shaving, over-indulging on doughnuts and twinkies, and preaching self help psychobabble. Who knows, maybe I can start my own cult. Since vanguard is already taken, maybe I can call myself fat bastard?

    • Heather,you truly are an idiot. I wouldn’t say that if I thought you were just a random idiot, but I’m pretty sure you’re an idiot of the troll variety, which is why I’m calling you out on your total lack of empathy and your self-righteous judgement of people who believed NXIVMs sales pitch.
      Fuck off already.

      • Do you care about other people at all ? You’ve attacked me before and if that makes you happy, great. I’m not sure what a troll is , I am possibly too interested in this case, I would like to see justice for those hurt and safety for those afraid. I have a very little time left on this earth, sadly I have a feeling this will make you happy. My opinion is all I have to offer and I think you’ve misunderstood my stance.

        • She is just another self loathing liberal who attaches herself to causes to feel righteous. Feminism, gays, lesbian, trannie, illegal immigrants (the non-white ones of course), pro Islam even though it goes against everything liberals claim to believe in, anti-Trump hysteria, being PC, blaming “straight white males” for everything, “mansplaining”, “manspreading”, whites are racist for merely existing, non whites can’t be racist, non whites have not and cannot do anything wrong, pro murdering babies in the womb calling them “clumps of cells”, “fat is beautiful” (yuk)… you know the kind. They are the reason Trump is in the White House. People are sick of them. They are irritating and annoy every one. Even in China, their internet insult to each other is “white left” because of how pathetic, weak and self loathing they are.

          • Heather
            I have no doubts that you’re lying about your identity and that you’re not a woman at all , you lying troll. If I really thought you were who you claim to be, I would have just ignored your ignorant comment suggesting we name everyone who ever took a NXIVM class because YOU, (self-appointed judge), has decided they were too stupid.
            But since I know you’re one of the trolls, you can shove your comment you-know-where, troll.
            IGNORE HER,
            You’re as idiotic as ever, and your numerous assumptions are quite something- you really think you know everything about me. Why are you so obsessed with me, freak?

          • Thank you , everything you said describes previous encounters I’ve seen her name attatched to. When I found out what troll actually meant on the net it described her/It perfectly. For those of us that want to fix the liberal mess and this case is an example of the corruption money buys, then the public has the right to know who the danger is. I reread my post and could not see what the stupid bitch was talking about. If your out of the cult you have nothing to worry about.

          • To flowers your some kind of nut where am I obsessed with you? Unless your Alayne I’ve never mentioned a name. Your fucking pscyco go ahead and write your nutty comments I’m done responding to you.

          • I never said you did , Heather. I addressed my comment to “Ignore Her”…

            I’m a troll? Sure… Too funny, troll.
            I have to laugh because you trolls always say the exact same thing when youre accused of being a troll -you always claim to be totally ignorant of the meaning of the term “troll”.
            Really? These days even little kids know what that word means.

        • You are always welcome here, Heather. Sorry, to see you are going through something, and I hope it gets better.

      • Clare shut the fuck up. You are on house arrest, your master Kieth is in prison. Your cuckold shadowstate1958 is on the Cook County sex offender register. You have no room to spill your fucking lunacy.

  • Steve should have been smarter , when you align yourself with a criminal-or even simply creepy enterprise you give up your right to privacy. I do not see this as revenge. I see this as transparency and protecting the public, they have every right to know who they are supporting with what seems like a simple haircut. She flew to Mexico while he was in hiding. Don’t pretend that didn’t happen.
    Chrones disease is devastating, my sister in law has battled it for 28 years, I will not go into details but in the last several years amazing treatments have become available , if it looks like Brandon porter is curing your daughter I call bullshit. He’s possibly using a medication approved by the FDA my sister in law has been in remission after numerous surgeries, a colostomy bag, do some very serious research before accepting the word of a Charleton
    Let’s look at the sash tag.heres some quick ways to move up the ladder
    WEALTH, FAME, BAUTY, YOUTH,LETS NOT FORGET #1 RECRUITMENT, THE SASHES ARE A SCAM, not even an original scam. All the people or at least a good portion of them were aware they are involved in a scam, they shunned those who left, drug their names through the mud, hurt their businesses, were aware these people were being forced into bancuptcy, now the want PRIVACY. GO TO THE AUTHORITIES, TELL THEM WHAT YOU KNOW , ask your community for forgiveness for hiding such a heinous secret from these people you make for living from. SECRETS MAKE YOU SICK:so does a diet of 500 to 800 calories , making up lies about family members so that Keith and your other close friends can turn you into a fuck toys. It’s all so gross it boggles the mind that some of you have daughters you have involved în this knowing what Keith wanted them for.
    FRANK PLEASE SHOUT IT FTOM THE ROOFTOPS, those genuinely sorry have some good examples they can be referred to through you and Catherine and law enforcement, a little community service won’t hurt.
    Make your town an example of the right way to recover from a cult, start a fund for the women who have permanent damage to their reproductive organs due to improper branding procedures.
    I’m sure you can find ways to forgive those who hurt you and to help those you hurt. Only then will real healing truly start. These are my opinions and my suggestions. I will pray for the children

