Bronfman – may wind up in jail — if she can’t get Sara Bronfman and another guarantor to pony up bail — Clare reveals net worth under $200 million – little available to her in cash

Clare Bronfman may not be home free on $100 million bail after all. She has until Friday to meet all the terms the judge imposed or off to jail she goes.

Bronfman listed assets of less than $200 million — $100 million of which is in a trust that she claims she does not have control over.

The judge looked quizzically at her net worth statement and asked where her Fiji Island property was listed?.

Her lawyer, Susan Necheles, said Clare did not list it because it is being renovated [as if that were an excuse for not candidly listing all her assets.]

The judge rolled his eyes and Clare’s lawyer claimed the property is worth $47 million.

Funny, Clare paid only about $11 million for it in 2016.

But that was just the beginning of her troubles.

Clare has to be in court again tomorrow and again on Friday – and Friday is D-Day for Miss Bronfman.

She must appear with one of the trustees of her $100 million trust account. [the attorney for the trust account – a woman – and recently having given birth – will be allowed to appear by phone.]

Clare must also appear with her sister, Sara Bronfman-Igtet – who must be there in person – which will require her to get here by Friday from France.

The Judge demanded a $100 million bond – $50 million in liquid assets and he said,  he wanted two guarantors on Friday; two people to sign as guarantors- one of them can be Sara Bronfman – and the other must be someone unrelated to NXIVM.

Clare’s attorney said it was tough for Sara to come to New York for she has two children.

The judge said she could bring her children with her to New York and since she is going to co-guarantee $100 million bond for her sister – the judge said – she can afford to come here.

The judge required that Sara and someone else with significant assets must sign on Clare’s behalf – and if they are not there by Friday, Clare will go to jail.

Clare’s attorney said she has been in touch with the Feds to cooperate – but the Feds said that is only because the others were arrested. They said Clare moved several times recently and they had trouble finding her.

Clare’s lawyer said she has an apartment in the Southern District of New York [NYC] and that will be where she will stay on home arrest. Her lawyer said Clare took the place in NYC because she knew her indictment was inevitable and wanted a place to live near her attorney and the court.

The judge said she can have no contact with anybody in NXIVM between now and Friday when she appears to establish her $100 million bail. Her lawyer objected saying the members of NXIVM are her family and her whole life.

The judge asked doesn’t she have Netflix?

The judge added, “We’re only talking about till Friday.”

AUSA Moira Penza stepped in to say she did not want Clare talking to witnesses, potential witnesses or co-defendants.

Clare’s lawyer said Clare has to talk to her sister, Sara, who is a NXIVM member.

The judge asked Moira if she minded if Clare talked to her sister.  Moira had no objection.

As the hearing unfolded, the shocking truth was revealed that Clare Bronfman has squandered much of her inheritance.

She has some $98 million in assets other than the $100 million trust and only $22 million of her once grand wealth is readily accessible and, of that, she has only $3 million cash on hand.  She inherited an estimated $600 million in total  from her grandfather,notorious criminal Sam Bronfman, and her late father, Edgar Bronfman Sr., the former president of the World Jewish Congress.

Clare blew through hundreds of millions of her money for NXIVM and now has a net worth of only $198 million – and that promises to be far less in no time at all.

Before she appeared in court, Clare Bronfman, flanked by US Marshals, shuffled down the hallway to the 4th floor courtroom with shackles on her ankles and her hands cuffed behind her back.  These were removed when she appeared in court.

In giving Clare three days to come up with bail, Clare was treated far better than Allison Mack – who had to spend three days  in jail – while her parents scrambled to make bail. Clare is out tonight, wearing an ankle monitor – while Sara and someone as yet unnamed must come yo court to sign on Clare’s behalf on Friday.

It remains to be seen if Clare Bronfman will actually make her $100 million bail on Friday.

I do not take this as a certainty.


