India Oxenberg has left NXIVM

India Oxenberg has left NXIVM and is living in the Los Angeles area with her mother, Catherine. She also has a boyfriend – who had a role in her leaving NXIVM.

India was a branded DOS slave – and her slave master, and grandmaster, Allison Mack and Keith Raniere respectively, are forbidden to contact her. Raniere is in federal prison awaiting trial. Mack is on home arrest in Los Alamitas, California – as part of her $5 million bail package.

After Raniere and Mack’s arrest, India was getting orders for a time directly from Clare Bronfman or through Nicki Clyne. With Bronfman’s arrest, another portion of the invidious operation fell to pieces. Bronfman is forbidden to have contact with India as part of the terms of her $100 million bail package.

Clare’s incredible cheapness helped seal the deal for India’s escape.  While Clare was springing for $40,000 per month digs for Raniere and her [and other DOS slaves] to live in luxury – she gave no money to India.

India was forced to take a job at Plantmade in NYC – a vegan eatery.  There, she began to work and see non-cult human beings. They took her in as friend and co-worker and, by all reports, she was a great worker. A superstar at Plantmade.

They also helped deprogram her. She told co workers about Keith and as she described the ugly creature, they expressed their horror and this too must have helped the young lady. Seeing Raniere through their eyes – as she described what he did to her – had to help a little.

She also read the Frank Report- as did many of those who worked at Plantmade – some of whom contacted me and gave me regular reports. She told them that the Frank Report [and I] was reprehensible and that I wrote lies about Keith.


Her mother, Catherine, revealed part of the story on NBC  – admitting her child was home. That finally the winsome young actress, model, businesswoman and chef had seen daylight – after a long interval of darkness.

I think India was persuaded to leave the cult- and quit her NYC job at Plantmade – because of series of events:

  1. Her mother’s [tough] love  was certainly a key to everything.
  2. Her grandmother, Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia – who diplomatically kept the family relationship alive – despite an abhorrence to the NXIVM cult and her granddaughter’s role in it.
  3. The cult imploding and also – and not the least of which – was her finding a boyfriend – Patrick – whose fine character inclined him to persuade India to veer away from being in a sex cult – if she wanted to be his girlfriend.
  4. Contact with people other than NXIVM members.
  5. The chance at being indicted and hauled off to prison for people who did not really care about her.

Of all the influences, perhaps it was love – her boyfriend – who had the most impact.  Patrick said he would not tolerate his girlfriend taking orders from Raniere and being in a sex cult.

‘A man’s a man for a that’ – as Burns once wrote.

So yes, India is out. Her boyfriend would not stand for it.

I’ve known about it for weeks – and was told by sources other than Catherine. Out of respect for her, I have withheld the information. Catherine revealed it today herself – so I am free to report the glad tidings.

Catherine’s book “Captive” is out today also. It was sent to the printer before India left. The next edition should provide the epilogue – India left the cult and Catherine was successful. Her daughter is no longer captive.

On top of that — the cult is almost dead.

Still, it was not Catherine alone who took down the cult.

It took a team effort – that included Catherine, Toni Natalie, Joe O’Hara, Susan Dones, Barbara Bouchey, Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse, Sarah Edmondson, Anthony Ames, the DOS slaves who spoke to the FBI, a certain lawyer who helped facilitate much of the witness protection, cult buster Rick Ross, lawyers like Peter Skolnik and many, many others – including the media – like Barry Meier of the NY Times, Brendan Lyons of the Albany Times Union and James Odato, Suzanna Andrews and blogger John Tighe and many, many others who defected and helped in various ways — and, of course, the FBI and DOJ EDNY.

As far as India being a further victim of the cult via the DOJ – India was the individual who in the original complaint against Keith Raniere was listed as co conspirator #2 . This inclined some to believe that she would be charged if she did not cooperate with the DOJ.  Suffice it to say that India will not be charged and you can draw your own conclusions as to why.

Meantime, India and Patrick have a lot in common – and out of respect for their privacy, I will not reveal his name or his occupation.

Her stepfather, Casper, told me that Catherine [and I] publicizing India’s role in the sex slaver cult was worse than her actually being in it and being branded. I disagree. Regardless, the news is out – India was in a cult. Now, she’s out.

She came out on her own volition.  She can have a great future by helping/preventing others from entering this same kind of horror.