  • Many of you say: “Name EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM”, but I want to give an anecdote to illustrate a point to hopefully change your minds.

    “Steve”, a married-father of 3, took a NXIVM course in 2006, after hearing good things about it from a golfing buddy. The marketing material talked about its founder, and the testimonials sounded like exactly what he was looking for.

    As a business owner, Steve was seeking self-improvement to better his interpersonal skills, so he could run his company more effectively.

    Fast-forward 11 years; NXIVM was always a little “spooky” according to the media reports, but the truth came out that its top-tier was involved in sex crimes, money laundering, and a whole laundry list of other crimes.

    Steve had no idea…but suddenly, there he was, being mentioned in a report about past members of NXIVM, even though he hadn’t been involved with them for over a decade. He had no idea about any criminal activity.

    Suddenly, his business suffered a major blow, when its biggest account pulled-out, after hearing a rumor that Steve was involved in a sex slave cult. He was forced to lay-off half of his staff, some of whom had worked for him for 20 years.

    Now, for all you vengeful-minded readers, warming-up your torches and pitchforks:

    My anecdote above, is probably the case for a fair number of people who took a NXIVM course.

    You take revenge on 1 person, it looks like “no big deal” on a superficial level, but the reality is, you’re potentially hurting a lot of innocent people, including kids.

    Let the courts do their thing.

    Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You.

  • Frank, you should post as many names of people associated with NXIVM as the number of cowards in the comments sections who decide not to be cowards any longer and use their real names when making comments. I think that number currently is 2, me and you, although there could be another name or two in your early stories.

    How “brave” for these people to insist on others being exposed while they are cowering in the background. Reminds me of the anonymous Trump complainer in the news recently. Be a real American and have the guts to change stand up for yourself, cowards.

    The 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence did it, and they were pledging a LOT more than you cowards are, that’s for sure. They mutually pledged each other their lives, liberty, and sacred honor. They didn’t even have the protection of the Constitution backing them up, because it didn’t even exist at the time. Stop being cowards and stand up and be counted!

    And don’t retry using the BS of being afraid of the Bronfmans, they have been largely defanged, and yes I do know what it feels like to be sued, not by some mere multi-hundred-millionaires, but by the BILLIONAIRE Amway ripoff artists. I beat them like a drum.

  • Frank:

    What you’re talking about doing here, is potentially destroying the reputations, careers, businesses, and lives, of up to 16,000 people, because of the actions of a few dozen (maybe 100)?

    I don’t need to remind you, that SOME of the people in the actual cult part of NXIVM were undoubtedly doing Raniere/Bronfman/Mack’s bidding under threats, or coercion.

    Some of them undoubtedly have families & children…so you’re also talking about indirectly hurting them, too.

    In the case of business owners (like [Name Redacted]), your actions against them would potentially hurt their employees too, if they suddenly end-up unemployed…people who did nothing wrong to anybody here, and weren’t even involved.

    I don’t have a dog in this race, so none of it affects me either way, but I’ll end my post with the following thought:

    Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman (& others) got busted, along with most of the main players in the cult. There may be more arrests coming.

    The top-tier leaders are all facing long prison sentences.

    Causing harm to the people at the bottom of the pyramid, (and others who had no direct involvement at all) just shows you to be just as malicious and unethical as they are.

    • If someone knew nothing and did nothing, they can say so. Anyone can lie and say they knew nothing. Throw all their names out there and they can defend themselves if they are innocent. It will teach them to think again before participating in obvious nonsense, especially since there was already a ton of information out there on the internet from years back.

