NBC Dateline to present Catherine Oxenberg’s exclusive story – A Mother’s Mission – Monday night

Catherine Oxenberg spoke to Megyn Kelly for Dateline saying she felt ‘horrendous guilt’ for introducing her daughter to NXIVM 

NBC Dateline will report on the harrowing and emotional battle Catherine Oxenberg is waging to reclaim her daughter – and in the grueling interval take-down of the cult that ensnared her.  It is titled “A Mother’s Mission.”
The Dateline episode will appear Monday, August 6th, at 10 pm Eastern Standard and Pacific Times and 9 pm Central and Mountain times on NBC.    Here is a link to a promo video on NBC.
As NBC ‘s website describes it, “Actress Catherine Oxenberg shares the full story, for the first time, of how she tried to save her daughter India, who Catherine says was brainwashed by the controversial self-help group NXIVM for several years. Megyn Kelly reports Monday, August 6 at 10/9c on NBC.”
Oxenberg says her daughter, India, was branded with Nxivm leader Keith Raniere’s initials
The brand with the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack is of another DOS slave.

In an interview with Megyn Kelly, Oxenberg discussed the moment she learned her daughter had been branded with the initials of Raniere and Mack.

‘I was horrified,’ Oxenberg said in a clip from the interview.

India was branded as a DOS slave and gave blackmail-worthy material to cult leaders Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.
The Dateline story is not expected to be an expose of NXIVM, but rather an intimate and personal look at this mother’s dilemma – after learning her 26-year-old daughter was immersed in the secretive group that brands women as slaves – and, in fact, branded her as a slave.
Oxenberg had taken India to a NXIVM motivational course back in 2011 because India wanted to be an entrepreneur
The torment is larger for Catherine – as revealed on Dateline – for she introduced her daughter to NXIVM – under the mistaken impression that the group was what they claimed it was – an Executive Success training program.

Catherine tells Megyn Kelly, ‘I brought her in. And that’s why I feel responsible for getting her out…  At first, I felt horrendous guilt that I had participated in bringing my daughter into an organization that was this deviant and dangerous. Then I started to educate myself… I spoke to numerous experts and they said, “Would you stop blaming yourself? These cults are well-oiled machines. India never stood a chance.”‘

In addition to Catherine’s in-depth interview with Kelly, Susan Dones – who was the head of Executive Success Programs’ Seattle branch, under parent company NXIVM, until 2009 when she defected from the organization – and Cult Deprogrammer Rick Alan Ross– appear.
Kelly also interviews one of Raniere’s five lawyers, Marc Agnifilo. It should be interesting to hear Agnifilo’s preview of his defense of Keith Raniere.
Oxenberg will also sit down with Kelly for an exclusive live interview on NBC’s “Megyn Kelly TODAY” on Tuesday, August 7 at 9 a.m. ET. – the day her book is set to be released.

A preview clip of the all-new “Dateline” can be watched on the NBC website and a longer preview will air on Monday, August 6 during “Megyn Kelly TODAY” (9 a.m. ET). The broadcast is produced by Tim Uehlinger and senior producer Ellen Mason.

Dateline is the longest-running series in NBC primetime history. In its 26th season, Dateline is anchored by Lester Holt and features correspondents Andrea Canning, Josh Mankiewicz, Keith Morrison and Dennis Murphy.  Dateline reaches more than 18 million people every week through its broadcast, and millions more through social media.

David Corvo is the senior executive producer. Liz Cole is executive producer.

Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg has revealed in an interview with NBC's Megyn Kelly that her daughter India is branded with Nxivm leader Keith Raniere's initials

Oxenberg has spent the past year trying to bring down the cult in hopes of getting her daughter India (above in 2007) away from Nxivm, leader Keith Raniere and Allison Mack

Oxenberg spent the past year trying to bring down the cult in hopes of getting her daughter India (above in 2007) away from Nxivm, leader Keith Raniere, and Allison Mack

The Dynasty star says her 27-year-old daughter India was branded with Keith Raniere and Allison Mack's initials. Pictured above is the branding on one of the women

Oxenberg has spent the past year trying to bring down the cult in hopes of getting her 27-year-old daughter away from the organization and leader Keith Raniere (above)

Raniere and Allison Mack (above leaving court last month) are accused of coercing Nxivm followers into becoming slaves to senior members

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  • Just watched this – you got the shaft here Frank! They made only a passing reference to a “website” without mentioning which one it was. They even showed the site!

    • Hardly the shaft! this programme is part of the same enterprise Frank is tethered to. He doesn’t expect to be placed at the masthead of everyone’s story, (a good, a great man) Why would you expect such a thing? Frank knows what he’s done for all involved. Thanks, again Frank!

