Raniere – the first 100 days; Allison Mack has fat ankles, and Keith did not invent Hypno-Coin

Keith Raniere

Per my calculations, July 4th will represent Keith Raniere’s 100th day in federal captivity. It seems to me that deserves some sort of special recognition. Let’s start thinking about something appropriate.

It is funny – July 4th is Independence Day and many people can celebrate a new feeling of independence now that Raniere is caged. He was a dangerous animal.

Still on the loose is that other most dangerous creature Clare ‘Cruella’ Bronfman.

I guess it’s also not too early to start planning a series of articles for Vanguard Week.


Allison Does Have Chunky Ankles 

A battle has been brewing over whether Allison Mack has chubby ankles ever since Ben Szemkus described a party he attended with her in 2007. The pictures below, selected by John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt., show Allison does indeed have chubby ankles.

Schmidt writes, “My point is that Allison was BORN with unnaturally CHUBBY & THICK ankles and calves.  Her calves and ankles are SUPER THICK for a woman and NOT DAINTY at all. Her calves are enormous, but her ankles are super thick for a woman also.  She’s always had them. Even when she’s skinny she has them. It’s just bad genetics.

“The truth is that Ben got this fact about her right (and FormerNexian was proven WRONG)…..which only shows how badly some of you leftwingers hate Ben……to the point you need to LIE and MAKE SHIT UP to try and discredit him. 🙂

“Hang tough Ben. The leftwingers are clearly fuming that they can’t run you out of here and silence your speech. LOL. 🙂”

Keith Did not Invent the Hypno-Coin

This came from a reader:

I enjoy reading your site. However, I wanted you know that a quick search (which I made given the novel style of the image) showed that the Hypo-coin has been around for quite some time and is sold through many, many comic and novelty vendors.

As I said, I enjoy reading your site so either 1) You may want to check submissions to ensure that their contributions do not invalidate your work or 2) it was included deliberately as part of the piece in an effort to sway your readers.

Once again, I enjoy your work and wonder why more people aren’t doing it, so I hope it wasn’t the latter. Also, I don’t want an editorial oversight to cause readers to doubt your content. No need to respond to this inquiry. Just some friendly insight.

Keep up the fight.

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Reader claims Raniere did not invent Hypno-Coin.

So how come Nancy Salzman is in the advertisement?

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  • What is the point of writing about Allison Mack’s ankles? They aren’t why she is in a cult. How about a little less sexism while you cover a misogynist creep, like Keith Raniere?

  • Heroes are not needed here. 🙂

    ‘Flowers’ is a self-anointed hero……with delicate feelings which are easily hurt.

    This ‘feminist’ has attempted to silence discussion about female imperfections (like Allison’s FAT cankles)……..by using such lame psychobabble as a “bridge” analogy (or by referring to others as a “man-child”).

    But the real world requires thicker skin.

    This is a NXIVM related blog where all kinds of petty issues are discussed at times. If this speech bothers you, why read it?

    This isn’t Jezebel or HuffPo (or some other feminist heaven) where all speech critical of women is labeled as “sexist” and instantly banned……with the posters being ‘shamed’ into never repeating such speech again. LOL.

    ‘Cankles’ was brought up by the lefties. They attempted to discredit Ben using this petty topic. …But it backfired and wound up showing that Ben’s recollection matches perfectly with Allison’s appearance.

    Also… While some of you feminists rave about Allison’s “gorgeous” cankles as a way to prove that all women are perfect, the truth is that you’re full of shit and simply reciting mindless platitudes……which is indicative of cult teachings.

    Yes, feminism is a form of large cult where any outsiders are attacked using mindless platitudes.

    These feminists believe that ALL women are victims who can’t ever be criticized……because they’re far too delicate ‘mentally’ to handle such criticism. LOL.

    See the contradiction?

    …By believing that women are more mentally delicate than men, these feminists are actually spouting SEXIST speech which contradicts the ACCEPTED FACT that women are equal with men and don’t need special coddling from “heroes” or anybody else looking to coddle them.

