[Silly] death/extortion threats come in – now what’s a journalist to do? – Publish them!

Within the last few weeks, I have had hints that some people don’t like me.  In fact, if some are to be believed – and I am not sure I believe any of it – they dislike me enough to want to kill me.
First I got a call from a reliable source who told me that, because of my work exposing NXIVM, a certain individual says he/she plans to kill me.  I cannot name this person – for under the terms of the agreement I made in exchange for the information – I promised I would not reveal the party who wants me dead.  Whether that individual actually meant what he/she said or was just talking through his/her angry ass – is hard for me to know. I wrote it off as a bluff.
On  an anonymous commenter posted on Frank Report:

“Keep in mind also that investigators also believe the Salinas were more than likely the ones trying to send hit teams thru the Niagara Falls border crossing to murder Frank Parlato. This is not a game people.”

I live near Niagara Falls part of the year and if anyone was going to send murderers to find me – it is not a bad place to start.  But keep in mind this was an anonymous post. If the Feds actually have this info – as the commenter suggests – I would think they might get around to informing me.  I forgot about this comment the same day it appeared.
On a recent trip to Los Angeles to meet with sources, a friend I was visiting started receiving threatening text messages in Spanish and phone calls on the day I arrived at her house – demanding, among other things, that I be “stopped”.
The perpetrator elevated my estimation of his potential seriousness when he threatened that if I were not stopped, my friend’s family members from Clifton Park, NY — near the main NXIVM former headquarters in Half Moon — would be harmed.

The messages were sent from a 518 prefix phone number [Albany]. However, it is possible the calls and texts were remotely rerouted using computer programs.


The perpetrator lowered his potential seriousness when he claimed in Spanish that he was a Captain of Police and that he wanted a payment of $400 or else.  I laughed at the request for $400 – thinking he should have asked for at least $1000.

I called the number from which the texts were sent. A man answered and spoke only in Spanish, which I do not understand.  I told him in English to stop sending texts. I don’t think he understood English because he kept talking in an increasingly animated voice in Spanish.
The text messages continued for a few days to both my friend and myself threatening us. I texted the man and told him “Fuck you Puto. [Puto is a derogatory Mexican slang word for a male prostitute.]  He sent a few more texts – to which we did not bother to respond – then they stopped.  I wrote this off as a petty extortionist who may or may not be aware of my role in NXIVM.
Today, I received an email sent on Proton Secure Mail. It came from mbs11@protonmail.com

The subject line was:

Top Secret, for Frank Parlato

I guess it’s safe to contact you directly and am not going to over emphasize this. There is an active eliminate order against you and the Russian mob have been tasked with its execution re: NXIVM. THIS INFO SHARED WITH YOU ON CONDITION THAT I ENGAGE WITH ONLY YOU AND NOT ANY OTHER OR LEGAL REPS.
Proof by way of audio and video, tell me where by way of reply, to send, by courier. Digital links also contained therein. Send 1 bitcoin (btc) to: 18EskmunK4qu2w3p8bAh1dopgSvRiFxFzS. Looking forward to your response. Will arrange meeting later, not before, when you need to. If I do not hear from you by Thursday afternoon, count me out and that this email never arrived.


My immediate impression is that this latest email is a fake – an attempt at extortion.  I sent it to several people aware of the investigation into NXIVM for their opinion.
One source said, “Very suspect – I’m worried it’s a trap.”
Another said: “I would turn it over to the Feds right away. It could be a trap just to get money from you or it could be true.  When I first joined NXIVM and was spending a lot of time with Nancy, they were meeting with a group of Russians.  They also found Rubles at Nancy’s house…. Well, they have to find you and come across the border.”
Another source said:
It’s not very plausible to me, but there is no way to tell if it’s nonsense.  I don’t know why Russians, they aren’t really known for murder for hire, though I suppose it’s possible.  He’s not offering to stop it, just to give you some kind of information about it.  He doesn’t tell you anything about the nature or quality of this “proof.”  (Like, does it identify who the primary actors are?  Who put out the contract, and who has contracted to do the hit? When is this supposed to happen?  By what means?).  If he does not control them, how does he know there are two days, plus whatever additional time it takes for him to deliver the goods “by courier” and you to get something done about it?  He also doesn’t direct you to keep this secret, nor does he instruct you not to involve law enforcement; he only says he doesn’t want to “engage” with others.  Typically, an extortionist will offer something more concrete about the value of what he or she is offering.  Bitcoin is not cheap.  There is nothing in this demand indicating that the extortionist won’t engage in double-dipping (taking the bitcoin and then demanding more now that he knows you will pay).  So it doesn’t make sense to me.

