Onyu answers questions of readers

Pea Onyu answers questions and rebuts comments posed by various readers. I have not edited a single word of Onyu’s responses.


By Pea Onyu

Mr. Parlato let me answer the remarks of your ill-informed readers [like writer- like readers]. I hope you will have at least the minimal dignity [of which you possess little] to publish my reply unedited. I know why you publish my remarks – not to advance the truth but to make sport of Keith Raniere – and bring my serious comments up for ridicule by your classless readers. So sad.

Still I must use your forum to reach the followers of Vanguard for they read your site.  So in the interest of fairness which you falsely represent your self to be I want you to allow me to give the truth to rebut your endless lies. Unless your afraid to do so.

Your clown Larry Shea asks:

Ms. Onyou, do you actually support the following admission that was made by your Vanguard: “I’ve had people killed because of my beliefs and because of their beliefs and because of the things that I’ve said and I’m mindful of that.”…

I would really appreciate a sincere reply from you, Ms. Onyou.


I am familiar with the video and the despicable women who filmed it. It was not a secret video. Keith knew he was being filmed. It was at Nancy’s house and Keith was talking about how life is precious and how it was the great trust given him when he accepted the role of world teacher. He did not mean he was killing anybody. He was saying people died for his noble cause.  People die in life. Isn’t it better to die following Keith Raniere than for foolish reasons. I’d rather die following Keith than from smoking cigarettes – something Keith told me to quit.

No Mr. Shea; Keith did not murder anyone. How many died following Gandhi? How many martyrs for Christ. I do not need to elaborate: All great causes have casualties. Great leaders -such as Keith feel it deeply. That is all he was trying to say – and show his deep compassion.


The next is from ass clown Shadow State

…. Assuming Pea gets out of prison before Vanguard, maybe she can schedule some conjugal visits.

And Pea, be sure not to shave down there when you visit.
Vanguard prefers a jungle down there.
And be sure not to eat any garlic.


Silly Shadow State is referring to Keith’s dictum not to shave pubic hair – well isn’t it obvious it grows for a reason? Keith understands that natural pheromones are stronger with pubic hair covering the pubis mound. As for eating garlic – perhaps Shadow State enjoys cunnilingus with garlic tinged odour.  The reality is Keith did not practice cunnilingus with a perverse intention but to heal us of our disintegrations. It works. Garlic is a very earthy vegetable and does not aid in deep spiritual reflections. it makes one aggressive and earthy. The bad odour is just an outward sign of the havoc it wreaks on the spiritual side of the woman. Women should not eat garlic.


Heinrich Joey

PeaOnYou as being “India.”

PeaOnYou, you are a real female NXIVM member? You are still supporting the cause?


I am not the bedeviled India – the thief who has gotten everything from Vanguard and betrayed him. No I am ashamed of her and I realize she is not coming back – the wicked woman. She chose a man over heaven and truth. Her demon mother and selfish grandmother would rather she have a disgustingly earthy relationship with a mediocre man than be with the world’s most elevated thinker. Who would have thought she could be this selfish?

As for being a member – I am more than a member as you call it. I made the Vow – the lifelong commitment to my eternal husband. I am his forever. Yes, I call myself his slave but I am also his wife and I am eternally committed to him.  Judas Oxenberg also made the same commitment – but she is a ruthless liar and betrayer. I stand with Vanguard and his brand proves it.

When I testify in court I will – along with the others – prove this was all voluntary.

There will be no failure. Vanguard will be acquitted and DOS will be bigger than ever – and the women of the world will unite as one and be the bethrothed of Vanguard. There are no other men in the world other than Vanguard – all the so called men are really females. And all the women of the world for all time will be his.


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  • Frank, is this real? Pea is a real person?

    How is it that the Western District believed these special people?


    “ I’m an astronaut and I own this bar “ an they believed.

  • So if I understand you, to be healed of “disintegrations” you have to have oral sex perform on you by a 57 year old pedophile?

  • Pea Onyou:
    Please explain this quote from Catherine Oxenberg’s book “Captive”

    “When Allison lived with Bonnie and Mark, including the time when India and I were their houseguests, she would flip out in the middle of the night and I would hear murderous screaming from her room. She would get up and walk around Clifton Park all night long.”

    Pea Onyou: Is your brave and heroic friend Allison mentally ill?

  • Dear Ms. Onyou,

    With all due respect, how do you know that your statement, “No Mr. Shea; Keith did not murder anyone,” is true?

    Stooping to disrespectful name-calling because I had the audacity to ask you if ‘”you actually support the following admission that was made by your Vanguard: ‘I’ve had people killed because of my beliefs, and because of their beliefs, and because of the things that I’ve said; and I’m mindful of that,”‘ is not the kind of civil response that I would have expected from the eternal wife of Vanguard. Please, excuse me for assuming that you were more enlightened than such a response would indicate.