    Grow thicker skin and stop being such a delicate snowflake people. 🙂

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • *Regardless whether you’re a male or female feminist…..you’re still part of the feminist cult and in need of help. 🙂

    • Jingle balls,
      What makes you assume I’m a “left wing feminist ” or a “self appointed hero ” ? Those are nothing but baseless assumptions you’ve made in order to insult me and attempt to divert attention away from your own disgusting comments.
      You started to comment on this blog for absolutely no reason at all. You have no connection to any of this, correct ? You’re just a malicious misogynistic lookie-loo looking for anywhere where you can insult all women and pretend you are just insulting Allied Mack because she deserves to be insulted.
      What sort of… .uh.. man… ( I can hardly say the word here) .. hangs around a blog like this , writing extremely immature comments regarding a woman’s appearance?. Too funny .

      There is no contradiction here. My feelings aren’t hurt by any of the nonsense you spew . Lol .but you sure sound butthurt because I used the term man-child . Awwwww……poor wittle bully boys don’t like when a woman calls them out on their bad behavior.
      You also demonstrate your total lack of reasoning if you think that Bens mention of fat ankles proves Ben is telling the truth about seeing Allison at this imaginary party. Lol!!! . Please…..no one could actually be stupid enough to think that proves anything at all.
      Grow up already … .my teenagers act more mature than you do, man-child.

    • This feminist isn’t buying the shit you’re selling. Women have had to fight for every right: the right to own property instead of being property, the right to vote, the right to seek higher education and enter traditionally male dominated professions (engineering, law, medicine, business). Feminists have played essential roles in all of those endeavors. If supporting that makes me part of a cult, you’re delusional.

  • Viewing the Ally Mack feet gallery, some pics look like she could be perfectly cast as a young Hillary Clinton.
    Separated at birth…and 30 years

  • So what happened to Allison’s mechanic’s hands?

    The entire Ben Szemkus account is fake. He’s trying to say that the Stormy Daniels story is a big left wing conspiracy. Look you window licker. Just accept the fact that Prez T slept with exotic dancers. So what?

    And Scott Johnson, your sheep and Amway buddies are lonely.

  • Maybe Clare will be arrested before 4th of July, and NXIVM can have a really independence day. Good thing for all those coaches there are a lot more low-level jobs available since the economy is doing so well.

    She has some slavic genetics that causes thick calves.

    • I would like CB to be in cuffs ASAP. If it can happen on a day that she has the longest wait before a bail hearing that would be AMAZING.

  • Since others have claimed that Allison’s legs are “muscular” and her calves are “gorgeous” (LOL)……with all due respect, her lower legs are built similar to a stocky male wrestler’s legs…..and her cankles are in fact FAT and UNSHAPELY for a woman.

    That’s why she often wears bell bottoms and long skirts in many photos, to hide them.

    She’s otherwise very attractive……but she would flunk out of any swimsuit competition or beauty pageant based on her thick cankles alone.

    When’s the last time you saw a Miss America contestant with cankles like that?

    She has bad genetics in that regard. Ben’s recollection of her ankles was 100% correct.

    • Everything you write just proves you are as stupid as shit, JJJS.
      What in the world is a grown ass adult male doing on a blog that has ABSOLUTELY NO CONNECTION TO HIM, writing childish comments about “cankles’ and supporting a liar such as Ben Szemkus? Ben, BTW, opened his fake twitter account about 1 month ago, apparently for the sole purpose of spreading his false bullshit story, to help his alt-right criminal friend’s. (Or I should I say people willing to pay him to lie)

      You passive aggressive boys are both ridiculously stupid and obvious liars.

      • How many times during the 2016 campaign did people, on the left and right, make fun of Hillary Clinton’s cankles and why she wore pants suits to cover them up?

        It might be unfair but women with short, stubby legs and fat ankles have to emphasize other physical and mental attributes to become more attractive.

        Read the following from our Founding Father Ben Franklin:

        Benjamin Franklin, Advice to a Young Man on the Choice of a Mistress (1745).