But, he is indirectly threatening your life (or, threatening to withhold something that could save your life), so in an abundance of caution, you might want to report it to FBI in your district.  I know you don’t love them, but they have to take this seriously.  Proton mail is not impenetrable; Swiss privacy laws don’t protect extortionists or people conveying death threats.  But, I don’t know how quickly the process works.  Bitcoin accounts are difficult to trace, but not always impossible.  Again, I don’t know how long the process would take.”


Another source wrote:  The request for $7,000+ up-front makes it sound a little fishy. I think you should write back – and ask for some tangible proof before you send the money – and see what kind of response you get. If you can get her/him to send you something by courier, that will make it a whole lot easier to track down who’s behind this.

PS/I also think you should send this over to the Feds so that they can track down the source.
For my own part,  it seems amateurish – worthy of a Clare Bronfman type of intimidation.
In some circles, you can get a hit done for less than 1 Bitcoin – which has a present value of $7,741.08.  I would be taking this a lot more seriously if this person agreed to save my life for a much more reasonable sum – say $100.

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  • Just keep posting Scott’s address on the internet. That seems to annoy him quite a bit.

    3241 Portside Lane
    Plano TX 75023

    Plus, with all the people he loves to piss off – Someone might just visit him

  • Olivia Cheng, a NXIVM cultist, coach, recruiter and aspiring actress has made zero remarks whatsoever about NXIVM. She was the front for NXIVM shell company “One Asian”. Absolute silence. A commentator on this site claimed she pursued females aggressively for Keith Raniere that fitted his type.

  • Breaking Details from Catherine Oxenberg’s book “Captive.”

    Smallville’ Star Allison Mack’s Sadistic Sex Cult Rules Revealed

    A tell-all book has unveiled the sadistic rules that Smallville‘s Allison Mack imposed on members of NXIVM’s alleged sex slave ring

    As revealed by gossip site Radar Online, Allison Mack and other high ranking members of the perceived pyramid scheme “success” group are currently part of a highly publicized trial involving the underbelly of the group. Catherine Oxen, the mother of a former member of NXIVM’s sex cult, is releasing a tell-all involving anecdotes as revealed by her daughter. Among these are how seriously Mack took her role as the pimp of the group, responding only to “Madam Mack”, “Pimp Mack”, and “the Madam”. She would then set up appointments for the members to have sexual intercourse with leader Keith Raniere, even going as far as “granting” the victims permission to enjoy it.

    The tell-all continues by revealing that Allison Mack herself was very territorial of Raniere herself, and would often be very punitive and sadistic with her punishments due to her own jealousy. Furthermore, Mack was allegedly “obsessed with penance and weight” and would keep the victims on “starvation diets”.

    To make matters worse, Allison Mack would host “readiness drills” where the victims had to respond to texts from their “master”, Raniere, at any given night. Mack would then instruct the victims to allow Raniere to take a photograph of them in the nude as proof that they have “completed” their task.

    All this, and more, is set to be revealed in Catherine Oxenberg’s book, Captive: A Mother’s Crusade to Save Her Daughter from a Terrifying Cult out August 7th.


  • Hey numnut, I see you love to use the term redneck when referring to President Trump supporters and gun owners etc. It says much about your mental state. You try to come across as some pseudo intellectual but in reality you are dumb as a rock

  • You should get federal protection in these case, since you are the main wistleblower and there are so many ramifications to it the feds haven’t even begin to discover. Be save!

  • How are my posts so meaningless? Because they make you think, for a change? This is a comments section, why would I want to say nothing? LOL How many chances is Frank going to give this pathetic anonymous poster before he gives her the boot?

    • Yesterday I ate one booger for breakfast . LOL!
      Today I ate TWO boogers for breakfast. LOL! LOL!

    • Scott This anon has no more to say. Except thank you for adding to the page, I appreciate your work. This is the last post by me. The last post from me was we need to stop throwing stones. That was meant to be the last but just wanted to tell you I am done.
      Going back to just reading articles only. So any more anons Will Not be me. For the record. I will honor your request.

  • So what context do you think he said it in Scott? I think this just goes to show how little you know about the short smelly one.

  • Dude your posts are so meaningless. I think you just like to see your name in Red on these post. I think you have proven you cannot control your impulse to say nothing. How many chances is Frank going to give this pathetic poster before he gives him the boot?

