Misc. notes and info picked up from various sources on NXIVM

The leader of NXIVM - Keith Raniere - from a video.

According to sources:


Monica Duran is a slave of Keith Raniere. She left Albany and is said to be in Mexico – awaiting orders from Legatus, Prefect or Vanguard.

The FBI investigation into NXIVM is reportedly not over and the latest superseding indictment is not to be the last.

Keith – as well as Clare, Lauren and Nancy – can expect more charges.

Among other potential targets are Emiliano Salinas, Rosa Laura Junco, Benjamin Myers, Matt McMorris, Michelle Salzman, James Del Negro, Karen Unterreiner, Sara Bronfman-Igtet, Esther Chiappone Carlson, Alejandro Betancourt, Edgar Boone, Ana Risoul, Nicki Clyne, Monica Duran, Loreta Garza and Dani Padilla.


Dr. Brandon Porter M.D..

The New York State Medical Licensing Board is set to decide whether to suspend or revoke the medical license of Dr. Brandon Porter. Either way, he will not be practicing medicine [or conducting human fright experiments] for some time.

Porter might also be criminally charged.

He and wife, Janie Jeffries, however, are standing by their Vanguard – although how they will make a living now is anybody’s guess.  Despite having been a medical doctor – the cost of Executive Success Programs – coupled with all the time he lost doing volunteer work for NXVM – plus the high cost of Rainbow Cultural [Child Abuse] Garden, kept Porter broke.

Viva Executive Success.


Raniere-Bronfman-Porter got the idea for human fright experiments from the Mexican Drug Cartels – who regularly administer similar tests. The cartels are more sophisticated than one might imagine and they conduct human fright tests to gauge people’s reactions to various atrocities that they themselves commit.


Shaun Bergeron – formerly of Knife Media – and member of the Society of Protectors – remains an avid Vanguard supporter.

He recently lost his job at the Knife Media – as a Logic Expert –  when it closed its doors. He reportedly also worked at the Cheesecake Factory, waiting tables. He uses the stellar NXIVM tech to get some pretty good tips. Sometimes, he makes as much as $100 in a shift.

After more than a decade in NXIVM, and having taken dozens of intensives, Shaun is a poster boy for Executive Success Programs. He’s broke.


Dani Padilla – a DOS slave.

He is also a criminal.

In the past, Shaun married Dani Padilla to keep her in the US. They did not live much together – except when they needed to fool US Immigration. They divorced after Dani got her Green Card. Dani went on to be a leader in DOS.

Dani is now in Mexico – and trying to keep her wealthy parents from learning about her role in NXIVM and DOS.

Shaun was dating fellow Knife “Spin Analyst” Chelsea Brown – but Chelsea left him and hooked up with Adrian ‘Fluffy’ Fernandez. Both of them left the cult that brands and blackmails women.

Adrian’s sister, Mariana, gave birth to Keith Raniere’s son [reportedly called ‘Kemar‘] last summer, which makes  Adrian the uncle of Keith Raniere’s youngest child.


With Keith in prison and not likely to leave anytime soon, it is unknown how often he will get to see his younger son. That may be unimportant to him. His older son, Galen, he hasn’t seen since 2014 when mother and son fled from his cruelty and went into hiding. Prior to that, Keith lied to his followers and said Galen was a foundling whose father was unknown.

Nice daddy, Vanguard.


Chief enablers of targeting women into the love cult of Keith Raniere: Karen Unterreiner, Keith Raniere, Pam Cafritz and Barbara Jeske.

It is reported that Keith forced the late Pam Cafritz to have several abortions. He also demanded that other women of his harem have abortions. It is suspected the only reason his first son was allowed to be born at all is that the mother hid from Raniere that she was pregnant. If he had found out, he would have probably forced her to have an abortion. When she later surprised him with the unwelcome child – Keith made up the now infamous lie about the boy’s birth, forcing the mother to deny she was the boy’s mother [telling NXIVM followers that the boy’s mother died giving childbirth – and the father was unknown.]


The noble Vanguard would often promise women they would have an avatar child with him – cleverly manipulating women’s latent desire for motherhood – often lying to them about being in a monogamous relationship with them.

They would either never get pregnant or if they did, he would force them to have abortions.

Ivy  Nevares soon grew too old and too heavy for Keith Raniere. She never had the avatar baby he promised – though she waited more than 15 years.

Among the women who were promised avatar babies were Toni Natalie, Barbara Bouchey, Ivy Nevares, Lauren Salzman, and Pam Cafritz.  None of them had children with Vanguard.

How many women he deceived – who lost the opportunity to have a child waiting for their Vanguard – is hard to know.

At one time, Barbara Bouchey and Keith Raniere were close. He later turned on her and tried to destroy her.  Nice boyfriend.



The ‘friend’ of Kathy Russell, [Name redacted] – who is set to so-sign a $150,000 bail bond for Kathy – is actually a NXIVM member and member of the Society of Protectors. I wonder if Kathy told the court that her bail is all NXIVM related?


DOS branding Doctor Danielle Roberts will be appearing again at the Navel Health and Wellness Expo this November. 

If she is not criminally charged before that.



More media coverage on Catherine Oxenberg’s book ‘Captiive’ – in the Daily Beast: How I Found My Brainwashed Daughter in the Sex Cult NXIVM


Captive: A Mother's Crusade to Save Her Daughter from a Terrifying Cult by [Oxenberg, Catherine]



In addition to Catherine’s excellent book, “Captive” – which gives the world a pretty good look at the man known as Vanguard — Keith Raniere is getting a lot of attention in the mainstream press – confirming the old adage that ‘every dog has its day.’

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