Attorneys seek to hide from public names of people willing to post bail on 2nd attempt to bail Raniere; lawyers blame Frank Parlato for need for secrecy

Marc Agnifilo

By Frank Parlato

A new filing in federal court seeks to hide from the public the names of  “friends” of alleged sex trafficker and racketeer Keith Alan Raniere – AKA Vanguard – who may be planning to cosign on a new bail application for him.

The Raniere-filing – dated August 28th – primarily blames me for the reason that secrecy is required.

Written by Raniere attorneys, and in the form of a letter to the judge, it alleges that I will write about the individuals who seek to bail out Raniere in a way that might cause them harm.

I am named in the filing some 42 times.

While Raniere’s attorneys seek to shield the identities of the cosigners for Raniere’s bail bond from the public, they plan to disclose them privately to the court and the prosecution.

From this filing, it appears that a second attempt at bail – the first one was denied in June – will be made to try to persuade the court that Raniere – who faces life in prison and who has access to millions of dollars – will have the ‘moral suasion’ – if released –  not to flee the jurisdiction because his ‘friends’ are posting bail for him.

Personally, I suspect the true reason Raniere’s attorneys seek to shield from the public the names of people willing to cosign for him has little to do with me in fact.

I suspect the reason is these “friends” are:

A: NXIVM members who don’t have any money – and the disclosure of their names will lead to my own and other media scrutiny which might establish that these members may be using other people’s money –  i.e. Bronfman money.

B: Semi-hidden NXIVM members – not coaches or proctors – but people aligned with NXIVM. These people – some of whom might own businesses – have a reputation in their communities – or have kept hidden from their families and friends their association with Raniere and NXVM. These people, obviously, would not want it revealed publicly that they are associated with the cult that is associated with branding women and other alleged nefarious and sickening deeds.

I doubt there is anyone in the world who would like the publicity of being known as someone who bailed out Keith Raniere – especially if he subsequently escapes jurisdiction.

Even if Raniere does not flee [which I wager is a 50-50 proposition], the publicity of bailing out an alleged sex trafficker – who allegedly brands and blackmails women  – and has been in the past accused of pedophilia – could have an adverse impact on anyone’s reputation and business.

However, I think the concept of shielding bail cosigners should be rejected by the judge.  What is the precedent here?  The defenses cites no precedent in their filing that should make the normal public court proceedings private – based on seeking to avoid bad publicity for cosigners for bail bonds.

This would indeed set an unusual precedent since then – in the future –  every time a controversial criminal seeks bail, the argument could be made by the defense that the cosigners’ names should be kept secret – since bad publicity might impact their reputations.

Part and parcel of the criminal justice system is that it is open to the public. What special right of privacy should the people who support Keith Raniere expect?  This wreaks of a two-tiered criminal justice system, where the wealthy Raniere [with access to Bronfman millions] can seek to shield the privacy of those who wish to support him – while other, equally controversial defendant’s cosigners – without such wealth – are not shielded.

There is another remedy for the reluctant cosigner other than privacy. The remedy for them is to sue me or other media outlets for defamation by libel.

The defense’s whole argument it seems is,  “Let these cosigners be protected from Frank Parlato – he’s a bad actor, a dishonest journalist – in fact, he’s indicted! So the normal open-to-media court should be excepted in this case – because of this bad man.”

But the indictment argument cuts both ways. If the defense seeks the presumption of innocence for the indicted Raniere – my indictment [which I submit is false and bogus in every way – and was caused by Bronfman-Raniere] – is nothing more than that – an indictment.

I’ve never been convicted of anything.  I, of course, should be afforded the same presumption of innocence.

Instead, the defense cynically seeks to impugn me because I was indicted – taint me with a presumption of guilt – as part and parcel of their main argument – which is – because of me – they seek a special exception to traditional bail applications being public – right down to the cosigners.

In so making this request, the defense asks the court to judge my reporting as, in effect – good or bad – true or untrue – hence asking the court to take the unusual role in judging the veracity of a reporter.

Despite the defense’s attempts to discredit me, dozens of media outlets have noted that I broke crucial elements of this story. [see list below]. Insofar as I own publications both in print and online that reach a million people per month, it is clear I am a member of the media with an established audience.

