Finally a defender of NXIVM/Raniere comes forward – Vanessa Grigoriadis – on YouTube video

At last, a distinguished writer, Vanessa Grigoriadis, has come forward to fully defend Keith Raniere and NXIVM – revealing that she believes that Raniere has a raft of original and striking ideas.

Girforiadis wrote the lengthy and well read New York Times Magazine cover story on NXIVM – which many believe was an extraordinary defense of NXIVM.

In the YouTube video, Grigoriadis says Raniere “has very unique ideas…. Raniere really was very with it, very smart thinking person who was thinking about every step that this gorup should take but yet …. what was attracting people and making them stay there … was the top 10 people who were really doing the work , making members actually stick with it and the least has so much reflected glory …. I was impressed… by the female high ranks who I had great conversations with … who were cool.”

“I don’t think ‘cult’ is fair…..  there are very few groups like NXIVM; this doesn’t come along this often…. and does have complex ideology….”


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  • Anonymous, I’m enjoying your Dumbocrat talking points, but Mueller hasn’t found anything on Roger Stone, at least anything that has been made public. If Roger broke the law, I’m in favor of throwing the book at him, unlike the Dumbocrat sycophants. LOL

  • Another left wing shitstain that can’t deal with the FACT the President Trump will be in office for two terms. He is cleaning up a shit ton of corruption that the nazi, marxist democraps have been getting away with for a long time. He is also taking down the corrupt repubs that share the same bed with your demoncrat butt buddies. Sounds like too much Raniere jizz hit the target with you.

  • Another left wing shitstain who wouldn’t know fascism if it bit his empty head and fecal filled butt.

  • Fuck off shit on a shingle. You have much in common with Shadow perv. He jacks off nightly to allie wack and you do the same to kristin Kook. You are both fucking old timer pervs who worship the tv actress

  • “and does have complex ideology….” Yes. Slavery, I suppose, is very complex ideology these days. Especially the notion of women enslaving other other women to serve as sex bots for Keith. That’s also very complex, thus ‘cool’ – Girforiadis is a fool. She has no idea what she’s talking about and everything is based on her few in-depth meetings.

    • Can’t find your fascist poems, the white supremacy stuff you had on your site, have you taken them down, Fred?

  • The funny thing is this is the only mainstream major journalist who is talking about Raniere/NXIVM. Barry Meyer, and Suzanna Andrews from Vanity Fair and Jim from the Times Union havent done public interviews. Why? What are they worried about? If those journalists did interviews their interviews would sound like this too. They would talk about what they knew they could not be legally liable for.

    • Oh please, “plj”! Why do pretend to presume to know what these other journalists would talk about in an interview? Are you psychic? Did you even read the four-part series that was done by the Albany times Union that was entitled: “Secrets of NXIVM: the untold story of Keith Raniere?” You sound like another Vanessa-apologist; poor widdle Nessie is the only one who has stuck her neck and promoted her book and her website at the same time! Please, “plj”, give us all a royal break!

      Vanessa Grigoriadis acts more like a shill for this cult than an honest investigative reporter. You, a former journalist, claim the authority to preach to us little no-nothings who could not possibly understand the workings of the vaunted MSM. Your attitude and that of the MSM is why intelligent individuals on the left, the right, and in the center no longer put their faith and trust in the controlled, packaged, and propagandistic MSM. Be sure to come back and preach to us again when you have something more informed and substantial to say about NXIVM.

  • I don’t think that many people appreciate a nuanced discussion here. They want an indictment and it’s really easy to just throw charges of ignorance, left-wing bias, and naivete at G. Although her article presents many conflicting claims and representations of NXIVM, the information surveys is decidedly more negative than positive. An apologist doesn’t present a bevy of conflicting claims as “strange” & “wierd”); s/he rationalizes them as normal or misunderstood (i.e as Raniere’s lawyers have).

    That said, G. leaves some lacunae that could have probably have been more trenchantly addressed. She dislikes the term cult, but justifies that move based on her experience in religious studies. Although it’s an arguable and conservative position (especially given the access that NXIVM gave her), she could have actually walked through the characteristics of a cult and explained how they might apply and not apply to NXIVM. In particular, it’s hard to imagine any discussion of NXIVM without considering a cult of personality and all thing things that accompany it–Raniere’s infallibility, the submission of self, patterns of sexual domination, etc. Just a brief mention of Sarah Edmundson’s story would strengthen her narrative without skewing the story one way or another. Moreover, G. seems to have been impressed by Raniere’s intelligence, but also accounts for repeated instances of his faulty and poor judgement. Doe she think that his ideas are something innovative or is she just amazed by his ability to captivate and snooker so many people?