    I asked you if you supported Keith Alan Raniere’s admission that he had people killed, i.e., murdered. I do not think that you answered my question. Rather you appear to have side-stepped it by comparing Keith Raniere to great teachers like Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus Christ and to their causes and to Keith’s noble cause.

    Ms. Onyou, you resorted to two flawed arguments in your reply to me. First, Keith Alan Raniere boasted about having people murdered; that is as clear as clear can be. However, you put words into Keith Raniere’s mouth by making the unsubstantiated statement to me that “He did not mean he was killing anybody.”

    Ms. Onyou, Keith Raniere was not using the present tense when he clearly stated, “I’ve had people killed…” How do you know that Keith Alan Raniere has not had people killed? He clearly states that he has had people killed. By his own admission, Keith Alan Raniere is a murderer!

    How can you possibly interpret his clear admission of having “had people killed” as “He was saying people died for his noble cause?” Did you mean to say that Keith Alan Raniere was having people killed “for his noble cause?” Could you please clarify what you mean by “He was saying people died for his noble Cause?” We would all love to know who these people who died are! Could you please just give us their names?

    Your second argument is flawed as well. You may personally believe that Keith Alan Raniere is a “world teacher.” I accept that it is your right to have such a high opinion of “your eternal husband.” However, comparing your hubby to Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus Christ has a ring of hollowness to it. The charges against these two unquestionably great teachers, Gandhi and Jesus, when they were brought in front of the authorities, did not include money laundering, sex-trafficking, forced labor, identity theft, obtaining property through fraud & extortion, and identity theft for smuggling illegal aliens into the USA. However, these are charges that the DOJ has entered against Keith Alan Raniere and other members of his “organized racketeering enterprise.”

    Ms. Onyou, would you please be so kind and considerate as to simply answer my original question: “Do you actually support the following admission that was made by you Vanguard?” Please just answer it either yes or no. Thank you very much.

    Ms. Onyou,I am not insensitive to the emotional loss that must be feeling regarding your separation from your eternal husband. Have you had a chance to visit Keith at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY? How is he faring? Would he be willing to give me an interview? I know that I am asking you a lot of question but I am really only looking for the facts madam. Thank you so very much.

  • I believe the Pea Onyu posts are written by a troll. I looked backed at old posts, and I noticed that Pea was posting about a year ago (I’m not sure when the Pea posts first began) and that these posts have used multiple email addresses.

    Even if the original posts were written by a NXIVM member; it would be very easy for any troll to continue to write posts using that same name. I see no evidence to suggest that whoever is writing under that name has ever been a NXIVM member. I agree that it’s probaby someone trying to pull everyones chain,. and not succeeding very well, as we all can tell that it’s fake.

    • Not succeeding? I would this troll has been quite a success. Look at all the comments the troll brings in and wasted bandwidth. Almost as much a waste of life as shadowstate with his young TV starlet perversions.

  • To say: “I’ve had people killed because of my beliefs…”
    means something entirely different to: “people died for his noble cause.”

    the first statement entails a command and pre-meditated murder,
    the second statement entails solidarity and willing sacrifice.

    So silly to try and elide the first and recorded factual statement,
    to the second false-to-facts, highly wishful thinking on your part, statement of allegiance.

    Like Keith, It won’t wash.

  • Frank, with all due respect, you lessen the validity of your site every time you let one of these morons post an insane and nonsensical article. It’s bad enough when they make their inane comments, but to allow them such a public forum by actually publishing this drek? Not a good look.

    • If she is a legit cultist, then letting her run her mouth is good for exposing their bullshit. Of course, it may be a troll. If Pea is real, she can prove it to Frank and he can confirm. Until then, take it with a pinch of salt.

  • If Pea is under indictment or possibly faces future indictment it would be legally unwise for her to reveal her identity.
    The important point is that we try to reason with her to the extent we can.

    Here are some of my objections to NXIVM.
    Please read these objections and think about them and then you can call me any name in the book.
    There are so many problems with NXIVM it’s hard to know where to begin.

    First of all Raniere’s lecture on how the women of NXIVM are reincarnated NAZIS!
    Many of these women are of Jewish heritage.
    Raniere’s asinine statement is an attempt to demean and dehumanize these women, particularly the Jewish ones.
    Then Raniere manipulates these women for his end.
    I’m not Jewish and even I am offended.

    Moreover, Raniere demeaned and dehumanized women in other ways:
    1.) Having the women on concentration camp diets. 500-800 calories per day.
    2.) Having the women exercise and jog to the point of exhaustion.
    3. ) Having some women run head on into trees and drink from mud puddles.
    Pea, can’t you see that Raniere is a misogynist?

