A Mexican view: Emiliano – not Raniere was leader of NXIVM – in Mexico at least

By An Informed on Mexican Source
There is a exact hit on “NXIVM and the Mexican cartel tactic of using sex to bribe government officials” theory.
The “Daily Beast” reports on Catherine Oxenberg –  India Oxenberg’s mother, who you recently reported has saved her daughter from the cult.
This report strongly suggests NXIVM was more than a simple “cult” with Vanguard as its leader:
At one point in her book, Captive, Oxenberg recalls being asked by a Mexican TV reporter not to publicly name him before their interview aired “or I’ll be killed.”
The Daily Beast indicates that former Mexican President, Carlos Salinas, is the “most feared man…” in Mexico. [by the Mexican people].
The NXIVM case has been changed from sex trafficking to a RICO [racketeering case] when it was re-filed at the latest round of indictments.
This may have ties to former Mexican President Carlos Salinas, the “Puppet Master” of North America, and the “de facto” leader of the Mexican PRI.  [PRI is the Mexican equivalent of the U.S. Democratic party].  Mexican citizens believe Carlos Salinas has “controlled,” or dominated, often behind-the-scenes, the PRI for the past 25 years – after he left the office of the president.
In an astonishing political move, a few weeks ago, Carlos Salinas’s niece, Claudia Ruiz Massieu Salinas, forcibly took over the Mexican PRI party.  Why?
Carlos Salinas is losing his base of “old guard” PRI supporters (read: the corrupt Mexican politicians that Salinas made rich over the years) as the Mexican press has been going crazy questioning the purpose of NXIVM that his son, Emiliano Salinas, was deeply involved in.
It may be the biggest story of the year, possibly the biggest US/Mexico political scandal in the past 10 years or more.
NXIVM changed a Mexican presidential election.
Carlos Salinas’ son has been caught involved in running a “sex cult” in the U.S. that now appears to have been much more than a simple cult.
While Catherine Oxenberg is implying a similar theory that many in Mexcio think – about NXIVM being more than a mere “sex cult,” Oxenberg thinks Raniere was the true leader. Some of us think Emiliano Salinas was actually using Keith Raniere as his “puppet,” perhaps as a second-layer extension of instructions issued by his father, Carlos Salinas.
Some of us feels Raniere is a “putz,”, despite his thinking himself the “smartest man in the world.” He would not have had the intellectual capacity to outsmart the “Puppet Master” of North America, Carlos Salinas, or his son, Emiliano.

Carlos Salinas, with his master’s degree from Harvard University, is known as an “evil genius” by the people of Mexico. Emiliano Salinas, with his PhD. from Harvard University, is probably not far behind his father in terms of intellectual prowess or cleverness.

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  • Has there ever been a Mexican government that wasn’t corrupt? The only potential candidates for a fair election were murdered. An extremely commen, accepted way to run a campaign in Mexico, sad for the average person . Let’s build our wall and any dem who doesn’t like it can immigrate to the 3rd world countries you are trying to turn America into.

  • You are experts on the cult, Mexican politics? Not so much. There is no way to compare PRI with the democratic party. “NXIVM changed a Mexican presidential election.” That’s laughable, the cult is not a big scandal in Mexico, of course a lot of people know about it, but NXIVM had no role in the election, the PRI was going to lose anyway because Enrique Peña Nieto is the worst president in Mexico’s modern history. And Carlo´s niece taking over the PRI was not an astonishing political move, she was the second in command and when the current PRI leader resigned she took charge but both of them were only finishing the term that Beltrones was supposed to finish, soon the PRI will elect new leaders, of course a Salinas puppet has a change to be in charge, but you are painting a story that is not accurate. NXIVM is not the biggest political scandal in the last ten years, the title for winner of political scandals in Mexico belongs to the current President, Peña Nieto and his wife, Angélica Rivera, and his cabinet and the corruption during the last 6 years.

  • Catherine Oxenberg’s book is really sensational (audio version that I have). I thought it was going to be self glamorizing book. It’s not. She’s raw and self deprecating. It’s good.

  • All of this smacks of standard intelligence operations. You have CIA/Scientology mental aspects to how the cult controlled its’ victims. You have money laundering via drug and human trafficking. You have use of that black budget money to influence and control governments. These are all standard intelligence community playbook operations.

  • Of course little Emiliano used poor Vanguard to his own advantage.

    Vanguard migth be a pedophile, a rapist, a psychopath, but he is not smart.

    • I think that attacking the cult is the true objective, but to talk about killers. Is very dangerous. And I don’t want nothing to happen to you.

      • Yep…didn’t “vanguard” admit to having people killed ! I’d ask for “Witness Protection” …..somewhere on a nice beach – maybe the “Garden Island”…?

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