    If G. wanted to go further in her article, she could have plunged into the conflicting claims about NXIVM and also walked readers through the research behind cults and social psychology. Gizmodo recently did a six-part podcast (called The Gateway) on Teal Swann that took this approach–it gave Swann a voice and also delved deep into her critics’ responses and psychological research.

    • “Gizmodo recently did a six-part podcast (called The Gateway) on Teal Swann that took this approach–it gave Swann a voice and also delved deep into her critics’ responses and psychological research.”

      Here’s a video that Allison Mack might find of interest after talking with Vanguard about “Authenticity.”
      Teal Swan explains “Authenticity.”
      (Teal Swan has dozens of videos up on Youtube)

    • Dear Jimbo,

      Why didn’t Vanessa Grigoriadis go further? That is the real question, is it not? Jimbo, you simply have to face the fact that Vanessa Grigoriadis did not do enough thorough research for her NYT-Magazine article. She accepted an invitation from Clare Bronfman to come to Monterrey, MX to write it. How could she possibly have been objective? I believe that you are being overly-solicitous of this not-too-intelligent and rather unsophisticated woman. You give her too much credit for being even-handed when she is merely acting as though she is being even-handed. Vanessa Grigoriadis is someone who has been snookered by keith Raniere and Jness! Have you, in turn, been snookered by Vanessa Grigoriadis?

      Ask yourself, why did she not speak to Frank Parlato.? Why didn’t she interview Rick Ross and Steven Hassan for her piece? I have enough college credits in theology and religion to have claimed an undergraduate degree in religious studies, and I dare say that I know more about cults than she ever will. A cult is a cult by any other name! Vanessa Grigoriadis, is a phony, who has brought her middle-class, faux-feminist, and politically-correct liberalism to this piece and it shows. She appears to be confused and she is obviously way out of her depth when it comes to grasping the big picture. She reminds me of the police officer on South Park: “Nothing to see here, move along!”

      The criminal,Keith Raniere, never had an original idea in his entire life. All that he ever did was puff himself up into an importance that he only wishes that he had. He is a dangerous con-man. It speaks volumes that such an obvious ingénue, as Vanessa Grigoriadis,, was impressed by Vanguard. Vanessa naively glosses over his past, as if it were some sort of minor glitch. Yet, by the time that Keith Raniere had been forced to close Consumer Buyline, Inc., he had had four serious allegations of child-rape made against him. Raniere has publicly claimed that he has had people murdered. He has supported incest by fathers with their daughters and he believes that a girl is ready to have sex when she is as young as twelve years. Vanessa Grigoriadis mentions none of this in her article nor in her interview. Have you read the FBI affidavit and the DOJ’s charges against Keith Raniere? Clearly, Jimbo, you have not done adequate and thorough research into Keith Raniere nor NXIVM, yet, you pretend to be some sort of authoritative and objective critic of those who have. Do the research, Jimbo, do the research, and then give us your informed opinion. By the way Jimbo, why do you make so many excuses for Vanessa Grigoriadis? Are you an apologist for her? You write as though you are her apologist!

      • Like, so what! Did you watch her interview? If that is so, then watch it again. She thinks that Keith is thoughtful and intelligent – guffaw! Giddy Nessie fell for the full-Raniere. If you are the same person who thinks that shadowstate 1958 and Scott Johnson are the same person, then you really have a lot of catching up to do! If you truly believe this lie, then, seriously, I am really worried about you, Anon’.

  • I must say that it was very gentlemanly and sporting of Scott Johnson to have finally revealed why he keeps posting his inane and insipid comments on the Frank Report. This is what he stated on July 11, 2018, at 12:25 AM: “The effort here [on the Frank Report] is much more productive, you wouldn’t believe the increased numbers of visits I’m getting on my blog because I’m posting here.” I guess that every need really does have an ego to feed! But this pig can’t stop from hogging up so much space with nothing to really say. He acts just like a crashing, rutting boar!

