Allison Mack’s voice removed from Amazon’s Lost in Oz

Here’s an interesting email I received today:

“I’m a voice actor here in LA, and I just was browsing IMDb, and noticed on the page for Amazon’s “Lost In Oz,” that Allison Mack is no longer listed in the cast, and it looks like her lines may have been replaced…  Thought that might be an important update.

In previous media reports, Allison Mack was clearly listed as the voice of Evelyn Gale in Lost in Oz.

Now on IMBD the voice of Evelyn Gale is listed as being played by Grey Griffin.

Does anyone more familiar with the business know what happened?

At first blush it seems like another fine example of Keith Raniere’s teachings working out so well: Viva Executive Success!


Artist sketch of Raniere and Mack in court. She went from Lost in Oz to just plain lost.

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  • Looking up on imdb I see that Grey Griffin has been the voice of Evelyn Gale since 2016, long before Allison Mack’;s NXIVM scandal broke.
    Grey Griffin appeared in 13 episodes from 2016 to 2018.

    Grey Griffin
    Lost in Oz (TV Series)
    Evelyn Gale / Evelyn
    – We Speak Mirror (2018) … Evelyn
    – Escape from the Nome Kingdom (2018) … Evelyn Gale
    – The Nome Kings Belt (2018) … Evelyn Gale
    – Saving Cyra (2018) … Evelyn Gale
    – The Eclipse (2018) … Evelyn Gale
    – Kansas Magic (2018) … Evelyn Gale
    – Going Forth (2018) … Evelyn Gale
    – Villa Roquat (2018) … Evelyn Gale
    – The Deadly Desert (2018) … Evelyn
    – The Pearl of Pingaree (2017) … Evelyn Gale
    – 11:11 (2017) … Evelyn Gale (voice)
    – Monkeys Fly (2016) … Evelyn Gale (voice)
    – Lost in Oz: Extended Adventure (2016) … Evelyn Gale (voice)

  • Just a HUGE thank you to Frank. Exactly one year ago today I found out about the horrors of DOS and what was going on behind the scenes of ESP. Your report was one of the things that made me leave. 🙏🏼

  • to ‘glee on others misfortune’ is all of Raniere’s raison d’être. How could you forget? Are you feeling scared and pressure-full?

    • Any glee you glean is on you. Also, projecting onto others is jerk behavior.

      • I think that the story is more about internet traffic. The stories about Allison Mack tend to vary in their tone and treatment of her. However, they all attract more attention than most other stories.

  • Back in the early days of Hollywood the studios developed the Arbuckle Clause.
    Any performer whose personal life impacts negatively on the box office can be fired.
    Named for the once popular comedian Fatty Arbuckle who was as popular as Charley Chaplin
    until an actress died at Arbuckle’s booze filled party.

    Allison Mack’s former image as the girl next door has now been exposed as false and Mack’s personal lifestyle is now an albatross hanging around her neck.

    Ask Keven Spacey, a fine actor who was fired from “House of Cards” because of his nasty habit of molesting young men whenever he gets drunk.
    Why aren’t you fanboys crying for Kevin Space?
    Becuse he’s not a cute white girl.

  • What you said is absolutely true. Everyone except for the spiritually and morally pure has been a hypocrite in their life – the only of difference is a matter of degree – but the people in Hollywood and other industries where there are great perks and the ability to benefit significantly financially, seems to contain them to a higher degree. The entertainment industry has been known as the land of the casting couch for decades. As the self-proclaimed leaders of the #metoo movement, it is an epitome of irony to consider them as upholders of femininity. You want to speak to the degradation of women when your industry has been complicit in it for so many years? Spare me. Those people should be humbling themselves for this rectification opportunity.

    • I was not criticizing them for hiring Mack. They made an economic decision to bring her in, as she has been known at the time for a being a member of a children/teen show. This was a sound decision to make at the time. They could have talked about the personal background but they did not care, when it came to hiring her.
      Now they fear a shit storm for not clarifying it. But let us be completely honest. It was a small mistake that has no affect on the quality of the final product. Her involvement in a certain cult does not make her a better or worse voice actor.
      It is simply a bad joke that the #metoo morons and SJWs show up and demand explanations or companies terminating employees preemtively. These decisions have been made and these people have to live with them. If they want to improve they should not polish a turd in their past but make actual changes for the future.

  • This is the typical corporate BS we see far too often. They were fine hiring her and the knowledge of her being in a cult was available to them. They could have said no at that time and not hire her, but the company decided otherwise. Why would the same company remove her now? It makes no sense as nothing changed after all.
    It is the same with Harvey Weinstein, who was accepted in his circles. The ones close to him knew who he was and what he did and everyone kept the mouth shut. What changed? Did he change over the last 20 years? Did he do anything different? If you are fine to hire or work with that guy for so many years knowing what kind of person he is you can keep working with him.
    Removing them from your movie sets does not show how much you care about ethics or whatever, but what kind of a spineless retard you are. Making money was fine for years and exploiting people was fine as well. For twenty years. What changed? How did they suddenly get qualms?

  • Amazon is attempting to gain marketshare from Netflix, so AMZN is very cognizant of the #MeToo movement and will take steps to protect the value of their original content.