    Raniere’s extreme promiscuity also demeaned women.
    Raniere would always promise each woman that she was the “Only One” and she would bear his Avatar Child.
    Meanwhile Raniere would sleep with numerous other women.
    Raniere’s promiscuity threatened the physical health of his female partners with the possibility of sexually transmitterd diseases.

    Allison Mack, Raniere’s harem keeper, defended the DOS harem as consensual.
    What Allison fails to understand is that coercion, fraud, blackmail, trickery and threats negate any consent.
    No sane court would accept Allison’s preposterous notion that the 150 women or so of DOS consented to such abuse.

    Moreover, recent news stories in the Frank Report indicate that Mack might have been grooming underage girls for Raniere’s use as sex toys.
    To be precise the Frank Report mentioned an 8 year old girl in Clifton Park and a girl in Ireland who were being seduced by Allison to join the cult.
    Raniere already has a reputation for his attraction to underage females.
    Allison Mack knew what kind of pervert Raniere is and still chose to be Raniere’s handmaiden.

    Children under a certain age can not consent to sexual relations.
    While the body can develop so that physical relations are possible, the mind is not mature enough to grasp the significance of the interaction.
    Laws on consent are designed to protect children from being unduly influenced or manipulated by perverted adults.

    I have personal reasons for hating child molesters.
    One of my relatives, now long deceased, married a Polish woman and through Chicago’s Polish community knew John Wayne Gacy, the child molester and serial killer who murdered 38 boys.
    Like Allison Mack, Gacy would meet a person and in 10 minutes be their new best friend.
    Like Allison Mack, Gacy would manipulate people for his own evil ends.
    Both are sociopathic predators.

    Gacy took particular care to cultivate the Chicago area police and politicians just the same way NXIVM did in the Albany area.
    Picture of John Wayne Gacy and Rosalynn Carter, wife of President Carter.

    In becoming Raniere’s faithful servant knowing his perverted tendencies, Allison Mack knowingly lost her moral compass.
    And if your “brave and heroic” Allison actively tried to recruit children into the NXIVM cult, then Allison sold her soul to the Devil.

    Raniere lectured the NXIVM women on how disloyal and deceitful they are.
    In my opinion the NXIVM women have been too loyal to a con artist, a grifter, a mounteback, a cad and a lunatic named Keith Raniere.

    Pea Onyou, I have been around for a long time and I’ve seen good and evil.
    Believe me that Keith Raniere and NXIVM are evil.
    Raniere and NXIVM have already exploited the character flaws in Clair Bronfman, Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman to destroy them.
    And Pea, if you continue to support NXIVM and its evil elite they will destroy you, too.

    So call me an ass clown if you like.
    I’ve been called worse.
    Keep on your current course and you will only destroy yourself.

    • Allison Mack meets Albany wine bar hostess and in ten minutes is the woman’s new best friend.

      Like Allison Mack, Gacy would meet a person and in 10 minutes be their new best friend.
      Like Allison Mack, Gacy would manipulate people for his own evil ends.
      Both are sociopathic predators.

      • Great post SS’58; the video is very revealing and very informative. Jim Jones, was also a friend of the Carters: He had that same kind of magnetic charm and appeal, as did Ted Bundy. Chucky Manson was also quite the little charm boy, and we all know just how charming and magnetic Bubba Clinton was/is – legendary!That kind of charm and appeal is why Vangod was so successful with vulnerable and gullible women. He is just so charmin’ and magnetic; what an awesome guy!

        I do not know if Ms. Pea Onyou is a troll or not. However; the picture that Frank posted with my response (see, the article above) sure does look a lot like that young Salzman woman who was on the lam with Keith at his shady hideaway in Puerto Vallarta, MX.

        Too bad that that mindless Nicki Clyne had to go and climb up that tall ladder and then post her picture on Instagram. Sheesh!

        Oh well, poor old Keith wouldn’t be the first trusting husband to be inadvertently betrayed by one of his eternal wives or vice versa, or, for that matter, as a result for any of his vices. Gosh, just look at poor old Samson or even our victimized daddy – Adam.

        I guess that this is maybe why old Keithy was trying to turn his quotidian silk purses into super-duper pig’s ears, i.e., average vulnerable and gullible women into some kind of utopian “Badass Warrior Bitch.”

        • Thank you, Larry.
          Sociopaths often possess great charm and charisma.
          But they use these attributes as tools to manipulate people for their own ends.
          Because of people like Jim Jones, Charles Manson, and John Wayne Gacy and Keith Raniere, we must always be guard against the fake charms of these sociopaths.
          And Ms. Mack added her skills as an actress to the mix.
          I have no doubt that if Mack had not been arrested by the FBI, in the words of Catherine Oxenberg, her daughter India would have been in legal jeopardy or mortal danger.