  • Notice how Pea Onyou uses a different email account each time? It’s the only way to get different color symbols next.to your name or heading.

    Also Pea says she has charges against herself if you read her post carefully.

    I think its Lauren Salzman.

  • India is lucky to have a mom who cares about her. Maybe if AM had more supportive parents she’d be in a better place. Even now, they don’t come to court to support her.

  • Kristin betrayed Keith after being enjoyed lavishly by him. How pathetic she is now. Allison remains a brave lady and destined to go down in hoatory as a true pillar to the cause. And we will win you despicable deplorable enemies. And we will find out who you are and Clare will show you the path of rectitude. Kathy hold hard. Help is on the way. You have nothing to fear. We must use Frank Report the tool of ten opressor to communicate with each other. Karen is a scoundrel. Do not trust. Allison keep on. Clare awaits. Somehow we will inform Keith. We must sacrifice for him. None of us face serious charges. At most a few months – we
    Will reunite but we must fall for our leader on every sword and every venue.

      • Keith is the Vanguard. As such he deserves our tribute. In addition he is the smartest man in the world and one the top three problem solvers in the world today do you realize he walked 20 miles per day devoting all his time to using his gigantic brain to solve world problems. Is that a joke. Could you have done it ? Now is it fair that Nancy gets one or two years and Keith faces 30 years. Where is the justice when Keith solved humanity’s problems?

    • Ms. Pea,

      Whoever you are, you know nothing of what you post about. It appears you have brought the Cult’s story hook, line and sinker.

      Clare already came after me with 7 NXIVM attorneys. I won that battle in a court of law like all the rest of us have. NXIVM falsely accused me of over 200 charges they attempted to prove were true.

      7 highly paid attorneys against a non-legal pro se defendant and I kicked Jim Del Nigro’s and Clare Bronfman’s butts when they were on the witness stand.

      Now its NXIVM’S turn to be in the hot seat.

      They are not up against a NX-Ex, its against an entire team of Federal investigators and prosecutors who have more resources than us whistleblowers with limited funds.

      Even with limited funds to defend ourselves, we still proved NXIVM representatives to be lying about our guilt.

      So, what makes you believe NXIVM leaders are telling you and everyone else the truth?

      Do some research on their legal cases and you will find that case after case they have lied and lost. Another option is you can keep your head buried in the sand as it appears you are doing now.

      • Pea is a prime candidate for the Darwin Awards. Usually cults draw in people with a variety of intellectual ranges. From the way she writes, Pea appears to be one those on the lower end of the spectrum. The fact that ye of little legal experience put these people and their team of high priced lawyers to shame shows the “greatness” of the teachings of their Vanguard. Well done. Telling Pea to do some actual research seems to be a futile cause, like telling your average first grader to read through the first few pages of a calculus book to understand what it says.

      • Susan, why did you claim that Kristin Kreuk left NXIVM shortly after you did in 2009 when that is absolutely not the case? She was still deep in the cult up to at least 2013. She was still a supporter of NXIVM in 2015.

    • I love your turn of phrase: Kristin had been “enjoyed lavishly” by Keith.
      I never read “fucking, sucking, eating or cumming on” described like a Victorian novel…Thanks

      • Who is this Pea? People are suggesting it is Lauren Salzman. If it is a real NXIVM cultist with inside knowledge and not a prankster, perhaps Kristin Kreuk really did have sex with Keith Raniere.

    • Allison Mack is a delusional fool who believes she is Joan of Arc.
      Allison Mack has sacrificed her life for nothing.
      Allison Mack has fallen so far down the NXIVM rabbit hole that she can no longer discern fantasy from reality.
      Clare Bronfman is another delusional fool who has lost most of her fortune financing Raniere’s hare brained schemes.

      You “ladies” of NXIVM will all end up like the women who followed Charles Manson into perdition.

      When you NXIVM gals do get out of prison Allison Mack will be like Nora Desmond, the washed up actress of “Sunset Boulevard.”
      Lauren Salzmaqn will be the lady with 30 hairless cats.
      Clare Bronfman will still dress like a Bag Lady.
      And Nicki Clyne and India will be mentally stunted children.

    • Pea you are full of sh@T! Kathy hold hard to what? Keith and this cult has done great things for her! She has no money, no job, no savings and I am guessing no health insurance and the possibility of now going to jail… the future is so bright, she will be locked up in chains. You are all following some man who I am sure, or he was until he ended up in jail, was laughing at every one of you! Shame on you… go and get some help and get deprogramed…

    • He was involved forever. And almost involved with one of the Jane Does, until Raniere disapproved.