My publications are:

The Front Page [print only] est. 1954

The South Buffalo News [print only] est. 1923

Artvoice, [online only] est. 1995

The Niagara Falls Reporter [print and online] est. 1999

Frank Report [online] est. 2015

It is irrelevant whether I have one reader or one million readers [Indeed, if the Raniere request is granted, it will probably boost readership].

What is relevant is that Raniere seeks to induce the judiciary to set precedent by taking the role of judging the merits of a specific media outlet or reporter – as an argument to convert normally public proceedings to ones that are sealed and shielded from scrutiny by that particular media, all other media, and the public in general.

It is not known whether the prosecution will oppose this request.


Here is the complete court document. 

My next post will give a line-by-line analysis of the many misleading characterizations in the Raniere defense filing –  which was the subject of this post. Below are just a few of the many media outlets that credit my work as a journalist in this case.


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  • This bail request by Keith’s attorney is faulty on many levels and when you are being paid $1500-$2500 an hour it is hard to stop laughing all the way to the bank. At this rate that Bronfman Legal Trust Fund will be depleted before we get to trial. I do recall the Judge in court asking Keith if he was represented by attorney. The judge did advise that the court would appoint an attorney if he should need one any time in the future. The wise judge may see the handwriting on the wall.
    1. The language used smells of Keith dictating and Agnifilio dutifully recording Keith’s “projections” of all the accusations of his victims.
    Mr. Agnifilio I suggest a private lesson on the Projection Module.

    2. The First Amendment clearly states our right to an open and free press. Anyone wanting to put upwards of $100million to bail out Keith should not be permitted anonymity. If you support Keith have the courage and conviction to do it publically. So many inconsistencies. Perhaps Mr Agnifilio could use a lesson from his client Keith on being ethical and consistent with his values and beliefs.
    The bigger issue here is that the judge stated in June that bail was denied because Keith has no assets and therefore had no skin in the game. That has not changed and I don’t see this 13 page letter addressing that fact. Keith never signed his name to anything. The one time he signed his name to a financial disclosure he stated that he has zero cash and no income. Keith’s ticket to no bail assets. Karma is a bitch.

    3.Keith is a proven flight risk. He did it once and he will do it again. OJ was not given bail because of his infamous chase. Why would Keith be more special than OJ a public figure and revered football hero. No Keith your only fame is being a lazy pedophile rapist tax evader money launderer, all of which will be proven in this trial.
    4. The Anonmous friends of Keith; who could they be? Wealthy celebrity types needing to shield themselves from public ridicule or devotees pooling their meager assets to support their leader? Keith is the dispensable evil front for something that has tentacles that go way deeper. Keith is like a rat in a box. He will risk his very life to see the light of day.

    I doubt the judge will grant bail or any closed door sealed hearing. That is reserved for cases involving minors and matrimonial files.
    The true danger here is that Keith risks being murdered by those seeking his silence. The case falls apart and Bronfman goes free with perhaps a Kathy Russell doing 3-5
    Everyone is happy and the money laundering operation is back in business. Happy ending!


    • Not persecuted. They fear the PR they might get. This would be some kind of anti-virtue signalling.

  • Frank, of all people, you definitely do not have to list your achievements and accomplishments. You have nearly single handedly brought these demons to justice and helped people who had the misfortune to be lured into their cult regain their freedom. If Keith is bailed out, he WILL FLEE. That’s a guarantee. I hope the court recognizes this.

  • The Incubus is at it again! He’s just trying to clog the feed, thats what he does best. Lets just look at the facts and history.

  • Are there really human’s left that consider Hillary anything but evil , corrupt beyond redemption and a clown

  • We have all been disappointed in the justice system when corrupt shitbags like your hero hillary get away with so much corruption. Shut up hypocrite.

    • I’m not sure why you think I’m a hypocrite. Hypocritical about what? And considering whats currently happening with the President and his staff, how could you call anyone a hypocrite?

      • Enlighten us oh idiot on what is going on with President Trump and his staff. You are aware that nothing has come out of the phony collusion claims. However the Bruce Ohr testimony has shed more enlightenment on Democrat corruption and Hillary collusion with Russia and China etc. phony FISA court information.