I know India has disdain for my ‘Tabloid” [the Frank Report.] One day, perhaps she will see it was a force for good – and that its rough and sometimes savage nature was meant as tough love and an alarm bell to wake up sleepy people.

I’m glad she was one of those who woke up.

For my own part, I admire India – even when she was in NXIVM – for she stuck to her principles. She was transparent. I liked that she did not take Facebook comments down when hundreds were criticizing her publicly – and the other little scaredy pants members hurried to take down their posts.

When she was with Raniere/Mack, she was devoted and kind of fearless. Now that she is not with them – I wonder if she won’t be just as forceful against them.

Today, India has the opportunity to do something to insure the Bronfman-Raneire crime organization is finished for good and help other women and men from getting ensnared in other like organizations  – to help others not become captive. Bravo, India!







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  • Little India – who must be as impressionable as a small girl if she fell for the cult — has flipped. Gone canary. That means the Feds have a realiable NXIVM insider, a high ranking one, to use as a witness against the rest of them. Maybe this means that Clare Bronfman and Lauren Salzman will do serious jail time? It means Raniere will be locked up for life.

    Very interesting and dramatic change of events for this to have happened.

  • Onewomanretard:

    You sound like a complete idiot with your idolizing this priviliged little skank, and her poor life choices. She’s not worthy of any kind of admiration or did you forget that she was CC-2? She flipped because it was a better choice than 20+ in Club Fed, not out of any high-minded moral platitudes. “Fairy tale ending” , my ass.

    • Ben, I think you are very likely a ‘privileged little skank’ yourself, it would certainly be an explanation for your ingrate lying character. I’m very happy for India and her mum, I see all this goodwill really hurts you, thats a shame. But you’re irrelevant to this story and definitely irrelevant to me. Go easy on the crack now.

  • Looks like NXIVM is comming to Netflix:

    As you can see from the image, the show stars Guy Pierce as Vangaurg. The woman to his right is clearly Nancy Salzman. I am not sure who that is to his left though. At the bottom we can clearly see two young NXIVM recruits, trying desperately to flee. The show is called “The Innocents.” I’m not making that last part up.

    FYI: The show is real. The resemblance of Guy Pierce to a clean-cut version of Keith Raniere is obviously an unfortunate coincidence.

  • Bravo for mom for doing the minimal amount to help her daughter after getting her involved. Such love and applause the mother deserves almost as much as Lizzy Borden gave her mom.

  • Im glad she left, one less cult member. But as with anyone who commits a crime and flips it should not be a free pass from punishment.

  • Flowers
    August 8, 2018 at 1:43 am
    Now I’m convinced that Q is real.
    That video is indisputable proof. And so are those crumby Q drops (or whatever you crazies call them.) Real proof. 🙂

    The only thing that’s sort of interesting about this QANON BS, is that I predicted a few months ago that there probably was an alt-right connection to NXIVM.
    Maybe I was actually right.

    No dingbat, it proves that you are pretty stupid and with people such as yourself, that cannot be fixed. 🙂

  • WitW
    August 8, 2018 at 1:54 am
    Yes, we need more comments like this from Flower Girl bunging up the comments section with spam and gloating. No substance. No argument. Just a cut and paste of a thread populated by the poorly educated, misguided and self serving.

    You mean poorly educated like your fellow Chicago redneck gangbangers. Stay in your illusionary world numnut.

  • Yes, we need more comments like this from Flower Girl bunging up the comments section with spam and gloating. No substance. No argument. Just a cut and paste of a thread populated by the poorly educated, misguided and self serving.

    Makes stopping by here a bigger task than it worth.

  • Hiya stupid.. Troll this

    All Trump-backed candidates won their races tonight…RED WAVE COMING OH YEAH!

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    level 1
    You have more than you know. – Q
    13 points
    1 hour ago
    The MSM meltdowns will be glorious tomorrow =)


    level 2
    You have more than you know. – Q
    10 points
    1 hour ago
    They may trot out the Stormy story again.


    level 3
    We stand at the ready. – Q
    1 point
    45 minutes ago
    More than likely, they just won’t talk about it.

    Like at all.