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  • Re. Drunk Grandpa
    If this posts twice , I apologize . Sometimes my comments disappear.

    I’m not sure who the “drunk Grandpa” poster is, but this commentor has sort of freaked me out, because “Drunk Grandpa” is the term that comes to mind every time I see another Scott Johnson comment.

    Are you reading my freaking mind?
    Really. …it’s spooky.


    If you get Sara on homeland soil then it could theoretically be a double whammy. If she comes to America she could free her sister who has no other contacts outside of her cult (where can she turn?). But at the same time SB’s funding in Libya and involvement with this cult would be great opportunity for your FEDs to indict her. From an ironic viewpoint she could provide CB salvation and her own downfall…

    BOGOF = Buy One Get One Free.

    So if CB relies on SB lets hope SB’s trust fund has more than enough to cover herself. CB on paper has signed over her trust to someone else…

    • If Sara had a brain then she would stay where she is and let Clare fend for herself.
      The whole thing smells like a trap to get her come to the US so she can be arrested without going through a rather lengthy extradition process with France.
      But the fact that Sara has the mind of a 3 year old and lives in a fantasy world may actually work in her favor.

  • Grandpasplaining everything to everyone. Ruining a great comment thread once again. Kicked out of almost every forum he’s ever been a part of. Sample comments from drunk amway grandpa: “I treat bitches like bitches” (and he think’s everyone is a bitch) and “CASE CLOSED” (because he thinks he’s our drunk grandpa and we should give a shit) and “I’m the product of less inbreeding than you, jew-boy. When I go to family reunions, I see them as opportunities to hear the best kike jokes. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL.”

    Being combative with strangers on the interwebs is the only thing he likes more than being drunk. And being drunk while being a dick in FrankReport comment section is his heaven. But not ours.

    Frank, you like a free-for-all comments. Having a bully in the mix does nothing for your comments. You want to be a place for ex-nxivmers to congregate? And people like me, indirect nxivm connection and the curiousity and research skills of a reporter? My comments have led to a handful of posts, and I’ve been a part of the community far longer than drunk amway grandpa. The real Scott, not the fake one who is a vigilante hero, obnoxious to just one, not everyone like drunk amway grandpa, causes people to leave. I won’t tolerate being harassed by him, and I know others feel the same. When the bully is gone, I’ll be back.

    His friends (and I know he can’t be choosy, being a drunk grandpasplaining loser and all, but sheesh), they even interview each other to feel important: (1) Ben Szemkus. No real job. Turns 40 soon. Back to living in his parents’ basement in Roxbury CT, across the street from an auto parts shop. He promotes qanon conspiracy theories like pizzagate (some crazy shit, people eating babies in pizza shops or something). In May Ben created a twitter account to promote a fake NXIVM story. Trying to get attention. No one paid attention except for his close friends, like drunk amway grandpa and tanster. And Frank. (Why, Frank? You cannot have wanted to lose credibility.) (2) The Tanster aka Tana Lee Alves Bernet. Mid-40s, no real job, lives in her mom’s house, believes that Tom Hanks buys 13-year-old children to turn them into disassociated sex dolls. That is no joke. See her @latanster retweet history from yesterday for more info.

    And drunk amway grandpa? Started selling amway in 1993 and is so stupid he did that for 17 years, despite having no real success at it. And he’s been obsessed with amway ever since. No real job. From a proud wedding announcement for his son last September: “Grant Johnson, Plano West Senior High School special education assistant, became the groom of Victoria Smith on July 15. Mother of groom is Danice Johnson, Plano West Senior High School office manager, and brother of the groom is Anders Johnson, Shepton High School special education assistant.” So while his wife works in admin (mid $30s) and his sons are special ed assistants (low $20s), all honorable and hard work, drunk amway grandpa sits at home on his flabby 60-year-old ass being a dick online.