      • Jonathan Moffa, an FBI special agent, admitted to Congress his agency leaks stories to the news media, then uses the resulting stories to back up assertions in warrant applications, according to a series of reports Tuesday.
        Moffa, who worked alongside fired anti-Trump agent Peter Strzok on the Hillary Clinton email and “Russia” investigations, testified last Friday at closed door sessions of the House Judiciary and House Oversight Committees. A source with knowledge of those proceedings was quoted by the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) late Monday, claiming Moffa had admitted to representatives that the FBI uses the controversial practice, long-suspected of playing a role in obtaining Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants against one-time Trump aide Carter Page.

        “He more or less admitted that the FBI/DOJ have previously leaked info to the press and then used stories from the press as justifications for FISA warrants,” the source told DCNF’s Chuck Ross.

  • “What is relevant is that Raniere seeks to induce the judiciary to set precedent by taking the role of judging the merits of a specific media outlet or reporter – as an argument to convert normally public proceedings to ones that are sealed and shielded from scrutiny by that particular media, all other media, and the public in general.”

    Doesn’t that plan — Frank nailed on the head – seem just a bit delusional to anyone?

    Agnifilo, your only hope is fast winding down to an insanity plea.

    Please tell the electronic media your madman client’s name is prounoced: “RUN-EERIE” …won’t that spook ‘em!

    Can’t wait to get on the stand for your interagation.

  • Ha, ha! What a compliment to the Frank Report and it’s commenters! Headed for the big time (not the big house)! 😆

    Frank’s indictment: Classic NXIVM scare & gag tactic! Ever hear the saying “anyone can indict a ham sandwich?” Raniere-Bronfman started Frank’s 7 years ago and not only were “their” charges against him dropped but he’s yet to ever spend a second behind bars. How long’s “Vanguard” been slammed in now? …and counting.

    Longer Vanguard’s where he can’t go about indicting his detractors and, thereby, frightening victim/witnesses,
    longer he’s sure to stay. You can just hear the desperation in Keith’s request.

    Hilarious that Agnifilo cleverly tries to put Frank in the “criminal”
    company of a couple poor souls (who probably were set-up or ran out of funding and spirit and took a plea) — but that was before anyone knew about NXIVM’s “collateral” collection. (Wonder what they had/have on the lawmen who helped indict those NXIVM foe’s? Those two gents are, btw, looking more like heroes than crooks every day.

    But what Agnofilo omits is the dozens of Raniere-Bronfman “indicted” whose charges were dropped time and again, as handsomely paid NXIVM henchmen continually tried every angle (switching districts, planting tech equipment, blocking bankruptcy proceedings, harassment, etc.) to continually indict and impugn them. Yet, those dozens of would-be NXIVM indictees were all obsolved — even before the truth finally emerged about this, yes, dangerous human sex trafficking filthy money laundering pedophile misogynist women-mutilating crime syndicate meddling among the top criminal-elite leaders of Mexico!

  • He who laughs last laughs best. Marc Agnifilo will prevail. Keith will get bail be able to prepare his defense and win acquittal. He will not flee for he will win and we have no hesitation to pledge our money and lives.

    • When this is over there is a place called Colorado city/Short Creek, they have a lot of available property and I imagine they can fit you in if you need a place to start over.

  • Wonder if the ACLU, The New York Times, The Times Union and other newspapers will file amicus briefs on this matter. Having a closed hearing based on unproven allegations would be a very dangerous precedent – and the proverbial “slippery slope” in terms of taking away the public’s right to know what goes on in court proceedings.

    Also wonder if the prosecutors will ask the court to hold some type of hearing in order to require Raniere’s attorneys to provide evidence to back up their various allegations. Other than the Tighe plea deal – which is matter of public record – there was no proof offered to back up anything.

    And, lastly, I wonder why Tighe’s attorney allowed Judge Lynch to preside over this matter. Not only did he previously work for NXIVM, he’s also the judge who appointed Holly Trexler to serve as the Special District Attorney in the computer trespass case against Tighe, Natalie and O’Hara. NXIVM certainly had all its bases covered on this one – except, of course, for the inconvenient fact that there was no basis to bring any criminal proceeding in Albany County in the first place.

