By Truther
Add up the good that Frank Parlato has accomplished by exposing the real crooks [in Niagara Falls] the thieves who steal and cheat, accept bribes and carry out sweetheart deals depriving the public of millions of dollars. Step back and look at the contrast between a Federal indictment that appears to have effectively quashed his media outlet [I assume Truther means The Niagara Falls Reporter – which is still going strong]

Right from the beginning with Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster’s code enforcement attacks against him at One Niagara [a building I owned in Downtown Niagara Falls], (and who went to jail?) how he put people to work, cleaned up the “Big Hole” [former owners had left a one acre hole in front of the property] filled it in, found out [Former Mayor Vince] Anello, (and who went to jail?) [Anello was convicted and went to prison].

You know, it’s hard to state the truth when there are two different stories told; but when it comes to playing, “Whack a Mole”, Parlato scored the highest because he did not pull his punches but used the law, American Political culture and his own moral courage to attack the real political disease Mayor Dyster, [his top assistant Thomas] DeSantis, … and others in the political machine who have abused their little power attributed to them for decades!!!!!!!!

Also, if the Feds haven’t put him [Parlato] behind bars by now, with the [old] charges against him, and then they change an indictment – then they changed their horse in the middle of the race for a donkey.

Thanks Frank for your courage and greater honor to you for your exposing corruption; maybe this is just what we need to root out the corrupt lawmakers who are trying to crush you.  We are not going to let them put you down, we are going to raise our voices in your defense!



It is nice that there are some who recognize that corruption is the same whether in a cult in Albany, in politics in Niagara Falls or in the offices of prosecutors from Buffalo to DC.

It is simple – people are self interested. Power corrupts.  When the two come together, corruption occurs. Only the most ethical individuals can resist using their power to further their own self interest and work solely for the public good. No matter how many times a public official or cult leader tells you otherwise, it is not often when their pronouncements of integrity are not really a screen for self interest. It advances self interest to proclaim their integrity. Prosecutors, like politicians and cult leaders, need a healthy does of skepticism and above all – checks and balances – and punishment even when they who seek to punish – are wrong.

As to the other charges against me – they are as false as the Bronfman charges.  I am in a peculiar position. I have the will to fight. And I cannot plea to charges that I did not do – no matter how what the plea deal is – and no matter how much I would like to resume a life in freedom from oppression of government.

Were I to accept a plea deal – it would be I who is corrupt – pursuing my own self interest and enabling prosecutors to continue to falsely charge others because – as they constantly tell you – they are always right.