Reader asks about taking law in his own hands – and questions which ‘pedos roam free’

Clare and Sara Bronfman.

While we await the looming superseding indictment which is on the minds of all who are involved [pro- or con] with NXIVM, there is little to report. This is the calm before the storm. Yet, there are still matters to consider. And I think a review of law enforcement’s blunders – prior to the Eastern District DOJ doing what other agencies had failed to do – is in order – for this may shape a public corruption investigation – if  such a thing is even possible given that many law enforcement officials allegedly cover up for one another.

Meantime, I continue to get emails from people – some in genuine need – others bizarre and eccentric – perhaps deranged.

Here is an email [with original spelling] I received this morning. It is like several others I have received in the past:


Hello mr Parlato,

I just wanted to reach out to you about these sick pedos that run Amock , I feel very strongly about this subject I no our court system is trash and most of these scumbags get off sooner than later .. i feel the citizens should take matters into their own hands yah no ? I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and I finally stumbled upon some who’s still available for info .
Also do you know of the ones who roam free (pedos) ?

Thanks ! Concerned citizen



My answer to Concerned citizen is not to take the law into his/her own hands.  Although I often wondered why – not that I am encouraging it – no parents ever took matters into their own hands with Keith Raniere. Now, it is totally unnecessary – the law caught up to him. Despite his lawyers constant professions that this was all voluntary – his branding and blackmailing women – it will be demonstrated, if his case ever goes to trial, how coercive it was.

Still I wonder – how so many parents – distressed by what Raniere had done to their adult and minor children – let it go. Felt powerless. Some of them had immense wealth. Edgar Bronfman and Alejandro Junco felt the same kind of distress that other less wealthy parents felt by Raniere capturing the minds of their children and leading them into destructive worlds.

I was told Bronfman died brokenhearted about his daughters. Maybe he was prescient – maybe he could see what the future held for little Clare and  Sara. That prison likely awaits one or both – and penury is likely for both – as the civil lawsuits bring justice to them and strip them of their unearned wealth – so brutally used by them to destroy others.

As for Concerned citizen — don’t take the law in your own hands or encourage others to do so. Not for these pedos. The law will take care of them.  Had there been a time for vigilantism – and I am not condoning it – except, of course, if it were my own child and I was willing to submit to the decision of a jury – that time has passed. Raniere has been caught and exposed.

The splendid work of the Albany Times Union in exposing Raniere’s pedophilia in February 2012 – somehow fell on deaf ears. The victims who agreed to speak – all felt that this would be the end of Keith Raniere – were shocked and saddened by the fact that the stories were published — and nothing happened. Somehow law enforcement officials throughout the Albany, NY area did not or could not get up the means to stop this violent creature. Because of that, he took to branding and blackmailing women – and probably continued to rape little girls.

It was his branding – and perhaps the changing times – and the difference between the Eastern District of NY DOJ and the Northern District [who turned a blind eye] and the Western District [which actually served as a tool for Raniere] – that finally brought Raniere into the cage where he now lives.

Raniere’s day is done.  Allison Mack is through. Clare Bronfman and the other minions – but especially Clare – the most brutal and sinister one – are finished.  This cult is history.

No need for vigilantism now. Let law enforcement do their work now. It is in their hands. And they won’t let go.





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  • The unstated reason is to control people. The stated reason will be that it was an unconventional way to help the women “achieve their goals.” If they were constantly thinking about the damaging collateral they gave, it would stop them from eating that bacon cheeseburger or those cookies. It was all just an extreme weight-loss method!

    • This was a response to shadowstate58. Not sure why it popped up here. This message board is a little wonky.

  • for Rosa Laura Junco keeping Mexican teenagers in her basement to use them as slave housekeepers for other members and give Raniere access to them, I would be really upset.

  • Let’s explore the concept of the branding and collateral being purely ‘consensual’ even in the absence of coercion, hypnotism, etc.

    If one chose to provide collateral of a life/reputation destroying nature; as long as it only affects the person providing the freely given collateral can it possibly be said to be okay.

