Jeffrey Peterson verifies identity in Vimeo video

Jeffrey Peterson – who is in hiding – he says – fearful of being murdered by the NXIVM-Salinas-Arizona Mafia cartel – has sent me a video confirming his identity.

I had mentioned in a previous post that there was always a chance that the person I spoke to on the phone who said he was Jeff Peterson was merely someone impersonating Peterson.

The video seems to quell that concern. That is why I am sharing it with readers.

Peterson is a businessman of international repute – and he claims that after he refused to join NXIVM, Emiliano Salinas set out to destroy his business relationships with the top tier Mexicans – and the Arizona Mafia – a collective of top Democratic officials and business people in Arizona who have seem to profit from the lucrative business that one can enjoy from the fact that Arizona and Mexico share 370 miles of border.

Here is his Vimeo – and comparing it to many online pictures of Peterson – it seems to me he is really the Jeffrey Peterson – a former member of the Arizona Mafia – and international Hispanic Internet pioneer.

In the world of Salinas-Bronfman-Raniere, it pays to take extra precaution. The Peterson story promises to be big and those who are interested in NXIVM should stay tuned. This may play a pivotal part in the prosecution of Emiliano Salinas – one of NXIVM’s top players.

We may also learn a little more about the Fast and Furious illegal black op – of the [deep state] US government – and if NXIVM – and not merely Salinas – and the Arizona Mafia -had a role in it.


Below is a short video where NXIVM High Rank Lauren Salzman introduces fellow NXIVM High Rank Emiliano Salinas [jokingly] as “her partner in crime.”

Who knew she was not kidding?




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  • It surprises/amazes me that those two in the video, look like so many of the young trendies in the South Beach nightclub scene (for me in the 90s) who liked to party, wanted to do something ‘meaningful’, wanted to feel ‘inspired’, etc. That they, as a group, have veered off {or been lead} from there to meet at a twisted, delusional, even criminal nexus of artificially imagined ‘self improvement’ is very disturbing.

  • In the 1950s, the CIA created a mind-control program called MK Ultra at the behest of high ranking government officials. The high ranking group was called Majestic 12 or MAJIK 12 and included 3 senators, 3 reps, 3 executive branch, and 3 military officers. At the top was the President.

    In the late 1980s, after this group was exposed, they changed their name to the Arizona Mafia to hide in plain sight and obtain cover for deep state operations.

    I have been abducted by aliens at the behest of MAJIK 12, operating as the Arizona Mafia.

    Here is my YouTube video to prove it:

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  • I really do hope that all of these people outing criminals and their nefarious activities stay safe. It seems like a lot of well-connected people in high places may wish them harm.

  • The Knife Media no longer lists either Nicki Clyne or Rosa Laura Junco as members of their team.

    How am I supposed to get an unbiased analysis of media veracity without the contributions of the brilliant Nicki Clyne or Rosa Laura Junco?
    If I read between the lines what does the absence of these two insightful women mean for the Knife Media and NXIVM?

    Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

    Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock.

  • Toni Natali and Frank Parlato were brave enough to face Keith Rainere. does that mean Peterson is facing down the corrupt Arizona Mafia members and the Mexicans in NXIVM? holy shit

  • Good luck to Mr. Peterson, you are fighting the good fight.
    Also, Frank, could you please start deleting the warring Johnsons?
    None of it contributes to the discourse.
    And “real” Scott- stop responding to the trolls, you are giving them exactly what they want. Learn how to ignore pests.

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  • It took one man, Frank Parlato to face the demon most were afraid to. He has done what no one else could and that is ultimately saving innocent victims of sex crimes. God bless Toni Natali and Mr parlato for their sacrifices for the greater good and having the strength and courage to face these evil doers.

    • Yes. And thankfully Frank was able to hang in there until we could get an actual Department of Justice that will go after the evildoers rather than protect a corrupt regime …… O-hole and Hellery etc.

  • On tonight’s radio show, I will talk about the CIA implants inside my head and Alien abduction.

    The Greyboys are no joke like Amway. But I do enjoy those anal probes.

    Tune in to 108.1FM, weekdays at 5am. LOL

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      Obviously, the guy has serious issues.

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      Stay strong Frank–you are fighting the good fight.

      • Yes, why should expand this effort to 10s of millions of people being scammed by Amway and other MLM scams? Let’s stay in our comparatively teeny-tiny NXIVM world and forget the rest of the world, even though Raniere learned his MLM scam basics while he was in Amway. LOL

        • If you’re trying to help people learn about Amway, then why are you posting misogynistic and offensive insults on a blog about NXIVM? How are your insults helping people?

  • I sure hope Pam Cooley (she’s mention in the video with Lauren & Emi) got out of NXIVM. She didn’t believe Keith was scrum of the earth when a flock she was close to left in 2009. Anyone know if she’s still involved?

  • Lauren Salzman:.

    After watching that brilliant (????????) stage performance with Emiliano let me give you one piece of advice.
    Cut a plea deal with the Feds before they skin you alive.
    You have NO chance against a well prepared AUSA like Moira Penza.

  • To all Naysayers, I will hereby use my vast wealth and hire a reputable polygrapher to give Ben Szemkus a real polygraph test.

    We will use this expert

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  • If Jeffery Peterson intends to shine a bright light on Fast & Furious, he’d better be damn careful.

    F&F went all the way to the top of Obama White House, and there are a lot of very powerful interests involved in keeping that whole story under wraps as much as possible.

    Just nailing the Salinas de Gortari Crime Family to the wall would be a great gift to the Mexican and American people, since they are the ones who are mostly responsible for much of the problems in the country, at least where crime is concerned.

  • By “getting public” asap, Jeffery Peterson may have saved his own life. The people who would do him harm will probably be afraid to touch him now, since doing so will make them automatically suspect.

    Now he’ll be able to tell his story, and hopefully shine a bright enough light to send a lot of these cockroaches to prison.

    May God Bless You and Keep You, Mr. Peterson!

  • When I was with a certain, ahem, company, our upline Diamonds were referred to as “slick and slicker.” Of course, back then we didn’t know how appropriate the names were, now we do.

    The reference to “partner in crime” is intended to have the opposite effect in making people think it is just a turn of phrase, and real criminals would never refer to themselves in this manner.

    The light-hearted banter is also intended to help people relax and trust them. Not attending the entire “V week” is also a only semi-jovial message for others to not do that, attend the entire week, or you’ll be called out on it.

    Been there, have seen all of it.

    • I know about real criminals. I’ve been one for 10 years plus. Living off unemployment

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