    • Jim, the idea is you expose them and give them an opportunity to explain themselves. If all they did was take a course or two for some personal self-improvement, that’s not a crime, nor is it immoral or unethical (in the normal sense, not Raniere’s whacked-out meaning of the word). All will be forgiven. It is also a way for them to expose each other. For example, if Kristin Crook claims she is an innocent victim and somebody else tells a different story, then the court of public opinion will decide who is right. The more you lie, the more you get called out, sounds like a much better system than the inept court system to me.

      • “For example, if Kristin Crook claims she is an innocent victim and somebody else tells a different story, then the court of public opinion will decide who is right. The more you lie, the more you get called out”

        Kreuk was as naive about NXIVM as Hollywood is on Roman Polanski. Not at all. Random people on the internet knowing about NXIVM crimes years ago but Kreuk, at least seven years in the cult, coaching, recruiting, trying to lure people in on false pretences, trusted enough to be invited to Necker Island for a secret cult meeting, being named in a lawsuit etc knew absolutely nothing… sure.

      • Hello Scott:

        Why should anybody be forced to defend themselves against libellous statements in the court of public opinion, written by anonymous people on an internet blog?

        What we’re talkin about here goes well beyond the usual “trolling”; this all has potentially really serious consequences (i.e. unemployment, divorce, suicide, etc).

        This is a general statement and not personally directed at you, but:

        If I was in the shoes ‘someone who was in it, at one time’ –

        Why should I have the risk of damage to my reputation hanging over me like the Sword of Damocles because I’m being unfairly “put on trial” by a panel of anonymous, self-appointed “judges” out on a witch-hunt?

        “Who made ‘you people’ the arbiters of justice?”

        There’s really no way to defend against the accusations, and it’s ultimately all “your word against theirs”.

        The other problem here, is that it’s permanent, and could follow these people for the rest of their lives.

        Actual Cult members and “criminal facilitators” (like DOS, etc.) are fair-game, in my book. They knew they were breaking the law…but to go after anybody & everybody? It’s just not right, if you ask me.

    • People need to be aware of how many of these cults are out there, under the guise of self help groups, most people are not aware of how many normal seeming people fall for these scams , were their savindps , convince their friends to just check it out. And if these people you are talking about aren’t really involved then what is the actual danger to them because they took a class or two. It sounds like your far to concerned over ‘nothing’

      • I wouldn’t call seeing peoples’ lives ruined for the petty personal aggrandizements of anonymous commenters on an internet blog, ‘nothing’.

        Most of you would sing a different tune if the shoe was on the other foot.

        Again, I don’t have a dog in the race, but I do believe “what goes around, comes around”.

        No matter how any of you try to justify it, it just paints you as a bunch of hypocrites.

    • Agree. It is truly unfair to hurt those who took a course in the hopes of self improvement. That is what KR SOLD. For his personal benefit. No more, no less.

  • Hell yes out every last one of the slime balls especially the filthy ‘sheepfamales’ for child abuse and trafficking as they are the ones that give birth (unfortunately) to those babies they terrorize, mutilate, kill and eat!! They all are a bunch of sick and deranged, bitches, period!!!!!!! NAME them all and when you run out of the true participants start using your imagination since MSM calls this story ‘fake new’ really give them something to talk about!!!!! I certainly thank you much for your reports on the issue and do add more in The Niagara Repoter. Keep up the good fight…they are all COWARDS!!!

  • Reveal them!!!! They deserve it!!!! Otherwise they would have let you know they are out…if they have not they deserve to be revealed because they support NXIVM…!!!

    • @ Shadowstate;

      I agree with you on this; let the guilty pay…but unless I’m misunderstanding, some of the commenters want to “go after” every single person on the NXIVM global mailing list, past & present.

        • I agree , my intention was never to suggest every person remotely connected be mentioned. I’m talking about those that still obviously belong or are protecting those who belong. And those still hiding pertinent information.

  • I left NXIVM years ago. I always paid my taxes regardless of what NXIVM’S leadership attempted to say about the ethics of taxes. I claimed all my income. Getting people to not pay their taxes was an early form of collateral.
    I also talked with with NY State AG’s office a few times about what I was told about avoiding taxes, that cash was coming over the Mexican border (I was told this information by Nancy Salzman). I’ve talked with other authorities since I left.

    I warned people about what I found out was happening as soon as I left. Many left and NXIVM sued me. I have also written on both this and John T blogs. I’ve talked to a lot of reporters.

    My thoughts are if people have not made a public statement about leaving NXIVM they are fair game to be outed to the public.