    But when the material can damage another person’s life, then how can one argue for that to be acceptable. Especially if the accusations are false.

    And in any cases where the allegations are true, then they are showing that they knowingly withheld info about the crime of another.

    e.g., If Allison Mack wrote a document alleging her nephews were molested by their parents, never reported the crime, gave the document to another party (Raniere) who also did not report it…then how could this ‘consensually and freely given collateral’ be moral, legal, and dare I say ‘ethical’?

    • The defense will argue that there was never any intention to release the collateral and that it was just a psychological exercise. They will use the fact that some *did* leave without their collateral being released as “proof” that it was nothing more than part of the exercise to make them stick to whatever their “goals” were (like in one of Frank’s articles, not eating cookies, for example).

  • This is exactly the kind of crap that members of NXIVM use to say their lives are in danger and they need to flee to places like Mexico to be protected in a 10,000.00 a week Villa. It is my opinion that the email was sent by a NXIVM insider so they could use it with the Judge to try to prove why the smelly one left the US and went to Mexico.

    There is no boogie man out there for Raniere and his flock.

    Those that wanted to expose the truth so people could make an informed decision are not going to risk being imprisoned any other way than what the cult of many lies has already attempted to do to them.

    We have waited, some decades, for Justice to be served – but on a legal platter.

    Now it’s up to a Judge or Jury to consider Raniere’s future, as it should be.

  • Never take the law into your own hands.
    Allow the law to take it’s own course.

    America is a Land of Law ruled by Reason, not a jungle where people are ruled by their own passions and prejudices.
    Every defendant has a right to present a defense.

  • Are you sure he was a plant, Trees? I could’ve sworn he was an animal. Definitely not a mineral, anyways.

  • That’s an amusing but also scary letter from Concerned Citizen. How does Concerned imagine he will take justice into his own hands? I hope he doesn’t think about doing something like the pizza parlour shooter did a few years ago.

    This is why fake conspiracy stories , such as the nonsense and lies spread by Alex Jones, can be so dangerous. Certain people will believe everything they hear from these “online cult -leaders” and then they may act on these false assumptions.

      • Trees, does that article sound logical? If this guy was a socal led plant, wouldn’t drawing attantion to the scene of the crime be counter productive? Or are you suggesting law enforcement are all involved , too?. It’s one HUGE conspiracy of pedophiles, and Donald Trump, QANON, and his band of faithful Patriots are the only ones to put an end to this travesty? You super hero’s will save the day?
        Do you honestly believe that all liberals are pedophiles? As that seems to be the common accusation make by Trump supporters when anyone criticize him at all.

        • Have you seen the corruption among the law enforcement and politicians as they looked the other way or even participated in NXIVM?

          Wake up lady, being blissfully ignorant is no way to go through life. Time for u to check under your bed for that Alex Jones boogieman.

          • I’m not blissfully ignorant. I think a large group of people are being mislead by these conspiracy theorists, though. The conspiracy believers take a grain of truth and expand on that, and play on people’s fears.
            Sometimes it’s to make money , with alternative medicines and that type of thing. ….other times they have some unknown agenda.

            Obviously there are conspiracies, but look at facts before you just believe what others are telling you.

          • So flowers is denying that corrupt politicians and law enforcement were looking the other way and possibly taking bribes so NXIVM could thrive. Lady these are not conspiracy these are going to come out as fact.

          • Just ignore her.
            As long as she can get a reaction, she will keep showing up.
            Hell, Flowers may just be the latest incarnation of Allison Mack’s mother.

  • and perhaps the changing times – and the difference between the Eastern District of NY DOJ and the Northern District [who turned a blind eye] and the Western District [which actually served as a tool for Raniere] – that finally brought Raniere into the cage where he now lives.

    This Frank.

    Since the Presidential election 2016 things are changing. Major change in the Eastern district of New York. Remember who was their before she began her criminal tenure as US AG. Child sex trafficking is being pursued now with a renewed vigor. New York state is lso coming under a watchful federal eye for its corruption. Schneiderman is only the tip of the iceberg. he was a major roadblock to justice being implemented.

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