    Then a couple of weeks from now, they will keep on about how the republicans are going to lose so badly in november. Gotta keep up that blue morale!


    level 4
    You have more than you know. – Q
    3 points
    40 minutes ago
    Primaries? What primaries? Oh, those dont matter. The blue wave IS coming. We promise!! For real this time!!


    level 3
    New arrival.
    1 point
    13 minutes ago
    hahaha, no doubt,,,oh and her sleazy lawyer too…


    level 1
    New arrival.
    7 points
    59 minutes ago
    Now that they know there will be no blue wave, they will grow even more desperate. I think the best defense is a strong offense, declassify FISA!!


    level 1
    New arrival.
    5 points
    1 hour ago
    Midterms are going to be even more painful for the left.

    The screeching will be tenfold.


    level 1
    New arrival.
    4 points
    1 hour ago
    Fuck ya baby….

    Do you believe in coincidences? – Q
    4 points
    1 hour ago
    I know that this will sound a bit optimistic given what the MSM fake pundits have been saying. But I predict that the Republicans will win 25 or more seat in Congress and another 4-5 seats in the Senate. Minimum.


    level 2
    We stand at the ready. – Q
    5 points
    44 minutes ago
    Only if we get out and vote!


    level 1
    You have more than you know. – Q
    3 points
    45 minutes ago
    And all 3 Socialist candidates lost that were endorsed by Sanders and Crazy Eyes Cortez.

    Even better.


    level 2
    Promises made. Promises kept. – Q
    2 points
    12 minutes ago
    I am using that. Crazy Eyes. Lol

    • Now I’m convinced that Q is real.
      That video is indisputable proof. And so are those crumby Q drops (or whatever you crazies call them.) Real proof. 🙂

      The only thing that’s sort of interesting about this QANON BS, is that I predicted a few months ago that there probably was an alt-right connection to NXIVM.
      Maybe I was actually right.

  • They won’t go back to normal until the politicians and local law enforcement pay for their enabling crimes.Quit being a simplistic moron..

  • India, you have your whole life ahead of you thanks to your mother, grandmother, Frank Parlato . You can have a boyfriend instead of creepy Keith who forbid you from having sex with anyone but him for eternity. I hope you really see the light here. To have a man such as Keith forbid you to have a family of your own, a husband and children and if the stories are all true a man who chooses not to bathe who is spreading STD’s knowingly and to convince you his manipulations were your choice. You may not get charged because it sounds like you are cooperating but i hope you choose to pay back for the harm you have done for your own peace of mind. Volunteering to help others etc…how would you feel if your sisters were cooerced into a cult. You owe a lot to those who refused to give up on you. I wish you all the best in the future you are now going to have.

    • They are not too many bright people here. The troll pea brain enjoys trolling those who share his tiny intellect.

  • Is Nicki Clyne still in the cult? If she leaves and talks to the feds, will she be free from criminal prosecution and will the readers of Frank Report ignore all the bad she has done? India Oxenberg was a co-conspiricer. Will she not face any criminal prosecution at all? If she was still in the cult, would you be ignoring all the bad stuff she participated in?

  • It will take some time. But, she’s got her fam – many left fam behind – and she’s got a man she loves who loves her – these things will facilitate India’s recovery. Then, there’s the fact that Vanguard etal have been defused.

  • You people make me sick. A vow is a vow. It
    Was as solemn as a marriage vow. Now you all say she needn’t keep her vow. His would you like it if your spouse did that to you. India was Keith’s Slave and his wife. All good women are slaves to their husband. And I’m for the record I am not Lauren. Lauren is one of the most exalted women in the world. And she will never betray Vanguard. She will have his avatar child and destiny will be fulfilled. As for India I am deeply sad for this woman who could have been married to the exalted male and enshrined in the hearts of all future generations. Instead she left Keith for what promises to be a disgustingly earthy relationship. Sad.


      When was Raniere ever loyal to his 57 slaves/ girl friends?
      Loyalty is always a two way street.
      If you want to get loyalty, you have to give loyalty.

      And didn’t the other members of the NXIVM cult treat India badly?
      Did they ever offer her a job that paid better than working in a Vegan cafe?

      If NXIVM had treated India Oxenberg and Kathy Russell better perhaps they wouldn’t be flipping.

    • Siobhan Hotaling. Anyone else wanna take a stab at it. Do we get a prize if we get your identity right? Like Rumpelstilskin or something?

    • Who is this “Pea Onyu”? Is this person believed by Frank Report readers to be a troll or an actual NXIVM devotee? If this is a real person, it’s a bit disturbing.

      How many people are still with NXIVM? Those that have remained, if there are any left must be seriously die hard fanatics.

      – “Kristin (Kreuk) betrayed Keith after being enjoyed lavishly by him”.

