WHO Cannot Be Trusted, Despite Facebook and YouTube Banning Content Contradicting It – as Judicial Watch Seeks to Probe Dr. Fauci’s Communications Regarding WHO

[This post will almost certainly result in a lower ranking on Google, which is the leading arbiter of what news Americans read by its placement of search results. Google has taken a decidedly anti-Trump position in filtering what news Americans are able to find through its search engines– elevating CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post, above all others. All three are rabidly anti-Trump and are always to be found in disproportionate numbers at the top positions on google searches for coronavirus — while any news organizations that are supportive of the president of the US during this unprecedented crisis are either eliminated from search engines altogether or are buried deep in the search results so they are practically invisible.

Since most media are now totally dependent on Google’s arbitrary and secretive search results formula for their very survival, almost all of them have to kowtow to Google and if they seek viewers, they must shift their reporting based on what they think are Google preferences [in this case anti-US President] It is astonishing that Google has grown to have more power to influence the flow of information than all the media combined. Period.

All media has to be afraid of Google since, if they so choose and without warning, Google can relegate any media outlet to non-existence by burying them so deep in the search engine results that they will not be found by people searching for news on a given topic.

In fact, I am likely to be censored just for writing this. Trump supporters would be wise to start using other search engines {Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go] to get their news and to strengthen competition and prevent one corporation from totally dominating the entire news cycle for the entire world. Presently Google controls 92 percent of the search engine use.

It is also unclear to me why Google has so strongly elevated CNN which seems clearly pro Chinese and pro-authoritarianism. But it is fact that Google is elevating CNN above all other media and far in excess of their actual readership in all searches surrounding coronavirus.

This may be because of CNN definite and Google’s seemingly anti-Trump position.

Now for our likely-to-be-shadow banned story:

(Washington, DC) –Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit on behalf of the Daily Caller News Foundation against the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) for communications and other records of National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci and Deputy Director H. Clifford Lane with and about the World Health Organization (WHO) concerning the novel coronavirus

(Daily Caller News Foundation v. U.S. Department Justice (No. 1:20-cv-01149)).

The suit was filed after HHS failed to respond to an April 1, 2020, FOIA request seeking:

  • Communications between Dr. Fauci and Deputy Director Lane and World Health Organization officials concerning the novel coronavirus.
  • Communications of Dr. Fauci and Deputy Director Lane concerning WHO, WHO official Bruce Aylward, WHO Director General Tedros Anhanom, and China.

The time period for the request is January 1, 2020 to April 1, 2020.

In March 2020, Fauci praised the work of the WHO and their chairman, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, saying: “Tedros is really an outstanding person … I mean, obviously, over the years anyone who says that the WHO has not had problems has not been watching the WHO. But I think under his leadership they’ve done very well.”

In April, President Trump announced a halt to funding the World Health Organization. According to the president, the WHO put “political correctness over lifesaving measures.” Additionally, President Trump said: “The WHO failed in this duty, and must be held accountable,” adding that the WHO ignored “credible information” in December 2019 that the virus could be transmitted from human to human.

Daily Caller News Foundation Co-Founder and President Neil Patel said: “This virus has killed hundreds of thousands of people and turned the whole world upside down. We know that China and WHO could have done a lot more to prevent or reduce this catastrophe. We therefore have a legitimate and urgent news purpose for seeking these documents regarding U.S. officials’ communications with WHO and demand that the agencies in question stop stalling and start following the law that entitles us to this vital information.”

“It is urgent that the NIH follow transparency law during the coronavirus crisis,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “It is of significant public interest to learn what WHO was telling our top medical officials about the coronavirus that originated in China.”

It will be of interest and perhaps importance to see what Dr. Fauci’s communications were concerning WHO. YouTube, Facebook and others have decreed that the WHO is the ultimate and final source for all factual data on the coronavirus.

YouTube has already stated it bans content that contradicts WHO’s pronouncements, despite WHO being wrong at several critical junctures since the outbreak of coronavirus and its president being an ally of China much more so than the USA.

In the past, WHO has been credited with aiding in the eradication of smallpox and the near eradication of leprosy and river blindness.

World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus attends a news conference on the coronavirus in Geneva, Switzerland, February 24, 2020. (Denis Balibouse/Reuters)

Since its inception 72 years ago almost to the day, the World Health Organization (WHO)  has been credited with the eradication of smallpox and the near eradication of other devastating illnesses, including leprosy and river blindness.

According to National Review:

On December 30, Chinese doctor Li Wenliang warned colleagues about the outbreak of an illness resembling severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), which sparked a pandemic in 2003.

Chinese authorities summoned Li to the Public Security Bureau in Wuhan on accusations that he had made false statements and disrupted the public order.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) followed up with numerous other arrests, and publicly warned that it would punish anyone spreading “rumors” on social media.