    Remaining silent about this cult still make you part of the problem. If your not not taking personal responsibility for exposing them by saying your out, you are still part of the problem and support NXIVM/Raniere/Bronfman crimes and immorality.

    Some might not be able to come out as they are working with the authorities. An email saying so could take you off the blog hit list.

    Come out come out who ever you are.

    • Good for you for not going along with it, reporting it to the authorities and giving information to the media. Many did not do the correct thing. Many are still not.

      “I warned people about what I found out was happening as soon as I left. Many left and NXIVM sued me. I have also written on both this and John T blogs. I’ve talked to a lot of reporters.”

      NXIVM sued you? Are you a “known” ex-member?

    • “I was told that cash was coming over the Mexican border (I was told this information by Nancy Salzman)”

      On this blog people have claimed that the money brought in illegally was from Canada…did Nancy not mention Canada?

      • Money from Sarah Edmondson’s branch in Vancouver and money from Mexico was brought to the US. Siohban Hotaling hax been named as a potential mule taking money from Canada to the US. It is also suspicious Kristin Kreuk would drive to Tacoma from Vancouver every week. Mule?

        • Since classes cost $1000 or more, Canadians would surely pay with checks or credit cards…so are you saying Edmondson converted that to cash (unreported) and “muled” it to Albany?
          Seems easy for Govt to discover and stupidly risky for Edmondson.

          • Money from Vancouver definitely went across the border. Seeing as Sarah Edmondson founded and ran the Vancouver branch, how could she not know about it, how it worked and who was involved? Whatever they did, how ever they did it, it was illegal. But of course, Sarah Edmondson plays the naive victim card…

          • “Whatever they did, however they did it…

            That was my question. I don’t doubt NXIVM HQ kept cash off the books, but checks/credit card from Canada (as opposed to Mexico) seems to me to hard to hide without getting the Govt wise.

          • Information will come out eventually on how they did it and who was doing it. Whether they were bribing authorities, whether the authorities are just shit at their jobs, we’ll see. Sarah Edmondson has a lot of splainin’ to do. If she is not charged (plea deal), you know the justice system is shit.

        • Did Susan Dones ever name Kreuk as a mule?
          If KK was taking money “every week” to Tacoma, was she giving it to Susan Dones?

          “There has been discussion on this site about Kreuk herself potentially being a money mule, driving four hours every week from Vancouver to Tacoma…..Susan Dones closed down the Tacoma branch in 2009, citing financial crimes.”

          So did Dones name Kreuk in these “financial crimes”?

          • Susan Dones did not name anyone (as far as I am aware). I would not trust anything Susan Dones says about Kreuk. Susan Dones lied to the press saying Kreuk left the cult shortly after she did in 2009. Obvious bullshit. Kreuk claims herself she left “about five years ago” (2013) and retweeted Sarah Edmondson’s damage control attempt also stating 2013. Why did Susan Dones lie? Edmondson said “before shit got weird”. Sure. Because shit got weird only once DOS was formed in 2015 and Sarah Edmondson knew nothing about money laundering operations, profiting from it. Two untrustworthy individuals attempting to protect Kreuk. Also, Susan Dones recruited Charmel Bowden, Kreuk’s coach. Maybe someone lied to Susan Dones about when Kreuk left?

          • LOL @ Kristin Kreuk “the mule”.

            I can just picture an adrenaline pumping “Kristin the coward” as you same people have posted here many times donning sunglasses and throwing bags of cash into the back of her trunk as she begins her journey to drive across the boarder.

            You guys can’t keep your contradictory assertions straight.


  • I’m calling [Name Redacted] tomorrow morning and asking if pedophiles and tax evaders are eligible for a discount.

  • So if I’ve ever taken a class from Executive Success Programs (not NXIVM), I’m put on some blogger’s list without my consent? TBH I had taken a few classes, as its mentioned in the CBC podcast series, it’s really good in the beginning and draws you in. But that’s it. But because I took some classes, now my livelihood is at stake and my family has to be concerned? Because someone is inquisitive and wants to better their lives and take a class, now a blogger has to ‘out them’. And no, the allegations in the local newspaper in like 2012 do not equal guilt, and you know this firsthand Frank.

    Go ahead, destroy Clare and Keith and take down NXIVM. I don’t care. But to attack the 16,000 people that mostly were just looking to better their lives seems wrong. Does that seem fair Frank?

