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Yesterday, a comment by Pea Onyu:

I know you are all going to attack me for doing the right thing but Barbara Bouchey demanded for $2 million and now Toni Zarattini demands $2 million. How could that be a coincidence? Then Joseph O’Hara and Toni Natalie always wanted to destroy Vanguard. And Kristin Keeffe stole Vanguard’s baby who he loved so much. And Susan Dones destroyed the Seattle Center. Now you add all that up and it becomes clear that there is a monstrous conspiracy to destroy someone so good. Was not Christ crucified by such as these?


Ultra paranoid, super destructive, the coward, Keith Raniere.


Fake News – Where are your facts?

A guest view in reply to Pea Onyu wrote:

Dear Pea Onyu;

No attack needed, your facts are just one-sided.

Have you seen the resignation letter Bouchey wrote? Do you know Raniere borrowed money from her and lost it gambling in the commodities market? What if she and others were just asking for money owed to them from Raniere and Salzman? Do you know NXIVM attempted to have extortion charges brought against them, but it wasn’t extortion, so no charges happened?

All Alex has to prove that Zarattini asked for $2 million is a copy of Bouchey’s resignation letter (which only went to Salzman and Raniere). Alex was not on the board at the time, he became a board member shortly afterward Bouchey, and eight other women left.

Where is your proof that O’Hara and Natalie want to destroy Raniere? What if they would like to move on with their lives, but Raniere keeps them in one lawsuit after another?

Raniere has done his part in attempting to destroy their lives. If you care to educate yourself, check out how Raniere has sued each of them over and over again. Raniere, Salzman, and Keeffe kept Natalie in bankruptcy court for eight years, she finally won but really, eight years.

How can a mother steal her baby? Raniere lied to the community when the baby was born. He wouldn’t even admit that was his son, but came up with a story how it was a friend of Barbara Jeske’s.

Raniere isn’t even on the birth certificate.

Dones only closed the building she was renting that housed the Seattle Center. Why would she continue to pay rent on a building when she was no longer going to be involved?

Two other proctors, Wendy Rosen-Brooks and [Name redacted] moved the Center to another building in Seattle. Shortly after Vancouver BC opened their Center, which Dones worked for years to help build long before Sarah Edmondson came to NXIVM.

Susan Dones left NXIVM in 2009. What evidence is there that she is actively working to sabotage NXIVM?

Some people did leave after Dones left due to their own values conflicts with Raniere’s behavior. People have free will, and, as the Judge decided in her case, NXIVM does not own their clients and Dones had the right to inform them of her concerns.

It was a value conflict and how does that destroy value when people are upholding what is important to them. You have to ask yourself what’s important, giving Raniere money at the expense of upholding one’s values.

So this can be played out both ways of who is conspiring against who. Bouchey, Dones, O’Hara, and Natalie have all been sued by NXIVM. NXIVM has always lost these lawsuits. Now they are trying to bring false charges “again” in Mexico, because they cannot prove them in the United States.

What is destroying NXIVM is Raniere’s behavior and the latest brainchild of DOS.

Bouchey, Dones, O’Hara and Natalie have nothing to do with DOS, or breaking the news of DOS. None of them talk with people actively involved with NXIVM unless the people contact them first, wanting information about why they left.

From what I’ve heard from each of them, they just want to move on with their lives.
I had a short talk with Dones not too long ago, and she said she doesn’t care what NXIVM members are doing; it doesn’t affect her, as she has no contact with active members.

She got contacted by a friend who has a son/daughter in law involved. They had concerns and wanted her to talk with them. She agreed if they contacted her and wanted information why she left.

The parents made a call, were happy being involved and that was that. When Dones talked with the concerned family after the call, her advice was to “just love them, they are adults, and we all have to make our way.”

She shared it was important was not to push them away, if you want to have any relationship with them.

Pea Onyu, I think what you don’t understand is when people leave NXIVM they go on to build a life beyond NXIVM. No one wants to drag an anchor of angry and revenue by trying to destroy NXIVM or Raniere.

Toni Natalie left Keith Raniere in 1998. What secrets of NXIVM does she really know? The company started in 1998.

