The old gang is fast disappearing in Clifton Park – and what about the wedding of Michelle Salzman and Ben Meyers

No signs of a wedding and Clifton Park is emptying out -even more

At Apropos there was no sign of a wedding party, and wasn’t it supposed to be today that Michelle Salzman and Ben Meyers were to wed?
At Nancy Salzman’s house yesterday: A black jeep was in the driveway. Today, a silver car (Honda sedan?) and a big white ford pickup truck was backed into the garage.  Has Nancy come home to Oregon Trail? She moved out on the day the feds raided her house on March 27 and removed, among other things, about $500,000 in a shoe box.
Lauren Salzman’s bushes need a trim and the lawn needs a mow.  Edgar Boone’s lawn is overgrown also. They may be in Mexico.
Some of the gang that gave their hearts to Vanguard are slowly leaving town. KS is out of NXIVM.  Lucy LeBaron moved out of Clifton Park.
Still in NXIVM are Samantha Le Baron, who relocated to Brooklyn where Team DOS is headquartered.  DOS slave Michelle Hatchette is still slaving moving between the Berkshires and Brooklyn.
Diane Goodman  (Knife Media)  is relocating out of state. I do not know if this means Sean Craney will join her. He may wish to stay and help take the fall for his Vanguard.
Moira Mills is also leaving or has left Knox Woods.  Monica Duran is not in the area. Unknown if she is in Mexico or Brooklyn.
Michelle “Shelly” Tarzia, who works for Wisdom LLC (one of Clare Bronfman’s companies) and was once married to Jim Del Negro, is still on hand. She lives in Saratoga. Working in Clifton Park for Clare Bronfman. She might be a choice witness for the prosecution based on what she likely knows.
She may be able to identify some of the dozens of secret post office boxes where cash was received under the names of shell companies that Clare Bronfman operated for Raniere and herself.
Camilla and Marianna Fernandez [and the infant Raniere – his less than one year old son] are in Mexico, possibly on Clare’s dime. The two sisters do not speak with siblings Daniela or Fluffy who escaped from the cult.
A source says Ben Meyers and Michelle may have secretly wed without having a wedding reception. They previously sought and got Vanguard’s permission to wed – prior to his arrest – so it is OK.
Karen Unterreiner, Dawn Morrison, Ivy Nevares, and John Fox and Sylvie Lloyd (they live next door to the Sex Lairy) on Hale are still in town and perhaps can enjoy taking the rap for their Vanguard. All of them have squandered years of their lives. Unterreiner was the longest serving slave having procured underage girls for her master and cooked the books for him for decades.
[Our great Clifton Park Correspondent, Laura Darby, contributed to this report.]

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  • “Identifying some of the dozens of secret Post Office boxes” perhaps the Feds should question Angel P Smith, part of her job was collect “Mail” from post office boxes around the capital region twice a week. That leads one to ask, why the mail was not delivered directly to NXSCUM head quarters, as opposed to paying a flunkie to go to area Post Offices to collect mail. Hmmmmmmm

  • – All of them have squandered years of their lives.

    Any type of non-superficial relationship to people who have been in this cult seems to have the impact of squandering time and lives.

  • Just a few more notes: the last footage of Nancy was on May 9th by News 10, dropping Nicki Clyne off. I (Laura) personally have not seen her BMW tooling around nor have others I speak to that drive by her house. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t been over to the house on 3 Oregon Trail as she will normally pull into her garage and close the door. There is still a ton of stuff in her garage, which is noticeable in the News 10 footage. Ownership of her house is in question. Did she buy it via a loan from the Bronfman’s or did she buy it and did they loan her the money for the additions and improvements to it about ten years ago?

    Last summer the joke was KS was being EM’d over at Lauren’s house because his black jeep was over there. However, it appears he either sold/lent donated the jeep to Lauren or Lauren acquired her own Jeep from comments someone left here. It is unknown when KS left he may have decided that giving his girlfriend (Melissa Rodriguez?) to Vanguard was just too much. It is unknown where Melissa is at this time also.

    The last sighting we had of Diane and Sean together was right around the time of the raids and Keith’s arrest. I have seen Sean with Justin Elliot but that too was over a month ago. I have not seen Diane in quite some time. They may have vamoosed together. I do not know what vehicles they drive so I am not sure if they were at Apropos on Mother’s Day night on what I assume was a knife media meeting (Ivy Nevares car was there)

    Much like Loreta Garza’s home over in Farmview, Monica’s carriage home on Minuteman in Knox Woods is sealed up tight.

    We didn’t get a chance to drive by Rosa Laura Junco’s house today. However, the for sale signs are down from the Moe Road properties near Alex Betancourt’s home. There are still tenants in 324 Moe Road, which is jointly owned but not inhabited by Emiliano and Alex.

    We also uncovered that up until last fall, Kristanna Loken did own a home here in Clifton Park. at 34 Vischer Ferry Road not too far from the Vischer Ferry General store that Espians like to frequent. (It is an awesome little store).

    As for Lucy Le Baron, she appears to have left ESP and Knox Woods shortly after the Mexican teens which included a younger sister and cousins returned to Mexico. It appears Lucy herself came here after college probably at Samantha’s behest for employment opportunities, I think Frank mentioned she used to clean Apropos and she may have been a Rainbow nanny; other than that, not much is known about her involvement with ESP.

    Those two lonely black contractor bags still sit on the back porch of Allison Mack’s unit. Wonder if they are India Oxenberg’s belongings?

    It is unknown if Loreta Garza is in Mexico with her sisters or in Brooklyn with TEAM DOS; her house too is locked up tight. The shrubbery she put in for landscaping in her front yard still have the tage on them!!

    . I guess the new joke can be how many DOS slaves can squat in a Brooklyn flat? A lot since there isn’t much too them (weight wise and brain matter wise) Team DOS: Nicky, India, Samantha, Michele, Daniele, Monica (?), Melissa (?) Loreta (?), Dani Padilla and Clare.

    And there have been no Sara Bronfman sightings; so perhaps she is in the South of France running her hotel with Basit.

    We had hoped that Camilla and Marianna Fernandez were separated in Mexico but that appears to not be the case from what I have been able to put together from different sources. Social Media activity shows that Chelsea and Fluffy visited Daniela in Mexico (a happy reunion I hope) but no indication of any meetings with the other two siblings.

    • I hadn’t really looked at Igtet’s face much until I saw a picture of them marketing their hotel chain (not sure how it is a chain of one hotel, but that is NXIVM members for you).

      I seriously am not sure I have ever seen a nose like that in my life. People should be praying for their daughter.

  • No more all night volleyball games!
    And according to Clare, it’s all Allison Mack’s fault.

  • Fire sale prices on real estate soon… See U.S. Marshals auction website for details.

    I will say it again. NXSCUM operatives have to be really stupid to be hiding out in Mexico.

    Following a Grifter Madman, who proclaimed himself Vanguard, is not worth the cost of your life once the Mexicans realized they’ve been swindled for Millions of dollars.

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