Email from another mother who rescued her daughter– also ‘captive’

The letter below is from a mother I communicated with repeatedly by phone and email. She is the mother of a recently escaped NXIVM ‘member’ who seems to have been almost recruited into DOS – and was evidently to be transported across international boundaries for possible sex trafficking.
The vigilant mother found out about the potential nefarious designs of the otherwise honest-appearing players in NXIVM – such as Sara Bronfman and Allison Mack  – from reading the Frank Report.

I have redacted names from her email since I am investigating some of these people and their contacts with her daughter. At least two NXIVM members appear to have committed crimes in coercing this young lady – and were possibly aided and abetted by Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, Sara and Clare Bronfman, Keith Raniere and two others whose names I have not come across before as members of NXIVM.

Her story has ties to Rainbow Cultural Garden as a vehicle to recruit for DOS. The further implications are of underage sex trafficking and statutory rape.
The point is not to tell the story at this time, but to relate that the mother knew something was amiss with her daughter who had become secretive and distant. In the nick of time – aided by info she had gotten from researching the Frank Report – she and her husband helped her daughter make a ‘blessed escape’ before something truly vile and criminal occurred.
Later, we will tell the whole story. In the meantime, I plan to detail possible crimes through an attorney to possibly forward to the EDNY.
By a Mother Who Got Her Daughter Out in Time
Good evening, Frank;
Thank you for trusting me and I thank you for the way you have handled my contact with you. I am so thrilled about the Oxenberg family.  When you started the blog, you must have lived in so much hope these days would come.
When I found your blog in the middle of 2016, to be honest I couldn’t get a grip on it because I was climbing up the wrong Gumtree having tried to work out the psyche of [the NXIVM woman who recruited her daughter]. I had gone down the line with regard to her homeschooling Rainbow Garden effort.
I spent many weeks investigating her connection with [another woman]  Frank, the story behind her and [her husband] up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire could well be something you will be covering in the future. This is where I thought [NXIVM member who recruited her daughter] was getting her screwball ideas from.
I must have spent six solid weeks researching their relationships. Boy was that some education. Honestly, what I investigated about them made me want to be sick. A story for another day. Then I happened upon your blog. I had profiled the [NXIVM couple]. I had profiled the [non-NXIVM couple] then bang I found your blog and it all came together.
I mean this sincerely if I had not found your blog, I have no idea what would have happened to my daughter. I owe you a lot.
Goodnight, and always thank you.

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  • For a long time I feared that the NXIVM story would shade over into the Dark Side of Pedophilia.
    Adults exploiting naive children for the sexual gratification of the adults.

    And increasing number of stories about NXIVM are pointing that way.

    First of all Raniere himself is a pedophile attracted to underage girls.
    And his followers seem all too accepting of his sexual proclivities.

    Secondly there is the story of the Clifton Park man who was walking his dog when he saw Allison Mack acting inappropriately with an eight year old girl.

    Thirdly there is the story of the Irish mother who claims her daughter was targeted by Ms. Mack.
    Because “Smallville” was shown all over the world, Ms. Mack is a global celebrity recognized in numerous countries especially by young women inspired by the character of Chloe Sullivan.
    That’s why Mack was deliberately chosen as the public face of NXIVM.

    Fourthly there is this story about a mother who rescued her daughter.
    “At least two NXIVM members appear to have committed crimes in coercing this young lady – and were possibly aided and abetted by Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, Sara and Clare Bronfman, Keith Raniere and two others whose names I have not come across before as members of NXIVM.”

    Lastly there is the story of Clare Bronfman giving Allison Mack a “gift” of a BMW.
    Was it really a gift or payment for services rendered by Ms. Mack to Ms. Bronfman?

    The US DOJ and International sex trafficking agencies should investigate NXIVM for possible International child sex trafficking.
    No witch hunts. Just try to discover the truth.

    I urge the US government to investigate NXIVM and its top leadership for white slavery or international sex trafficking, particularly of chiuldren.

  • Sorry again. There is something wrong. No spam intended.

    Just go to Youtube and type:
    NXIVM Secret Phone Call Between Kristin Keeffe & Barbara Bouchey

  • I guess this conversation between Kristin Keeffe & Barbara Bouchey is known to Frank. It is worth watching.

    NXIVM Secret Phone Call Between Kristin Keeffe & Barbara Bouchey

    • He’s stuck in a loop.

      Wants to conquer the girl who rejected him in elementary school.

      Somebody should give him an EM about that.

  • Plus another thing she was 17. Age of consent. More disinformation from Frank Report and the liars he calls his sources. I’m fed up with him. And I urge all honest folks to boycott.

    • Pee Onyou:
      Catherine Oxenberg’s book Captive claims that Allison would wake up in the middle o0f the night with murderous sc reaming and shrieking then would go outside for several hours to walk off her night terrors.
      Was Allison molested when she was a child?
      Is Allison schizophrenic?
      Is Allison “possessed”?

      Allison needs help before she hurts anyone else, adult or child.
      Allison might even end up hurting herself more than she already has.
      Allison compares herself to Joan of Arc.
      Does Allison believe that she is a martyr of some sort?

      And a last question: Is the BMW from Clare to Allison really a gift or is it a payment for services rendered by Allison’s sex trafficking?

      You might call Allison brave and heroic.
      I call her damaged.

    • Dear Ms. Onyou,

      If you had been a more careful and consistent reader of the Frank Report or Artvoice, you would have definitely come across the story about the 12-year-old girl, Rhiannon, that your “eternal husband,” Keith alan Raniere, statutorily raped 60 times when he, Keith Alan Raniere, was in his early 30s. This was not the only girl under the age of 17 years that your pedophile husband statutorily raped.

      When are you going to answer my question about whether you support Keith Raniere having had people killed? Having had people killed makes him a murderer! Do you support first degree murder?

      • It depends MR Shea. There is such a thing as justifiable homicide. If Keith killed he would kill out of mercy and compassion. Let me give you one example. If you met young Hitler and you knew he would become the fuhrerr would you kill him before he killer 6 million Jews?
        Well MR. Shea. Keith has that insight.

        • WTF. So far I have considered you to be some kind of troll in more than usual need of attention, and have even laughed at your posts which have to be extreme sarcasm. But, there’s posts where you cross over into lunacy. Keith did commit murder in his deep dark past and he will get away with it, but was it justifiable? No goddamn way.

        • Either you are very good at repeating Lauren’s favorite things to say becasue you are her, or you are very smart and are trying to get us to think you are her (Karen U?).

        • you are wrong Pea Onyu if you knew a young Hitler and you knew what would come in his future I would do my best to guide him to a better path, remember that no one is intrinsically bad or intrinsically good even someone born with a seed of evil can be guided on a good path and end up becoming a great person is proven that even sociopaths who are born and raised surrounded by love and good education become good people, your example only makes sense was believed that it is Hitler’s destiny to become terrible man who becomes but I do not believe it since in his way there were many other factors especially other people who chose him to place him in that position, from the leaders of the occultist and thule racist society and those of the Nazi party and the no less obscure vril society, so what we have is a series of stars crossing maybe Hitler if he was destined to become the fuhrer p But it did not depend only on your actions or intentions and therefore if you know what will happen you know better where you can act to change things let me give you an example that would have happened if Hitler had found a friend to encourage him not to give up his desire to Being an artist would have changed that

  • Please this story is false. There was nothing coercive about any of this and this mother is making the whole thing up. It’s just nonsense and the girl was not ever in the Vow. Sorry. You lose.

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