          The most disturbing trend in the stories about NXIVM is the increasing number of stories about pedophilia.
          With the notorious pedophile Raniere in charge of the cult backed up by a cadre of women with no moral scruples, it looks like girls were targeted for grooming.

          “At least two NXIVM members appear to have committed crimes in coercing this young lady – and were possibly aided and abetted by Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, Sara and Clare Bronfman, Keith Raniere and two others whose names I have not come across before as members of NXIVM.”

  • Am I the only one who thinks the Pea posts are completely fake and just an attempt to pull everyone’s chain? I have not read one single sentence in any of the posts that leads me to believe they are from an actual, current member.

  • Catherine Oxenberg’s book is an interesting read. Pea isn’t worth the pixels.

  • Real or not, this Pea Onyu is one demented and twisted person…. and if these comments are true, it’s a very scary and sobering look at just how badly someone can be completely brainwashed into believing almost anything.

  • Frank, I’m surprised you haven’t done any due diligence with regard to Pea Onyu.

    You could EASILY verify if Pea is a real NXIVM/DOS member while still allowing her to remain anonymous — by simply asking her to send you some photos from NXIVM locations that only members would have access to, while simultaneously asking her to write a few chosen words (like “Pea Onyu”) on a napkin and hold it in front of the camera in those same photos (so you’d know the photos aren’t old ones).

    You wouldn’t have to publish the photos, you could keep them private and anonymous. You could simply publish the fact that Pea complied with your request and that you’re satisfied that she’s a legit DOS/NXIVM member.

    If you can’t do this then you’re just perpetuating this fraud. You obviously have email communication with her, so why not do it?

    Pea, if you’re reading this… You’ll always be considered a liar and a fraud until you give Frank some private proof that you’re really in DOS/NXIVM.

    I personally think you’re probably fat and ugly and old —– and Keith wouldn’t touch you with a 10 foot pole (or even his smaller limp pole). I think you’re probably a bored housewife who probably met Nicki Clyne at a fan signing. You are nothing more than a NXIVM groupie. You probably fetch Nicki’s morning coffee and clean her toilets just like your dad is a toilet cleaner for BMW in Bavaria.

    • Just to be clear, Pea would not be in the photos herself. She wouldn’t have to show her face. She’d just hold out a napkin with her fake name on it, from *inside* a NXIVM location photographed in the background as proof.

    • Frank allows people to post criticisms towards himself, he posts articles of commentators who disagree/argue with him and he has given a platform for individuals making specific claims without endorsing them personally. He is certainly more free speech than mainstream media outlets.

      You are right though to call out this “Pea”. If this is a real person, she has made some specific allegations, such as “Kristin (Kreuk) betrayed Keith after being enjoyed lavishly by him. How pathetic she is now”. Is this real?

  • “And all the women of the world for all time will be his.”
    Yeah. No. My Wife said never. So sorry (not sorry) for your loss.

  • Surely Pea Onyu, if you are so enamored with your Vanguard and so gung-ho about the purpose of his so-called “mission” you should have no problem in posting a picture and a real name to your alias. And don’t tell me Pea Onyu is your real name again. So where is this unhindered support? Where is the courage to be out there for your Vanguard, to show yourself, to stand behind him, and say “I am [My Real Name] and I support my Vanguard!” like all of these other people who stood by their leaders and supported these other movements that you have listed.

    Otherwise, it’s safe to assume that you are either 1) a troll or 2) a coward.

  • All along I’ve thought that Pea was a LARP by some clever troll looking for a little fun. But that’s straight up brainwashed cult talk right there. All choppy and scattered, filled with viciousness.

    I’ve heard the same type of language from members of a religious cult when they were stressed because they felt they were under attack.

    Pea Onyu is real and absolutely mad. Wow.

  • Dear PeeOnYang,

    What is your deal with clowns? The biggest clown is you for falling for VanGrifter’s epic scam. The only ones who really made money from NXSCUM are Keith, Nancy, Mark V, and Sarah E.

    It was a con. A shell game. A fix. A grift. And you were the sucker that wasted 10+ years of your life on it.

    Wake up Potato head. How does the World’s Smartest Monster barely graduate college with a 2.2 GPA?

    None of it was real. Accept it and move on

    • “And you were the sucker that wasted 10+ years of your life on it.”

      Do you know who this person is? How do you know she was in the cult for 10+ years? Cannot tell if she/he is a genuinely deluded person or troll.

      • Sounds like a really deluded member. But you right.

        Pea has not verified that he/she was a member of NXIVM with photos or descriptions known only to members (such as Keith’s charcoal picture in the trainer’s room).

        I dunno if Pea is a real member or not.

        • If she can prove she is a real member, she can tell Frank everything she knows about those lesser known NXIVM members and the silent cowards Frank Report commentators have discussed before including Kristin Kreuk, Mark Hildreth, Olivia Cheng, Juliana Vicente and others.

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