Superseding indictment includes Clare Bronfman, Nancy and Lauren Salzman and Kathy Russell

Here’s the superseding indictment

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  • His mother, Vera Raniere, died when he was a college sophomore – 18 yrs old. I think Frank posted her obit at one point. I heard she was a ballroom dance instructor as well, and there was some discomfort about alcohol in relation to his mother. I suspect a problem with alcoholism.

    • Even though his mother died before all this I really feel sorry for her. I am sure that it was really tough on her to know that her son was the way he was. No mother wants to raise a monster.

  • I called RICO years ago. VanDumbass was stupid to think that leaving his name off of everything would mean more than jack shit.

  • She won’t be taking any balls from the 60 year old creepy perv shadowstate. He will have to settle for viagra and one of his calloused hands. His stalking days of her are over. She might be better off in the pokey than dealing with all the pervs like him and his ilk.

  • Pro redneck Donald Trump supporters?? You are one idiotic POS. Also Sanders was popular with about 3% of the population. He would have been defeated by President Trump also, if the face of the democrats…Queen Hellery did not steal the nomination from him.. If President Trump did not when the presidency you can bet your bigoted ass we would not be posting here today.

  • To me, the most interesting, and perhaps revealing, part on the indictment is that: “Each defendant agreed that a conspirator would commit at least two acts of racketeering in the conduct of the affairs of the Enterprise.” (Last sentence of p.5)

    Unless I’m reading that incorrectly, it seems all of them are cooperating to some extent.

    Otherwise, I hope the feds are just getting started. There are a lot more fish to fry before this is over. At least there should be.

    • I think for a while I still held some hope that he would turn out to be the decent guy I used to believe he was.

      That is pretty much gone, now.

      At the very least, he is going to have some extremely serious tax issues.

      • Taxes are the least of Jimmy D’s issues. He help set up NXIVM and the other criminal enterprises company’s. He also helped with laundering money for NXIVM via paying commissions from his fake company.

        FEDS only need to ask why would Jimmy D’s company being paying part of NXIVM members commissions from his own company?

        If he hasn’t, he needs to turn himself in and see.if he can get less jail time.

  • So, Mr. Parlato…When this is done, are you going to team up with Leah Remini and help bring down Scientology?

  • I wonder who will get bail, if any. Clare is certainly a major flight risk, owning private aircraft and most of a Fiji island. I wonder what happened to Karen Unterreiner? Maybe she is cooperating with the feds.

    • I don’t think any of them should.

      They shouldn’t have access to Clare’s funds, anymore.

      They don’t have their own funds without her.

      Clare is a serious flight risk, and nobody else really has anyone outside of NXIVM to hold them accountable.

      Revoke Allison’s bail, and lock all of them up.

  • What a happy day for all of us who ever spoke up and tried to do the right thing.I hope they all remember that ” accountability for all your good or bad will always raise your self esteem” ( stated in the curriculum) Proud to be an EX !!!

  • Any person who would purposely manipulate and destroy so many people over such a long period of time is truly evil! Behind this façade of women’s empowerment stood a man who clearly loathed and had pure contempt for females. We may never know, but I’d bet he was molested by his mother or a close female relative repeatedly as a child.

    Too bad the Salzmans, Mack, etc. were unable to discern this before it was too late.

    • Frank posted a fascinating piece a while back with interviews of KR’s grade school classmates, showing he may have been a “bad seed” from the beginning. To date there is no evidence he was abused, with his own father (divorced) stating KR’s mom was an excellent mother. She may have had a drinking problem. But that doesn’t seem enough to cause the monster KR became. I hope someday someone will write a detailed and thoroughly researched book to shed light on KR’s true background and what led to embark on his campaign of terror, humiliation, intimidation, and the destruction of lives. This would entail a lot of digging and interviewing folks who, until now, were reluctant to speak.

    • Wasn’t it the case that both parties were bought by Bronfman money? I hate it when the crime or the the criminal get off the hock as the idiots start debating which party is more corrupt. You know what? Both candidates of the 2016 election have not been America’s finest, but people who could either be bought or did it for personal profit only.
      There was pro-establishment Hillary and pro-redneck Donald. On top there was the popular Bernie Sanders, but where was my candidate? The smart one, an engineer, who has an idea who things are run. I am fed up with lawyers and social justice groups. We can talk about these things when we understood the hard facts and layed the foundations

    • It was never Allison Mack’s idea alone. No one does anything without Keith bring it up first and saying “move forward with the plan.

  • WOW! HOLY MACKEREL! IT REALLY HAPPENED! The news just came out this afternoon on the major networks. Fox, ABC, and CNN. The headline is that “Seagram’s Heiress among those indicted.” Nancy Salzman’s picture – with the big audacious smile — was one the front page story as well. They got a couple of Salzman’s daughters. As well. Dramatic…amazing!

