While we wait for Clare – a few miscellaneous emails from readers

Hillary Clinton with Pam Cafritz's mother Buffy Cafritz
We await the news of whether Clare Bronfman makes bail today – and whether Kathy Russell and Lauren Salzman – who, unlike Clare, spent the last few days in prison – will also make bail.  There’s also the possibility that Judge Garaufis will impose higher bail requirements and/or additional terms and conditions for their release.
All three women are trying to make bail – but the court decided that only Clare would remain free as she tried to get the money together for her $100 million bail.
Lauren is trying to get her $5 million bail and poor Kathy Russell needs a mere $2,500 for her $25,000 bail. These two women were not given the privilege of wealth that Clare got with the court and spent the last few days festering in Rensselaer County Jail.
Meantime, the emails keep coming in – and, while we await news on today’s developments, here are a few of them that readers might find of interest.
Pam Cafritz’s mom, Buffy with Hillary

I have been reading your blogs and watching your videos.  You have probably seen this, but just in case not, I am sending this article on 2009 Obama inauguration. Guest list includes many bad players and people who are trying to cover up the NXIVM news.

I found the article and photos while researching Pam Cafritz and family. I am sending it to you because of the interesting picture of Buffy Cafritz clasping hands with Hillary Clinton.

Thank you for what you are doing!

Richard Mays and Richard Mays, Jr.
Looks like Richard Mays’ son is getting ready to join the defense team for Raniere et al.
Tom Cruise & Scientology
Tom Cruise holding a sign: Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast
Kind of interesting that this question is being raised now…  Maybe it’s part of the fallout of NXIVM and Allison Mack being exposed?
PS/Might be a good idea for you to reach out to the author of this story.

Dear Frank,

Just wanted to say how grateful I am to you for your relentless and courageous efforts over the years to bring these NXIVM scum creatures to the bar of justice.

You are a rare individual. A dragon slayer.

I salute you,

Dear Frank,
I hope that this brief missive finds you well. I can only begin to imagine how overwhelming the past few days have been for you. So, this piece is for future reference in re Jeffrey Peterson.
The following article is the best place to start: American Government Backed Murderous Drug Cartel for More Than a Decade. This article was posted on Washington’s Blog on January 14, 2014.
Best of Good Luck in the Future,
L. S. 

Heiress who gave millions to cult suing condo board for measly $160K


Hey Frank,

Nancy Salzman entering court on Tuesday for her arraignment.

Channel 10 Albany posted the footage from the NXSCUM leaders walking into the courthouse today. Here is the link:

Also, can you just ban Scott Johnson? He adds nothing to conversion, except for trying to steer people to his social media sites and constantly attacking everyone.
Plus, his somewhat questionable associate Ben talked about suing Larry (and possibly yourself) for slander.
Can you please just ban Scott?
Thanks,  R.
CONGRATULATION, FRANK! After all of these terrible years; How sweet it is! I hope that you are enjoying your well-deserved dish of refreshing cold revenge on this hot summer evening.
Egidius Schiffer in a still from the german program "My husband is a murderer."
German serial killer Egidius Schiffer, who murdered five female hitchhikers, accidentally killed himself while performing a solo sex act in his prison cell over the weekend, reports claim. Dubbed the “Aachen Strangler,” Schiffer gave himself a fatal electric shock after tying a cable from a lamp around his penis and nipples, police said. He was still tied up when guards at Bochum prison, in the North Rhine-Westphalia state, opened his room Monday morning, the Times reported.


Hi Frank,

I comment on your blog as —-. Here are some photos I took after the hearing, which I attended. First couple of photos are of Nancy S. She’s a little hard to see. She is wearing a black pantsuit and white sneakers, at or near the center of the photos. The rest are self-explanatory. I don’t know who is the man with The NY Times reporter.

Here are cropped versions for a better look at Nancy.
[The man with the New York Times contributor Vanessa Grigoriadis is filmmaker Karim Amir.]


I hope you’re well and enjoying some just desserts, even if the legal proceedings are just getting started.

This is one of the last things you should have to give attention to on a day like this, but some of the comment writers are getting out of hand.
Do you have someone who could assist you with this? I am all for free speech when it isn’t hate speech. The most recent comment on your article about Clare and her need for Sara and another guarantor (the 126th comment posted) crosses the line. There are plenty of sexually explicit and perverse comments by other posters — there are morons everywhere, especially sitting at a keyboard far removed from actually having repercussions for the garbage they add to public discourse. However, this guy, even if he’s striving for satire, shouldn’t be allowed to add some of that language to your website.
Not trying to be a hall monitor, but it stains your work even if you have nothing to do with it.
Thanks for “hearing” me out.

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  • Looks like Clare was bawlin’ and cryin’ in that courtroom. Goin’ to pieces. But what about Nancy Salzman? Was she bawlin’ and cryin’ too? I know that Nancy was hidin’ under her umbrella outside the courtroom. Her face was saggy, making her making look bad. No more million dollar smile from Nancy.

    Nancy and Clare gonna do some time in the stinker now. Sleepin’ on iron beds, behind iron bars. Jail guards. Close to the bathroom stalls all the time. That’s why I call it the stinker.