    The above-reason that he gives appears to be the bottom-line for all of Scott’s obstreperous postings. Scott Johnson does not seem to have lost that old Scamway, MLM mentality – it’s all about the down-line, and evidently we are all just Scott Johnson’s down-line whether we approve of that arrangement or not. The quote appears in the comment section of the article, “No Need for a Lie Detector Test: Ben Szemkus Is a Proven Liar” that Frank Parlato posted on July 08, 2018. The article was written by me.

      • I am Shadowstate1958 and I have never posted as Scott Johnson.
        I have never had anything to do with Amway.
        I knew 40 years ago that Amway was some kind of Pyramid scheme.
        And I make no money from what I post here.
        I do it for enlightenment and entertainment.

        But believe whatever you like.

        From Scott Johnson’s avatar it seems he lives in Texas.
        I have not been to Texas since 1967.

        I swear to this statement as God is my witness.

          • I started posting shortly after the arrest of Raniere.

            I was on Drugereport and saw the clickbait headline: “TV Actress Next to be Arrested in Sex Cult.”

            Who could pass up a headline like that?

            I watched Smallville two, maybe three times.
            Basically it’s “Superman in High School.”

            To me the only Superman is George Reeves who died in 1959 in a mysterious gun incident.

      • Dear Anonymous, shadowstate 1958 was posting here long before opportunistic Scott Johnson crashed the Fank Report. Furthermore, unlike the windbag and prattling poseur, Scott Johnson, sahdowstate 1958 actually has something to say whether one agrees with him. He comes across as well-informed, intelligent, and articulate. He sticks to the facts and uses logic, reason, and common sense to make his points. These are not attributes that any discerning person would ever associate with Scott Johnson. Moreover, I seriously doubt that shadowstate 1958 has ever considered joining Scamway or any other MLM. Anonymous that was a nonsensical comparison, and a blatant example of over-reaching. Anonymous, you are better than that!

        • – He sticks to the facts and uses logic, reason, and common sense to make his points.

          No he doesn’t.

          • I stick to the facts.
            You just happen to disagree with the facts.

            You should learn more about your religion before you defend it so vehemently.
            This video is a run through of 1400 years of Islamic history.
            The speaker is Dr. Bill Warner, a retired Professor of Electrical Engineering who has actually studied the Quran, the Hadith and the Sura.

          • You don’t stick to facts. You go onto the YouTube and search for anti-Islamic videos, or onto Google and do a search for anti-Islamic articles – of which there are plenty in an post 911 environment due to so-called “Islamic experts” who are nothing but opportunists willing to make a buck off an invented anti-terror agenda for a trillion dollar banking system and war machine. There are plenty of Islamic scholars who have answered all of these claims, none of which you ever post. So, don’t give any crap about “sticking to facts”.

            You’re just an old, ignorant, bigoted white man.

            Muhammad was closer to Jesus (both being Semites descended from Abraham) than you’ll ever be in lineage, language, worship, and character. You will soon see for yourself.

          • Actually, I have to agree with Sultan here. Mr. French is spreading his own theories, ….most do not agree with him.

        • Even though I did not write that anonymous post claiming Shadow State and Scott are the same person, these kinds of claims have gone on for a while. Apparently I’m Allisons ‘s mom now, and a few weeks ago I was Shadow State as well. I see that today I was apparently writing posts (while I was still asleep) about those horrible right wingers.
          It’s funny because I’ve never even said here that I was left wing…I just said that I didn’t like Trump and that the Ben story was fake. So there is a lot of assumption made about those comments.

          However, I have to disagree that Shadow State was posting here long before Scott was. I think they both started posting around the same time.

          What I find curious is why so many people seem to care so much about who is posting what …they could be the same person , but why does it matter if they are?

    • Lyin’ Larry, it’s only logical that, in order to help the maximum number of people not get scammed by MLM scams, that I post where:

      1. Someone (Raniere) who was in Amway and obviously used the putrid principles Amway uses in future MLM scams; and
      2. Where there is traffic related to another MLM scam, namely NXIVM.

      Keep it up Lyin’ Larry, you’re on a roll! LOL

  • Unfortunately she was shown what they approved. Ignorant to the depths. Only knows what they taught her. Glam’d her.

