Fascinating story about Raniere’s early school days published in Epoch Times

I received the following email:
Hi Frank,
This is Bowen, I’m a reporter with The Epoch Times, an award-winning general interest newspaper.
We have been following your reports on NXIVM and just wanted to share this Exclusive story we just did on Keith Raniere’s childhood. Thought you would like to have a look at it.
Well Bowen was not kidding., The story is very interesting and features reminiscences of Keith as a little whipper snapper.
He called little girls stupid, tricked them, had a fascination on a skinny girl who was nicknamed Twiggy and even threatened a little girl with revealing a secret he held over her. Her mother had to intervene with Keith’s first known record of threatening a girl.
Well worth reading.

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  • This is such an important part of the story. That’s the real guy!! Personality’s formed by about age 7 as one study pointed out

  • I have been waiting for an article such as this. These details have been strangely absent so far. It confirms this Monster was created very early.

  • Keith Raniere also has a need to mark his possessions and place markings on people, to show himself (and others) that he owns them.

    The sashes, the branding, the Vanguard clap, and the belly chains are all examples of this. It dovetails with the need to control people. The marking may have started in childhood, as he saw his parents marriage crumble or maybe had prized possessions taken away as punishment by his mother. So, he feels the need to mark his property.

    The other factors (such as need for self-aggrandizement) all fit with the Psychological Profile of a Cult Leader that I wrote about in American Cult.

  • I was certain from the beginning that Vanguard’s shenanigans were rooted in adolescent failures with females. The guy is only about 5’4.” He has a squat physique and tends toward chubbiness. He’s also got a giant pumpkin head. That means a death sentence on the teenage dating scene.

    Little wonder that he studied hypnosis and NLP in desperate effort to control women.

  • So it’s all Raniere’s mother’s fault.
    Because his Mom was an exotic dancer of some sort the Vanguard is compelled to enslave women.
    All Raniere has been doing for the last 50 years is working out his “mommy issues.”

  • The human brain is pretty bad at memorizing details. If you were asked who the third person was you spoke to via phone today you would not know. These things did not happen today, but merely half a century ago. Whatever they tell is not first hand information but something that evolved and changed over time. The indictment and the media coverage has had an influence as well as it changes their perception of Keith Raniere.
    If you want first hand information you have to ask to get access to their respective diaries.

    • That’s not really true. There are some things you can remember correctly as a child depending upon the experience. For example, I remember traumatic event that happened to me quite clearly about thirty six or thirty seven years ago. Similarly, when I was in the third grade, I remember stealing a classmate’s quarter when he dropped it and shoving it into my pocket telling him I didn’t see it which I still feel guilty about to this day. It depends upon the strength of the emotional experience you had in childhood. The memory may not be exactly like it happened, but there is enough truth there to remember it accurately enough.

      • FDC was not referring to “traumatic events” like H was, and classmate’s childhood memories of mundane daily interactions with KR are very likely colored by today’s bias/knowledge of what he’s become.
        They still may be mostly true, but are still also suspect.

        • I did not refer only to a traumatic experience as I gave another example which wasn’t one in addition to it. I implied it needs only be emotionally significant to the person involved to be somewhat accurate.

      • Hell thinking back 35 years ago, using my memory I can picture my elementary school, the dark red color of the brick which displayed there prominent name. The buses lined up dropping you off as you see the aluminum an glass entrance doors upon walking thro them onto a dirty tan speckled square tile floor. Looking up to see in vivid detail a class mates face as if it where yesterday.

    • I am approaching 60 and can remember many details about childhood events – with clarity. They can make a strong impression. The people quoted sound credible to me.

  • Really interesting window into VanGrifter.

    The last piece of puzzle is his relationship with his Mother.

    Other than that, I think we know from the multiple accounts that he is a Psychopath.

  • I wish Keith would get a copy of that article in jail so he can read it. Can we say, more witnesses for the prosecution as to just how far back this pattern goes?

  • 2+2=4. Let’s break down Keith’s methods of mind control. Now, as you have read, a woman changed her eating habits by realizing her worst fear. If she over ate, the collateral “worst fear” was to be released to the public. Now, begin to imagine your worst fear, and linking it to something you want to stop doing, or change about yourself. Give that info to a friend and allow them to release your worst fear publicly if you do not keep your commitment to yourself. Would you stop smoking cigarettes to prevent that collateral from being made public, your worst fear coming true?
    As you begin to realize the power you can hold over yourself to achieve your goal, you automatically understand how powerfully you can influence another person, instantly by having this information about them. You simply realize the person with the damaging information on you holds a tremendous power/control over you because now they can use the info to threaten you, to do what they want. Mix in some NLP and hypnosis and amplify that power 10 fold.
    You can easily illicit a persons fears and use those fears against them to control them.

  • The Epoch Times article is excellent journalism, interviews with fresh sources.

    Ironically, The Epoch Times also has ties to the Falung Gong movement from China, which is itself alleged to be a cult.

    My own judgement is that the Epoch Times is 90+% serious journalism, with a strong anti-Communist editorial position and moderate anti-Communist slant. Not outside of typical journalism norms.

    It also publishes stories of Falun Gong persecution, which may well be true, since the Chinese regime seems scared of Falun Gong.

      • Since when are Communist regimes liberal? They are oppressive and controlling by definition and there is nothing liberal about them. The dictatorship of the proletariat was a key concept of Communism from the very beginning.
        You really have no clue what Communism really is.

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