    • Agreed ACDAWBE. Good points.

      I have a sidebar question for you. Can you please DM me? @litecoinbaby on Twitter


    • These attorneys are simply following the orders of the smartest man in the world, they know this is an exercise in futility, Keith on the other hand has only dealt with the bought and paid for court system. Agnifilo gets paid by the hour. Keith still thinks he has a chance to escape here he hasn’t caught on yet that that boat has sailed.

    • Amicus makes sense. Perhaps the judge will see this as an informal amicus already , as The Frank Report operates transparently in the service of justice for the victims of nxivm.

  • I wonder how much Agnifilo billed for this motion? Probably $20k.

    This cat will retire off this case. He has to be laughing to himself.

    Why stop at the Courtroom? Let’s shut down the entire block. In fact, let’s shut down all of Brooklyn for a day so these mysterious benefactors will feel safe n protected.

    Shut d fck up!

  • Raniere and his band of merry brainwashers have no solid proof anyone has been threatened.

    Being written about in the news because they are so far gone they are willing to help pay to set him free via a bailout should be written about.

    Who helps out the creepy sexual offender and criminal mind behind all the harm he’s done.

  • The bail providers will be a bunch of moderately well-off NXIANs, putting up about half of their net worth (houses, retirement accounts). The large fraction of their net worth makes it credible that if Raniere flees (which he will) they will feel the pain. So their offer of bail can be interpreted as testimony that they believe he won’t.

    They will have been given assurance by Clare Bear’s lawyers that she will pay them back after Raniere flees. But as NXIANs they have been conditioned to believe that “non-disclosure” is not lying, and perfectly acceptable when doing the “ethical” thing, which is supporting their Vanguard who has taught them so much.

    So they will tell the judge (accurately) that they have not been paid (yet) to bail out Raniere. And they will purjure themselves (ethically ! ) that they have not been assured that Clare will pay them back.

    • Ummmm…there are no moderately well-off Nexians. That’s the point. The classes were total BS and had no end. ESP was just an MLM to keep the criminal enterprise going, hence the racketeering charges.

      So, it is just Clare’s accomplices trying to hide money and make it look like Clare is not the source of funds.

      • They may still have some money left. A lot of the Mexicans were Uber rich before and still rich now. Some others can still hit on trust funds etc that NXIVM didn’t drain.

        And some NXIANs may be nominal owners for tax reasons of houses actually paid for by Clare, Sara, Nancy, Lauren, or the corporation. If that swindle was done long enough ago, it would work for bail purposes.

      • Would you say that all or most NXIVM coaches hid their NXIVM earnings from the tax man and instead put the money back into NXIVM for new courses and other expenses?

        • I’d be very surprised if a single coach or any other ‘independent contractor’ ever reported a penny, which is why I am always telling people to go make their peace with the relevant tax authority in their country.

          • These people have had years to report hidden taxes to the authorities. They obviously had no problems participating in tax evasion crimes and remaining silent about it. If they do it now, it would only be for their own legal protection, not because they think it is the right thing to do.

            As an example, Kristin Kreuk, a top NXIVM coach and recruiter, with the rank of at least yellow sash 2 stripes, lied when she said in her weak damage control statement that she “never experienced any illegal or nefarious activity”. Are we to believe she knew nothing about tax evasion? Are we to believe she knew nothing about the money laundering? If Kreuk paid taxes from NXIVM earnings, there would surely be a record of that to prove it. She was also exposed as one of those on Necker Island for a cult summit where the cultists were accused of planning money laundering operations.

  • Additionally, what kind of moron defence attorney actually wants to send a Judge to come read a website that clearly lays out all of their client’s crimes, plus quite a few he isn’t charged with yet ?

    They just gave the Judge free rein to read all of Frank Report.

    Plus all of our comments.

    • Hahahahaha! Great point. And the lawyer was trying to make it look like NXIVM was the poor, maligned victim.

      A great reason why all the vile and venomous bickering that took place here a while back should be blocked and sequestered. I for one am once again enjoying the conversations.