  • After watching her video (Frank, thank you for posting it!) and also having previously read her article in the NYT Magazine twice, I can confidently state that this naïve and inarticulate woman, Vanessa Grigoriadis, did not do proper research into the NXIVM cult. She did not reach out to enough ex-members and she did not speak to Frank Parlato before writing her public relations piece about NXIVM. I doubt that she spoke to either Rick Ross or Steven Hassan about NXIVM. Furthermore, Edgar Bronfman Senior is on record in Forbes Magazine as having described NXIVM as a cult. The late Mr. Bronfman had quite a bit more experience with this cult than the unimpressive ingénue, Vanessa Grigoriadis, has had.

    This liberal faux-feminist no-nothing wrote a book on sexual assault on college campuses and, yet; Vanessa Grigoriadis does not really raise the issue of the totally credible rape allegations made against Keith Raniere for not only four underage girls but also of women in the NXIVM-DOS cult. Nor does ‘Nessie appear to be aware of the chilling video wherein Keith Raniere maintains that he has had multiple people killed for his beliefs or for their beliefs. Instead Vanessa Grigoriadis takes a typical faux-feminist approach to Jness and DOS and misrepresents the real purpose for which these two sub-cults actually exist, i.e., to make women believe that men are their ultimate masters, and to just suck it up and get with the male-dominance program.

    All one has to do is to keep track of the number of times this prattling ditz says, “you Know” and “So,” to realize that she is faking it when she pretends to actually understand Keith Raniere and NXIVM. This benighted lady is actually impressed with what Vangrifter has to say. OMG, just how naive is this woman? She knows next to nothing about Jness, DOS, and NXIVM because she did not do adequate and proper research. In the video she comes across as someone who trying super-hard to impress us with her inside knowledge when it is easy to see that she really does not know much of anything about which she speaks. I can understand why some folks might describe Vanessa Grigioriadis as a “libtard.” However, I just think that Vanessa Grigoriadis is not very bright!

    • How ironic, Larry, that Vanessa wrote a book about sexual assaults on campus.
      Why in the world would she decide to write this article on NXIVM and give this interview without doing the proper research first?

      • Vanessa Grigoriadis does not impress me as someone who has the brains to have done the heavy lifting that would have been required to do adequate research on NXIVM. More importantly, she has a liberal yoga-mom mentality, and I do not think that such yoga-moms, as she, really want to wrap their limited yoga-mom heads around a story like this. Such a story bursts their faux-feminist-liberal bubble. So, instead ‘Nessie attempts to make NXIVM appear as though it is only a self-improvement group, and not a real cult. After all, NXIVM is not suitable for audiences of “All things Considered” nor for NPR in general; it does not fit their politically-correct liberal narrative. It is just too controversial, contradictory, uncomfortable and unfathomable for most politically-correct liberal women to comprehend – too undermining of core faux-fem liberal values. What if this type of thing were to sweep up their own daughters or neices?

        Sexual assault on campus is one thing, but paying hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to get branded and screwed by grifter Keith Raniere, well that is just too deep and scary for most liberal, faux-feminist, p-c, yoga-moms – too inscrutable. OMG, “I, or my daughter, could have been one of these sex-salves,” they silently scream to themselves when they read or hear about the branded women of DOS. They don’t want to think about NXIVM, because they self-identify with Allie Mack and the other thin DOS dillies. In Vanessa Grigoriadis’ twisted, faux-fem, mini-mind, these DOS women must have been asking for it. I think that Vanessa is genuinely confused by all of this, and would rather play kitchy-kitchy koo with her new baby (See the “Kitchy-Kitchy Koo” song by John Williamson). Just like Vanessa, the faux-fem, liberal, p-c yoga-moms just stick their head in the sand until the story dies out and goes away. They cannot play it real, so; they play it safe!

    • All Grigoriadis had to do was go through old postings on the Frank Report or Artvoice to realize that NXIVM contains all of the classic marks of a cult.
      At any point in this Youtube interview does Grigoriadis mention NXIVM’s extensive use of tape recorders to record interview?

      From Girgoriadis’ NYT article:
      “Members not only tape-recorded my interviews with them but had a practice of extensively taping or video recording within the group”
      Allison Mack “gestured to a beige love seat and asked if I wanted to sit down, near the tape recorders.”

      Is it ordinary procedure for interviewees to tape record their interviews?

