Allison Mack – facing arrest – is reportedly penniless and may be legally insane

Allison Mack is now officially a target of the FBI in the investigation of the sex-slaver cult of NXIVM.

Mack is said to be penniless. In the 10 years since she joined up with Keith Raniere, she has given her multi-million dollar fortune to his service. “Money cannot buy ethics,” Raniere taught her and told her to quit her starring role in Smallville where she played Chloe Sullivan for 10 seasons.

A friend of Miss Mack’s commented:

“Allison never intended to ‘give up’ acting. She intended to do some soul searching and then do more meaningful roles on stage and on screen. She still wants to act, but Keith convinced her that she can only take certain roles, because other roles are not ethical and go against humanity. For instance, when she took a role on ‘The Following’, they made her make a public apology to the community about how her materialism and want for attention clouded her judgment. How taking that role hurt the community and hurt her dear friend Keith because it was about a cult. She cried in front of the community, begging for forgiveness, and she was applauded for it.

“Not only has Keith convinced her that she had to create THE SOURCE with her, but he convinced her that she must take roles that further humanity and his mission. So she spent all her time trying to enroll women into a $10,000 program about acting, and trying to make plays that mean something… but really she is and continues to serve Keith’s fucked up mission and also used her celebrity to enroll beautiful young actresses into the Source and then into DOS so Keith can fuck them too.”

Unlike many parents of young women who might be in a perilous state, Mack’s parents supported Raniere’s goals to control their daughter. Her father and mother were not going to substitute their judgment for that of cult leader Raniere who claims to be of “the smartest man in the world.”

That was unlucky for, in some circles, fathers and mothers of daughters who are displaying outward symptoms such as Mack would rush to intervene.  Raniere had nothing to worry about from Mack’s father.

In a tweet, Mack wrote, “I was set free! I dissolved in the sea, became white sails and flying spray.”

Meantime, her critics call her “Pimp Mac”.  She was glad to bring women into slavery for Raniere to have sex with but now she is not having any luck at all. Raniere is in prison because of the scheme they concocted – a blackmail and branding pyramid scheme with masters and slaves and Raniere the grand master.

Now Raniere sits in prison, unlikely to ever be free. Mack may soon be following him.

Whether she will have money to retain an attorney is another matter. She was planning to file bankruptcy not long ago and following Raniere’s orders, she sought to hide her remaining money. She lent money to NXIVM members who now, because of the criminal investigation, are unable or unwilling to pay her back.

Allison Mack is called “Pimp Mack” by other NXIVM members.
During a happier time when she still had money.
Raniere inside the police vehicle which took him from Mexico to Texas.


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  • They should all move to Seattle, where one by one the brainwashed city council is eliminating laws. AT LEAST FOR CRIMINALS

  • And it’s her fake shell “branch” of their criminal enterprise which has stolen my daughter’s childhood and hijacked my life for nearly a decade I have been trying to reach out to Toni, Frank, & Catherine but these wackadoos had my phone, computer, and accounts all set up as linked to theirs and are blocking my every attempt. My daughter was kidnapped and abducted across state lines 1,000 miles away for the use of the cult’ s “rainbow cultural gardens” program aka child slave grooming& trafficking branch of nxivm. We’ve been hostages for her entire childhood and despite 50+ visits to law enforcement and courts, our case has been stonewalled every time with NO LEGITIMATE INVESITGATION EVER DONE. In fact, I was told by them to stop trying because they will just keep getting our case to one they know will drop it and do nothing. My daughter just turned 8 and it’s been 268 DAYS since we’ve last seen each other. Her whole childhood has been stolen and I miss her beyond words.
    As seen in so many of the other cases, we were & still are victims of nxivms relentless “cyber experts” (aka criminal frauds making money off of trafficking children for the benefit of their cult). THIS is yet another way they get their dirty money used to violate and attack others. And with Keith behind bars, this will only get worse. Grown women can step up and bravely TRY their best to get their voices heard about these monsters but my daughter and the other kids who’ve been stolen away from their homes and families cannot. And these poor excuses for women are behind this all. They are a huge reason why child trafficking is of highest rates in nys and also why no one has done anything about it.