Really if you step back and take a good look, no one has to do that, Raniere is doing a fine job of that himself by his behavior equation.

Natalie left after the very first interview. O’Hara left after he found Keeffe was involved in illegal activity in the Ross case. Bouchey and Dones left in 2009, but NXIVM continued to grow. Since Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson left, three centers have closed, and Mexico seems to be falling apart.

Albany has never been up and running, unless they can import people from outside areas and Level II’s. If the numbers are correct, and DOS was exposed, NXIVM has taken a tailspin.

So how is it that the people who left so many years ago are responsible for the downfall of NXVIM?

Is this just fake news you bring? Where are your facts? Post your facts to back up what you accused these people of, or are you just spouting off bull shit?

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5 years ago

“Two other proctors, Wendy Rosen-Brooks and Charmel Bowden moved the Center to another building in Seattle. Shortly after Vancouver BC opened their Center, which Dones worked for years to help build long before Sarah Edmondson came to NXIVM.”

Kristin Kreuk regularly drove weekly four hour drives from Vancouver to Tacoma, coaching NXIVM. Charmel Bowden was her coach. Kreuk really helped build up the NXIVM branches. Even after Susan Dones left and closed down her branch due to NXIVM being a criminal organisation and a hunting ground for Keith Raniere’s sexual perversion and getting sued in retaliation, Kreuk continued to stay on devoted to NXIVM.

Why did Susan Dones lie to the press and say Kreuk left shortly after she did in 2009? Kreuk was involved with the cult for years after Susan Dones left.

Pea Onyu
Pea Onyu
6 years ago

I reject your ignorant characterizations of me. I disagree with everything you write. The proof is here. Open your eyes. Not the physical eyes but the eye of faith. Your eye must be single. I know not because I seen with mine own eyes but because I have faith in the glory of Vanguard. You see the world leads us to terrible places. Toni Natalie Joseph O’Hara Susan Dones Toni Zarattini and others I could name plus defiant Barbara Bouchey betrayed him and they suffer for years On the other hand if they would be honest and loyal as they pledged how far along the stripe path they would be.
By the way just to show you how ignorant you are my name Pea Onyu is pronounced
Pay-ah Wan-vo.

6 years ago
Reply to  Pea Onyu

“the proof is here in the eye of faith” and where this is proof if as you are in faith then you understand that your faith is yours and nothing else so you can not expect others to have it if everything you see makes you mistrust completely in YOUR friend and mentor against that there are no words that manage to convince only the truth and since you like to use references to jesus I remind you the words of this “truth must pass through all like the light through the crystal”

6 years ago
Reply to  Pea Onyu

Oh honey… please just go back to the real Jesus. Keith is a horrible, manipulative, sociopath, literally was destroying his child who he NEVER treated like a son, and was abusing that child’s mother. He is not glorious. He’s a fake. Go back to your loved ones, go to church, whatever else works for you- bust save your soul as fast as you can….
no one that stands by Keith will get into heaven. You must know that.

6 years ago
Reply to  Pea Onyu

Pea Onyu
Honey you need some water and lay off the pool-aid just for a week.
There was nothing about this that attracted you, it just asked for facts to back up your accusations.
Now you talk of eyes and faith, but that will never hold up in a real court of law.
Not everyone see your Vanguard as a holy man nor did they take a vow of death do us part to or with him.
Maybe that happens in DOS now. Natalie, Dones, Bouchey, Zarrattini nor O’Hara were ever a part of any forever pledge.
If you’ve been told that, you have been lied too.
Even Jesus Christ himself never punished nor had his followers punished those who fell from his flock. He’d pray and in the end died in the cross for all our sins.
Your Vanguard does not come close to living up to an example of of Chirst, Gandhi or the Dalai Lama.
Your ignorance is your narrow mindset and unwillingness to get reality based facts or defend your position with logical thinking that backs up your point of view.
Repost when you have something of worth to say other than “He’s the holiness , he’s the Vanguard”.

6 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

The paradigm that pea onyu exhibits.

Even cutting off the head of the dragon would not stop this monster. The organization has been built with hierarchy and has many heads. He would be viewed like a fucking diety like Gandhi or Jesus.

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