    • And the two of them…in the stinker….they gonna know that mean old Frank Parlato put ’em there. Their badass NXIVM cult tried to screw over Frank Parlato, but he had an intense survival instinct goin’ for him, and his lust for vengeance was more than they estimated. Those two, Clare and Prefect, in the stinker…cryin’, agin’ by the minute, thinkin’ about Frank. They gonna say as they cry and wailin’, “we wishih’ we didn’t mess with a Sicilian!”

        • Would we be so lucky…

          Dude probably tilted his head back in a Seattle rainstorm and drowned.

          Maybe he licked one too many windows.

          Maybe the village that was missing its idiot finally found him.

          Maybe HE WAS abducted by the Greys. LOLOLloloooooo…

          But probably on a mental health detainer at a local Seattle hospital.

          • He probably took a little road trip to Yelm and joined the Ramtha’s.
            And it hasn’t been raining out this way, Former Nex, so we can rule out the rainstorm possibility.
            I believe Ben is married, so if he were actually “missing” I’m sure it’s been reported to police.

            Or maybe Ben WANTED to go missing, and this was all an elaborate set up? 😁

          • See.. this is gaslighting. I never said I thought Ben was coming after me, or that I thought it was “all about me”…but Scott posts these claims as if they are true. This is a trick of abusive narcissists to claim you said something you didn’t , and try to convince others you said these things.
            Next, Scott will probably whine that I am a using him by pointing out what he does …as this is typical of narcissists. Projection.
            Watch what Scott posts everyone. If you are familiar with being on the receiving end of these tactics, you will recognize what he is doing.

  • Think Ms. Mack’s attorneys might do well to suggest to their client that she dress a little more respectably (ie, like an adult) for her future court appearances?

  • Frank pondered if Keith’s overly red face, displayed in court, was a product of high blood pressure.

    But it could also be based on frenzied masturbation causing his face to flush, probably inspired by a lack of poontang since last March.

    Keith was a man who needed sex like a car needs gasoline. Without getting his regular nooky, and without being able to receive conjugal visits or to make love to Allison, his masturbation rate has probably skyrocketed. I’m guessing right about now, he’s so horny that even Clare Bear might appear to be a tempting treat or premium piece of ace.

    • I think I just threw up in my mouth. Swallowed the vomit. Then threw up again.

      Thank you for that mental picture. Keith going downtown on Scarecrow! Yeeesh!!!

      I wonder whose beard is thicker? VanGrifter’s or ClareBears?

  • I agree with removing “The Scotts”. I come to and post a lot less on the FR due to the Scotts total waste of my time since the battles have nothing to due with NXIVM. I have talked with others who feel the same way. If you want to keep Scott why not start a pull down window where he can go on and one about his Amway issues. That way those of us who come here to read and write about NXIVM, don’t have to deal with the Scotts.

  • Do we know what time Lauren and Kathy are appearing in court?

    Or until what time the freak show has to get her $100 million bail package together?

      • the judge bothers to ask where the funds for bail are coming from (hello proceeds from criminal activity).

          • Why do you people try to ask these real-time questions on a blog? Frank published the story when it was over.

            If the charges had been financial in nature, it is quite likely the judge would have cared more about the source of the funds, such as an MLM fraud. They freeze funds all of the time in those cases, to maximize the amount of money that can be returned to those who lost money. This is a very different, criminal case.

  • Remand! Remand! Remand! (that’s for Clare)

    Seriously, though, Lauren still hasn’t been able to make bail? That’s quite good really.

    Kathy Russell, as well. She’s probably a lot less tough than she was when she was running the office. I think the longer she is in there, the more likely she is to flip.

  • Buffy Cafritz is actually a well known Republican hostess in DC social circles.

    • Exactly! Besides, I don’t get the agenda to link all of this to certain politicians beyond the local figures in the Albany area who are verifiably linked to NXIVM, or the state board of health that did nothing vs. Porter or Roberts, or the various districts of court/DAs/judges who allowed KR and CB to weaponize the legal system.

      If I were some of these victims of pernicious, life wrecking, bankrupting litigation — like Barbara Bouchey, Toni Natalie, and Frank — I’d look into filing civil lawsuits against the respective counties or districts. The judges (and therefore the locations they represent) should be held accountable. Lest we forget that CB hired multiple different top notch private investigators over the years to get background on those very judges. Ethics inquiry in the making?

  • Speaking of Tom Cruise, who can forget his appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show where he jumped on the couch?

    Tom Cruise was born Thomas Cruise Mapother IV.
    His father Tom Cruise Mapother III was actually an electrical engineer.

    Another relative named Dillon Mapother was a scientist who worked at the University of Illinois studying superconductivity and solid state physics.

    Dillon Mapother, formerly associate
    vice chancellor for research at the University of Illinois, is probably
    the best-known scientist in the family, his work on superconductivity
    and solid-state physics earning him a considerable reputation. The
    professor’s academic papers alone take up 8.3 cubic feet in the college

    Apparently Tom Cruise did not inherit the brains in his family.

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