  • What’s pretty funny about all of this is that people would recognise the co-signors going in and out of the court room, anyhow. Are they going to close the courthouse for the entire day just for Raniere’s bail hearing ?
    How are they going to keep people outside from seeing who is going in and out that day ?
    Agree with everybody else saying this whole thing seems ridiculous.

    How about if they can apply only if Sara Bronfman agrees to come in for questioning at the FBI in NY ? Or is she planning on trying to cosign Keith’s bail without setting foot at the US, as well ?

    Will the former nanny mother and the mantenido throw their hats in for Raniere, as well ?

    • Aside from some facts and a lot of speculation no one knows exactly what the prosecution has, if necessary they may share enough each time poor desperate Keith attempts a bail hearing to keep him right where he’s at. Keith is not going to get the opportunity to escape, watching his blood pressure go through the roof with each denial is worth the effort.

  • Vancatch me if you can is burning through Clare Bronfman defense fund as fast as he can.

    He has already been a bad boy at the MDC and had his phone calls taken away for 30 days. Maybe he was found with a burner phone.

    He has already proved he will spend his time malingering about being sick and needing to go to the medical clinic so he can get off his cell block.

    Didnt the Juge in this case turn down his bail since Vanbegone doesnt hold any financial interest in any bail amount paid by others?

    Did the Judge says it was easy for RunVanRun to walk out of bail if he has no skin in the game?

    Didnt the Judge already say Raniere was a flight risk and a danger to society?

    NXIVM teaches that words cannot hurt you. Why now are Vanbegones followers saying things written by the press are harmful to them? Seems hypocritical to teach one thing, then turn around and say the complete opposite is true.

    OMG Vanbelier wouldn’t pull the inconsistencies via convenience card would he? He’s far to Nobel to be involved in such back room poker dealings, isn’t he.

    Most likely the defense attorneys are just playing the “Let’s keep it safe game” so others to not come to the forefront and say this person is just as broke as Kathy Russellwho is offering bail but they got it from Clare or Sara Bronfman.

    Vanrunfast should suffer the same consequences as any other hardened Criminal who doesn’t have the funds to provide their own bail.

    It’s his karma for hiding his assets behind other people’s names. This way he could move his criminal Enterprise in any manner he wanted without getting dirt on his own hands.

  • Oh, puh-lease! Just throw in the 1st Amendment to get pissed on next?!

    Sometimes it seems this whole bizarre story is a Russian | Mexican plot to (further) corrupt and mock the U.S. Justice system and society!

    If this ridiculous request is granted and the equally ludicrous superseding charges (covering up Clare Bronfman’s perjury in the original indictment) against Frank aren’t dropped, what a tragic spoof will be had at the expense of the American people and our ideals.

    …will the bailers be needing a Spanish translator?!

  • It’s time for shadow state to try to stop trying to find out who different posters are. if he doesn’t stop then I will try to find out his name and publish it. It is wrong to try to reveal who posters are. Shadow state would not like it so why should he try to identify me ?

    • You are apparently quite close to the major figures in NXIVM.
      You know Raniere.
      You know the Salzmans.
      You know Clare.
      You know Mack.

      AUSA Moira Penza stated that every high ranking person in NXIVM, everyone with a sash, is either a criminal or a witness to crimes.

      Around the time that it became clear in the autumn of 2017 that Raniere and Mack would be charged, Nicki Clyne started to take an interest in prisoners’ rights advocacy groups.
      When a recent Frankreport story focused on the poor conditions Vanguard faced in the Brooklyn MDC, Pea Onyu complained about the mistreatment of prisoners.

      Nicki in her social media posts has talked about government tyranny.
      Pea Onyu has talked about government tyrants persecuting Raniere.

      We know that Claire has employed Nicki Clyne and treated Nicki to a vacation.
      We also know that Claire arranged a job for Nicki to keep Nicki in the country.
      And Pea Onyu has referred to Clair as a generous person.

      When Pea Onyu was accused of being Lauren Salzman she immediately denied it.
      When Pea Onyu was accused of being Nicki Clyne, she neither confirmed nor denied it.

      The circumstantial evidence points to Pea Onyu being Nicki Clyne.