      Did Vanessa Grigoriadis ever investigate the types of medical experiments that Clare Bronfman was funding for NXIVM?
      Did Vanessa ever investigate enough to discover that the doctor involved in those experiments is facing New York State ethics charges?

      At any place in either the Youtube video or the NYT article did Vanessa question why the NXIVM cult is so either to sue anyone who criticizes it?

      I hope the Bronfman sisters paid Vanessa Grigoriadis well for her whitewash of the cult.

  • This interview is so ludicrous it’s laughable.

    Vanessa Grigoriadis calls Keith Raniere an “Alpha Male.”
    A “man” who sleeps all day and carouses around with women all night is an “Alpha Male.”

    How much Bronfman money paid for that characterization of Raniere?

    NXIVM is nothing original.
    Raniere and Nancy Salzman cobbled together Scientology with Ayn Rand’s weird philosophy and added a large dose of Raniere’s personal sexual fetishes.
    The same way that Islam cobbled together Arab Paganism with Judaism and Christianity and added a large dose of Mohammed’s personal sexual fetishes.
    NXIVM is the Cult of Keith Raniere in the same way that Islam is the Cult of Mohammed.

    And both cults are designed to enslave and oppress women on behalf of the cults’ perverted founders.

    Raniere’s followers brag that Raniere has an IQ of 240.
    Mohammed’s followers brag that Mohammed is the “perfect man” who should be emulated by everyone everywhere.

    Raniere manipulates and controls his followers, particularly his Jewish female followers, by telling them they are reincarnated Nazis.
    Mohammedans try to silence criticism by attacking the critics’ nations and cultures with spurious allegations of genocide.
    It’s control and manipulation by use of shaming and it is the tactic of charlatans, bullies and frauds.

    NXIVM marked women as sex slaves by branding them in the pubic region.
    Islam controls women sexually by the practice of FGM.

    Keith Raniere has a fetish for flat chested teen aged girls.
    Mohammed married a six year old girl named Aisha and consummated the marriage when the girl was nine years old.

    “The majority of traditional hadith sources state that Aisha was married to Muhammad at the age of six or seven”
    “At the age of nine, or ten according to Ibn Hisham, the marriage was consummated with Muhammad, then 53, in Medina.”

    Both NXIVM and Islam were founded for the benefit of perverts.

    No wonder the New York Times loves Keith Raniere and NXIVM.
    It’s part of America’s further slide into degeneracy by normalizing perversion.

    • shadowstate58 another sociopathic liar like VanFraud.

      The poor guy is so frustrated he was beat out by another man-child in getting to have sex with Allison Mack he’s venting his frustrations here. Grow up you sixty year old bigoted man-child.

      • The only type of man who would want sex with Allison Mack is a man willing to play Herpes Roulette.

        When Mack had sex with Raniere she figuratively had sex with every one of Raniere’s previous sexual partners.
        And then Allison Mack became frantic with the possibility that she had contracted herpes.
        Say what you want about Allison Mack but she is clearly the dullest knife in the kitchen drawer.

        • Kristin Kreuk was lucky to have me to see through this sham of a group led by a conman and care enough about her otherwise she would’ve been stuck in this lame cult.

          Just go back and read the comment section of John Tighe’s blog that still exists on the wayback machine and read the vitriol directed at me for always defending her.

          So piss the fuck off.

      • SOS ,you should not lower yourself to ad hominem attacks. You should learn to counter with your own facts and arguments. Ad hominem attacks only make you sound like Scott Johnson. You are a much more intelligent person than that. Learn to agree to disagree with reasoned arguments, not insults. it’s nice to be nice1 You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

        • Lyin’ Larry, you should not lower yourself to ad hominem attacks. You should learn to counter with your own facts and arguments. Ad hominem attacks only make you sound like yourself. You are a much more intelligent person than a piece of feces. Learn to agree to disagree with reasoned arguments, not insults. it’s nice to be nice! You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. LOL

          • “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Thank you so much for the flattery. I was beginning to think that you did not appreciate and admire my writing. But with that piece of imitative art you really showed me that you have pretty good taste. That was one of the most intelligent pieces that you have ever posted on this site! However, you did kind of spoil it a little by going potty-mouth with the effluent comment. Overall, I think that you deserve a solid B for your sterling effort.

            Thank you, Scott for all that you contribute to the Frank Report. You always try do your best to educate and inform its readers with such intelligent and thoughtful comments, while your racking up those clicks on your blog. Scott, you are just the best! I really mean it, man.

