Aussie Andrew Pollard pays tribute on Women’s Day to … Prefect


Andrew Pollard.

He set up Jness in Australia but it was canceled because some Aussies were a bit squeamish about getting branded. For International Women’s Day, he posted tribute to the woman “who shaped my journey in life.”

He posted a photo Nancy Salzman, also known as Prefect.

Pam Cafritz and Karen Unterreiner were good pimps. But Salzman was the greatest pimp. She even pimped her daughter Lauren to cult leader Keith Raniere.

Pollard’s business is fashion.  His company “Lthr Jckt”

Pollard respects women. He is promoting a woman named Nancy Salzman.

Pollard is a NXIVM coach – and wears the Yellow sash.

Pollard is supporting NXIVM in these trying times. He came out and showed the world where he stands.

It cannot have been good for his leather jacket business for his customers to know he tributes a woman – Prefect – who supports branding women.

But Pollard bravely did it.

Pollard has some ethical challenges. Keith, while not a vegetarian himself, teaches his followers to be vegetarians because it’s cruel to kill animals.  Pollard has a leather jacket company.

Some say it shows the kind of hypocrisy one finds at every turn at ESP.

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  • We may be jumping to conclusions: The blind item doesn’t even hint that the escaped woman was a celeb herself, just that the man is a big one.
    Lots of women “got away a few years back” so maybe the blind item is mostly about the male celeb.
    Of course, it is much more interesting if both the woman and the man are famous, but…..

    • I watched part 1 and part 2 on youtube, and it seemed like there was some new material.

      It is a great reminder for people hating at Sarah Edmondson, she fully confessed to the level of her involvement in the group. She acknowledged recruiting 100s of people.

  • This Pollard guy is a piece of work. During Vanguard Week up at the Lake, I dragged a couple of the nymphs into the mens room for some quick you-know-what during a break in the conference. This Aussie came in, and goes “I need to take a dump here, mate, but I can’t do it if you’re getting off with these two sash-lickers.” I told him to take a hike. So he runs and gets The Goon , who comes in and grabs the two girls by the hair and pulls them away. I was left there with my you know what at full attention. I didn’t dare leave until it deflated, which made me later for the next meeting, which got me the old ice eyes from Nurse Nancy.

    I got even though. That night, he was hitting that Vancouver chick with the big boobs and who’s a bit cross-eyed down on the beach. I grabbed the bullhorn which was sitting on a porch chair, and started calling the play-by-play of their coital action. That put a damper on it. He tried chasing me, put tripped on his pants. What a dip.

    • I thought she was with that older, a bit over-weight fella who I swear is actually gay. I know that there was definitely a lot of swinging/swapping/cheating and unfaithful slaves so this doesn’t surprise me. It also sheds light on those men who have stayed and continue to enroll or are radio silent. Wouldn’t want their private business potentially exposed. Especially those with celebrity/public image concerns. Or in relationships/marriages with unaware parties.

      • Who is the “she” in your statement: “I thought she was with that older, a bit over-weight fella who I swear is actually gay.”

      • Don’t get your knickers in a bunch. I laughed when I read it.
        I find it embarrassing when other women lose their sense of humour.

    • She has a child to protect now.

      IMO Clare and Sara were close because they were total outcasts with their half-siblings.

      Sara has someone else to close ranks with now.

      • Unless, Clare tries to throw Sara under the bus as retribution for getting married and starting a family, which Clare doesn’t really have any chance of doing.


    Today’s Blind Items – NXIVM

    Some tidbits that I have picked up in the past few weeks talking to someone who was at the very top levels of the group. There is a former A list tweener actor turned failed adult actor who has been reaching out to former/current female members, especially the ones in the news to see if they would be interested in joining his group of followers. He imagines himself as some kind of spiritual leader. The thing is though, he doesn’t have the finances. He likes to think he does, but he doesn’t.

    Apparently, one of the members who got away a few years back turned to someone she had been ordered to hook up with about a decade ago. That person? A permanent A++ list celebrity known all over the world. She turned to that person when she escaped so she would be safe. I’m not sure just how safe it is now though because there are all kinds of files and e-mails and it wouldn’t shock me if there were notes about who and when the A++ lister would visit the compound and have sex with followers.

    One of the sisters is in the process of turning on the other to save herself.

      • This actually makes sense. The only A++ list celebrity known around the world associated to NXIVM would be the Dalai Lama. Kristen Kruek also fits the description of a member who left some years ago. Andrew Keegan did start his own cult some years back and him reaching out to the current celebrities in the news associated with NXIVM would fit Allison Mack, Kristen Kruek, Nicki Clyne, and Grace Park, of which only Kristen left some years back, whereas Allison and Nicki are still in it and Grace just left recently. If this blind item is true, then it would make sense as to why Kristen never stated why she left and why both Enty and Frank Parlato have stated Kristen knows more than she is saying.

        • Are you seriously speculating that Kristin Kreuk is the EXpian who was forced to have sex with an A++ lister?
          And that A++ lister is none other than the Dalai Lama?

          Both claims seem much more provocative clickbait than believable–just putting two big names together in the same bed using the slimmest of “facts.”
          Plus the original speculation that some Expian woman had been ordered to have sex with, and is now protected by, some A++ lister seems like suspicious clickbait as well.

