Dateline tonight will feature Raniere’s Attorney Speaking Out On Branding: “I Think He [Keith] Knew About Every Part of It”

Dateline tonight at 10 pm, Eastern and Pacific Times/ 9 Central and Mountain times


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  • Tonight you will see Marc Agnifilo continue the NXIVM “Cover Up”. Marc Agnifilo will pass on LIES on national TV that his client is attempting to get to Raniere’s followers and the general public. NXIVM followers are still holding on with hope this is all a big mistake and their Vanguard will be set free.

    Raniere and Clare Bear’s attorney Robert Crockett tried to explain away the “I’ve had people killed” statement. Just as his current attorney will try to explain away every illegal action of Raniere’s current indictments.

    Robert Crockett said Rainiere didn’t really say he’s had people killed (but it clearly says so on the video). Crockett was attempting smoke and mirrors game as will Marc Agnifilo tonight.

    Robert Crockett said it was because his Vanguard was talking about a member of the LeBaron family was killed by drug lords in Mexico when he said “I’ve had people killed”.

    “Benjamin LeBaron [along with his brother-in-law Luis Carlos] was murdered by cartel members” Crockett stated this in a deposition. “The LeBaron family decided not to pay the ransom and their family member [Benjamin’s son who was] was later released, and then the father [Benjamin LeBaron] was killed for not paying ransom”.

    Robert Crockett attempting to cover up for his Vanguard and explain away “I’ve had people killed” statement.

    Raniere was attempting to say I didn’t mean I’ve really had people killed and I’m responsible because I’ve had people killed for my beliefs” in the internet video with Raniere saying, I’VE HAD PEOPLE KILLED.

    All very believable, for sheep who don’t do their research.

    The problem with this LIE that Raniere is trying so hard to convince people that he was talking about the LeBaron family. Raniere told Robert Crockett that it was Raniere himself who told Benjamin LeBaron to not pay the ransom.

    “The Truth” is; Raniere never told the LeBaron family anything about the ransom.

    The “I’ve had people killed” video was shot in April of 2009.

    Benjamin LeBaron was murdered in July of 2009.

    Vanguard would of had to have had a crystal ball to have known that Benjamin and his brother were going to be killed 3 months later.

    NXIVM leadership is so good at doing and convincing people such things that damage the NXIVM Crime Organization “IS ALL MADE UP”. NXIVM is really good at getting their attorney’s just continue the “Make Believe”. Their attorney’s just pass on the lie without doing any of their own research.

  • Piesse left the cult with her husband, Mark Vicente, after reading The Frank Report —covering nearly 30 years of abuses and crimes perpetrated by Keith Raniere and many of his disciples in his name.

    Also, Frank Report was the first venue to break the branding story and dog other media into picking it up. Let’s keep our facts straight.

    • How do you know Piesse left the cult because of Frank Report? Frank Report is excellent, but prior to Frank breaking the branding story in June(?) 2017, most of the info he posted about was already out there. The 2012 Times Union expose, Saratoga in Decline etc.

  • And how does Agnifilo explain away the fact that Vanguard also texted his slave “overseers” like Lauren Salzman during the brandings to make sure they were getting the job done? Or had them video the brandings for not only collateral value but his and others viewing pleasure, I’d venture.

    The only reason Keith wasn’t there to participate on these joyous occasions (at least not without the slaves being blindfolded when he was) is clear to anyone who knows what a filthy coward he really is that he used even his most loyal subjects as a human crime sheild.

  • Keith Raniere sells his women supporters short.

    Raniere preaches how fickle and disloyal women are and no doubt there are some women like that, just as there are some men.

    But so far in this process, Raniere’s female followers have been loyal to him to a fault.

    They deserve some credit for their loyalty even if it is misplaced loyalty.

    • I’m glad other people know about this besides teenagers in the chans and 20-somethings on reddit. Weird world we live in now where the young are way more informed than the old, and much better at separating fact from fiction.

      She also did a hit piece on Alex Jones, which would have been easy to do just using Jones’s regular material, but instead she took two separate recordings of him and stitched them together to make him seem like he was saying something he never said. Luckily Jones saw it coming ahead of time and had his own people record all his interactions with Kelly.

  • Imagine how easy it would be to be in contact in this age of technology, but please don’t believe everything you read. Like guilty until proven innocent , don’t believe anything until it’s proven. This is unfair to the average reader who knows very little about the facts in this case. The goal is to protect real victims and to punish real perpetrators.

  • Concerning whether Allison Mack is in contact with NXIVM members as alleged in Crazy Days/Crazy Nights:

    Toni Natale attended the recent court hearing and had this comment to make:

    “Allison and Clare were talking to each other in a friendly fashion.”

    I believe that it is possible that Mack in some fashion has been communicating with other NXIVM members recently about substantive matters.
    It might not be in as lurid a fashion as the blind item in Crazy Days/Crazy Nights but it is enirely possible and even probable.

    And Pea Onyou’s recent comments also lend credence to the notion that Mack will “stay strong.”

    • Pea Onyu
      August 6, 2018 at 12:19 am

      Allison remains a brave lady and destined to go down in hoatory as a true pillar to the cause. And we will win you despicable deplorable enemies. And we will find out who you are and Clare will show you the path of rectitude.
      Allison keep on. Clare awaits. Somehow we will inform Keith. We must sacrifice for him. None of us face serious charges. At most a few months – we
      Will reunite but we must fall for our leader on every sword and every venue.

      • Her name is the most honest thing about Pea Onyou.

        She literally despises anyone who is not in the cult and she’s very open about it.

        Even though she’s bratty and arrogant and stupid, her honesty is refreshing.

        Better honest hostility than mendacious love for me and others.

        Nothing is more disturbing to me than the always smiling devious Allison Mack.

  • His attorney is trying to explain away the “f*ck toy” email, since he has no other choice but to acknowledge it (jury will see it).

    In that email, Keith said that slaves were anxious to get his “monogram” branded on them. His attorney is merely acknowledging the fact that Keith admitted he was in on the branding idea. This isn’t news.

    His attorney is going to have a hard time with female jurors seeing that email about the “f*ck toy”, since it shows he viewed these women as not even human, but as true slaves to serve him for life with collateral being held over their heads.

  • Funny that Keith is the only person in this story who did not have collateral hanging over his head. Oh yeah … because he stood alone at the top of the DOS pyramid.

  • It’s becoming abundantly clear that his defense will be to shuffle all blame on the women.

    Worse Jness. Module. Ever.

  • “The Vanguard” relished in it. His narcissistic psychology is rooted in smugly satisfying himself in his ability to push the limits of what he could make people do for him, and as a sex addict, for him to get women to brand themselves near their vaginas as representative of his ownership of them would have immensely satisfied this desire of his. Agnifilo doesn’t remotely believe what he’s saying.

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