  • I can’t remember the last time I saw a NYT article written by an actual journalist.

    They basically spew whatever they are told.

    How is her spewing what Raniere says any different?

      • This is an auspicious day for my words.

        Sadly I’ve seen more than a few established blogs with a small but loyal and long-standing following who comment regularly and on topic, but infrequently, without need for moderation by the blog admin, experience the zeitgeist effect of the Internet’s 24/7 attention, particularly around something emotionally charged as this is dealing with sexual cult abuse, experience the influx of destructive trolls that now seem almost unavoidable with that kind of attention, instinctively lie low, withdrawing their participation on new posts in a starve-them-out siege group think.the is a pretty common group think and sometimes not feeding the trolls works.other times, like we now have here

        You among some others have experienced that grace, mistaking it for weakness as most trolly asshats do, and then like cancer, your posts are intended to degrade healthy threads by spamming, divisive posting by folks like yourself that landed here only after Raniere was arrested in mid March

        It’s become obvious by your posts that you’re either really new or really tired at the troll farm with that lame shit Boris, or else you’re a 14 year old wanna-be incel and need to paddle your troll boat back over to Reddit.

        Just take your random alt-right *facts* and outta left field, rando slams against Liburls, feminists or anything that isn’t a white, straight gun holding “man”, beyond uncivil delivery, and PLEASE don’t leave your tin foil hat on the way out.

        • I’m not sure how or why, but I was still composing the above when it posted. Please excuse the grammatical errors, bt it conveys my intent well enough I don’t feel the need to repost cleaned up.

          What I had yet to most importantly say is this-

          With a blog who’s subject matter is exposing the sexual abuse of a cult, this is a natural place for those wounded, abused and brainwashed to land; holding space safe or calling out Trolls trading in “Murica!, alt-white vitriol and conspiracies peddling blame on phantasmic, untouchable, all powerful people, that today the Justice Department (Composed of law and order bureaucrats, not some “deep state”, a term cooked up by Steve Bannon) revealed was actively weaponized by the GRU, Russian Secret Service, with the clear desire to agitate American political divisions, then create a sense of hopelessness by attributing those divisions to the work of a shadowy cabal rather than elected leaders and Wall St., all which citizens CAN hold accountable, in order to alienate and decrease voter turn out among Democrats, detailed for the first time in an inditement against 12 Russians overseeing the operation.

          You’ve been ignored but you haven’t left. So be it Boris, you can expect to be called out from here on out on the fact that you and all your alt-white ilk have allowed your bullying to become a tool of Russian agitation.

          I don’t expect you to stop posting, yet. But take this as part of the blog and cult studies community shift to offense with the troll problem. Calling you out consistently on your abetting enemies of America will diminishe your bully’s satisfaction from shutting down threads, as soon everyone will just ghost you, like the nobody you are and we’ll keep doing our thing.

  • She doesn’t sound brainwashed. Vanessa sounds like a person who is being careful about what she says because she doesn’t want to be sued. WE call this prudence.

    • It’s so weird how people are writing comments directed at me when I haven’t even posted on this thread yet. Not sure why that person is calling me a twat..😀 Am I twat because I said Bens story was fake, because I don’t like racist posts, or because I don’t like being called Allisons mom?
      Now I can understand taking digs at Scottie…since he’s so pleasant. BTW Scott, I bet you’ll get no free lap dances from Stormy after that Ben fiasco.

      I think Vanessa here is not the sharpest tack in the box. I haven’t read anything else she’s written, so I can’t really say too much about her, other than she obviously did not reasarch the topic much before she decided to make a fool of herself.

  • Paid Shill. “Cauterising pen to create a symbol” equals word salad for non consensual BRANDING over the fallopian tubes of VERY THIN women. (No adipose fat to absorb the damage of being forcefully burned and keloid scarred) She is full of nxivm grade nonsense.

    • A cauterizing pen is what they technically used. And in my mind this is worse than traditional cattle branding as it takes ages to finish the “symbol”. They have to go over the skin slowly as it has to remain hot. Traditional brandings on the other hand take just a few seconds.

      But using a cauterizing pen was a smart move as MDs have access to those and no one will ask questions.