  • I always thought Russian Mob was a nice way not to denigrate the folks who have a similar background to the Seagram’s heiress?

    • In Russia most mafia Jews.They no trouble but for other mafia.Selling the drugs,selling the womans,stealing money,kill enemy.Anatoli is brother of Boris and friend of brother is mafia man.Mafia is move to America for jail is better.He living in New Jersey in town called Howell.Spasibo!

  • Get yourself a nice 1911 ….my favorite flavor is .45acp…..and a couple of boxes of hollow points and tell them to….Bring it !

    • Typical Redneck dumbass. As if you are able to defend yourself from a hit that you are not expecting, which is executed by a group of people, who might study your daily life in advance.

      The only thing that will come out of it is a frightened moron on the streats with a loaded gun who shoots around himself at random. Do you really believe the 2nd allows you to defend yourself from any organized group of people? A group, that is trained, outnumbers you and is experienced. A group, that might have seen combat before and was drilled in tactics and procedures.

      • Typical response from a ghetto gangbanger. Do you have any idea how much crime is stopped by those that carry. I doubt it. Just packing may not save your life if you are ambushed by a group of thugs that people like you wanna protect, but my odds are better than yours from having a cop draw a chalk line around your dead rotting body.

        • I happen to agree with him, and while I don’t know you, I’d be willing to bet that I own more firearms than you do (I own a gun shop where I live, in PA).

          A 1911 is probably the least practical choice for an inexperienced shooter, who has no experience shooting defensively. Cops in deadly force situations often miss, despite all the practice and the annual qualifier they need to pass for duty certification.

          If Frank shoots and kills somebody in self-defense, do you think the cops just come and “bag up the corpse”, and that’s the end of it?

          Trust me, it’s not, especially in states where the government doesn’t like private citizens owning firearms to begin with.

          • Dude stop throwing red herring legal issues in with your specious argument. There will always be legal issues in any self defense shooting. Better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.

        • There is no statistics about that and there never will be. No matter what the NRA claims. All you can do is count dead bodies and the US is pretty far ahead when it comes to that. A similar body count is called civil war in actual civilized countries.

      • FDC:

        I’m very pro-2A, and I absolutely agree with you that it’s a dumb idea. In addition to what you’ve mentioned, there is also the issue of the law. I wouldn’t even consider the option without knowing the laws, and based on a quick skim of NY’s gun laws, they are very restrictive:

        Just 0.57% of the population has CCW’s (which is probably ALL professional licensing like LE org’s, armed guards, and a few celebrities). They have no reciprocity with any other states (a state will honor a CCW issued by a different state).

        There is normally a 4-6 month turnaround time on gun licensing in NY state apparently, with some counties reporting waits of up to 14 months:


        Despite that, Frank might be able to get a CCW quickly, since there has been a threat on his life, if he wanted to go that route.

        Personally, I think it’s an incredibly dumb idea.

        Nobody picks up a firearm for the first time, and is instantly transformed into an expert shot. That’s Hollywood, not real life.

        It takes a tremendous amount of practice and training to even be “basic” at defensive handgunning.

        Frank could easily find himself in a jail cell for defending himself with a firearm, with as little as 1 misspoken statement in a post-event interview.

        I’d swear that there are people out there who get into firearms because they secretly hope to get into confrontations where they can kill in self defense. These are the “it’s an extension of my penis” gun owners, and they give responsible gun owners a bad name.

        • The biggest issue with carrying a piece is how the law enforcement reacts. Their job is to deescalate the situation by taking down potential threats.
          The moment you turn up in civilian clothing pointing at things with a gun, you are a threat. In the military this was described as behavior, which is typical for hostiles. So if you turn up there in the wrong uniform and you are armed, police or SWAT will pretty likely shoot first and ask questions later.

          • Absolutely. Fresh on the scene and seeing that, all they know is:

            That guy has a gun, and he’s not 1 of ours.

            We had a case out here some years back, where a 20 year old drug addict broke into an elderly man’s home. He cut the phone line ,went in, and started beating on the old man, demanding money. The old man broke free, and managed to get to a handgun. The perp turned and started to run. The old man shot him in the ankle, just as the perp crossed the threshold of the door, and then went to the neighbor’s to call the cops.

            When the cops showed up, they interviewed him, and the old man gave them a play by play. He ended up getting charged with F1 assault with a deadly weapon, and a bunch of other serious charges.