      • Shadow, have you noted any similarities in syntax, grammar or misspellings, when comparing Nicki’s social media postings and Pea’s comments here? Just curious.

        • Because many social media has a limited constrained format (Twitter is limited to 140 characters) I avoided such comparisons. I noticed some irregularities in capitalization but nothing major.
          I did note that Nicki has a love of puns and word play.
          She posted a picture of a horse with the caption “If I had a horse I would name him Ernest Hemingneigh.”
          Nicki posted a picture from Puerto Vallarta with this caption,
          iguana wish you all a happy valentine’s day! 🌹”

          Of course the name “Pea Onyu” is a play on words.

          No one else in NXIVM has a social media page with such a love of word play.
          Nicki’s last major action on Twitter was a retweet on March 26.
          About the same time Raniere was arrested.
          Nicki Clyne Retweeted
          Geoffrey Miller

          Verified account

          Mar 26
          Government by a tyrant = tyranny
          Government by the people = democracy
          Government by 24-hour news cycles of media-fabricated moral panics = ???

          Note the reference to tyrants and tyranny.
          “Pea” has commented about Raniere being persecuted by governentt tyrants.
          Last October Nicki posed in a Halloween costume of a prisoner.
          Around the same time Nicki also started following groups about the unjust imprisonment and treatment of prisoners.

          Here are some of the groups and people Nicki follows on Twitter.
          1.) Tina Luongo Chief Defender Legal Aid NYC Civil Rights Attorney
          2.) Legal Aid Society NYC
          3.) Honey Jollpof — Attorney Freedom fighter
          4.)Nina Morrison, Senior Staff Attorney, The Innocence Project
          5.)The Innocence Project
          6.)Brooklyn Defender Services –Criminal, Civil, Family, Immigration
          7.)Mathew Cooke —author — the Survivors Guide to Prison
          8.)Sarah Knuckey — Columbia University Law Professor Human Rights Clinic
          9.)Yuvrnj Joshi — Human Rights lawyer Yale University
          10.) New York Civil Liberties IUnion
          11.) American Civil Liberties Union
          12.) The Marshall Project — a news room covering the American Justice system.
          13.)Corrections Accountability Project — Corrections meaning prisons.
          14)Urban Justice Center
          15.)Alliance for Criminal Justice Innovation
          16.)Center for Court Innovation

          I will praise Nicki Clyne.
          She is easily the most intelligent, intellectually curious person in NXIVM’s hierarchy.
          She attended the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser Unioversity, both legitimate universities near Vancouver.
          It’s a tragedy she fell in with the NXIVM crowd.

          And according to a former Nexian Nicki had a fear of heights which she has cured and now she regularly climbs poles and towers.
          And Nicki tried out stand up comedy, a vocation that takes lots of nerve.
          If any major Nexian has the bravery to post comments on the Frank Report, it is Nicki Clyne.

          • The innocence project, isn’t that the one for which Amanda Knox is spokesperson? In the same way that Rachel Dolezal was spokesperson for the NAACP?

    • Boycott – withdraw from commercial or social relations with (a country, organization, or person) as a punishment or protest.

      The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prevents Congress from making any law respecting an establishment of religion, prohibiting the free exercise of religion, or abridging the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, the right to peaceably assemble, or to petition for a governmental redress of grievances.

      Hold it helps with your rather limit intellect urinal

    • “It’s time for shadow state to try to stop trying to find out who different posters are.”
      The identity of Pea Onyu has been a topic for discussion since October 2017.
      Many people are curious.
      “Guest View: In Reply to Pea Onyu’s defense of Keith Raniere”
      October 12, 2017

      “I will try to find out his name and publish it.”

      I will help you out a little, Pea.
      I have undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Illinois in Urbana.
      My brother has undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Maryland and has met President Trump three times as well as the late Senator McCain and House Speakers Paul Ryan, John Boehner and Newt Gingrich.

      Good hunting!

    • If your such an avid defender of Keith’s I’d think you would be proud to identify yourself. No one seems to want to claim him when he needs you most. Is that the ethics he taught?