      • If a cauterizing pen was the instrument used, how were they able to brand the exact same symbol onto everyone? I think they must have used a custom made brand of some sort to do that….
        Maybe it was like a form and then the cauterizing pen was used to trace it?

        • As far as I know, the brandings were not exactly the same, just roughly. Your signature is not the same when you sign multiple things. And let us be fair, this is not important for them. How many people do you know, who are having a branding in that region that read the letter KR and AM? How many do have brandings there at all? There will not be another slave who Keith might end up in front of a judge with because they claim the same slave.

          • There were pictures posted here of the brands. The symbols looked like were all the same, or so I thought.
            Imagine how hard it would be to draw a freehand symbol on someone who is thrashing around in pain…even if someone is holding them down.

          • Practice makes perfect, the person doing it is a skilled doctor, all of the lines are easy, straight ones, and the person being held down wanted to show how “brave” and “loyal” she was to DOS. I don’t recall anybody saying anything about thrashing around, I know I wouldn’t if someone had a cauterizing pen near my privates, but then I’m a dude. Ladies, would you (except for Flowers, of course)? LOL

  • Looks like she fell victim to a heaping helping of word salad and that cross-eyed gaze.

    Even if she went on a 500 calorie diet, ran as long and frequently as a young racehorse in training, went to visit Doctor Danielle, and grew her bush until it looked like a wild pubic afro, I don’t think she would have made the Vanguard’s traveling squad.

    Vanessa doesn’t seem to have as the French say that certain I don’t know what, but then again if KR would schtupp Clare for money, he would probably throw a hump into this one for some positive publicity.

    I did not read her article. I only read the New York Times for obituaries and any articles which look like they are not “the sky is falling” critiques of Trump. Which means I only read the obituaries.

  • fyi, successful people the bronfmans… well her father was successful, they are just heirs who are spoiled and spend his money, who is successful here, who has really made an empire because of the tools? anyone?

    • If you ask any of the Bronfman brothers about Clare or Sara, they are going to say “who?”, and walk away.

      That being said, none of those brothers have made any money.

      Like the half-sisters (daughters of their nanny), who they so despise, they have only lost their inheritances.

      There is just too much to lose, so there may be another generation or two before it runs out.

    • Is Clare Bronfman going to pay Nicki Clyne’s legal fees and put up Nicki’s bail?

      The more defendants the sooner Clare’s money runs out.

      1500 dollars per hour in New York City.

  • Vanessa, you have to get those memories and make them KR memories so you can follow his orders and get branded… thats they way you get re conected

  • The problem with this post is that when you watch the video, you can see she doesn’t say anything like what this quote says she says. Huh…..

    • Agree…if you watch/listen to the entire thing instead of cherry-picking only a handful of words, you’ll find that she actually has a very nuanced position that is neither for nor against NXIVM. It’s almost like she’s an actual journalist or something, interested in facts rather than hysterical narratives.

      • Sadly this is a Cult, so its entire ethos is premised on something of an “hysterical narrative” – rather than facts. I see the problem for journalism, is pretty much the same as it is for all consumers of journalism – parsing fact from fiction. In this case, ‘known’ factual evidence, widely reported here and in other sources, is in the safe-keeping of federal prosecutors. Omitting the facts because the perpetrators ‘seemed cool’ to you doesn’t qualify as neutral positioning. Taking a ‘nuanced position’ over Keith Raniere and Nxivm personnel seems, under the circumstances, a heavy-handed favour.

      • There’s nothing wrong with presenting both sides of a story.
        But the NXIVM story is so bizarre and outrageous that at some point it behooves the journalist to pass judgment on the subject she is covering.

  • I’m 99 percent sure this person is a follower of Ramtha. It looks like she is wearing some copper jewelry. Copper is very important to followers of JZ Knight.
    Also NVXIMs teaching on Lucifurians are almost carbon copies of Ramthas fear mongering of the threat of the Lizard People.
    A lot of stuff isn’t covered by Ramthas recruitment tool: What The Bleep do We Know.
    There is a lot of stuff Ramthas School of Enlightment and its minions is covering up right now.
    Really wish Frank would go onto exposing and infiltrating the Ramtha cult community now that Rainere is being shit down by the Feds.
    Ramthas group loved MXIVN before Goldie Hawn got the bad press for Rainere and that’s when JZ backed out. Hawn isn’t a Ramtha member tho but a lot of other celebrities are. Mostly women, like a loosely like lesbian organization, except they are closeted, the ones that do fall through the cracks.
    Do your research. There should be many books busting this cult, but there aren’t. JZ sues anyone that tries into oblivion.
    That’s probably the reason why Frank won’t touch them, even if it could line his pockets and make them deep.
    Wish someone would expose them and add a chapter about the Rainere connection.