      Are you saying Kristin Kreuk was sexually involved with Keith Raniere? If this is a troll, it’s a troll. If this person is a real NXIVM insider, perhaps it is true.

      • The rumor about 5 years ago or so was that Raniere was involved with both Kreuk and Mack simultaneously.

        Apparently Kreuk would tolerate a little promiscuity between consenting adults.
        She would not tolerate rumors of Raniere’s alleged pedophilia.

        • Where are you getting that from? Kreuk was still in the cult at least a year after the paedophile revelations came out in Feb 2012 and was still a supporter of the cult in 2015.

        • There was no rumor about Kreuk being in threesomes with him, you retard. As usual, you morons need to develop some reading comprehension skills.

          The post on CDAN was about Mack. It did not implicate Kreuk in any way, romantically with Raniere.

    • Pea. I guess you know “absolutey nothing” about the slavery system that poor ignorant Vanguard tried to create around him. He did the most horrible, insane and degrading work at it.

      I guess you wish you were one hof his toys, but you´re not qualified.

  • What a load of sickening, Hallmark card-esque masturbation this thread is. Between the flowery bullshit comments, and the vomit-inducing emotional displays, it’s enough to make me sick.

    “Oh she’s such a hero, she survived”.

    Give me a fucking break.

    Some of you sound like you coyld be staff writers for “Lifetime: Television for Idiots”.

    • i agree completely. when the women were putting down the first survivors who spoke out i found it so revolting. and to think some of them “recruited” other women? sick. those who first spoke out are the heroic ones if anyone is

      • People have been speaking out about NXIVM for years. NXIVM cult members carried on as normal. They did not care about the victims of Keith Raniere’s paedophilia, Toni Natalie, the NXIVM Nine, John Tigre, Joseph O’Hara, Kristin Snyder, Barbara Bouchey and all the others. Those who left in 2017 and even 2018 have ended up being praised and even lumped into the same catogory as defectors and opponents they personally ignored for years. Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson for example.

  • So is there anyone left in NXIVM?
    No classes, no branding, no knief media, no jness and no one cooking the books.

  • Congratulations to Catherine Oxenberg. From one mother to another, I can only imagine how relieved she must be.

    I hope India is honourable in helping the prosecutors, and wish her the best in healing.

  • Wow what a fucking legal genius you are. Sometimes it is better to keep your fuckin mouth shut than to constantly show your idiocy.

  • Great to hear!!! It takes time for everything to sink in.

    The first step of deprogramming is realizing that everything Keith said is a lie. After that, it takes self-reflection, courage, and fortitude to push forward and leave the group (and its programming) fully.

    Yay for India!

  • When Raniere was arrested in Puerto Vallarta there were four NXIVM DOS women with him:
    Allison Mack
    Lauren Salzman
    Nicki Clyne and
    Loretta Garza

    Moreover, Clare Bronfman was somewhere near by in Mexico.

    India Oxenberg was presumably back in New York.

    There were also rumors that Raniere and his Warrior Women were planning to lure NXIVM enemies to Mexico to be kidnapped and killed..

    Could it be that India Oxenberg knows something of what Raniere and his gang were planning?

    Furthermore, wasn’t there the rumor that Raniere, for some reason, was less than enthusiastic for bringing India Oxenberg into the DOS part of the NXIVM cult?

    • And you just wrote a shitty comment. It will forever be known that you wrote a very shitty comment. So sad.

  • Love is what got her out. Love from her coworkers, boyfriend and family members.

    I had a close family member who was in a hardcore cult for close to two years. I started trying to get my family member out as they were going in. I spent over a year making lots of mistakes which can be summed up as “not showing love.” Once I became emotionally detached and started looking at my family member as someone who was simply mentally ill who I need to care for, they started to feel my love for them and it was the largest contributor to opening their eyes to what was going on.

    If you attack a person who is under mind control, the leader who has them under mind control will use your attacks to their advantage, causing defensive walls to be built against you and further lowering the walls that may still be in place against the cult leader.

    If you show only love, its strips the cult leader of their primary weapon against you. If they attack you in this scenario, the walls will be built against them and lowered towards you. Emotionally, this is an extremely difficult line to walk, especially if you’ve been indirectly victimized by the cult yourself for many years, but its the only way that works.

    • I would agree, which is why I’m glad AM is back with her family at least for now. Being miserable in prison could actually reinforce her belief that she is a martyr.