            You screw-up legally in a self-defense shooting (especially in an anti-gun jurisdiction like NY), and you can end up going to jail for a very long time, even if you were within your rights.

            It’s not all as simple as “people-who-learned-that-in-Fallujah” want to think it is.

            And Python, quit being a tool. I have former and current military customers in my shop every day. None of them talk out of their asses like you do, so drop the act…nobody’s impressed.

          • Thank you F.D.C Willard and Jim T. for such an interesting exchange. Ive always wondered about the ramifications of being a regular (non military) citizen, in a non warring country, but being allowed to carry a weapon that would surely require a long and arduous training to use even if your intention were criminal, which aside from being a professional hunter or a soldier or police personnel , I imagine, must be the case. Or, you arm to defend yourself from armed criminals, as is suggested Frank could do. Is this a clear vote of no confidence in law enforcement and the judiciary?
            It can’t be as lawless as it sounds, surely, F.D.C. are you serious when you talk about civil war?

          • A few years ago the murder rate in Chicago was compared to US combat cassaulties in Iraq and Afghanistan. Found something, but not what I was looking for:


            In these countries the media speak about a civil war while it is the accepted normal state in Chicago.

            BTW, shooting a gun is technically easy. This is why firearems were introduced in the first place. The early models were inferior to bows in accuracy and effective range as well as rate of fire but they required a fraction of the training. It is simply point and shoot.
            What takes training is maintenance, safe handling, storage and whatnot. In an organized force like the police or an army you will learn how to not endanger others and small unit tactics. Something like how to move under fire and not being easily killed.

            If you want to know where not to go on holiday you can look for murder rates per 100k capita. They are even on wikipedia.


            The USA had 4 times the homicide rate of the UK, 7 times that of continental Europe and 20 times the rate of Japan. What I do not get is why Canada is relatively save despite the sameish availability of weapons. It is still twice as likely to get killed htere compare to Europe.

        • I call bullshit on you. Nothing but a lying leftist crackpot

          A society without constraints is a society that is in chaos. The movement towards citizens arming themselves is probably not the best solution. But it is “a” solution, and it’s better than nothing. The liberal social experiment with encompassing all things diverse has failed… and failed badly. The backlash by citizens who are tired of being afraid to go out at night… tired of being afraid in their own homes…. THAT backlash is in progress, and the liberals have no one to blame for it but themselves.

          • I have an LTCF, in addition to a Type 07 FFL, so “Anonymous”, I am not the same person as FDC Willard.

            As a gun dealer, I have seen all kinds of nonsense from ATFE entrapment setups to straw buys at shows.

            Most gun enthusiasts are good people, who have their heads in the right places, but you’re deluded if you think “everyone should own a gun”. Unfortunately, we live in a society where not everyone is responsible, and not everyone can be trusted to do the right thing.

            There is also the inconvenient fact that alcohol and drugs (both legal and illegal) permeate our society, and cause otherwise good people to sometimes do very dumb things.

            In the gun business, you see and hear a lot of things, and while I will gladly sell to anybody who’s legally able to purchase, I also see people who have no business owning firearms.

        • He was charged with a crime because he shot the guy as the guy was runnIng away, so that means it was not self-defense. If he had just showed him the gun, and frightened the guy into running away, he would not have been charged.
          If you shoot someone when you are no longer in danger , then you are not protecting yourself…you are shooting because you are angry. It’s not considered self-defence.

          It’s certainly a good idea for Frank to protect himself though , with security cameras and alarms (which I would guess he already has) I think owning a large dog is also a good deterrent to stop people from breaking into your home.

          But if anyone is living in so much fear, that they need to carry a weapon around because they are so terrified they will be killed, then they are no longer enjoying their life. ..which is what these people hope to accomplish with their threats.

          • Various posters have said various true things in this post. It is TRUE that a layman arming himself against professional assassins is likely to fail. But in Texas, many are armed at home in hopes of surviving a home invasion. It is presumed that anyone forcibly breaking into a residence is a serious threat. The saddest story I ever read was about an elderly woman who heard someone breaking in. She retreated to her bathroom with her cordless phone, locked the door, and called 911 (protocol). The criminal heard her calling, kicked in the bathroom door, and shot her dead while she was on with the 911 dispatcher.

            Texas is lenient on those defending themselves from a home invasion. I don’t care what anyone says – the fact that many of us are armed at home IS a deterrent. The statistics prove it. I have lived in remote rural areas of Texas for decades with NO break ins whatsoever – even in areas with inherent local crime.