  • “Before she appeared in court, Clare Bronfman, flanked by US Marshals, shuffled down the hallway to the 4th floor courtroom with shackles on her ankles and her hands cuffed behind her back. ”

    Just like I envisioned. Remember my earlier posts? Shackles? The only thing missing here is the neck chains as Clare is yanked forward during her perp walk. Aztec Temple stuff.

    Damn —$100 million bail is a hell of a lot of money. If something goes wrong, Clare gets to be someone’s sex slaver in the women’s pen at the federal holding cell. What a fall from grace.

  • Poor shadow can’t get over the fact that a creep like Raniere did anal on his dream woman while he sat home and spanked it to S-ville reruns.

  • OMG, I was so happy yesterday with all the news and no post from any Scott Johnson’s. WTF Frank, get rid of these ass wipes. I hate coming to this blog and having to bypass their BS. I don’t read their crap any longer and now that they are back, I think I will get my news elsewhere about this case.

  • Would love to have a forensic accountant estimate how much Bronfman $$$ was thrown at Raniere/NXIUM/Excessive Sex Program over the years. Somewhere between 200-300 million? Too bad for the girls inherited money does not come with an owner’s manual. Sara’s share of the millions allowed her to land one of the world’s ugliest men as a life companion, so I guess all was not lost.

  • Tune in to my radio show on 87.9 FM, weekdays at 5 am.

    I’ll be discussing the Clinton-UFO conspiracy, alien abduction, and how the Reptillians are secretly running AMWAY to fund their invasion. LOL.

  • The ‘Scott’ Trolls seem to be working together; hence the constant back and forth.
    Why, Frank? Do you employ them to start some controversy and drive up traffic?

    Darth VanDouche could also be defined as a troll. He has no legitimate reason to post here, and when challenged he shows his true colors, which are not pretty.

    I believe Larry Shea is also part of this strange group, and that the LS posts are written by multiple people.

    Carry on Trolls. The bell may toll for you next.

  • Why are you attacking complete strangers? You are making all of us Scott Johnson’s look bad. Stop being lame.

  • “I’ve been reading all of the schoolgirl-like, giddy, meaningless comments. Time for the adults to reappear.” Still waiting for the adult to appear–so far it’s just you Scott :):)

    There is nothing wrong in rejoicing in watching a woman who has used her money, influence and power to hurt people and get her own way for years, finally get a taste of their own medicine. Continue on with your awesome self Frank :):)

  • Where’s the extended Bronfman family? I notice she is rarely listed as a family member on their profiles, on the other hand Sara usually is. What about Sara and Basit, they’ve done some shady( almost laughable) things in Libya? Are they going to be indicted too?

    • This is not hard and fast, but having some personal knowledge, Edgar Sr.’s first 5 children haven’t had a lot to do with Sara and Clare. I’d venture to say that if any of them have a relationship with Sara it would be because she made the effort (maybe because she wanted her daughter to know her cousins?).

  • Clare:
    You were paying 10,000 dollars per week for Raniere’s villa in Puerto Vallarta.
    Surely you know why Mack, Clyne, L. Salzman and Garza were with Raniere.

    Were those 4 women the bait to lure Raniere’s enemies into a Mexican trap where they would quietly disappear.

    Save yourself, Clare.
    Raniere can’t help you now.
    Money can’t help you now.
    Only your willingness to cooperate with the FBI can help you.

        • You are the smart one here, shadowstate.

          The feds will always avoid going to trial whenever possible.

          I don’t believe Clare can get a deal that doesn’t involve prison time, though, which I think is what Allie balked at.

          • You’re right about the prison time.
            Unless one is very low in the conspiracy, prison time will be required.

            TV star Allison is too full of herself to admit this reality.
            To get a plea deal Allison has to sell out her Vanguard and admit that she is a common felon.

          • Mack is the only individual publicly mentioned as potentially flipping, she even got the speedy trial issue squashed. She has been reported as not making eye contact with Raniere when in court together, another sign she has flipped. Bronfman also has committed crimes significantly different than Raniere and Mack, which means any deal she makes won’t help her much.

