Coco Wash: I have some questions for Vanessa Grigoriadis and her defense of NXIVM

By Coco Wash

NXIVM correspondent in Mexico

Regarding Vanessa Grigoriadis’ defense of Keith Raniere and NXIVM on YouTube and the New York Times I have the following points to discuss with her. Perhaps she will be pleased to answer in this forum.

  1. If this is an ethical group, why would people lie to give collateral?
  2. If people who have not entered Nxivm could become part of this special women’s group, why would they give this kind of collateral to a person they barely know? Why would they even enter a system where they would brand themselves with chakras (don’t see them in the logo) 4 elements (can’t see them in the logo) KR initials, can’t see them in the logo.

Why would you empower yourself harming your body?

She said Consumers Buyline closed because an attorney general said he could not continue…. PYRAMIDS ARE FORBIDDEN BUSINESS.

Then she said they were incredibly extraordinary people because “far beyond what group would do something like invite the Dalai Lama”? Well sweetie, sorry to tell you he was paid – maybe as much as $2 million dollars and even the Pope would go to something like that for that kind of money. Haven’t you seen what drug lords have done with what they have paid? Does that make them extraordinary? I DON’T THINK SO!

Then she does an Espian intro with the spaghetti example etc. etc. (how many EMs did u get?), so this made her realize that they where trying to help people all the time, and that these people worked for people, LOL

Then she:

Compares Nxivm with Scientology.

Confirms KR is the ultimate alpha.

Super strong group about women and relations, and members would help each other, just like in Scientology over and over again.

She mentions all the time that they were mostly women, why don’t you ask them if they had a life. HELLO: they are single or divorced.

This one is really funny, they ask her about charity and she says:

Yes there was a charity that started…then she said the classes cost and then she spoke about a film to cure Tourettes and made a lot of films.. WHERE IS THE CHARITY? If people are willing to pay 5k for a course, is that charity?

Then she spoke about legal cases, about mathematical equation of stock and how KR loses $66 million USD but she never mentioned that he told the heirs their father managed his contracts so he lost that money.

She talks about continuous name changing and bad press– my dear, please investigate deeply, Nxivm, then Nxvim corp then Edgar Boone owns it (KR never appeared on names), then they disappear it, then its Executive Success Programs and so on and on and on.

When people and ex girlfriends leave, or Rick Ross a deprogrammer criticized, a lot of lawsuits were filed.

By people who left the group?

No, the other way around.

The group would sue people who left.


These people where unethical and Nxivm had to sue them because Nxivm stood for ethics

I just don’t get it.

JNESS IS A SEMINAR for women to feel insecure of their bodies so on

And then she affirms that:

Women are disloyal and don’t understand the true concept of loyalty

Collateral, he came up with this idea (I thought his lawyers said in Univision that collateral has existed for years and years and even banks use this!)

Jness teaches women how they can be more ethical, loyal, free.

So he came up with this idea that is tadaaaaaaa: “collateral”

If we are in a relationship, you will always keep something from me.

So lie to me and we will have true love and loyalty.

Women jump from one man to the next (I don’t know what kind of women he is used to relating but the people I relate to are loyal and are firm) But in Nxivm, there is Marcelo Ortiz who was married to Daniela Padilla and Carmen with Luis Montes but then Marcelo and Carmen hooked up and they left their spouses but then Marcelo had an affair with Ana Risoul who was married to Gerardo Ayala but then she also had an affair with Luis Lozano who had a relationship with Morra, but the women jump all the time right?

So they need to build discipline and character and they did this with each other by branding their bodies.

Time passes and Raniere’s top woman he was involved with (with big fortunes, other than Bronfmans) got sick (Pam Cafritz) and another one, she had cancer, very advanced.

She said we are not surprised that something crazy happened right (logical for Vanessa)?

