Test your knowledge – Take the Human Trafficking Quiz!

By Christine Marie

Due to common myths promoted in the media and in our culture, most people are misinformed about what qualifies as human trafficking. Therefore, most people could not identify a survivor of human trafficking.

How much do YOU know about what qualifies as human trafficking, especially when it comes to situations that do not involve foreigners or movement? Before you assume that human trafficking could never happen to you or someone you love, test your knowledge.

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  • thanks for this. enough with the comments about how “they’re not really victims” because “they chose this.” you can’t “choose” if you’re lured in and trapped by false claims, coercion, brainwashing and blackmail.

  • I am not sure I should be happy to get a 10/10 on that, but I surprised myself.

    NXIVM new slogan – Where the trafficked become traffickers.

  • And there you have it in the quiz. Even though the DOSslaves may say they agreed to join and it is all consensual,they are still victims of human trafficking.

    • I had a close family member join a cult about five years ago. She agreed to join of her own free will. The cult was international with the leader living in another country, but originating from a third country. He victimized her by getting her to travel to his home country and tour the area where he grew up, and then come to the country where he was living with most of the other cult members.

      While her case did not reach the level of trafficking as there was no financial or sexual exploitation at that point. It was the natural next step and it did happen to some of the other cult members who were in the cult longer and spent more time around the leader.

      Trafficking is essentially mind control of other humans for the purposes of exploitation. It’s hard for some people to understand it, but once it happens in your life its easy to see how insidious it is, how easily it can happen, and how common it could be. My belief is that trafficking is a societal ill that is still way under the radar of the average person and only gets reported a small fraction of the time. It goes far beyond pimps and prostitutes.

  • Wow! Really good article and quiz. Explains how insidious human trafficking can be. These cowards prey on some of the most defenseless people in our country.

    Part of NXSCUM goal was to create a secret economy to avoid income and sales taxes. The slaves fit into this, bc they were an unpaid labor force.

    Many similarities btw NXSCUM and organized crime on East Coast – Mafia.

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