Part 2 Secret tapes: Zaratini confronts Jimena Garza; Omar Boone admits DOS is true

Jimena Garza promoted to the green sash accomplished her goal of getting six women branded in June.

Part 2 of the secretly recorded phone conversation in August 2017 between Toni Zarattini and Emiliano Salinas.

TZ: It was just weird for me and at the end [of Coach Summit] , at the airport, Marial [Toni’s wife] told me that, ‘Marcela came to tell me that she is a little bit upset, a little scared because Paloma is inviting her to a thing where she has to give a secret to enter. [This was DOS and the secret was collateral].

I asked her [Marial] is it part of ESP? She said, ‘no, it’s something else.’ I said, ‘what? When did it happen?’

She said, ‘yesterday during the [Coach] Summit.’

I said ‘no, it’s super weird. She [Paloma] should not be doing that’. Because I’m a salesperson, because she’s inviting people into another program [not NXIVM].

ES: Yes, we don t allow that.

TZ: No, it’s not cool. We’ve never allowed it, right? Then I called Jimena [Garza; co owner of the NXIVM/ESP Monterrey Center] immediately. Jimena asked me who had told me, and what happened. I told her, and she said, ‘I’ll call you in 3 minutes.’ In 3 minutes she called me and told me, ‘I want you to know that Paloma is fine. That Marcela is fine, that everything is fine, there is no problem. I need you to say nothing to anyone, neither you, nor Marial. Do not ask anything anymore. Do not inquire and do not say anything.’

I asked Jimena, “What are you talking about?’

She said, ‘like I am telling you. I mean with what happened with Paloma, do not ask any more. Trust me. ‘

ES: Ok.

TZ: Well, if I stayed like that – a bit off the air [aloof] – it was because, in all the years, I’ve been there, Emiliano, no one ever silenced me, nobody. They never told me not to say anything, and I also felt that I was blocked from the ‘ask and do not ask’ situation.

Then we go back to Irapuato and two days later, Farouk [Rojas] calls me and asks me, ‘How are you, man? “

[I said] ‘fine.’  [Farouk asks] ‘How is Marial?’ [I said] ‘Fine,’ and [Farouk asks] ‘How are you with the problem?’ [I said] ‘Which problem?’ [Farouk said] ‘With what’s happening in Vancouver?’ [I said] ‘What’s happening in Vancouver? [Farouk] There was a runaway, many coaches left [NXIVM] and many proctors [higher rank coaches]. [I said] Why? [Farouk] ‘I do not know’ [I said] ‘Well, who knows, there is very little, and bad, information. There is information from a group of women, but then nothing.’[Farouk said] ‘Well, I do not know.’

ES: Oh, no, it’s strange.

TZ: And in that moment, Emiliano, I honestly said, ‘what’s happening?’ The first thing that came to my mind was to call Sarah Edmondson. I called her because, 1, she was my friend, 2, because she was Green [Green is a high rank in NXIVM], 3, because she was a super successful salesperson.  I had information from Jimena [Garza] that she was super good selling, and that she earned between 20 and 30 thousand US dollars per month, and so then why does she leave like this. Dude [Mark Vicente] did. I thought, ‘OK, Mark left, but Mark [according to NXIVM High Rank members] left to make movies. What happened?’ So I called Sarah and Sarah told me about her experience [of being blackmailed and branded], then, at the time, she told me about her DOS group experience. I thought, ‘oh man, it’s the same as Paloma’. So I listened to Sarah and the truth was like man, ‘Why didn’t Jimena tell me?’, like WTF is with this man? Then I called Jimena to ask her what happened with Paloma? What happened with what she told me? [I said] ‘Well I want you to tell me.” [Jimena said] ‘I cannot tell you. Why are you asking me the question? I had already told you that you should not ask me this. Nothing is happening.’ And I was like, ‘Jimena sorry!’ Besides I went to the Internet, Emiliano, to read the Frank Report and all about this topic, right? All I wanted was to get accurate information. So I called Jimena, and we started to discuss and discuss, and it began to get hot because I was already pissed off.  [I said] ‘why don’t you want to tell me?’  [Jimena said] ‘You have an issue. You have an issue with wanting to know. You have an issue with understanding.” and I said, ‘I give a damn about the issues, now you tell me what is happening!’