    • “And no, the allegations in the local newspaper in like 2012 do not equal guilt, and you know this firsthand Frank.”

      There was a police report published in the “local newspaper”.(Times Union) regarding the pedophilia. Others, including Toni Natalie accused Raniere of rape. There is the missing body of Kristin Snyder. There is the alleged suicide of Gina Hutchinson who Raniere had underage sex with. There was a suicide note. Susan Dones closed down her Tacoma branch in 2009 leaving with the “NXIVM Nine” due to Raniere’s criminal and sexual behaviour. There was the lawsuit filed by Joe O’Hara in 2012. NXIVM filed lawsuits against Frank Parlato, Joe O’Hara, Rick Ross, John Tigue, Susan Dones, Toni Natalie, Barbara Bouchey and others. The information was out there for years.

      How far did you go in NXIVM? Did you coach?

  • Looking at the pictures of Nancy Salzman and PrisonGuard, I believe [Name Redacted] reputation as a hairstylist is already ruined. But then again, as the old saying goes, you can’t polish a turd.

  • Those that left should be left alone unless there’s proof of a crime, they managed to get out. Leadership should be named clearly, even if they are brainwashed the influence of any deeply indoctrinated members needs to be carefully limited. The rank and file though should probably be given a pass, poor shmucks who fell for the rhetoric and influencing techniques but haven’t activly hurt anyone in Ranierre’s name well probably snap back to normal in time and are little danger to anyone.

    • Even those who knew about tax evasion? Even those who deliberately did not declare earnings? Even those who recruited people on false pretenses? Even those who ignored all the information out there and taught others to ignore it? It is possible to do unethical things without it being technically illegal. If it is wrong, whether it is illegal or not, the wrongdoers should be exposed.

  • Is Vanguard practicing medicine without a license?
    Workers at the salon remember “seeing an ailing Pam come in the salon carrying a white milky drink that she said Raniere prescribed to cure her cancer.”
    It didn’t cure Pam and now Nancy is drinking it too.
    Is the milky white potion Vanguard prescribed they drink a metaphor for “kool Aid” or his”precious bodily fluid”?

  • I say YES, name them, especially like Lim who has access to and influence over young people. People have a right to know. And [Name Redacted] threatened the workers who quit! absolutely yes. Constable still has Rainbow Cultural Gardens open? That is scary. And others who may be seen as role models or advisors for teenagers and young adults. I think you have been very fair. If they are outed here and try to recruit, then it definitely may save a lot of heartache. As your site already has!

  • Yes. They should stand up and be proud of their ethics! They should yell their names to the world. For many years, members of this cult isolated themselves literally and figuratively in a faux ethical superiority above those outside of their clique supporting the teachings of their so-called leader. Members controlled and manipulated other members from maintaining and/or forging relationships with family, friends, and others because of it if they saw through the scam and didn’t want to belong to it. Why should they cry now for the scorn they should receive due to what they were once so Gung-ho about?

    Otherwise, be embarrassed and disassociate yourself from it like other members have done.

  • Reveal the names of EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has helped build up this evil disgusting cult. They should be the ones to feel fear for once. NXIVM coaches would all teach gullible students to ignore all the critics, calling them “supressives”. Those women who revealed they were raped by Keith Raniere as children were treated as “supressives” by NXIVM coaches. This organisation needs to be destroyed without the chance of it ever coming back. Coaches and others who went beyond the shitty 5 day intensives should all be named and shamed.

  • Keith Raniere, a man who never bothered to follow any rules unless they benefited him, now wants to repeal both the First Amendment Right to Free Speech and the Sixth Amendment Right to Public Trials.
    As long as the information is truthful and the people exposed have some kind of power in the cult or its subsidiaries, why shouldn’t their names be published.
    In Kim Constable’s case she is involved with the Rainbow Cultural Garden pre-school, a controversial education program run by NXIVM and Sara Bronfman.
    Why shouldn’t the public know that this woman associates with Allison Mack who has been indicted for sex trafficking?
    Do we want an indicted sex trafficker to have any input to pre-school programs?
    Please remember that Ms. Mack signed a “confession” claiming to have molested one of her young nephews.

    • …I think it’s a great strategy, Mr. Frank. By giving Shadow (Fifth E) State responsibility as an ad hoc correspondent of sorts, and maybe tasking him with some convoluted research chores, you might lessen Shadowstate’s death grip on the comments section.

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