Who is Pea Onyu? Shadow State thinks it’s Nicki Clyne

 Nicki Clyne Harem member, former actress. DOS slave.

Pea Onyu has made a number of comments on Frank Report supporting Keith Alan Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack. Initially, Pea claimed that her improbable name was real and that she was of Aleutian and Bavarian descent.

Later, she seems to have admitted that Pea is not her true name. One of our most frequent commenters – someone who goes by the name Shadow State 1958 – has expressed frequently that he believes Pea Onyu is Nicki Clyne.

Here are his arguments.


By Shadow State

Because many social media has a limited, constrained format (Twitter is limited to 140 characters) I avoided such comparisons. I noticed some irregularities in capitalization but nothing major.

I did note that Nicki has a love of puns and word play.

She posted a picture of a horse with the caption, “If I had a horse I would name him Ernest Hemingneigh.”

Nicki posted a picture from Puerto Vallarta with this caption,

“nickiclyne, iguana wish you all a happy valentine’s day! 🌹”

Of course, the name “Pea Onyu” is a play on words.

No one else in NXIVM has a social media page with such a love of word play.
Nicki’s last major action on Twitter was a retweet on March 26.

About the same time Raniere was arrested.

Nicki Clyne Retweeted

Geoffrey Miller

Verified account


Mar 26
Government by a tyrant = tyranny
Government by the people = democracy
Government by 24-hour news cycles of media-fabricated moral panics = ???

Note the reference to tyrants and tyranny.

“Pea” has commented about Raniere being persecuted by government tyrants.

Nicki Clyne in her Halloween costume – a prison outfit.


Last October, Nicki posed in a Halloween costume of a prisoner.

Around the same time, Nicki also started following groups about the unjust imprisonment and treatment of prisoners.

Here are some of the groups and people Nicki follows on Twitter.

1.) Tina Luongo Chief Defender Legal Aid NYC Civil Rights Attorney
2.) Legal Aid Society NYC
3.) Honey Jollpof — Attorney Freedom fighter
4.)Nina Morrison, Senior Staff Attorney, The Innocence Project
5.)The Innocence Project
6.)Brooklyn Defender Services –Criminal, Civil, Family, Immigration
7.)Mathew Cooke —author — the Survivors Guide to Prison
8.)Sarah Knuckey — Columbia University Law Professor Human Rights Clinic
9.)Yuvrnj Joshi — Human Rights lawyer Yale University
10.) New York Civil Liberties IUnion
11.) American Civil Liberties Union
12.) The Marshall Project — a news room covering the American Justice system.
13.)Corrections Accountability Project — Corrections meaning prisons.
14)Urban Justice Center
15.)Alliance for Criminal Justice Innovation
16.)Center for Court Innovation

I will praise Nicki Clyne.

She is easily the most intelligent, intellectually curious person in NXIVM’s hierarchy.

She attended the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University, both legitimate universities near Vancouver.

It’s a tragedy she fell in with the NXIVM crowd.

And according to a former Nxian, Nicki had a fear of heights which she has cured and now she regularly climbs poles and towers.

And Nicki tried out stand up comedy, a vocation that takes lots of nerve.

If any major Nxian has the bravery to post comments on the Frank Report, it is Nicki Clyne.

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  • I’m sorry to disagree with you, Shadow State, but you really give her too much credit when it comes to intellect. Yes, she is intelligent enough, and does have tendencies to brandish her surface understandings of things and evens, people. But, Nicki is not an intellectual and whatever independent thought she had that would have helped her develop her mind and her talent was destroyed by NXIVM, Allison and Keith etal. Until she actually leaves NXIVM and recieves intensive deprogramming (this is a MUST) along with psychotherapy, she will not regain the intelligence she once had.

    • Her critical thinking may be dampened, but with most of those who out ranked her out of contact and at least one person she was close to defecting recently (and Edmonton was also close at some point as the one that brought her in) she might gain back just enough free will to free herself. Hopefully family and real friends are still making efforts.

      • According to John Tigue’s 2011 coach list, Nicki Clyne was referred by Sarah Edmondson and coached by Karen Unterreiner.

    • No. Clyne did not graduate.
      But the Bronfman sisters and Mack did not attend any universities at all.
      And their social media display a curious lack of intellectual interests.
      Clyne’s social media shows someone who at least is curious.

  • The only thing I find oddly fascinating is that so many people who are so derogatory towards shadowstate want to spend so much time on his level engaging with them.

    Birds of a feather, and all that.

    • f you would stop posting so much under different names nobody would have an issue. You are like the person at a cocktail party who dominates the conversation and thinks you know it all. Sometimes it is better to shut the hell up once in a while. Opinionated people are irritating as fuck.