By mid January, Chinese doctors knew that COVID-19 was spreading between humans, but on January 14, the WHO stated that there was “no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus.”

Two weeks later, WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus flew to Beijing for a meeting with Chinese president Xi Jinping, who so impressed Tedros that he lauded Chinese authorities for “setting a new standard for outbreak control,” praising their “openness for sharing information.”

[Dr. Li died, allegedly after contracting COVID-19, but I have doubts about his true cause of death, considering the report of his cause of death came from China.]

When President Trump limited travel from China to the U.S. on January 31 — Tedros said it would “have the effect of increasing fear and stigma, with little public health benefit.”

The WHO has lent its imprimatur to Chinese disinformation and blessed China’s slow response to its domestic outbreak, which likely caused a 20-fold increase in cases, according to a University of Southampton study.

What remains to be seen is what communications did Dr. Fauci have with WHO, which is now considered the ultimate authority on conronavirus political correctness, not only with YouTube but with Facebook and US Rep. Adam Schiff, who has sent a letter to Instagram, Twitter and Google to suppress all information that contradicts any pronouncements of WHO.


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  • The Schiff letter should be viewed as a First Amendment freedom of speech violation. It’s one thing for Google to be a bad actor, and quite another for a government employee to support their disgusting behavior. Google should be sued under the anti-trust laws and broken up into two companies – a Libtard company as they are now and separate conservative one.

    Below is from an Amway employee newsletter. What did Amway know about the coronavirus and when did they know it? Apparently, whatever they knew started in December and they have since given 200 air filters to Malaysia as a publicity stunt: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2020/04/05/amway-gives-air-purifiers-worth-rm800000-to-health-ministry If I didn’t know any better (and I do know), I may come away from this story with the impression that Amway is a fine company and not an MLM scam.


    A Tale of Grit: Full Hearts & Full Effort

    by Employee NewsNet at 2:30 PM in Company News, Employee Life

    The Global Durables Product Development team is 100% focused on truth and air quality amid COVID-19.

    ​Futurist Andrew Zolli defines resilience as the ability of people, communities, and systems to maintain their core purpose and integrity among unforeseen shocks and surprises.

    Webster’s dictionary defines grit as firmness of character; indomitable spirit.

    For Amway engineer and internship alum Emily DeVriese, this meant coming together as a global Durables Product Development team to understand COVID-19 and deploy critical information to ABOs and affiliates.

    The Product Development team focuses on products in our air filtration line, including the Atmosphere Sky, Atmosphere Drive, and Atmosphere Mini. The team supports filtration research, investigates new technology, designs systems and provides evidence-based data to support capabilities claims.

    When COVID-19 began spreading last December, this talented team of scientists started monitoring its trajectory and researching the biochemical properties of the virus. They saw purpose and possibility in our Atmosphere products to help maintain clear air for those in the path of COVID-19.

    The team mobilized and leveraged partnerships across the Innovation and Science division – analytics experts, engineers, microbiologists – and reached out to trusted third-party testing firms to verify the capabilities of Atmosphere filtration. They drew on past Amway research from the SARS and MERS epidemics and focused on studies of virus particle sizes as they are drawn through the filtration system.

    Amway filters are rigorously tested at an external lab where a variety of particles are sent through our filters to determine efficacy. “We look at different particle sizes and what comes through. The results are then sent to an independent filtration expert who takes the Amway data and determines what other airborne contaminants could be filtered out using our products, including allergens, bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, pollen, and other pollutants from the air that is drawn into the system,” said DeVriese.

    Principal engineer Brian Beals, DeVriese, and their colleagues mobilized and responded to the changing global landscape of COVID-19. Maintaining integrity and accuracy in their product claims was paramount. The team provided daily updates to affiliates to ensure product claims reflected their findings related to COVID-19.

    “No one is giving up on each other, we’re working even harder,” said DeVriese. “Our team is committed to each other. So many people are working around the clock with our suppliers and affiliates to make sure people have the information that they need so that ABOs have the most up-to-date claims information. We’ve had to adjust our lifestyles and our work styles, but we’re making sure our ABOs are in the best position to continue meeting the needs of our customers. It’s a real-time example of the Founders’ Growth Mindset”

    The Durables Product Development team has not deviated from their core purpose of discovery, even as the Coronavirus continues its tumultuous spread across the globe.

    Emily witnessed the pay-it-forward mentality of Amway colleagues firsthand as the virus first took hold in China. “It was such a challenge. The market team worked tirelessly to change plans and come together to make sure production could continue and timelines didn’t have to shift,” she said.

    The team in China has been extraordinary and courageous – working from home, caring for their families during times of incredible stress and supporting Amway’s efforts to make sure everything was in the right place at right time for production.