    Frank Parlato has scored a big win today!

    Interesting that Linda India was not among those indicted, however.

    • “Interesting that Linda India was not among those indicted, however.”

      Correction: I meant to say Little India Oxenberg.

      Looks like that one didn’t get indicted.

    • Michelle, rumoured to be pregnant, has not been indicted (yet).

      Although, if she really is pregnant, maybe she has flipped.

      • Like I said yesterday, July is a scorching hot month. Hot like an Aztec Temple, even in the US northeast. If the feds add neck shackles with chains to form a chain line, and the arrested have got handcuff action behind their backs, it will look almost like a scorching hot and evil human sacrifice scene in Albany.

        Holy Crap.

        I guess what goes around comes around.

  • The mighty alpha male Vanguard, like the mighty lion of Africa, will protect his harem and not allow any harm to befall them. He’ll take ownership of their “disintegrations” as he is the smartest, quickest, and most evolved human on the face of the Earth (or maybe he’ll run for cover like the cockroach that he is).

  • if the racketeering charges are reaching as far back as 2003 for all high ranking members of NXIVM, then couldn’t it apply to Kristin Kreuk and other “celebrities” who have since left the cult?

    And I decided I’m going to post as Scott Johnson as well, until we actually have to register our own names with valid email addresses so we can get down on the real Scott’s insane posting,

    • I think it could apply to former members , if the crime was commited within the time period specified for that particular crime.

      Will registering with our email addresses stop Scott? I don’t think it will. Only a forum moderator can stop the offensive posts.

      • Anyone from NXIVM who was involved with illicit behaviour in anyway, regardless of whether they are still in the cult or not should be held responsible.

    • …but not in court, on TV.
      Her Burden of Truth primeirs tomorrow on the CW in the US

      • On February 2012:

        – Kristin Kreuk named in a NXIVM criminal lawsuit for assisting and perhaps profiting from NXIVM criminal activity.

        – Exposed by John Tigue of being one of the inner circle members on Necker Island for a NXIVM cult summit where the attendees discussed money laundering including hiding money in the Carribean. Find the link in the comments section of this Frank Report post by Laura Darby on July 19th.

      • Can I tell you that this bothers me greatly? Kreuk, who was a recruiter for NXIVM for years, who was personally responsible for introducing Allison Mack to the cult, now gets to walk around unscathed. But perhaps not, others are soon to be indicted for their part in racketeering, maybe KK will be brought in for questioning.

        • Bull. Your great regret in life, Johnson, is that you couldn’t join the NXIVM cult. That’s what you really wanted, right?

        • Why does it bother you greatly? You didn’t get to bang her while you were in the cult? If she didn’t do anything wrong she won’t be held accountable.


          • Kristin Kreuk was named in Joseph O’Hara’s February 2012 criminal lawsuit against NXIVM for assisting and/or profiting from NXIVM criminal activity. Read through the list of named individuals near the bottom and you will find many of the top NXIVM people, including those already indicted.
            Kreuk was also named by John Tigue as one of the few NXIVM inner circle members on Necker Island for a cult summit, where they discussed money laundering operations, including hiding money in the Caribbean.

          • Interesting that Sarah J. Edmondson isn’t listed in that lawsuit even though her partner Mark Vicente is as she’s probably one of the few who actually made a substantial amount of money from NXIVM. Maybe she was unintentionally left off of the list.

            Regardless, lawsuits aren’t criminal indictments. Being listed in such a document doesn’t mean you willingly and knowingly participated in any alleged criminal activity, only that you potentially benefited or profited from it, even indirectly.

            “2. Defendants deny that they have committed any fraudulent, illegal or deceptive acts and the settlement of this action does not constitute a finding that defendants have committed any such acts .

            Based upon information and belief, there are numerous other individuals who have (a) assisted NXIVM/ESP and/or other named and to-be-named Defendants with respect to a variety of tortious and/or illegal activities – and/or (b) benefitted financially from the operations of the various NXIVM/ESP-Related Business Entities. Although many of these individuals will be identified during the course of discovery with respect to this lawsuit, the following individuals have already been identified as likely members of one or both of those groups:”

          • Sarah Edmondson was not named in the lawsuit, but her husband Anthony Ames was.

            The same month, John Tigue revealed the 2010 cult summit on Necker Island where he claimed trusted cult insiders discussed money laundering, including hiding money in the Carribean.

            Tried to post a link but it won’t show up. However, it can be found in the comments section of this blog post by Laura Darby on July 19 at 6:53pm.