So, he started to think how he could make sure nobody else left him, everybody was close and he wanted loyalty from people. So, that’s why he made the slave group right? Ohhh sorry, I didn’t remember you mentioned the FBI thinks he has… not that they have proof right?

So in the end, Vanessa thinks women need discipline and character; she agrees with the ultimate Alpha – I mean Branding is a secret, watch out – this one, it’s free, but you have to give them collateral, you have to lie to belong…. What an ethical world it is… that Nxivm.


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  • Vanessa whats-her-face is clearly delusional, and repeats whatever garbage she is told.

    She is perfect for the NYT.

    • I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have found your way to this site if the NYT hadn’t published an article exposing NXIUM for what it truly is. I give a massive amount of credit to Frank for “slaving” away for months and years to bring NXIUM down, and his work has generously informed all subsequent reporting on NXIUM, but it took the New York Times to get the attention of the public and law enforcement.

  • Aristegui News: In Lak Ech "peace movement" in Mexico was a NXIVM cash cow worth millions says:

    By: Rocío Muñoz Ledo and Juan Omar Fierro (Special Investigations)

    The Movement In Lak’ech for Peace AC, of ​​which was general coordinator Emiliano Salinas Occelli, used the philosophy of Keith Raniere to “create” a business scheme that allowed that civil group to collect almost 9 million 500 thousand pesos between 2009 and 2016 , according to reports from the Tax Administration System (SAT).

    The resources obtained by this movement through donations, were used to finance the filming and promotion of the film “Ignite the Heart” -that exalts the figure of Keith Raniere, currently imprisoned on charges of sex trafficking of women and conspiracy to work forced people -.

    In addition, an unspecified sum of these resources was used to pay the expenses of the Chihuahua activist Julián Le Barón, one of the initiators of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity headed by the poet Javier Sicilia.

  • What I want to know is why this reporter contacted “the other side” but didn’t take in any of their information nor write about it in her article?
    I was contacted by her and gave her my thoughts as I know others did the same. Not one word from the Ex-NX people was put in her article.
    Did Grigoriadis bother to do any research on any of NX lawsuits? It would appear not as she is calling those sued by NX unethical.
    Sounds like she was either paid a lot by Clare and or brainwashed by the best of the best in NX.
    I wouldn’t even use the paper her article was printed on to pick up dog shit in my yard.
    I hope whoever’s going to hire her in the future understands she seems a lot crazy and now part of a cult.
    Maybe they found her after she applied to work for The Knief.

    • The words in the article are in opposition to what you said.

      “Nxivm had not granted access to a journalist for an article for 14 years before it gave me a tightly stage-managed tour of its leadership and operations this winter, ahead of potential indictments. It remains highly secretive and exquisitely paranoid. Members not only tape-recorded my interviews with them but had a practice of extensively taping or video recording within the group, including documenting many of Raniere’s statements. They have also answered some defectors, journalists and critics with lawsuits. A New Jersey-based lawyer, Peter Skolnik, who represented the author and noted cult deprogrammer Rick Ross in a 14-year suit with Nxivm, told me that he estimated their cost of the suits at $50 million.”

      • If the parameters you set for yourself as an investigative reporter do not allow you to tell the story in an unbiased manner,
        Why Even Tell The Story?
        Your actions make you look like one of nxivm”s flying monkeys

      • Frequent “flying monkey” references here referring to “The Wizard of Oz” wicked witch of the west (Clare/Keith) with her flying monkey minions (the ESP/NXIVM/DOS horde) to do her evil bidding.

        • Ha okay….I saw this movie with my daughter’s class, I especially remember the good guys…That said, I don’t agree with this epithet…

          • I wasn’t the OP and had to look up what metis meant. Saw the term “flying monkeys” questioned here and explained before. I can see why the phrase would be questionable. I don’t think Grigoriadis is one of the “brainwashed” – just presenting her viewpoint from what she has seen and been told.

  • Amway. Amway. Amway.