    And now as the Coronavirus pandemic reaches Europe and the Americas, different teams are working from home as colleagues in China are starting to return to work. Teams are relying on each other, returning the favor to those who helped in the midst of chaos, and everyone is grateful for their mutual dedication.

    And what has been discovered in research regarding COVID-19 and our Atmosphere systems?

    It’s important to note that any Amway systems or products are not by themselves an appropriate method of protection against viruses such as COVID-19, MERS, SARS or H1N1 viruses.

    “We’re careful to explain that we are able to filter out viruses of similar size as COVID-19 when they are drawn through the Atmosphere system,” said DeVriese. “Because we are in the midst of the outbreak, we aren’t able to test the actual virus, so comparing the size of the particles is our best option.”

    As with all Amway teams, the work doesn’t stop there. The Durables Product Development team is working with suppliers on new ways to help our communities. “Suppliers are reaching out seeing if we need face masks and how they can help us. I can’t say enough about the strong bond Amway has with suppliers,” said DeVriese. “Our team is more than just Amway – it’s everyone we partner with. There are some really great ideas in the works and we’re trying to figure out how we can do more, even as we’re working from our own kitchen tables at home.”

    With full hearts and full effort, firmness of character and an indomitable spirit, Amway will emerge from this with new ways of working, new skills and new ideas. Your passion, courage, and perseverance to meet the needs of your communities, customers, and colleagues inspires all of us.

    What are you and your team doing to connect or help around our community? Share your story ideas.

  • My only two questions are as follows:

    If Dr. Fauci is such an evil and unscrupulous individual why does President Trump not fire Fauci?

    Why hasn’t President Trump ordered Dr. Fauci investigated by the FBI?

    • NiceGuy 666,

      You ask such easy questions. Are you four years old? LOL

      Perhaps Trump wants to string Fauci along.

      FBI investigations aren’t normally announced, so Trump easily could have ordered an investigation of Fauci.

      You’re a dummy. Or as you would say, “Your a dummy.” LOL

    • Shadow, AnonyMaker, or anyone else.

      I am genuinely questioning things.

      Can someone please give me a valid or credible explanation why Trump does not fire Fauci or change Fauci’s role?

      Thanks in advance.


    Doctor to Senators: Coronavirus Fatality Rate 10 to 40x Lower than Estimates that Led to Lockdowns

    The coronavirus infection fatality rate is lower than initially predicted, perhaps similar or even lower than the seasonal flu’s 0.1 percent for some segments of the population, a couple of doctors confirmed in testimony before a Senate panel on Thursday.

    Breitbart News has highlighted some studies that took into account mild or asymptomatic infections and found that the ongoing pandemic is more widespread but less deadly than early estimates.

  • Doctor to Senators: Coronavirus Fatality Rate 10 to 40x Lower than Estimates that Led to Lockdowns

    The coronavirus infection fatality rate is lower than initially predicted, perhaps similar or even lower than the seasonal flu’s 0.1 percent for some segments of the population, a couple of doctors confirmed in testimony before a Senate panel on Thursday.

    Breitbart News has highlighted some studies that took into account mild or asymptomatic infections and found that the ongoing pandemic is more widespread but less deadly than early estimates.

  • Great News!
    The DOJ has dropped ALL charges against Michael Flynn!
    It is expected that Roger Stone and Carter Page will soon be pardoned.
    And James Comey, former head of the FBI, and John Brennan, former Director of Central Intelligence, had better “lawyer up.”

    The Dumbocratic Party/Deep State Coup has been DEFEATED!
    CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is choking on his own bile!

  • Frank, your work matters! I love your bravado, the courage to speak the truth. I write a blog as well, and let me tell you I am a TARGETED individual. Kicked off the Twitter platform so many times? They just let me have an account-but no one can retweet me. LOL I wrote a blog about Isaac Kappy’s “death” and was literally threatened by Tom Hanks (Michael Rockefeller) I wrote a blog about Somerset Belanoff and my computer EXPLODED. Alas, what was top ranking on Google became NO LISTING on Google. Keep up the great work my friend, you’re over the target. 🙂

  • The Daily Caller is sitting on a potentially explosive story, published 7 August 2019 – in which Davis Oliver Richardson exposed
    the Humpty Dumpty Institute – with Jeffrey Epstein’s brother as a director, and 32 congressmen on board who REFUSED to answer
    a single question that I asked them. On board also are PR Chinese gaming officials – including Ruby Wong.
    I just talked to Davis about this today, with all the ties to China on the part of Dems this ought to also be investigated.
    Which just may mean that google will block this article, and may have blocked the Daily Caller article of 7 August.
    Davis and I did notice that it has become hard to google Humpty Dumpty Institute, sometimes it takes us to a sex drug site.

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