  • Nuts.

    How in the Holy MF could she defend Keith Raniere?

    Everything Keith said about himself is a lie. None of it was true. And none of the ideas were his own.

    Wake the F up. Think for yourself.

      • Look at the dumbfucks who voted for and continue to support the demagogic autocrat in the whitehouse, A cult of stupidity. And there’s no fixing stupid. Isn’t that right Just Fascist?

          • Hilarious that people who are stupid enough to buy into them think they are better than each other.

          • No all political parties are cults. Take your genius to Anderson’s fairy tales.

          • I just don’t like Republican Nazi dumbfucks. Talk about cults? Amway, Etc., But this blog won’t talk about Roger Stone’s affiliation with ESP/NXIVM because he is a good iRepublican? I guess this holds true for Joe Bruno and Antonio Novello and all the other Republicans who may be affiliated with the group too. Then it publishes the Ben Szemkus nonsense in an effort to impugn Dems? Give me a break. This is another Alt-Right blog. 90% of what’s posted is rubbish, and the churning to attract clicks when there is no new NXIVM news to report is obvious. It’s all about the 15 minutes.

          • Have heard Roger Stone speak, he is intelligent. Unlike you, he investigated the cult and realized what it was after a couple of months. Your dumb daughter stayed in and followed her master in to perdition. Meanwhile the spokespeople like Maxine Waters speak loads about you demonic nazi democrat cultists. Look Mindy you need to get lost from here and make sure your idiot daughter stays away from doorknobs and red scarves.

    • I love the one kook who defends allie whack by betting a critical commenter voted for Trump. LOL. Deranged liberals.

          • I didn’t write any of those posts, and I never write any posts of that nature. I may have written a few others under a different name (for example I wrote one yesterday… “She walka lika woman”..) but that was just because I wanted to use a different title for that particular comment.
            I don’t write any of those posts about political BS. You know why?’s because it’s not the topic of this site, arguing politics is usually an exercise in circular futility, and I havent seen many intelligent political comments here, anyways. Lol.

            So if you continue to call me out for writing those posts, you only sound foolish.

    • Sounds like Allie Wacks mamie was with HER (Hellery) also. No wonder her daughter was so fucking dumb.


      Click video for sound


      allisonmack729wisdom…. pure wisdom! #soulfood #inspiration
      Load more comments
      mab_8187Stop posting kids up. U obviously are a danger to society to dum cunt
      watashi_hazel@charger426hemi1 you must looooooovve to waste your time defending some crazy bitch who wants to have kids raped.
      charger426hemi1@mab_8187 she isn’t a cunt or a danger to society
      allthings5weet@charger426hemi1 she is a cunt and you’re deluded.. stfu!
      iwkekmrnnmfmffI bet you voted for Trump
      charger426hemi1@viuvasofredora she’s not sick she’s an amazing woman

      • Wow…it’s amazing that you’re able to tell who Allison’s mom voted for based on random comments left on Allison’s Instagram account! I guess we have more than one channeler visiting this site…

          • Brilliant! I’ve been soundly defeated by your airtight logic. How did you know that I am, in fact, a Democrat Nazi cultist? I’m usually better at hiding it!

      • It’s me or it seems that this person charger426hemi1 in the instagram of allison rather than defend it, was interested in adding fuel to the fire his insistence is obseciva, and his answers are empty and silly I’m not sure if he is only very enthusiastic in his defense of allison be a smallville fan something that is also me but I have not seen any fan of smallville or the same allison be so insistent also your account is only 9 publications in which an image of THE KNIFE is told media talking about justice that It makes me think that he is someone from NXIVM but he has this way of acting so insistent on using arguments as empty as those of pea nyu. What makes me suspect is that the people of NXIVM usually prefer not to fall into controversy. That is why I find him suspicious. if only I was throwing firewood and most importantly everything revolves around the idea of ​​her as a pedophile for the story of the girl, I really find it curious how to act of this person

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