    Cum to my website, so we can be sexual deviants and pedos and wank each other off

  • That’s what I do in my spare time when I’m not sponging off my wife. She has a job, unlike me.

    I just sit at home, play hide the salami and post about my life with Amway.

  • LOL at anyone who thinks VanDouche is an alpha.

    VanDouche manipulated women into sex using hypnosis, NLP, and other thought reform techniques, many of them who were at low points in their lives, and/or those who had a larger than average need for validation, and/or those who were suffering from self-esteem issues.

    He’s nothing but an epsilon.

  • Clare Bronfman seems to have been able to purchase herself and NXIVM some good publicity.

    And now Clare is going to do all in her power to try to purchase herself “justice”, a much more difficult project.
    OJ Simpson was able to purchase “justice” for a time but ultimately the truth will out.

  • there is a reason why NXVIM accepted that interview. She seemed to contradict herself. She seemed torn about what to think. I think she was trying to measure what she was saying. I get it.
    Pretty much like I was just recently.

    • She needed to dig deeper. And she should have interviewed more people. Like neigbors and people who left NXVIM and frank. She was limited with her sources. She needs to follow up with people who like frank and Catherine and neighbors.
      I think that digging deeper is necessary.

    • Not at all. I want people to read Vanessa’s article, bc it’s trash. How could anyone in their right mind complement Keith?

      Whoever you are, I really hope you get the Courage to leave NXIVM. Everything Keith said is a lie.

  • I really thought the article was a FLUFF PIECE. Although conducted before Keith’s arrest, Vanessa should have pushed him on the following questions:

    Why does he make up/lie about his accomplishments?
    Why is the smartest Man in America hiding in Mexico?
    How many of his patents have been turned into functional items?
    What were his thoughts on the Microsoft case (and claim that VanGrifter invented Video Teleconferencing)?
    Where does his pocket money (walk-around money) come from?

    I don’t know. Did Vanessa not feel safe in Mexico? Why didn’t she ask the hard questions?

    Her article was almost like a ‘Martha Stewart treatment’ of a very disgusting and shocking group.


      • I didn’t chose to brand women, create a Coven, call God a fraud, and order people to call me Grandmaster and sign their souls and unborn children to me.

        That has a lot of OCCULT similarities. What, do you think Keith is Alistair Crowley too?

        I hope you get treatment and therapy. The first step is acknowledging everything Keith said is a lie. He’s not God. He’s not a prophet. He’s a pedophile loser with a 2.26 GPA.

        • Some good comments in this post, but things like “I hope you get treatment and therapy.” are not helpful. Let’s stop goading each other and reacting.

          • My comment was about getting therapy to get de-programmed. Getting treatment to reintegrate back into society.

            There are still NXIVM supporters that show up and read this blog. A couple of long-time NXIVM members told me they had to get treatment for PTSD when they left Albany.

            So my comment was not about stigmatizing mental illness. But hoping that NXIVM members lost in the fog, can finally get help, and see the light OCD.

    • She probably had to agree to preconditions to do the article. I doubt NXIVM would agree to an article in the NYT without retaining some control over what was said about them.

      The video I saw as more of an explanation of the article and what she had been told (likely under very carefully controlled circumstances), rather than a defense of NXIVM.

      I thought there were many places in the article where she signaled that something was not right…like when she said that Keith turned into a “black hole of anti-charisma,” and when she questioned why Allison would basically throw herself under the bus in a piece for the NYT. She did not hit the reader over the head with it, but the overall tone of her article was not one of approval.

      • Stargazer. I think you are correct. That’s why I think she contradicts herself. She seems to struggle with what she is saying. She seems to notice things but doesn’t quite get past the surface. I think that that they let her interview because she is either known to not dig deep, they gave her preconditions or fill in the blank. I doubt that a hard hitting journalist would get the assignment. Hopefully she follows through and digs deeper with ex NXVIM members or Catherine oxenberg and frank and rick Ross and a nimber of other people who were impacted by the group.

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