  • Clare Bronfman:
    Confession is good for the soul.

    Tell us why Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, Lauren Salzman and Loretta Garza were in Puerto Vallarta with the Vanguard.

    Were those four women in Puerto Vallarta as part of a plan to lure Raniere’s enemies into a trap?

    Confession is good for the soul, Clare.
    Cooperate with the FBI and the truth shall set you free.

  • What??? Could it be that the Vanguards magic salve and authenticity won’t transcend prison cells for these people? Clare paid big bucks from that stuff!

  • Remember Clare funded Raniere legal bills with a Irrevocable Trust. He is so smart and has totally programmed her by using covert hypnotism NLP and regular Hypnosis. She would be wise to seek a specialist to deprogram her. Raniere knew once the trial started and all of his evils would be revealed his legal fees would be pulled. But not with a irrevocable trust. She would be smart to get a lawyer to try to undue that trust, due to fraud and being hypnotized. See what this lawyer did to his clients? How he programmed them to respond the way he wanted? This was done to Clare. Hopefully someone will help her. She has been a programmed like a robot for Raniere.

    • I agree that trust should be dissolved. Unfortunately sometimes you screw yourselves with lawyers and I doubt Clare can fix it , even though she now needs that money for her defense. I can see why the law doesn’t want to call it a cult, they don’t need to. But for the sake of the victims they should. Victim recourse will be civil court if there’s any money left. Because you can be sure the FBI and DOJ OH let’s not forget the IRS will take their share 1st.

  • ” I am happy, healthy and financially more successful then I have ever been” part of Clare’s statement to the public. Haha

    • This won’t happen, but it would be interesting too see her try to defend the financially successful claim under oath. I doubt her lawyers would let her testify. Besides, Frank has repeatedly pointed out that being under oath doesn’t stop CB from lying.

  • I’ve been reading all of the schoolgirl-like, giddy, meaningless comments. Time for the adults to reappear. This isn’t over. These people have high-dollar lawyers who know all of the tricks of the trade. The DOJ/FBI must be very careful to follow all of the rules, and even then must be very quick on their feet to keep an eye out for legal tricksters. The indictments are great news, but just the beginning of the process. The ultimate goal is conviction. Carry on, kids. LOL

    • Boy, Scott, what an intelligent comment! I had my doubts that the federal attorneys knew they’d have to be careful in planning and executing their case; you really should serve as a consultant to them on this thing. They’re likely to botch it up, and could undoubtedly use your genius level insights. It must have taken you a long time, and a lot of studying to organize such a cohesive and cogent statement. “The DOJ/FBI must be very careful to follow all of the rules”? WOW, genius! I’m sure they had no idea they’d have to follow the rules in their own house. Please continue to enthrall us all with your brilliance. I know Keith Raniere claimed to be the world’s smartest man, but clearly he’s got nothing on you.

        • Hopefully the FBI was able to learn something from your intellectual brilliance. Clearly, a genius such as you should be exalted and appreciated for his unique and singularly talented ability to see things that dozens of experienced and educated professionals may have missed.

          I’m sure AUSA Penza doesn’t have the requisite skills, background, or general qualifications to prosecute a case like this, compared to you. Have you considered travelling to NYC, in order to offer your assistance on the case?

          Law Enforcement, and the Federal Prosecutors could undoubtedly use the help. Maybe the judge should consult with you, too.

          Humbly, I await your brilliant reply.

          • No. Surely its time for this saviour, this genius, this scott, to take the reins of the highest office in the land. Nothing less would befit a man of such obvious talents etc.,

          • I am positive that their use of the word “pyramid” in the indictment was a subliminal message, intended to signify the DOJ’s need of your brilliant acumen. It’s eerily analagous to the spotlight that Gotham uses to signal their need of Batman. The only difference is, Batman is a fictional character, where you are a real-life inspiration to all who come into contact with you.