      • Was his girlfriend branded? Wasn’t it Mark Hildreth’s girlfriend who got branded, named on Frank Report as a Jane Doe before Frank retracted her name?

        Mark Hildreth was involved with NXIVM for years and has not made a single comment. He made his twitter account private. He was named in Joesph O’Hara’s criminal lawsuit and according to John Tigue, was one of the NXIVM insiders discussing money laundering on Necker Island.



      • Mark Hildreth left because Raniere slept with his (at the time) girlfriend.

        I am pretty sure which one of the Jane Does she is.

        • It would seem a lot of NXIVM cult members only leave the cult when they are personally affected. Mark Hildreth, Sarah Edmondson.

          • When I left it was because I was personally affected by the bad behaviour of a couple of people in the organisation. Not that I was involved for long.

            For the record, that was before the sexual assault against adolescent girls info came out.

            There are probably a fair number of people who left at that point, and most of the rats jumped the sinking ship when the sex cult within the cult info became public.

            What it says about people who didn’t leave at various stages is what is scary.

          • Not judging you. Good for you that you left before the paedophile stuff in February 2012. Indeed, it says a tremendous amount about the people who stayed on. Kristin Kreuk and Mark Hildreth for example. You mention Hildreth and his Jane Doe girlfriend. Frank may of revealed who she was then retracted her name.

        • Mark profited from NXIVM. Maybe financially, but certainly his status in the cult was much higher than it was in showbiz. He brought in their highest profile regular member, Kristin K, so he was the proverbial “cock of the walk.”
          For a dozen years he was big in the cult, and he was in Kristin for about half that.
          A pretty long-running gig for a mediocre actor.

          • – “For a dozen years he was big in the cult, and he was in Kristin for about half that”.

            Do you mean that in the biblical sense? 🙂

            Actors tend to have low self esteem and have an external locus of control. They require the approval of others. Those who are in cults also have low self esteem, that is how they end up in cults, looking for meaning in their lives. Mark Hildreth has never been famous so having some status in the cult probably filled a void for him. Seeing as Kristin Kreuk was the cults most famous member and Hildreth brought her in, that probably bumped him up a bit. Also seeing as they were a couple in a cult together (imagine that), they probably knew the same stuff about what went on in the cult.

      • If you are going to do that you have to go up the food chain. Hildreth was brought in by Tony Dean Smith who was brought in by Sarah Edmondson who was brought in by and on and on.

    • The article said she had horrendous guilt until she learned these type of cults are well oiled machines and that’s what they do. They deceive people into believing they are working for a good cause when all they are doing is serving the whims of a charlatan and his flying monkeys.

    • Did you read the rest –“Then I started to educate myself… I spoke to numerous experts and they said, “Would you stop blaming yourself? These cults are well-oiled machines. India never stood a chance.”

      • Just like you stalked her of your own free will. If she gave you the chance you would take it in a heart beat, regardless of her immorality, STDs and criminality.

        • I have seen no evidence whatsoever of shadowstate stalking anybody.

          For feck’s sake, even Sultan of Six trying to contact Kristin Kreuk’s parents isn’t technically stalking. Creepy, but not stalking.

          Everybody here has opinions about Allie Whack.

          Technically, the closest thing to stalking going on around here is the obsessive compulsive searching out shadowstate’s posts to attack him over them.

          Bit ironic really. Moron cyberstalker accuses others of stalking.

          • – For feck’s sake, even Sultan of Six trying to contact Kristin Kreuk’s parents isn’t technically stalking.

            I think the default level of intelligence of anonymous posters on the internet is now “retard”, like this clown here. They fucking can’t understand what a person wrote after they’ve read it, let alone a hundred times after they’ve read it again when the person who originally wrote repeats himself.

            I never tried contacting her parents”s”. I sent her father an email once to his public email which was listed on his company’s corporate website.

            What’s creepy is loser Anonymous posters who stalk me on the Internet and keep referring to me like the douche-bags they are pretending they don’t give a shit but clearly do.

          • Sultan, I think you have been unjustly harrassed here, often in the most boring and juvenile way…so maybe the insults finally fucked with your brain making you illogically say: “I never tried contacting her parents. I sent her father an email.”

            Isn’t sending her father an email the very definition of trying to contact her parents?

            That goof aside, maybe if more of Kristin’s fans would have sent many such emails, Kristin might have gotten her head straight sooner.

          • Hmm shadow perv….you wouldn’t see any evidence of anything unless it was your beloved Allie. You are an obsessed perv.

        • No I put the “s” in quotes at the end of parent to emphasize that I did not contact both her parents, I contacted only one and it was a single email sent once which I don’t even know was ever read.

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