Noose tightening for NXIVM members – feds in Knox Woods neighborhood again today – and more coming as indictments near

What’s about to happen is sad – but, even though I advised numerous NXIVM members to cut their deals as early as possible when I first reported the feds were on to the Bronfman-Raniere criminal enterprise last year, they did not heed me.
Now, according to multiple sources, the feds were in Knox Woods and other NXIVM neighborhoods today, and more are coming over the next 10 days. Many more.
“There’s more than is visible to most folks,” according to one anonymous “Well Informed” source and this investigation is “more massive than you can possibly imagine” according to one of my trusted legal sources.  These comments imply that in addition to all the NXIVM High Rank that we have long-expected to be indicted, we will also see some surprise arrests.
Although I’m in the news business, there is some information I have to withhold to protect my sources. But, just to give readers a hint – and without giving away any key law enforcement strategies, which are being leaked to me on a regular basis, one anonymous source has informed me that a special “crack”  law enforcement team – from another district – other than the Eastern District of NY – is also being deployed to work on NXIVM-related prosecutions.
“Plenty of action should be coming up, shortly” states the source.
Take this for what it is worth – but I think I can assure you from reports of at least three knowledgeable sources – this is going to be huge, the ramifications enormous – and will make not just national news but worldwide news.  The days of Raniere and his brutal companion, Clare Bronfman, running roughshod over the rights of people – have run their course.
And even Clare Bronfman, who for so long used her enormous wealth to corrupt the law – and punish innocent people – will be unable to stop it.
NXIVM and some of their strange bedfellows are about to reap the harvest of their willful wickedness, and conscienceless obedience to their vile Vanguard – and within days. More later...
Clare and Sara Bronfman are used to destroying people’s lives by using their wealth to corrupt the legal system at the behest of Keith Raniere. The worm has turned.

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  • What you can expect is indictments returned from the grand jury for conspiracy, RICO act violations, and financial crimes including money laundering, fraud. The international charges will involve both Mexico and Canada. As for Wakaya Resort; the resort is closed for repairs, the diving operation has left, and the staff is down to caretakers. Financial consultants and advisors should be closing relationships and banks should be or have been given notice not to release funds. The inheritance will be divided among the governments involved and perhaps the plaintiffs of a general class lawsuit allowing some victims partial compensation. While this is speculative I state a little fact checking on your part will find the resort closed and the other charges will manifest soon. In the meantime desperate people do desperate acts and the charges will only multiply. The end game will be that Keith Raniere lives out life in prison, the sisters wealth will be reduced to a mere pittance of their former lifestyle and entry will be restricted in and out of the country with perhaps a jail sentence depending on their cooperation. The fates of the other Co conspirators are being determined as we speak. Self preservation and blame is bringing out the true nature of the ethical squad. Running and hiding is not a very empowering lifestyle and certainly not sustainable. The misuse of NLP, Hypnosis and other technologies that were never the brainchild of Keith or the others will come to light. As well as the pyramid scheme,illegal money laundering,tax evasion,molestation, international money laundering, etc. This is a large net that has brought down with certainty and finality NEXIVM.

    As for the defendants lawyers, what a great payday which will ease the pain of a court loss for their clients very quickly and happily.

    Life will never be the same again, and that is some small amount of peace for the victims who will spend a great deal of time healing when this all occurs.

    • “As for the defendants lawyers, what a great payday which will ease the pain of a court loss for their clients very quickly and happily.”

      The defendants’ lawyers will cry all the way to the bank.

    • Ironically, from what I can tell, the only thing NXIVM didn’t do wrong was being a pyramid scheme/illegal pyramid. Most of the sales went to customers who never tried to make money by promoting NXIVM, the very definition of a pyramid scheme, according to the FTC and numerous court cases, “Not all multilevel marketing plans are legitimate. If the money you make is based on your sales to the public, it may be a legitimate multilevel marketing plan. If the money you make is based on the number of people you recruit and your sales to them, it’s probably not. It could be a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal, and the vast majority of participants lose money.” from https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/multilevel-marketing

  • Ha Ha good one Chuckles. I already divided the country and gave the Ruskies what they wanted. Love my stupid cultists

  • Ha Ha good one Chuckles. I already divided the country and gave the Ruskies what they wanted. Love my stupid cultists

  • The day of drama is approaching. I personally cannot wait to see what happens. Prefect might be (probably will be indicted). Clare too?

  • Is is possible that these monstrous women will be arrested? I could barely believe it when Keith was arrested and I have prayed that he wouldn’t be released. The Bronfman sisters are wealthy – they occupy a different, more privileged strata of society – I honestly don’t expect them to be held accountable for their crimes. The elite never pay. If they are arrested though, it will be enough for me – they will never live it down. P

  • Eric Schneiderman didn’t step down because women accused him of beating them during sex, he stepped down because of NXIVM, and Mack’s indictment that she trafficked children UNDER 14.

  • In Chicago the US prosecutors for the Northern District of Illinois have a saying, “The first ones on the bus get the best seats.”
    Unfortunately the NXIVM defendants are too brain washed to understand what that means.
    They’ll find out soon enough.

    And recent revelations about alleged pedophilia and grooming of children mean that some NXIVM defendants, like Allison Mack, might no longer be offered good seats on the bus.

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