            I am doubtful that they will be able to successfully prosecute this series of cases without your assistance, and in the interest of seeing justice served, I can only hope that the DOJ feels as enamored of your brilliance as I do.

            What I can’t understand (my inferior brain just isn’t capable), is how Keith Raniere could successfully swindle so many people, but here you are, worshipped and appreciated by so few, when you are clearly the answer to the problems which have plagued humanity through the ages. It speaks to your selfless nature, itself a sign of great virtue.

            Humbly, I await your reply.

          • I live in New York City and we don’t need another idiot tourist. If I go to a Wikipedia article about Egypt (I’m sure if I look somewhere in the “Comments” to the Frank an article like this would have already been posted by Shadowstate) how many times is “pyramid” mentioned?

            This is the home of Bernie Madoff pal. You think we care about some lonesome housewifes selling toothpaste?

      • to that.

        We were all enjoying the normal conversation.

        I thought more highly of Frank than to let this go on.

        Clearly, Amway boy has zero respect whatsoever for Frank or anybody else.

  • Hopefully Clare stays in jail once and for all. She has harmed so many people, including you.

  • I am here to implore you to stop being unfairly critical of Clare Bear. Clare Bear is a HUMAN BEING and deserves a certain base level of respect, no?

    If you take pleasure in Clare Bear’s misery, doesn’t that make you just as mean-spirited as you claim she is?

    At least she was nice to her horses and other animals. She treated them with respect and dignity. What have YOU ever done for animals, besides barbecue them?

    If Clare Bear can see the light, apologize, accept a plea deal and testify for the prosecution —– then she will not only save herself a lot of jail time, but she will also redeem herself as a person while also making a positive contribution to society.

    She may not have an Ivy League edumacation but she has likely done the BEST SHE KNOWS HOW, right?

    Think about it like this — if she knew any better then she’d have behaved differently. Right?

    Therefore how can you blame a warped mind for behaving in a warped manner? How can you blame Clare Bear for being Clear Bear?
    That’s like blaming a fool for acting foolishly. That’s like blaming a compass for pointing north.

    Perhaps nobody has taught her that it’s not okay to f*ck over her fellow human beings?

    I predict that she’ll take a plea deal and testify against evil Keith. Her loyalty to Keith won’t surpass her own love of being free. I just don’t see Clare as volunteering to be a caged martyr like India Ox. There is good in her, somewhere. It may be DEEP DOWN inside, but it’s there.

  • Sara; you can stay here with me when you come into town. Just like the old days — except it will be just us. I never liked all those elbows and knees poking me all night long.

  • Good God – that woman needs a sandwich!

    It is unfathomable the amount she has spent to shore up the lunacy of this group and vandingo. They’ve leeched her dry – soul, money, compassion. And now she doesn’t have enough left to help herself (or she’s going to have to reveal where she has hidden funds). I’d hate to be there when the dawn breaks and she finally connects what she has done and what her worshipful vandingo has done to her. She’s kinda scary.

  • Let friday be the one time in her entire life where her money cannot save her. She deserves the full custodial experience as does her sister- financing this astonishing level of criminality has been a joint enterprise after all.

  • This is … incredible. Thank you so much Mr. Parlato for your determination, I know that this has cost you, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and financially. You are a hero and a brave man. > Her lawyer objected saying the members of NXIVM are her family and her whole life.< \No, they are NOT Clare's fam, they are and have always been her slaves.

  • In honor of the events of this week I had a steak dinner. I’m sure Clare Bear would of wanted to join me, but the ankle guard made her butt look big so she didn’t come.

  • Ok guys, in honor of the special occasion, I’ve decided to come clean. It’s true I’m obsessed with Allison Mack. I fantasize about her every night, and it broke my heart when she turned me down on Twitter.