      • I only post under one name “shadow state.”
        As for this statement: “Opinionated people are irritating as fuck.”
        Unopinionated people are BORING. Their brains are not functioning enough to even form an opinion.

  • There is no one more foul than shadow state other than the wicked one – Frank “Carlos Salinas’friend” Parlato. Shadow state should stop trying to guess who I am. It’s only his guesses. Do not believe him. Concentrate on Keith getting justice which means he will be acquitted.

    • “Concentrate on Keith getting justice which means he will be acquitted.”

      End the day off with a joke, Pea.
      Acquitted of Racketeering, fraud, sex trafficking and enforced servitude?

  • While I doubt that Pea Onyu is actually Nicki or another NXIVM member, I don’t really care if Shadow State speculates about her identity. What I find rather amusing is that someone cares so much about Shadow States ideas that they wrote a long post speculating about him. And the funniest part is they first remarked that they don’t care about ShadowState at all….BUT….. here’s a long post all about him .

    You people are ridiculous😂

    • Thank you, Flowers.
      These people worried about me ignore the words of AUSA Penza that almost everyone in the upper ;levels of NXIVM is involved in criminal behavior or has witnessed major crimes.
      And Pea is hell bent on defending these criminals which leads me to believe that Pea is someone high up in NXIVM.

      • ShadowState
        But just because they are defending Keith and NXIVM, that doesn’t mean they are part of NXIVM.
        Trolls love to stir up contraversy and they get a kick out of tricking people. The group of people who harassed me, also tried desperately to trick me by impersonating other people, and i believe they impersonated me as well, to trick someone else.

        I have an idea that this same group is active here as well, judging by some of the comments posted here that started appearing this spring.

        I have been reading and commenting here since October, but I didnt notice the troll activity on this site until around April, and it really seems like the same people who harassed me elsewhere. I noticed that these trolls here seem to follow the same playbook (the long posts attacking other posters by speculating cruelly about their lives) and their fascination with trannys is oddly familiar, lol.
        It could be that all trolls follow a similar pattern, or it could be that the same trolls are combing the Internet , looking for places to stir up trouble.

        You mentioned that Pea started posting last fall (I looked back and found some even earlier posts in her name) but that doesn’t mean that it’s been the same person posting as Pea for that entire time. A troll could easily use that name and pretend to be the original poster.

        Another reason I don’t think Pea is really Nicky is because I don’t see any reason for her, or for other NXIVM members, to post those types of comments. Pea’s earlier comments from several months ago, really seemed to be written as satire, but the more recent comments appear to be trolling attempts.

  • Yep. He has an occasional decent post, but he is very narcissistic and has a stunted mental development much like his brother Kieth Raniere. Sadly for shadowperv, Kieth was the one to get Allie’s honey.

  • An interesting theory, and you have some compelling reasons. But I don’t think it is her.Pea Onyu doesn’t seem to present their thoughts as well as Clyne historically has on platforms that allow for more words than Twitter. Their level of devotion seems extremely high (assuming they aren’t merely a troll) while some people claiming former membership noted she had more doubts than anyone other than India.

    Circumstantially, Nicki is scheduled to Appear at a convention on October. Since she would likely be indited by then I think she has or is planning to flip. Or it’s a desperate ploy for some last minute bail money.

    • Allison Mack was scheduled to appear a a Comicon type event in Atlantic City in early April that was abruptly cancelled for “personal reasons” after Raniere’s arrest.

      Nicki Clyne did appear to be aware of what the dangers were last autumn when she began following these groups involved in civil rights.
      If Nicki pleads guilty to any felony that can result in a year’s imprisonment or more, even if she only gets probation, Nicki as an alien can be deported from America.

      • True, but Keith’s arrest was probably the reason for that. Nicki’s upcoming appearance was announced well after the latest round of indictments. You’d think she’d have her hands full.

        True, and as you stated, she is intellectually curious. The post about tyrants was more about media, and Nicki seemed to have a fairly genuine belief in the public mission statement of the Knife. Down to posting and retweeting about not even remotely NXIVM connected forms of journalistic integrity.

        I’m just pointing out I don’t think she’s the poster in question. Pea’s posts are either pure trolling or zelous rantings, I think I’d give Clyne more credit than that if she tried to defend NXIVM online.

  • Some people have suggested that Pea Onyu is really Sahajo Haertel rather than Nicki Clyne.
    Ms. Haertel is from Germany and on her Flickr page there are photos from a trip to Thailand around 2007.
    Sahajo Haertel
    1,095 Photos
    Thailand is a very special country.
    It is notorious for child sex trafficking.
    If Sahajo Haertel is Pea Onyu was she involved in child sex trafficking from Thailand or only through the Rainbow Cultural Garden?

