Guest View: Raniere will risk his very life to see the light of day

Guest View: By A Reader Who Is Informed

This bail request by Keith’s attorney is faulty on many levels and when you are being paid $1500-$2500 an hour it is hard to stop laughing all the way to the bank. At this rate that Bronfman Legal Trust Fund will be depleted before we get to trial. I do recall the Judge in court asking Keith if he was represented by attorney. The judge did advise that the court would appoint an attorney if he should need one any time in the future. The wise judge may see the handwriting on the wall.

1. The language smells of Keith dictating and his attorney, Marc Agnifilio, dutifully recording Keith’s “projections” of all the accusations of his victims.

Mr. Agnifilio I suggest a private lesson on the Projection Module.

2. The First Amendment clearly states our right to an open and free press. Anyone wanting to put upwards of $100 million to bail out Keith should not be permitted anonymity. If you support Keith, have the courage and conviction to do it publicly. So many inconsistencies.

Perhaps Mr Agnifilio could use a lesson from his client Keith on being ethical and consistent with his values and beliefs.

The bigger issue here is that the judge stated in June that bail was denied because Keith has no assets and therefore had no skin in the game. That has not changed and I don’t see this 13-page letter addressing that fact.

Keith never signed his name to anything. The one time he signed his name to a financial disclosure he stated that he has zero cash and no income. Keith’s ticket to no bail assets. Karma is a bitch.

3. Keith is a proven flight risk. He did it once and he will do it again. OJ Simpson was not given bail because of his infamous chase. Why would Keith be more special than OJ, a public figure and revered football hero? No, Keith, your only fame is being a lazy, pedophile, rapist, tax-evader, money launderer, all of which will be proven in this trial.

4. The Anonymous friends of Keith; who could they be? Wealthy celebrity types needing to shield themselves from public ridicule or devotees pooling their meager assets to support their leader? Keith is the dispensable evil front for something that has tentacles that go way deeper. Keith is like a rat in a box. He will risk his very life to see the light of day.

I doubt the judge will grant bail or any closed door sealed hearing. That is reserved for cases involving minors and matrimonial files.

The true danger here is that Keith risks being murdered by those seeking his silence. The case falls apart and Bronfman goes free with perhaps a Kathy Russell doing 3-5

Everyone is happy and the money laundering operation is back in business. Happy ending!


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  • REPEAT POST: Hey everyone – why not call KR’s old cell phone number: 518-461-8384? (Published in KR’s lovesick letter to Toni, as posted on this website.) Chances are investigators have reactivated it and will pick it up. You may be able to speak somewhat anonymously.

  • The notion that the well-being of anyone else, financial or otherwise, holds any suasion over Keith Raniere is laughable in view of the degree of narcissism and selfishness evident in the charges against him.

  • There’s no doubt Keith is so desperate for a shot at freedom he’s willing to take chances most wouldn’t consider at this point in the game! I also believe the core group has money, safe houses even safe Countries. And more people not visably connected to Nxivm willing to help. Keith convinced himself that he was the smartest man on earth, even though he let members of his harem take the matchbook test. No doubt he is running things behind the scenes and the attorneys are happy to let him. The way things are going he will run out of money in this trust. Is there another trust we are not aware of yet to back this up? No matter how many out there are still willing to perjure themselves to help, it won’t work, Agnifilo knows it won’t work. You have to admit the idea of Rainere getting his hopes up and dashed has a certain joy to it.

    • Keith probably has hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash stashed all over the world. Wouldn’t suprose me if he just took off for one of those places and never spoke to another NXIVM member again. He doesn’t need his harem as much as his freedom.

      Just keep in mind that Keith pretends to be smart, but he’s really not smart. That’s why he’s in this position. If he’s running anything, it’s by the seat of his pants and it’s not well oiled. That’s why I think his plan is to run run away by himself.

  • “The true danger here is that Keith risks being murdered by those seeking his silence. The case falls apart and Bronfman goes free with perhaps a Kathy Russell doing 3-5”

    …Very interesting point. Why would Agnifilio insist on bailing Raniere out if doing so presents ANY danger to his client’s life? [Guess Raniere WOULD need the armed, retired Secret Service protective detail requested at his last bail hearing WITH the provider of those services — the former head of the Secret Service — in attendance at that hearing?]

    Btw, who’s paying Agnifilio…being that his client is so broke?

    Frank and other implied “criminals” allegedly out to kill Raniere (for his beliefs) or in vengeance could be set up for the murder of “Vanguard” next, at this rate. 🤣. Or maybe he’ll just be escorted to, I mean flee, to Russia!

  • Overall, a lot of excellent points.

    IMO, Agniflio is being 100% consistent and true to his beliefs, which appear to be only about lining his pockets. I only see losses from this guy unless it comes to getting cases with the Manhattan DA’s office (where his wife works) thrown out before they make it to trial.

    Also, the Judge and Agniflio are both bar members. There is really no reason for the Judge to limit Agniflio’s billings by telling him he can’t keep trying.

    The fact that Agniflio will sit his own daughter as an alleged ‘intern’ down with a pedophile says everything.

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