            Everyone named in that article was named in the lawsuit. People already arrested were named in that lawsuit.

            Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, Mark Hildreth, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Emiliano Salinas, Alejandro Benecourt, Mark Vicente, Juliana Vicente, Siohban Hotaling were named in the lawsuit and the Necker Island article.

          • I read that and the blog article didn’t say anything about trusted insiders. It was just speculation on John’s end. The only events that likely occurred on that island was some debauchary and some stupid cult speak.

            Rich folk have been hiding their money offshore in foreign banks for decades. Billionaires do this all the time while governments from many different countries turn a blind eye to it not just the USA. This is nothing new.

          • John Tigue made very specific claims in that post. Names of the Executive Board, Juliana Vicente and Siohban Hotaling’s money laundering roles, even Juliana Vicente’s NXIVM number along with photographs NXIVM would not of wanted to be released (he claimed in the comments that he had 300). He did more than speculate on his blog, he provided facts and evidence, such as the full 2011 coach list, Joseph O’Hara’s 2012 lawsuit and more.

  • There will undoubtedly be plea deals made and much testimony to be provided. Some may easily flip to shave a decade or 2 off their sentences or to get into a prison with less severe conditions.

    • Allison Mack has strung out prosecutors long enough.

      Put her back in custody tomorrow, I say.

      • She is definitely putting on weight, which is interesting.

        Actual cellulite on those thighs.

        Better hope Keith Raniere doesn’t see those pictures !

      • I agree 100%.
        Allison Mack played the prosecutors by pretending that she might cut a plea deal.
        At no point has she made a good faith effort to negotiate any kind of deal.

    • Thank you shadowstate for posting! Great article. And on a lighter note, I just have to acknowledge that Alison’s parents have one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen… omg..

  • The U.S. Attorney’s Office for New York’s Eastern District confirmed Bronfman had been arrested earlier Tuesday and will face arraignment in Brooklyn federal court in the afternoon.

      • Lots of people here will wear the jacket starting with Raniere and Mack going through the Salzmans and Clare Bronfman and down to Nicki and India.
        And hopefully Emiliano Salinas will get his jacket to wear, too.

        • Viva the NIXIT 15!!! todays news just gets better and better!!!
          May justice heed your prayer!!!

          • Kreuk claims she “never experienced any illegal or nefarious activity”. Yet, she and all the top people, including those already indicted were named in the Feb 2012 lawsuit. Kreuk, Mack, Mark Hildreth, Lauren/Michelle/Nancy Salzman, Emiliano Salinas, Alejandro Benecourt, Mark Vicente, Anthony Ames all named. She was also accused by John Tigue of being one of the inner circle members discussing money laundering on Necker Island. Kreuk would of been involved with Jness to btw. Same time period.

  • Omar Rosales

    Replying to @AylaFerrone @allisonmack
    FBI alleges racketeering and operation of a criminal enterprise that engaged in forced labor, identity theft, money laundering, wire fraud, obstruction of justice… RICO!

  • Wow! These charges are serious, including numerous RICO charges. Goes far beyond sex trafficking. The indictment also suggests there are more individuals to be indicted on these racketeering related crimes and financial crimes. There are going to be some very lengthy prison sentences coming for all those named and many others.

    • “The indictment also suggests there are more individuals to be indicted on these racketeering related crimes and financial crimes.”

      Nicki Clyne and India Oxenburg.
      Allison Mack’s strong arm girls or “shtarkers” in Yiddish.

      shtarkers: a Yiddish word meaning extremely tough guys.

  • Brilliant! Been waiting and waiting for this day. May they get what they deserve! Thank you for all your hard work!

  • Raniere, Mack, Salzman and Bronfman engaged in a massive multiyear New York-state wide crime wave.

    In count after count the indictment reads “Together With Others”.

    Nicki and India:
    Tell us who those others are.
    I’ll bet you two gals know.

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Not only NY wide but clearly both nationwide and international. The identity theft and money laundering should ensnare many lower level members who may have moved currency across borders.

    • I wonder if those other mentioned know that they are caught, or are they living in denial?
      Makes me wonder about the mind set of these people…did they believe that the things they did were legal , or were they so arrogant that they assumed they would never be caught?
      I think it’s arrogance.

      • The Feds will ramp up the pressure on Nicki Clyne and India Oxenburg to cooperate.

        The ball is in their court.
        Like Allison so far they have not been making good decisions.

      • They thought they were going to continue to be protected by friendly politicians of a certain political bent. They thought wrong. Their hopes were dashed when Hillary failed to steal the federal election like she stole the democrat primary.

    • I wasn’t able to see anything in the article.

      Thanks for sharing the article.

      You are great, as always.

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