          But it sure would make a great graphic novel!

          • LOL! How would the Dalai Lama protect someone anyway — Shoo, go away. When Kruek left she was in Tdot filming a TV show. Don’t think the Dalia Lama or Branson were hanging around the set of Beauty and the Beast. Seems the S.Bronfman / Branson guess is closer since they were photographed together on his island and she’s the who also hooked up with Tenzin and moved away.

      • The blind has the A++ list celeb known all over the world as visiting the compound (Albany??) to have sex with the cult members. I think Richard Branson would fit that more than the Dalai Lama.

        But from the way the blind is written, the people in the first paragraph of the blind aren’t necessarily connected to the ones in the second . It could be another former member who turned to the A lister for safety.

        • There is no way Richard Branson is A++. I used to frequently read Enty’s blog and even Tom Cruise was referenced as A+ and he is more known than Branson around the world.

          • I find his ratings to be off sometimes. After all, back in 2012 he referred to Allison as B-list and even back then, that grade would be generous. Celebrity wise, I think Branson could rate an A++ or Enty’ s just adding ++ to make his blind more enticing? Plus the current DL is 83 so even 10 years ago seems he wouldn’t be frequenting the compound for sex. Branson on the other hand is only 68 so I like him better for it.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me. One’s loyalties definitely change when a baby comes along. I know I would do everything in my power to stay with mine and protect them.

    • Is that a Bronfman sister or a Salzman sister? thought his blind a couple weeks ago that people were guessing was about Tom Welling and NXIVM was just BS but if Enty is getting stuff now from the “very top levels” maybe it could be true and Welling is one of the Hollywood A list members referred to in the Vice article from last month.

      • I just don’t see Michelle turning on Lauren, though. Especially with the likelihood of Ben Myers being attached to the tens of thousands of child pornography images likely planted on John Tighe’s computer to set him up.

        Ben Myers is in WAY TOO DEEP to let his fiance turn on her sister.

        Now, Lauren may throw Michelle under the bus in the same way Clare could throw Sara under the bus. While none of them are innocent or people I would want anything to do with ever again, Lauren and Clare are the more evil of the pairs.

  • From just a visual inspection of Andrew’s picture, I have to wonder if this person is a man, woman, or something in between? On one hand I see some masculine features, but also see some very feminine features. Does anyone know what this creature is?

  • I would like to give tribute to Andrew Pollard. Rarely do you meet someone, who despite common sense, despite worldwide media showing all the evils of Nxivm, he persists on to try to enroll people into the sex cult (although I doubt he’s getting much sex or enrollees). Andrew, your persistence to grow this putrid cult despite all logic and reasoning pointing to it being one of the worst cults in history is awe inspiring. You are literally one of the stupidest people of your generation and may one day win a Darwin Award for doing something moronic. But until that day, I give you tribute sir. To have lived at the same time as someone without any intelligence or reasoning makes me feel fortunate I was given a brain and got out of the cult. Also Andrew, if you see or talk to Prefect, tell her I said s’up and that 10 years will go by fast in the penitentiary. Just kidding, it’ll feel like 100 years.

  • Additionally, there are over 35 NXSCUM classes, with more being developed by Brave Prefect and Noble VANGUARD every day. These classes constitute A BRIDGE TO NOWHERE, very similar to the Scientology Bridge, that also leads to NOWHERE except POVERTY, JAIL TIME, IRS TROUBLES, and FAILING HEALTH.

    Of course, any similarities to SCIENTOLOGY are purely coincidental, as Fearless Vanguard developed these concepts before L. Ron Hubbard. Just as he invented Video Teleconferencing before Microsoft and AT&T.

    • Illustrious Vanguard is also an Honors Graduate of the very prestigious and World’s #1 University – Harvard on the Hudson (known in dissident imperialist circles as Rensselaer Polytechnic).

      When he graduated, the Clouds parted and 2000 witnesses reported multiple rainbows in the sky, heralding the highest GPA ever achieved by a human being at this prestigious League of Ivy School – a 2.26.

      Even the Dean simultaneously had a heart attack, pooped his pants, died, and suddenly came back to life after Vanguard performed CPR via Vulcan mind meld (His 85th Worldwide patent).

      The Dean was overwhelmed after reading Maximo Vanguard’s Bubble theory, which is a direct replacement for String Theory. Even famed physicist Stephen Hawking was said to leap for joy and personally call Vanguard and nominate him for a Nobel Prize, as verified by Prefect.

      (This is Parody for all current NXSCUM members to realize how ridiculous Keith Raniere’s claim are and that YES, he HAS been lying for years about virtually every single thing that comes out of his mouth)

  • Hypocrisy, outright lying. Join today, NXSCUM will teach you to be unable to think for your self. How to be a compulsive liar and, as a bonus, become a sociopath! You will begin to notice the people in your life that are important to you no longer wish to associate with you. Using our tools, this technology will ensure you devote your life to NXSCUM and fail which will allow you to understand ethics and be a humanitarian

  • Anyone who promotes any female inner core member of this cult as someone to look up to as a female is an utter buffoon.

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