            I and many others draw the line at shooting someone OUTSIDE the house (but on the property) – stealing lawn furniture for example. Many adopt the rule of retreat – run inside the house and lock the doors. You can afford to lose your lawn furniture but not your life. However, breaching a residential home is a different situation entirely.

            Carrying a weapon in public is a different story with a completely different set of parameters. I choose not to do it. Those who do are held to a much higher legal standard of responsibility and liability.

            For those new to firearms, for home defense I would suggest a simple revolver, which is very basic and pretty much idiot-proof. Get a nine-shot 22 LR if you can find one. Like another poster said, when upset you can shoot wildly and miss, so nine shots is a good safety net.

            At the end of the day, no one should want to kill or hurt anyone (I don’t). May the bad guys stay away! Especially from Frank Parlato.

          • OH WAIT, I FORGOT!!! You cannot do this safely in a wood frame apartment building. Your bullet can go through the walls, ceilings, or floors, and hurt a neighbor. I’ve been out in the country too long…

            Outside – a bullet can travel a mile. So extreme caution is in order.

      • F.D.C. aka “The Sissy”! The idea is to make ’em pay ! I learned that in Fallujah …… how about you dumbass.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

          Oh shit, stop everything. We got ourselves an internet badass over here.

          You sound like a 24 year old, single guy who lives at home and plays Call of Duty, not anybody with actual life experience, or a brain, oi vey.

          You probably smooch pickles.

  • I don’t think I would take it too seriously, it is bound to be an extortionist just looking for some coin. They are really reaching out these days, they tried to scam my brother, he just laughed.
    I would hope NXIVM isn’t stupid enough to attempt a hit, it would blow this story up SO much bigger in the media.

    • When you consider the mainstream media in America, the majority of it would likely ignore it if they were told to.

  • Don’t bother with that crap, it’s just a spam and if you analyze the text you will find that, except for some personal data, it’s very generic and may apply to a lot of different kind of people… So just tune your antispam filter…

  • “I don’t know why Russians, they aren’t really known for murder for hire,…”
    In Europe Russians are infamous for murdering enemies of their crime gangs. While they not necessarily have murderers they rent out to anyone, they certainly have their henchmen. So if NXIVM has solid connections to Russian crime organizations I wouldn’t take this lightly.

    • So true about the Russians. But, I think you have to be perceived as a real foe of Russia, a spy, journalist, a dissident of some stripe. As they are in the process of fomenting and nurturing an Alt-right in the free west, in much the same way as they fomented and nurtured a far left in the last century, its unlikely that they would want to do away with anyone sympathetic to alt-right views, so, from the Russian State, Frank is probably safe, however mercenaries, irrespective of which nation they come from will do their job. I expect nxivm is capable of hiring all manner of people for evil-doing, as it has shown.

  • Looks like it was done by a third grader. Keep the faith Frank, you are doing important work here.

    On a similar note, has anyone gotten the internet porn email hoax? It’s pretty funny…

    • Boris is getting email saying that I need send money and they watching me watch porno film.I send money they no watch me.Girls love meat hammer of Boris.I no pay let them watching me.Spasibo!

  • The media coverage has probably brought out the scam artists. However, you are also dealing with a lot of crazy cultists. You’re a hero Frank and I’m sorry you have to deal with this. I would turn over any threats to the authorities and let them look into it. Probably nothing but you never know with some of these loons. Vanguard was their world and their world has come crashing down.

  • It looks like an obvious attempt to extort money, not a sincere warning. But I agree, involve law enforcement. They are the professionals.

  • Russian mafia usually no deal in murder for hire. We murdering contracts for to make mutual favor (“you kill This guy for me, and I kill this guy for you”).Person to be killed usually part of mafia.

    • If Emi decided to play Russian Roulette instead, well, I won’t stand in his way…I mean, hey, he’s the one holding the gun if that’s the case.

    • No. Emiliano or his daddy would hire MS-13 gang bangers like they have in the past. Thankfully President Trump has made it a priority to exterminate those filthy bastards.

  • NXIVM’s hierarchy of thugs never learns anything and they never forget anything.

    Only when the entire NXIVM hierarchy is put to bed by clear, resounding convictions will they stop their non-sense.

    The patent lawsuit against A, T, and T and Microsoft was nothing more than an attempt to extort money out of two large corporations with deep pockets.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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