  • He will not get anywhere. Raniere is a sexaddict and used to a lavish lifestyle. Both are things he cannot have when he is on the run. He would surely bring some of his harem with him and he would need bags of cash to pay for his super expensive stuff. How is he supposed to get that when he is chased.
    He would have to break contact with the ones close to him, which is possible only for single individuals or a small group. He could not use a credit card or an ATM and neither could his followers without being monitored. He could hardly rent a car and not fly. How far does the old man get?
    I do not think he is the kind of guy who can live out of a bag and survive outside of his comfort zone. I do not know his CV well enough, but I would guess he has no survival training and nothing that comes in handy. On top of that he never worked a day in his entire life.

    • I think he would simply find a way to get back to Mexico, on a private plane. Once there, he would be sheltered by some highly influential, wealthy, and possibly violent, cartel-connected family. Or perhaps from there he could get to Clare’s undisclosed (to the Court) Fiji island. We know his money laundering / money moving skills are quite impressive. You can bet there will be a small army of loving devotees to coordinate this. They would gladly hand dig a tunnel from his house arrest location to the airport.

      He is adapting well enough at MDC – enjoying his meals for what they are, and possibly playing the system to get clinic visits. His selfish, whining nature is evidenced by his complaints of a too dark and too cold cell. Waaaa!

      As for breaking contact with those who are “close” to him, 1) He is actually close to no one – people are either useful to him, or they are not; and 2) as explained in previous posts, the circle of communications is already in place: Clare – Sara – Ben – Michelle – Nancy. Boom done. The group can do anything with that.

      If he gets bail, he is as good as gone.

  • Frank thank you for all of your efforts in bringing down NXIVM/ESP/Raniere.

    But most of all, than\k you for commenting on “The Shadowstate Report”.

    • “The Shadowstate Report”.

      Here’s something to tell your friend Ms. Clyne/ Pea Onyu

      “There is no doubt that Nicki is likely a subject or target of an aggressive criminal investigation by the US Dept. of Justice into NXIVM and its top leaders. Nicki is a top slave master and, therefore, could very soon be facing charges as a human trafficker.
      That carries a penalty of many years in prison for Nicki who, up until now, seems to have been oblivious to her likely fate.”
      “Nicki Clyne is Next
      Nicki needs to be taken down. That bitch bans people from Instagram and is deep in recruiting people as slaves.”

      Nicki should worry about how she is going to make bail, not Raniere.

      • Pea sure doesnt sound like the arrogant self important Nicki Clyne who posted on the 2008 AC1 thread, but then again she was an actress with a following then rather than a $15.00 waitress.

  • It is a very strange request.

    In a sense, it undermines the bail request because if an anonymous party posts bail – what incentive does Keith have not to flee?

    It is also totally ridiculous to request a closed bail hearing because one of the bail consideration factors is the safety of the community.

    No precedent for it either. I think Judge will deny.

    • It’s not an anonymous bail posting. It’s to keep the those who post bail anonymous to the public.

      All due to “big bad” Frank.

      This request is ludicrous. The public has a right to know who is posting bail for someone who is a possible danger to the community.

    • Keith could give a s*** about other people’s money & he has proven that time and time again.

      Anyone who post bells for him might as well consider it long gone. We all know that Vanguard is going to run.

      If Keith cared about other people’s money he would have never borrowed money for the commodities Market He lost 68 million of just Clare & Sara’s money, over 2 million of Barbara boucher’s money and then there are other people who contributed to that his loss of their money. For the Bronfman sisters, 68 million is mere pocket change.

      Keith has spent well over a hundred million dollars suing people or attepting to set them on fake charges. Keith has lost all cases. He does not care about the loss as it was not his money.

      If Keith thinks he’s going down for this. He will sing like a bird to get a better deal He will rat out the others as he only cares of himself.

  • There’s another scenario that might explain why people want to offer bail without being accountable: that a gaggle of wealthy Mexican Nxians want to put up the cash without affecting their family’s reputation in Mexico. We can all imagine who that might include. It would hardly be enough “moral suasion” if a handful of wealthy families south of the border were to kick in $10 million apiece to keep their idol out of jail.

  • It would seem to me that speculating on who the cosigners are would drag a lot more members names and info into the public eye than simply telling the truth. As long as the judge has not been compromised there is no legal precedent for such a move.