    Either way whether Pea Onyu is Sahajo Haertel or Nicki Clyne, Pea Onyu faces the serious possibility of future sex trafficking charges.

  • Pretty sure there was a post somewhere in this blog where Pea gave her background. One side, from memory, was she has heritage from Alaska but I can’t remember the other background, it might be Asian/Malaysian.

    • Since Nicki Clyne lost her job at the Knife Media and Nicki’s Boss Clare Bronfman has been separated from her money, Pea Onyu has devoted more time to commenting on the Frank Report.
      Note how many more comments Pea Onyu has been making in the last few weeks since Clare’s arrest.

    • If it is Sahajo Haertel, both Sahajo and Nicki Clyne are listed as “likely to be indicted on sex trafficking charges together.

      Either way Pea Onyu is in trouble.

      – Nicki Clyne

      – Michelle Hatchette

      – Monica Duran

      – Dani Padilla

      – Mariana Fernandez

      – Amanda Canning

      – Melissa Rodriguez

      – Sahajo Haertel

      – India Oxenberg

      – Danielle Roberts

      – Lyvia Cohen

  • “nikki’s” pics….call for a TRANSvestigation. I’m thinking BORN A DUDE. check out that MALE JAW for starts. whatever. Nxivm is pretty much all MTF and FTM. including Bronf brats and all the lawyers. dudes in wigs and chicks with d*ks who are so f*kd up they enslave and torture women and bone kids. and worse.

  • On more than one occasion, “Pea Onyu” claimed that Kristin Kreuk (the cowardly actress) was “ravished” by Keith Raniere. If this “Pea” is a real insider and not a troll, that would be an interesting discussion for readers of Frank Report.

      • Pea Onyu is either Nicki Clyne of the Knife Media or Sahajo Haertel- Kozak of the Rainbow Cultural Garden.
        Both Nicki and Sahajo are listed as likely to be indicted for sex trafficking charges.

        Now you know why Pea Onyu calls Frank Parlato the equivalent of Hitler.
        Now you know why Pea Onyu called on Carlos Salinas to murder Frank Parlato.

          • You keep moving the ball, shadowstate. First you were convinced it was Lauren, then Nicki, now you’re adding Sahajo to the mix. Pea isn’t going to reveal who s/he is – whether troll or NXIVM insider – so in the meantime, you’re just waving your pointy fingers in the wind, hoping it lands in the right direction. You have a right to do that, but to do it with such conviction, lacking any concrete evidence (other than starting out with a conclusion and working backwards, trying to connect random dots), doesn’t make your arguments look very good. But…point on…

          • Yep. Pea is a glaring parody of a crazy cultist and “her” architect is most likely laughing their ass off over on 4chan right now.

            No actual NXIVM member, especially one so invested in exonerating the cult, would dare show their ass in public in this way. They’d feign a much more reasonable-seeming demeanour. They’d keep the actual crazy talk firmly behind closed doors and amongst their own.

  • It is interesting…

    Bc after Shadow identified Pea Onyu as Nicki Clyne, Pea’s comments stopped.

    Anyone notice that also?

    Obviously ‘Pea Onyu’ is not a real name, but a play on words like ‘Mike Hawk’ or ‘Seymour Butts’

    I still wonder if it’s a troll playing Devil’s (Raniere’s) advocate or someone really believes that nonsense they are writing.

    • Uh no they did not. He actually commented more. He loves the attention that a troll receives here. Probably laughing his ass off at everyones attentive stupidity.


      You are a broken record.

      Compare the social media pages of Allison Mack and her wife Nicki Clyne and you will
      find that Clyne is far more clever and intellectually curious than Mack or anyone else in NXIVM.
      And when Pea Onyu complained about the treatment Raniere was receiving in Brooklyn MDC, it fit in with Nicki Clyne’s concern for prisoner rights.
      Allison Mack’s social media is like reading “Daily Affirmations” by Stuart Smalley.

    • Which raises the question — who is Shadowstate?

      (Disclaimer… I am winging it here. I have neither the time nor the inclination to spend more than 40 seconds of my life to try to analyze anyone’s activity on social media. I “Tweet” not. I follow no one. I have noticed however a certain phenomena– that the more contentious and hateful my comments on various websites have become, the more polite and civil I have become when encountering strangers in the streets. Maybe something Dr. Brandon Porter can research with all the time he is likely to have on his hands in the near future.)

      So who is Shadowstate?