  • That’s good news !
    I’m glad for her and family. And congrats to the boyfriend for being a gentleman in these days of weinstein, rainere,…
    I hope she’ll be able to put all this behind her, she’s young and still have a whole life ahead of her. She could maybe even do some good…

  • New peter-bug always does the trick! I said it before with Alison on here that her quickest path to reprogramming is getting laid asap by anyone other than Keith

  • I’m glad India got out but I’m somewhat sickened if her sole reason is that her boyfriend wanted her to–not because she realized how twisted the sex cult was but that her boyfriend refused to share her. Um, okay.

    And she also has somehow gotten out of being indicted despite being a co-conspirator. Intersting.

    • Yes indeed. Going from supposed CC2 to no consequences? All because she is in love. Happy for her mother and hope she gets the help she needs but also the need for justice. This falling in love jive donn’t fly.

        • I think you’re right there. India probably is small fry. Perhaps the Feds were thinking that there’s little chance of a successful prosecution anyway. I would think she would have a pretty good defence as a brainwashed victim and she has her formidable mother on her side.

          Whatever India has done, I would think it would be at the lower end of the scale, in comparison to Raniere, Bronfman and Mack. So if she is cooperating with the investigation, it would be another reason not to charge her. She may be of great value to them.

          Purely speculation on my part, of course. Having said that, I’m happy that she’s out and I wish her well.

    • The article says “Patrick said he would not tolerate his girlfriend taking orders from Raniere and being in a sex cult.” And you’re “somewhat sickened” by that? I’m somewhat sickened that you twist this into some sort of failure on her part or that her boyfriend was somehow being possessive.

      And she’s gotten out of being indicted because, it would appear, she is cooperating with the feds.

      • Maybe he is sickened by two tiers of justice. Cutie chickie celebs get exempt from the same laws that put men or fugly women behind bars.

      • Thanks for misunderstanding my post–India should want to get out of the cult because she hates what her life has become, that she has to take orders from people and be forced to have sex with a weird old man. Instead, it’s because her boyfriend didn’t want her in the cult.

        I’m glad India is out too but I fear that she will fall into another abusive relationship if she doesn’t get some therapy and actual self-help.

        • I understood where you were going with that. Patterns of behavior are well… patterns. Let’s hope for the best and celebrate this win for their family.

  • It was interesting to see KR’s attorney raise (foreshadow) his defenses last night: 1) It was all voluntary; and 2) “only three” out of 150 complained. (So it’s OK then?)

    So obviously they never filled the third level of slaves. (36x 6 = 216.)

    I would like to see the planned defenses to the RICO charges.

    • I agree, “He knew” i.e. a concession to the recorded truth, but “He didn’t agree” so, no ‘consent’, no culpability? The ‘Not in my name’ defence surely cancelled out by the ‘eponymous’ branding –
      is this it ?- mitigation for the first strike of the defence? All a bit f3.

    • Thank you, OCD!
      Mark A.’s horse shit excuse about branding was obscene. NFL players have chosen to be branded. The women of DOS were mislead about what would happen. Sarah E. was lead to believe it was going to be a SMALL tattoo which is totally different than the purposeful scarification caused by a brand.

  • Thank God she is out and back with her family m- instead of slaving away (literally and figuratively) in Albany. That’s no life for anyone. I hope many more defect / escape, and ultimately come forward to testify to make sure the Monster does not escape punishment this time.

  • When I got away from the mind control of a psychopath in my life, I didn’t recognize at first how important the tough love was. Only when I gained some distance, did I understand and appreciate it. You may never hear from her again, Frank, but I think you’re correct in assuming that you helped. This blog is probably helping many others that remain silent. Keep the fight!

  • YES!!! hooray for another victim of Keith and his criminal gang.
    If Keith is relying on his defense strategy of “Keith knew everything and it was all consensual. The women wanted to be slaves and willingly gave collateral.Only 3 women will testify to the contrary.”
    I think Keith needs to start researching the best Federal Prison Location in the system. He is going to be a permanent resident.
    All his needs will be taken care of thanks to the US taxpayer.
    Karma is a bitch Keith.

  • As the mother of a 26 yr old I’m grateful that India saw the light. I do wish she had done so without the ultimatum of man, but whatever it takes at this point. I pray that others still involved have the family support that India has.

    • She’s obviously smart enough to know that “listening to a man” is her duty as a woman. I can tell you haven’t made enough sandwiches in your life to know your duties.

