Leaked notes of DOS woman Part 2: ‘Keith in my head’ & what is ‘RME’?

[Below is the second of three sheets of paper that contain handwritten notes in the possession of a DOS slave. To be clear, the DOS slave did not leak the notes, but an Expian leaked them to Frank Report for publication. I know the identity of the Expian and I know the identity of the DOS slave. The sheet below is believed to be written by the DOS slave. They provide a further insight into DOS. I ask readers to comment on their interpretations of what these notes mean.]

These notes are interesting for at the top of the left column are the letters ‘KR’.

I suspect KR stands for Keith Raniere, who allegedly has nothing to do with DOS.

The third line below KR is the word ‘sex.’ From what I have been told by knowledgeable sources, Keith has had sex with this DOS slave [as he has had with numerous other DOS slaves.].

Further on down the left column, and again on the right column is reference to something or someone called  “RME”.

The notes include:

“This make RME better.”

“He feels RME is failing.”

Midway down the right column the DOS slave notes

“RME Event[?]” next to “ESP sales.”

What is RME? Do any readers know?

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  • The handwriting in one vs two doesnt look quite the same. I would agree with the real Rainbow.and think this is pertaining to RCG. Could these be Loreta Garza’s notes? It appears to be pertaining to the hiring of MDS’s. “sara says loves children” Sara has to be Bronfman.

  • RME: rainbow multicultural education. Looks like right side is some notes on some possible candidates to possibly be an MDS (what they call their teachers).




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