      • I wasn’t aware of that, is there anyone untouched by the Clinton grab bag? What about the Prosecutorial team? Are they really out for justice, I keep naively hoping the DOJ and FBI are out there diligently looking for every scrap of proof against this heinous cult and those that have been using the cult, that they want to show us their not all like Comey, Strzok, Page, Rosenstien etc. Thank God we have Frank trying to keep these people honest.

  • Here you will see a very recent post published of Emi and his protective Dad
    dancing as the real Mob. This resembles me the Padrinos scene, and still they don´t seem worried at all!!!

    • With the Salinas crime family gunning for him Raniere is safer in the Brooklyn MDC than any
      safe house.
      The Salinas family no doubt fears that Raniere will flip on them and their money laundering operations through NXIVM.

      • Hmmm. Is Raniere in any sort of max security setting? Or is he anywhere within reach of “El Mano Negro” the Black Hand — the Mexican prison gang that takes care of their own on the inside?

  • No doubt bail for Rainere would be in the range of 10 million, Clair’s original offer, to 100 million dollars, Clair’s current personal bail.
    Rainere is destitute. He’s as poor as a church mouse.

    So who has that kind of scratch?Could NXIVM’s rag tag band of deluded rank and file come up with that tidy sum?
    Is Nicki Clyne rich enough to bail out Raniere?
    Probably not.

    But there are rich powerful people with ties to NXIVM who might want to pull Raniere’s fat out of the fire.
    Let’s start with Mexico’s Salinas crime family who have access to an estimated 60 to 200 billion dollars.
    These vultures have looted the Mexican economy and no doubt found NXIVM a useful tool for laundering those ill gotten gains.
    To these people Raniere’s bail is pocket change.

    Another well to do businessman with ties to NXIVM is the brave Sir Richard Branson who now refuses to even acknowledge he knows anything about NXIVM even though in 2010 Branson hosted a party/seminar for the Nexians on Branson’s own private Neckar island, a party/seminar in which money laundering was discussed.

    And what are the possible motives for any rich person to bail out the cult guru?
    If Raniere were released on bail what could he do?

    Eat, sleep and cavort with women.
    Exactly what he did before.

    However, Raniere does represent a threat to rich and powerful people.
    Suppose Raniere traded information to the government against rich and powerful people and their money laundering operations through NXIVM for leniency in sentencing.
    Suppose Raniere was willing to flip against powerful foreign interests to save his own skin.

    Raniere would represent a huge threat to ruthless foreign businessmen/politicians/gangsters.
    Getting Raniere released from prison would in fact leave him vulnerable to dangerous people who would prefer to see Raniere dead.

    These people would pull Raniere’s fat out of the fire only to throw Raniere himself into the fire.

    Raniere might be safer in Brooklyn MDC than under house arrest where he would be vulnerable to organized crime assassins.

  • What are the chances you team up with other reporters & file an amicus brief asking the Court to keep the bond-posters/proceedings open, in the public’s interest? Might be worth a shot.

  • Yeah ! This is a heart warming day. Frank Parlato needs to be shut down. He should be arrested for what he’s written so far. This should lead to the judge ordering the Frank Report being closed.

      • Pea brain is a left wing libtard like you. QANON rolls on with the truth and it is not looking good for you scummy leftists.

    • Pea Onyu:
      Is Clare Bronfman paying for your lawyer?
      Which crimes has your lawyer told you that you might be indicted for?

      Do you think the judge is going to give custody of Raniere over to you?
      How are you holding up after losing your job at the Knife online newspaper?

    • @Pea onyourself : This is what you wish. But in spite of what you’ve been told by your master (in the master/slave fashion), you don’t control the reality. That joke will end when you will be forbidden to use a computer and in wait for your trial.

    • Yes, let’s arrest people for speaking their minds and exposing corruption. Let’s shut down all websites that oppose the Godless NXIVM Empire. What the Hell country are you from? Welcome to the USSR.

  • WTF? Is the judge likely to grant this on the basis of what these lawyers predict MIGHT happen?? These people are willing to support a criminal, but they don’t think it’s fair and reasonable that their names are made public when they do?
    If the judge grants this, I will be very disappointed in the justice system.

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