  • Hopefully India will heal and find happiness. And hopefully she will offer apologies and ask for forgiveness from those she has hurt during her time involved.

    • And maybe do at least a little federal probation and public service if she engaged in criminal activity.

  • If NXIVM cult members who engaged in criminal activity defect and talk to the authorities, does that mean they will face zero punishment? If Emiliano Salinas hands over all information to the FBI, would you think he should not be punished? Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente almost certainly profited from criminal activity in the cult. They taught people on day one of intensives that NXIVM was not a cult and all the facts online was a smear campaign, when they knew that was not true. Is that how law works in the US? Commit crimes, admit to everything and turn against your fellow criminals and you will be let off?

    • The ones who are already indicted will stay indicted.
      Some of the lesser defendants, like Kathy Russell, will flip and get lesser sentences.

      If India cooperates there will be no need for any further flips.
      India can testify to most of what happened in the sex cult.

      The government already has the collateral, the emails, the text messages and the videos.

      The government never wanted to indict India in the first place because her mother fought so hard against the cult.

      • shadowstate1958
        August 7, 2018 at 12:59 pm

        The ones who are already indicted will stay indicted.
        Some of the lesser defendants, like Kathy Russell, will flip and get lesser sentences.

        If India cooperates there will be no need for any further flips.
        India can testify to most of what happened in the sex cult.

        The government already has the collateral, the emails, the text messages and the videos.

        The government never wanted to indict India in the first place because her mother fought so hard against the cult.

        Wow this turd is a real legal genius. I hope Clare has you on the payroll. Nothing like a frustrated legal wannbe who can tell the future.

        • Hey! Leave my big brother shadowstate alone! He watches Law and Order every night so of course he knows what’s going to happen!

  • Where’s Nicki Clyne in all of this, Frank. Wasn’t she working at PlantMade and exposed to the same people?

      • Those girls – India, Michelle H, Allie, Nicki are like sisters, especially the ones that lived in Brooklyn and had lives together outside of Albany. I imagine they would flip on their sr. leads (Nancy, Lauren, Clare, Keith) but they would be pained – really pained – to sell their peer DOS sisters out. I bet there is a lot of complications emotionally there.

  • Heart-warming news, what with loyal co-workers, a real princess and a handsome prince and everything, a happy ending to a modern day fairytale! Well told.

    • Lady, put down the crack pipe. Reread what you wrote while looking at yourself in the mirror, so you can see how dumb you look and sound.

      • So, no-mark ben, some crack and a mirror to watch your foolish self in?

        That this is how you roll does not surprise me, little boy.

  • How do you know I am Lauren what proof do you have ? All I say is India has been brainwashed by her mother and her fool of a boyfriend Pat. He doesn’t deserve her and furthermore India made a lifetime vow to Keith to be his wife. How can she have a boyfriend when she is married to Keith. She is a slut and she has betrayed her vow. I wish her collateral would be released but the tyrants stole it. The tyrants and the sluts are in charge now. But soon it will change when Keith and Clare are acquitted. Them the miscrssnts will be punished. By the WEIGHT of their own KARMA. Just remember the word Karma stands for K Keith A Alan R Raniere and MA – the mother of the universe.l!!! The two Keith and the Goddess mother will prevail in the end. For shame India.

    • Pea Onyou (aka Lauren Salzman):

      Let’s release the collateral of you and Allison and Clare for all the world to see.

      You three women are like the witches of Macbeth.
      Ugly on the outside and hateful on the inside.

      • shadow, you were insisting about a week ago that Pea was India. Now you’re convinced it’s Lauren S. Hahahaha! Perhaps you should just cut your losses and admit that Pea is not a “big name” in NXIVM…in fact, “she” is most likely not even a current NXIVM member. Pea is a garden-variety troll. My god, how much of a clue do you need when the name is freakin’ PEE ON YOU?

        • Shadow is a fucking empty life moron. If he didn’t have such a huge crush on Allison he wouldn’t be here with his commentary diarrhea.The guy is a frustrated lawyer wanna be and day dreams about young TV star vags all day.

          • Because you don’t shut the hell up and go away Scottie. I hate old guys who perv on much younger woman. You bring back too many thoughts of a creep in my life who sounds exactly like you.

    • Lauren you should be concentrating on helping care for your mother and reconciling your bad choices!
      Name calling does not become you.