      1) I have the feeling that as recently as nine months ago, the only players in the NXIVM/Excessive Sex Program Universe that Shadowstate had any knowledge of was a) a certain actress with cankles and an oily complexion and b)the Bronfman girls. It is highly likely that Shadowstate would not have known the Vanguard if he was three feet away and he was wearing the goofy knee pads and Uhderarmour headband. But in nine months, with very little time doing anything except reading the Frank Report, referring to Wikipedia, and binge watching Smallville, Shadowstate now has a BA in ESP and an MA in NXIVM, to go along with a Ph.D. in BS.

      2) I am guessing that Shadowstate is single and is a doting son to his loving mother/housemate. I am imagining that in his late teens or early 20s, Shadow had a relationship end very badly from which he never recovered, hence his obsession with an actress half his age playing a woman a third his age in a sitcom aimed at tweens and teens. Imagine Shadow’s mom frequently asks “What happened to Chloe, that nice girl you were telling me about?”

      3) Shadowstate’s comments about Hiroshima and Nagasaki are as reprehensible as any I have read in any comment section, perhaps reflecting the worst (and most common) type of hatred: self hatred.

      4) Even if it is a marriage of convenience, Shadowstate is insanely jealous of Nikki/Peaonyou.

      5) In my mind, I imagine Shadowstate as a Walter Winchell like figure, sitting at his keyboard almost the entire day, some sort of hat pushed back on his head, a cigarette dangling out of the corner of his mouth. All thats missing are the ellipses….

      • For someone who doesn’t have the time or inclination…. Suuuuure.
        I can’t believe I just read that BS.
        By the way, number 4 gives you away 😉
        Some hardcore NXIVM’s trolling today!

        • That’s a Bingo! Unfortunately NXIVM disbanded before I could invest my hard earned shekels in their curious brand of self-improvement.

          • I just wish he’d chill out on his autistic, obsessive need to believe that this obvious troll is a real high-profile NXIVM member. It’s bringing down the integrity of the site.

      • Where do I start with this pile of offal?

        “Shadowstate’s comments about Hiroshima and Nagasaki are as reprehensible as any I have read in any comment section, ”
        Talk to the next of kin of the Americans who died at Pearl Harbor and the Bataan Death March.
        They’re still recovering human remains at Pearl Harbor.

        “Even if it is a marriage of convenience, Shadowstate is insanely jealous of Nikki/Peaonyou.”
        Jealous of an unemployed woman who is an illegal alien facing the possibility of indictment and deportation?

        “in my mind, I imagine Shadowstate as a Walter Winchell like figure, sitting at his keyboard almost the entire day, some sort of hat pushed back on his head, a cigarette dangling out of the corner of his mouth. All thats missing are the ellipses….”
        You’re confusing me with Matt Drudge.

        “Imagine Shadow’s mom frequently asks “What happened to Chloe, that nice girl you were telling me about?””
        My mother’s long dead.

        “But in nine months, with very little time doing anything except reading the Frank Report,”
        The Frank Report has been more accurate about NXIVM than any other news source.

      • Thank you for taking the time to post that! Now I don’t need to. SOOOOO spot on. (but you seriously think Shadow once had a legit girlfriend?) And now that Frank gave him the attention Shadow so craves, I can only imagine how many more posts we’ll get from him. He’s legit 20% of all FR posts.

        • You might look up Sahajo Haertel’s Flickr page.
          Sahajo Haertel of the Rainbow Cultural Garden, NXIVM’s children’s pre-school.
          Sahajo has visited Thailand a nation notorious for sex trafficking.
          Of course at NXIVM that makes her well-qualified to be teaching pre-schoolers.
          Sahajo Haertel
          1,095 Photos

          If Sahajo is Pea Onyu it’s no wonder she regards Frank Parlato to be as bad as Hitler.

  • She used to be very pretty, but in her NXIVM-era pictures, you can see that the content of her soul reflects outwardly. This seems to happen with deceptive, evil people. That tainted soul bubbles up to the surface. She fools no one.
    She’d better hide, she’s liable to end up in jail. At the least, she’s gonna be very lonely as her co-goblins get tossed in the klink.

  • Uhh, again. Shouldn’t Pea’s posts here match the writing quality of writing on Clyne’s blog? Pea’s posts and argumentation are more at the level of George Lucas writing romance dialogue in Attack of the Clones.

    • Great analogy!

      Based on my past experience with a different cult, cult members who were smart and talented writers would write beautifully about non-cult topics, but then regress into mangled convoluted diatribes when writing about the cult. Connecting comments online to the individuals who wrote them was quite the eye opening experience.

      I wouldn’t write off Nicki simply because the writing styles do not match up.

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