    If I can’t have her, then I want her to go to prison so that no one else can have her either. Oh Allie… You could have been Mrs. Shadowstate

      • Tex’s real name is Gabby Johnson, (blazing saddles) look him up on you tube
        for some of his authentic frontier jibberish.
        Now who can argue with that. Rarritt !!

        • Scott:

          I fail to comprehend your post. I believe that every time you fail to post a reply, we are missing out on valuable opportunities to enjoy the genius insights that only you are capable of offering. The comment section on Frank Report would suffer greatly without your contributions, so I implore you to not deprive us. Please consider the Butterfly Effect, and the ramifications of your contributions outside of Frank Report. My wife may be tired of hearing about “something Scott said”, but she only talks that way because she has yet to experience your wondrous intellect firsthand.

          Humbly, I await your reply.

        • Frank must have consulted with Scott, (undoubtedly to gain some unique perspective that only Scott was able to contemplate).

          Scott mentions his communications with Frank not to boast, but rather to enlighten us all to the fact that his genius is frequently sought-after, by lost and wayward souls in need of direction. Frank did a lot to take down NXIVM, but he couldn’t have done it without all of the thoughts, ideas, ponderances, and utterances of Scott Johnson.

          Verily, He is the selfless consultant to the World, and the absolute authority on all things pyramidal. Surely you can see that the DOJ’s prodigious use of the word “pyramid” was added into the language of the indictment with the subtle intention of signalling their need of Scott’s assistance.

          It’s understandable if you’re jealous of Scott. It’s not easy to be in the presence of such greatness.

    • Haha
      Maybe he’s been asked to only post comments without insults, and therefore he has run out of things to say?

      • And I think the Darth Van Douche guy is missing, too. After all the time he’s spent following this story, I’m surprised he’s not been commenting on this big news Or maybe I just missed his posts….?

        • I was posting a lot when few were doing anything and the NXIVM clan was still getting their free pass and enjoying their narcissistic superiority. I wish I never had to deal with them but such is life. No good deed goes unpunished.

          Now I’m just sitting back and savoring the schadenfreude.

          • You weren’t doing much when you were posting, Frank was doing the heavy lifting and he’s still doing it. However, as Frank mentioned to me the first time we spoke several months ago, NXIVM is is basically over from the standpoint of his influence. The DOJ/FBI have now taken the lead.

          • Man you’re a tool. I didn’t say I did more than Frank. I said I was posting a lot when few were doing so. Mr. Parlato has even highlighted a number of my comments as separate articles on this and his Artvoice website.

            The only thing you’ve ever done is spam the comments, cry about Amway and use Frank’s popular website to try and bring traffic to your own site.

          • Aside from always loving your name, you deserve respect. You have been around for a long time and engaging. You don’t try to make it about your agenda.
            Those of us who were actually affected by NXIVM, and have been around this site for a while know what you are about. Anybody who shows up for five minutes knows that Amway both is a worthless, narcissistic troll. He’s not worth your energy.

        • What is incoherent about my comments? You’re saying that you can’t understand them? Because you seem to understand everything I say, you just insult me no matter what I say. I assume you have a personality disorder that causes you to be rude and argumentative, so it difficult to believe you were reading comments yesterday but not responding.

          I have a feeling that’s not true., and that you were busy doing something else. Same as with the missing DVD. I’m curious about what Darth meant when he said he wished he never had to deal with NXIVM…. because I thought Darth had said earlier that he never had any involvement with NXIVM. That remark implies otherwise.

          • Do not take any of his comments personally–anyone who feels the need to insult complete strangers is best ignored.

            Frank, we are all proud of you for your hardwork in exposing this horrible cult and it’s members.

  • I see Clare is still on the DOS diet and looks like she needs a paddling but she can’t have contact with Allison Mack. Maybe tomorrow when the guards are not looking Ali can give Clare Bear chains a good hard yank.