        • Shadowstate

          And how many times as a child did you hear “just because _______ jumped off a bridge, it doesn’t mean you should do it, too.”? Apparently you failed to learn this simple lesson as a child. The lesson you should have learned, but obviously did not, is to think for yourself. Just because some idiots are doing idiotic things, you don’t have to participate in the stupidity. Learn to have some common sense.

          Grow up, man-child. What is a supposed adult male doing here- commenting about a woman’s “cankles” on a blog that has absolutely nothing to do with him at all?
          Pretty fucking bizarre, isn’t it?

          • LOL.

            Man-child? …Because he won’t PLACATE your DELICATE FEELINGS about not criticizing a woman with fat cankles?

            Man-child? …Because he won’t fall for your OBVIOUSLY lame attempt to control his speech using your psychobabble ‘bridge’ analogy? Only a sheep would attempt to placate your delicate feelings after reading that lame analogy. It was a nice try though.

            This isn’t a feminism blog either. Maybe you should visit HuffPo, it might be more to your liking.

            Please grow thicker skin and stop being such a delicate snowflake.

            To answer your other question, the reason ‘cankles’ are being discussed on a NXIVM blog is because Ben’s truthfulness was called into question over this rather petty issue……and it’s fair game to show that his memory was in fact accurate.

            I get it. It hurts your feelings. But oh well. The real world is harsh sometimes.

            Also, others here are raving about how gorgeous her super fat cankles are…….as an attempt to prove that all women are perfect just the way they are. This isn’t reality. Men and women are not perfect. It’s all fair game for discussion.

            Have a nice day.

            PS — I won’t hold it against you if you decide to follow “everybody else” and jump off that bridge. Just make sure it’s high enough to get the job done……please allow more height if jumping over water. 🙂 (just a joke, I’m just kidding)

          • I’m commenting on Ben’s statement that she has chunky ankles.

            How many men comment on women’s bodies?
            How many women comment on men’s bodies?

            100% in each case.

  • Damn. Those are some big ankles. I remember I went to school with a girl like that. No matter how much weight she lost, she couldn’t get rid of the cankles.

    • Michael DeMarco?
      You fucking criminal alt-right nut jobs have no brains, no sense, no logic, no empathy, no shame, no guilt and no compassion. In other words you are inhuman sociopaths.
      And notice I did NOT say “right wing” ….I have no problem with right wing supporters or with left wing supporters. I would NEVER call left wing supporters insulting names such as “libtard” nor would I call right wing supporters similar insulting names.
      I refer to the alt-right, which is a criminal organization linked to terrorism. This is a documented fact, troll boys . Read up on the topic ..LOL

      Everytime one of you trollboys refers to someone as a “libtard” you demonstrate that you are probably involved in criminal activity.

  • Is that comment directed to me?
    In fact I’ve been listening to music videos while I type and explore other web sites.

  • She has strong muscular legs, by no means unattractive. But consider a long day on your feet and the awful heels people wear and your feet will swell. Fortunately she’s on trial for something much more serious, focusing on her ankles is like focusing on Melania’s coat rather than her actions. My only point really is anything is possible among all of the parties mentioned. Unlikely, Yes, but let’s see how this one plays out . Yale girls-weigh in

    • I hear you.

      But with all due respect, nobody was purposely trying to insult Allison per se and your comments make little sense in the context of Ben’s article.

      The ‘ankles’ issue was about Ben’s article, not Allison’s trial.

      If the lefties/libtards attempt to discredit Ben’s recollection of Allison’s appearance at that party by citing her ‘ankles’ (which FormerNexian did)……then it’s fair game for others to point out that Ben’s memory was in fact 100% correct about Allison’s appearance, which bodes well for his truthfulness IMO.

      It doesn’t mean the story is true necessarily (since I wasn’t there) but it still bodes well for him nonetheless IMO.

  • Every mentally healthy, well-adjusted American woman sports a Lizard tattoo on her foot like Allison Mack does.

  • Thank you so much for displaying pics of Allison for some of us to enjoy. Oh Ben go fuck yourself dude you’re just mad because she didn’t pay no attenion you and you got to call her a trans.

    She has gorgeous ankles by the way.

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