    Needless to say, any actors closely involved with NXSCUM (including Mark Hildreth) will have difficulty securing future work.

    That should be an article in itself – how Raniere initially seduced Mark Hildreth to bring in tons of actors to NXIVM…

    • Precisely! That’s why I think no one should be surprised that actors who were members of NXIVM would rather not come out to speak in public or even be named in association. While NXIVM membership was nothing criminal in itself (aside from being an embarrassment), the public really doesn’t make a distinction between NXIVM, ESP, SOP,… and DOS. To most of the public it’s all the same and everyone is assumed the worst of. I also don’t think the public really makes a distinction how close anyone was involved.
      I think that needs to be kept in mind when trying to “shame” actors into coming out.

      • Everyone loves a comeback kid. If what Sarah Edmondson wants to do is return to acting, I don’t believe she would have difficulty getting hired. I don’t believe Mark Vicente will have trouble getting work.
        People want to give someone another chance who shows genuine regret and remorse. We want to believe that human nature is more good than bad. A classic example of this is how much people are rooting for Kathryn Dennis when she used to be a total trainwreck. Her recovery is inspiring to watch. It gives people hope.
        And, we despise hypocrisy, which is why we drag Kreuk and Hildreth and Parks and other people who do not actually acknowledge their role in NXIVM.

        • Kathryn Dennis is white and blonde, so it is pretty easy for her to get a second chance in the film industry.
          But if you are not a white actor it is already hard enough to get roles without your name being smeared.

        • Sarah brave, but not so pure (10 years at the top of the NXIVM Vancouver pyramid) still seen on the Hallmark Channel. Admitted to feeling as if a “veil had been lifted” when she first was introduced to Excessive Sex Programs psychobabble. Admitted to missing a dear friend’s wedding to attend V-Week.
          Pretty is is pretty dumb?

  • Time Warner wishes it could take Allison Mack’s name off the credits of “Smallville.”

    • Dunno, Shadow seems like the presence of the Cultlets Mack and Kreuk might in some perverse way revive interest in Smallville?

  • At this rate, within 6 months she’ll be unemployable even by McDonalds’ standards.

    Kinda like Casey Anthony. Even 7 years later, it’s rumored that her only employment opportunities come from working for her former attorneys or friends of theirs, or from Christians who feel sorry for her.

    No business wants their name associated with Casey. Same will be true with Allison.

    From hero to zero. From famous actress to nothing. Very sad. 🙂

    Maybe in prison she’ll learn a new trade.

  • The Oz stories are for children.
    The only role in those stories appropriate for Allison Mack is the Wicked Witch of the West.

    • You’re so sure she’s a villian… How do you know she didn’t really (of course very misguidedly) believe she was making the women stronger?

      • Don’t listen to him. He’s mad because she didn’t let him join NXIVM and have sex with his stalker ass.

      • Does that matter Max? Whatever her intent it’s very likely that she broke many laws, some of which make her highly inappropriate to be involved in any kids (or even adults) movies or tv series. As someone who knows a lot about what happened in NXIVM, she could have had the best intent in the world but what she did (I think will be proven) was heinous, illegal and highly unethical. I assume you are probably her mother. If so, Mrs. Mack, your failed parenting and allowing your daughter to descend into the grip of the V-tard in part allowed for this. You should stop trolling this site and look into the mirror.

        • I dated a girl in college who had been previously raped, and she frequently spoke of wanting to feel/be tough and be a badass. No one would have glanced at her and thought ‘victim’. If Allison was abused by Keith before becoming an abuser herself, then I think that is the context we should look at her in.

        • If that’s the comparison you want to make, fine. I do think Allison should get jail time, but I think 15 years is extreme.

          • Shadow is a miserably unhappy incel obsessed with Allison Mack. His main hobby is podcasting with “Shadow People,” people who believe they’ve been abducted by aliens, including one who thinks aliens are demons from hell and abductions are spiritual in nature. Another commenter figured out “1958” is an “angel number.” He’s into weird stuff and loves to prattle on and on, which he does in his podcasts, including one podcast dealing with Allison Mack he promoted on this site. He also likens women to farm animals, loves Trump and Ayn Rand, and is probably in his 70s (based upon his brother’s war experience), possibly his 60s. The best approach is simply to ignore him.

          • The fact that you are using hate speech by calling anybody an incel says far more about you than them.

            Shadowstate is on target sometimes and off target sometimes. Just like the rest of us if we are honest about it.

  • Yep, she’s been eliminated from that show like Trotsky was eliminated from all photos in the Soviet Union by Stalin…
    This may very well explain why other actors rather try to keep a lid on their involvement with NXIVM, especially if they have nothing big or shocking to reveal that makes them rather look like victims as in the case of Sarah Edmondson.

  • The revelation of Allison’s actions unfortuitously coincided (for her) with the #metoo movement that has taken hold of Hollywood, the principles of which they are obviously antithetical to. It would not shock me in the least to learn that the producers of the film are not taking any chances and “have gone in a different direction” (as is so often said in Hollywood) and would no longer want someone like her to be associated to their children’s film watched by many girls.

    VanDouche appears to negatively infect the success of all of those he gets close too.

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