    I do hope Sara gets arrested when she comes on Friday. The Feds can stop working with France to get her extradited

  • Oh poor lonely miserable girl. Now you get the attention you always longed for. Bad attention is better then never apparently. With only $190 mill remaining, She’s practically destitute. No, she’s a fucking evil lieing cunt. Cruel Clare gets what she deserves.

  • “$50 million in liquid assets and he said, he wanted two guarantors on Friday; two people to sign as guarantors- one of them can be Sara Bronfman – and the other must be someone unrelated to NXIVM.”

    So $50 million cash or Clare sits in jail forever starting Friday? Fingers crossed.

    And if the sisters are able to produce the cash, than Clare can avoid jail, at least until she’s sentenced. With her father’s booze-driven billion-dollar fortune, Clare can probably keep the court case going on forever and ever.

    Here’s hoping for a non-liquid week for the Bronfman sisters.

  • she looks ghostly,or should I say ghastly!? emaciated,,dour, broken. unimaginable that she burned thru all that money for Keiths clever plots to “raise ethics and humanity” hahaha. I’m almost sad for her. Nope.I save that for when she’s penniless ! tic toc

  • Oooh! That is exciting news. Or, as her sister would say, “Oof.” As in, “Oof, my sister’s landed in jail for 15 years of immoral and criminal behavior.” If Clare Bronfman spends Tuesday night in jail, we should all drink champagne on Wednesday. Soon she’ll be out on house arrest, but for a brief while, she’ll be reminded she is culpable for her actions.

    • Indeed.

      I’ve noticed from Sara’s tweets that she has a great fondness for the word “indeed.” Does she actually speak like the way she writes?

        • Just reading some of her quotes, and the birthday messages to John that she pinned, she sounds like as much of a dilly as Sara. Even if Sylvia is the one writing Sara’s tweets, Sara is still responsible for giving her that role. They sound well suited for each other.

  • I’m afraid I’m enjoying Clare’s problems a little too much! I only wish she had been jailed until she could come up with the bail like the average person would have been. Here’s hoping she is unable to comply with the terms and is incarcerated on Friday!

  • Welp… If there is an Arrest Warrant for Sara Bronfman, it sure makes it easier to serve if Saur-ah (how she pronounces it) is back in the good ole USofA – instead of France.

    The problem will be the Trust, the Trustee cannot just pull $$$ out. The money has to be used for certain circumstances: health, safety, maintenance. I don’t think that serving as bail money for a Federal Criminal Indictment is one of those circumstances enumerated in the Trust documents.

    So, if she has $3M cash and can pull out $22M from the trust, she is still short $25 Million.

    Who the heck is going to sign that note or pony up that cash??? Maybe there is a Bail Bond company out there for Billionaires. Who knows???

    • All Clare has to do to pick up an extra $10 million is take back the money she put in the trust for Raniere, and that leaves only $40 million to go.

    • I bet she petitions the trustees for the remaining funds based on a) that she wouldn’t be safe behind bars; and b) that her health would suffer if she were to be inprisoned. She wouldn’t have to look far on the Upper East Side to find an MD willing to write a letter to that effect (or several, for that matter).

    • Easier probably, but France is not Fidji and would have honored the warrant for extradition if asked to. Your current president might not like us but until he breaks all treaty of alliance we have together and build new ones with his new best friends putin and kim jong 1 we would still act like the friends we’ve been when Lafayette was part of the american revolution, when we gave you the statue of liberty and when you freed us from german occupation…

      • Most Americans (and I am one) either ignore, have forgotten, or never knew, how much France supported and financed our side during the American Revolution.

        • We haven’t ignored, forgotten, or ever knew that the last time France stood up was during our Revolution, and that was more to weaken their long-time enemy, England than to help us. We’ve been bailing out France ever since, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, NATO, etc.

      • Trump doesn’t dislike you, he dislikes France not spending the amount of money that they have already agreed to pay in their own defense on the same continent as Russia, unprotected by huge oceans as the USA is from Russia. Trump is also not best friends with Putin or little rocket man, you are totally clueless how to make a deal.