    • No one really cares who you are, pee a is a good name for you. You come across as a total idiot with a lot of missing brain cells. Did you do one to many brain experiments? It’s over creepo keep watching and you will see who gets punished. Didn’t anyone want your collateral? I think it’s time you got professional help.

    • Lauren shouldn’t you be busy with your lawyers trying to keep your ass out of prison, or do you love Allison that much? It’s that way the you deny being Lauren that proves you are.

    • I seldom wish Ill will on others, but I really do hope an accident in the immediate future keeps you from further posting.

    • I still wonder if you are for real, Pea. But here goes: Vows can be broken. It happens all the time.

      Reportedly when Ethel Merman was asked about her 32-day marriage to Earnest Borgnine she said (paraphrasing), “I made a mistake. That’s why pencils have erasers!”

    • There is no way a person can be this dumb or deluded. So as a caricature of a cult member I don’t understand the point. To get people who are anti-NXIVM to believe they are real in order to make them look foolish? It is anti-NXIVM and an over the top attempt at humor which is hit or miss?

    • He will never get out alive, if he did, one way or the other someone will make him pay for what he did and the world will be a better place for it !
      As for Clare she will do some time and I doubt she’ll do well there, will she be strong enough to make it depending of how long she faces… I wouldn’t bet on that. Then again, I’m not gonna lose any sleep for her !

      Time to face it, you’re done…

    • @Pea Onyu => Stage 1 – Denial and Isolation : Wether you want it or not doesn’t matter, your beloved Keith will die in prison, maybe tonight. His hearth will simply stop beating. Forensic will conclude that he died from a natural cardio-respiratory arrest. Period.
      India might be a slut, it doesn’t matter because she will be soon stronger like never ever.
      She will help many girls in not falling in any kind abusive relationship, cult, etc. She will do much much more than you ever did, whereas you pretend to feel concerned. How ironical, hahahaha !!! XD

    • Pea,
      You poor delusional creature. India was not brain washed by her Mom. She was, however, brainwashed by and branded to the pleasure of a sick, evil sociopath named Keith Raniere. You know that guy you call “Vanguard”? Yeah, him. He’s in a jail cell.
      India isn’t married to Keith. She made promises to a man based on his deceptions and LIES.
      Karma stands for Keith Alan Raniere and mother of the Universe???? Are you serious? Do you realize the word “Karma” was around LONG before your precious vanguard was?
      I hope India is out. And, I wish the best for her. Catherine is a hero. Your are deluded.

  • Just reading the Federal indictment would shock and horrify most people.

    I hope India will be well enough to testify against Raniere, Mack, Clare Bronfman and Lauren Salzman (Pea Onyou).

  • Good luck to the two and her family. You managed to go through hell and got your life back. Let us hope that most of the others manage to do the same. All that is left is a possible lengthy case in NY. It should put an end to this scam which is already going on for two decades.
    What I still don’t get is how this moron managed to get financed by the Bronfmans. How did he manage to land both of the sisters.

    • Stupid as fuck + Low self esteem + Never worked in their lives + Needing something to fill the void = 2 Bronfman bank rollers.

  • India is a traitor. After all Keith did for her to do such a horror. She must be shunned by all of us. She has not woke up she has gone to sleep. She has become a suppressive.

    • Hey, Pea:
      You just got peed on.

      You and Raniere and Clare and Allison all deserve to rot in hell for what you have done to innocent victims over the years.
      The day of retribution is coming for you.

    • Your cult wasn’t even original, you stole bits and pieces from other cults. Where did suppressive come from? Scientology? All Keith’s lies have been proven – he was never in the Guinness book for smartest man in 1989-it simply NEVER happened. He was never one of the top 3 problem solvers in the world-no proof=It NEVER HAPPENED. Judo champ at 11-NEVER happened. Taught himself to read at age 2-NEVER happened. I am curious how he convinced you all to accept his word with no proof.

    • They were called adversaries not suppressives.

      I mean, hell, Keith did massively copy scientology, but he didn’t take it quite that far as to steal that particular word.

    • I’m sure she is devastated at the thought of being “shunned by all of us.” Party of five, your table is ready!

  • Such good news! It is amazing to hear what steadfast love and the support of friends and family can achieve.

  • Good for India.

    Note that when the slave branding was first revealed in 2017 it was the males in NXIVM in fled in droves.

    Regardless of what feminists say about men, most men do not want women to be slaves.

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