(Emiliano laughs)

TZ Really man, I was very pissed off.

ES: No, I understand you. I understand, that’s why I’m laughing.

TZ: And then [Jimena] she said, ‘you know that you and I cannot talk. I’m going to pass you over to Omar [Boone, her husband, also co owner of Monterrey Center – both are under Emiliano – who is the ultimate leader of NXIVM Mexico]. Well, I told her, ‘whoever the fuck you want.’ So she put Omar on the phone and you know how Omar is. He is really nice, in my experience, he’s a very nice dude. I said, ‘look Omar, I am really angry and you too man, like a man, tell the truth, I’m not stupid. Dude talk to me, man to man,’ and he accepted.  Emiliano, he accepted. He said, ‘yes, this group of women exist. The truth is, I think they did not handle it well’ blah, blah. So at the end, dude, he admitted that the group of [blackmailed and branded DOS] women exist, and it was created to create character etc. So, at that point, Emiliano, to me, it seemed a very bad idea. First, because the practices are not cool for me personally. I do not agree with the idea of collateral and those pornographic things [nude pictures and videos slaves took of themselves to give their masters]. I think it’s like giving yourself a nail for your foot, and you’re doing a kind of personal coercion.  I did not think it was cool, and then, all of it, if we see this piece by piece, we can find there is nothing bad. I’m giving you my opinion, Emiliano. There’s nothing wrong with it – what’s bad for you to get a tattoo? Why is it bad for you to put a collateral to a bank? Why is it bad to have a consequence if you fail at something? And it’s fine, dude, but the context of it [is bad].  You can’t tell [about it]. You make vows of silence, vows of obedience. You have to wake up and greet the master; before going to bed – greet the master, and ask permission to eat certain things, all this in a theme. All this put together in context. I’m sorry, but It does not sound like something that creates value or is positive for people who are there. There is no way I can see it in a good way, Emiliano.


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  • I’m guessing FBI did not secretly record this conversation between 2 people and leak it to the frank report, which means one of these 2 men has just been exposed as an informant.

    • If you read the articles, they try to have him indicted in Mexico. They accused him of blackmail just for asking questions about what was going on.

      Good for him to give the recordings to the FBI and to the media.

      He’s a successful Mexican businessman. I presume he is intelligent enough to realise everyone would know the recordings came from him. He is also (hopefully) now protected from them trying to get further phony indictments against him.

  • So Sarah Edmondson stayed as she made 20 to 30k a month in NXIVM. If that is true she is definitely not the knight in shining armor but a person who profited from the system for years, despite all the negative PR and did not ask questions. But why would she if she makes more than a quater of a million per year.
    I would love to hear the story from the other side and see if that is actually true.

    • Them telling people that Sarah Edmondson was making 20-30K per month is like telling people Keith has a super IQ.
      Never assume NXIVM sales pitches are true.

      All that being said, Sarah has already gone herself on 20/20 and talked about her regret of recruiting 100s of people into NXIVM.

      People who acknowledge their involvement and do something to protect others should receive consideration for that.

      If you want someone to attack, go after people like Grace Parks, Mark Hildreth, Kristin Kreuk, who sit in silence (KK’s PR / lawyer written statement is hardly speaking out).

      Scott Starr, who apparently had the article about him removed, does nothing to speak out, yet his page is still up.

      There are a lot of high level people, who could be speaking up, yet do nothing.

      So find somebody else to be angry at, especially when you have no idea if there is any truth whatsoever in those alleged earnings.

      • Sarah left because she was branded in 2017. She was responsible for running a center. Her primary income was from recruiting people into NXIVM, teaching courses, being a proctor, and running a NXIVM center.

        She’s far more responsible for growing and maintaining this group than the Grace Parks, Mark Hildreth, or Kristin Kreuk, whose primary income was from acting.

        The fact of the matter is, none of them knew about the internal machinations of Allison Mack and Keith Raniere.

        if it wasn’t for the master/slave sex cult and the branding, all of them would still be in NXIVM except for Kristin Kreuk who left in 2012. None of these people is deserving of being “attacked”, and Kristin even less so.