  • The market is not that good for private islands anywhere, really, but definitely not in Fiji. There are several places that are for sale for less that are actually on private islands (the resort she bought into is part of an island).

    Friday is the full moon and an eclipse. Not a day I would want for a deadline with a court.

    Anything can happen. Let’s hope for the best. Allison and Clare both back in the slammer in the same week would be most excellent.

    The really ridiculous thing is that most people (not funding a criminal organisation / sex cult) can quite comfortable live a lifetime and travel and do just about anything they want for the rest of their lives with less than 100M$.

    Can only imagine how much she has put up in legal fees so far, and it is just barely getting started. Too bad that 10M$ trust she set up for Raniere is irrevocable. 🙂

    Back to this second guarantor… Who in their right mind would want to do that??? IMO Sara is the one in the marriage with the $, so I don’t think Baset Igtet can do it. He may have some sort of trust fund from his family, but nothing compared to the funds needed to sign off on this bail package.

    This could be very, very good news, indeed.

    • The irrevocable trust can be revoked if the purpose of the Trust no longer exists. It is a complicated legal process, but has been done before.

      Good thinking though!!!

      • When are you people going to realize FormerNexian is as big of a piece of trash as these current Nexians? He lost a court case, lost an appeal, and after he exhausts his second appeal will owe more than $275,000 and be suspended from practicing law for 3 years for trying to blackmail businesses misusing the ADA law. Get a clue.

        • He’s still less of a piece of trash than you are, and at least he posts comments that are worth reading.

          Any other site would have banned you already, but you’ve got your lips on Frank P.’s ass, or are you smooching his pickle?

          • Scott Johnson: “What crimes have I been proven to commit? You’re just too full of yourself to read my comments for comprehension, that would be your problem. Frank and I talk from time to time, when did you last speak with him?”

            I heard you got arrested for sexually assaulting another man’s zipper but they couldn’t put you on trial because you swallowed all the evidence.Your only allowed to hang around here because your smooching Frank’s pickle when you don’t have your head up his ass.I bet you like being Frank’s blow boy.

          • Scott Johnson: “Frank and I talk from time to time”

            I bet you talk to him while your head is bobbing in his lap “tell me how we’re gonna go after Amway, oh i love it when you talk dirty to me.who’s the saucemaster?”

      • Your insights are always appreciated.

        So, basically, if Raniere’s legal problems magically went away, the trust could be revoked because its purpose to exist in paying for his legal fees would no longer exist.

        Yeah, I don’t see that happening.

        Plus, that massive legal team is burning through it just as fast as they possibly can.

        I don’t really see how it is actually going to be enough to pay for a RICO trial.

  • I love this judge. He clearly has a sense of humor and doesn’t stand for bull shit. I enjoyed several of his remarks when Raniere petitioned for release into house arrest – the funding of which would have come from Clare. I wonder how much $ she put into that irrevocable trust for Raniere’s defense.

    We should also be mindful she is well versed in laundering money and has plenty more than she’s reporting on her financial disclosure forms. Lying about money comes easily after so much practice.

    • Oops! Sorry your Honor. I forgot to list my Tropical Island – it’s undergoing renovations.

      (It’s a piece of land from a dormant volcano – what exact renovations are ongoing that affect the value???)

      • My understanding is that there’s a resort on the part of the island she owns. Maybe she’s renovating that — but renovations tend to increase the value of a property rather than diminishing it. I’ve also read somewhere (it was a while back and I can’t remember the source) that Clare’s up to her old tricks of abusive litigation with people in Fiji that aren’t bending to her will and/or her money. Apparently a lot of the locals who work at the resort, and who worked there for the previous owner, aren’t finding Clare a pleasure to work for. Clare should have stuck with horses. Her statement well over a decade ago that she hates/doesn’t like human beings should have rung like an alarm bell for anyone interacting with her.

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