        Sarah is attempting to make amends for what she helped grow and for that she should be complimented. But her role in this is also larger than the others, and no one needs to be diminished just to elevate others.

        • So ironic. Yet, you try to diminish Sarah to justify the silence of others, who were HUGE recruiters.

          • You can’t read.

            I didn’t diminish Sarah. I said she bears more responsibility than the other three for what she did as part of NXIVM. I also said she should be complimented for speaking out against it. Nor did I justify the silence of the others, only that they shouldn’t be diminished for it. Also, only two have remained effectively silent since Kristin actually released a statement. Whether it’s PR or not doesn’t make it silence. Also, her situation is obviously different from the others since she left in 2012 while others remained until 2017.

            You say these other three were HUGE recruiters, but where is your proof? Sarah actually stated how many people she brought in, but where is the evidence that these three other people brought in large amounts of people such that they can be considered such? I’ve never seen it anywhere. I’ve only read claims of people repeatedly stating it.

          • You’re correct. Kreuk wasn’t silent. She spoke out and actually endorsed ESP. Talked about how beneficial it was.

            That is worse than just keeping your trap shut.

            Guess what, dimwit? First hand testimony is evidence.

          • So what? ESP was an amalgam of ripped-off things from HPM, religious principles, self-help, Randian philosophy, etc. Many people have said the coursework is beneficial. Whether it was *actually* beneficial is moot, i.e., whether they were just thought reformed into believing it was so, or whether they did it out of their own volition is another question.

            Weak digression irrelevant to the points made.

            — Guess what, dimwit? First hand testimony is evidence

            You claim first hand testimony behind an alias without evidence or argumentation. I call that worthless.

          • When Kruek endorsed ESP, what did she say and when was this? And how many people did she recruit? How many did Grace Park and Mark Hildreth recruit? In the teaser to the upcoming A&E Investigates episode on NXIVM, Edmondson says that she is responsible for “almost 2,000 people” coming into the cult. Thanks for the info.

        • This reminds me of Mike Rinder, a Scientologist. He made a lot of people miserable. He likely destroyed some lives in service to that cult. He got out. Since then, he’s made it his life’s work to take them down. Should he be damned for previous bad acts, or should we applaud his work now? I think as long as someone admits and recognizes the harm they’ve done and work actively to mitigate it, that it’s on balance a good thing.

      • Comparing Ms. Edmondson’s salary and Mr. Raniere’s IQ does not work as one was a public statement to lure people into NXIVM while the other was an internal piece of information. Why should they lie about the salary? There is a good reason to doctor the IQ test on the other hand.
        Nevertheless, the information about Ms. Edmondson’s salary might be wrong after all. Even if it was only 25% of what was claimed it would still be a well paid job after all.
        But we should not forget about the fact that she only left AFTER she was personally affected and she must have known about some things beforehand.

      • Interesting. The Scott Starr article does appear to have been removed. Maybe Frank will share why he took that article down. Maybe Scott can offer poor Grace Park some tips about getting Frank to help hide your involvement in the group. Although Frank can only do so much if your website touting your involvement is still online.

        • Yep, Frank posted the article on May 10 with pics and everything. It was titled “Triathlon athlete credits teachings of NXIVM for his success.” Frank wrote:

          “Some say Scott is out of NXIVM. He apparently attended the notorious 2016 Vanguard Week with his wife and children. That was the year when hundreds of attendees got mysteriously poisoned. [I still think it is possible that Keith Raniere, with the help of Dr. Brandon Porter, may have poisoned the food to conduct an experiment “for the good of humanity.” It was very interesting to me that none of the High Rank – the people closest to Raniere and Raniere himself got sick.”]

          In any event, Starr has not spoken out against NXIVM and the website is still online, using his image and testimonial to try to recruit new members into the cult that blackmails and brands women.

          May we hear from you Scott?

          Do you still believe that NXIVM’s tech [as taught in Executive Success Programs] is the reason for you had special athletic success?”

          If you search Scott Starr and executive success, the link to the article comes up and you can access the cached version. Beauty/Danger of the internet.

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