    • My sincere advice to you is if these people have kidnapped your daughter across state lines go immediately to your local FBI office and tell them your story.
      Kidnapping people across state lines is a Federal crime.
      If you can’t use your phone or computer to find where the local FBI office is, go to your local library and ask a librarian.
      Do this as soon as you can.
      You have no time to waste.

  • So are Claire and Sara fucking Keith together? Is incest going to creep into this story soon? I mean Keith has some crazy thoughts on the matter, but why? Is it so he can mind fuck the Heiresses into some sick bedroom game?

    • Is this true?

      If so, it’s BS. She’s been a primary enabler for years of this guy. The notion she gets immunity is appalling. She needs to spend some time in prison for her enabling hand in all this. More evidence that money and name can buy you out of trouble.

    • Guess she didn’t need a seat on the bus with a seat on the jet.
      I hope it isn’t true, but if it is, I hope the deal would include being honest about setting up John Tighe and Frank Parlato.

    • Clare’s been with Keith since at least 2003. Her trust fund is exactly what allowed Keith to grow his sick empire and now her trust fund affords her a $600/hr lawyer that gets her off scott free?? Damn shame. After the criminal trials come the civil trials. May Clare be prominently featured and fined in the civil trials.

      • is that there would be no Vanguard Week this year without Bronfman funds, and NXIVM North America should be completely finished.
        I suppose it remains to be see whether Mexico will rise from the ashes or not. It is still getting pounded in the Mexican media. Carlos Salinas’ political enemies are having a field day.

    • Does anyone think there is any possibility Clare would say she is going to deal so that Raniere can say he no longer has access to any of their funds or jet at the arraignment and have a shot at getting bail?

  • The biggest part of being brainwashed, is not believing you are brainwashed. NXIVM builds in a defense-mechanism against “brainwashing accusations” to ensure these fools stay loyal.

      • As an example of what good criminal defense lawyers cost, Roger Stone – Trump’s political consultant – has already spent over 450,000 dollars in legal bills and he has not been indicted yet.
        Trump associates are getting buried in massive legal fees, and Roger Stone says his are more than $450,000

        • Sadly, it is pocket change for the Bronfman sisters, and if it true that Clare already cut a deal, it is disgusting.

          • If they had ever bothered to track down whoever he paid to do it, and charge him with conspiracy instead of trying to stupidly make it look like he actually did it himself, they would have had a case based on actually facts.
            That was more Marcia Clark and LAPD f’ up than how great his team was.

  • Coming from a guy that is guilty of fraud, conspiracy, money laundering and obstructing the IRS, anything that he has to say about Allison Mack or anyone has to be taken with grain of salt

  • Here is my point : Blaming KK for AM’s descent in the deepest NXIVM hell or blaming her for the way she publicized NXIVM/ESP as a VIP member is counterproductive. She’s a victim of the cult scam too. She posted a statement in her Twitter account in which she admits she was implied in NXIVM for 6-8 years. But she denies being a part of DOS. I think we will never have more than this from her publicly (until further notice). SE seems to be supportive about her.
    If former NXIVM members have informations about her they prove she’s just applying Raniere’s advice to his followers (“fly under the radars”) it’s the place to reveal it as this blog has been publicized and the word will spread, worldwide.

    Blaming AM’s parents is like blaming IO’s mother : When your big kid is having a tantrum, it’s hard to do nothing … but it’s sometimes the best thing to do. You know how it’s like : “You’re dating the bad person !”, “This job isn’t for you !”, etc. does the opposite of what you expect it to do… Clear that she was child star for a reason, but I don’t think her parents are supporting their daughter’s alienation. I would be totally freaked off to see my daughter become anorexic, going further in a pseudo-spiritual babbling, making nonsense statements about herself… It’s hard to prove that your daughter needs an emergency admission, against her will, in a mental health institute. And for which mental condition ? Believing in something different isn’t been crazy, or ? How can you prove your daughter is controlled and has been mentally and psychologically damaged by a group -that- you have to prove it’s a destructive cult -that- is run by a guy you have to prove he’s a manipulative narcissistic pervert -and- a serial rapist -and- a pedophile ?

    VIP cult membership is always something fascinating. As it is some king of win-win publicity : “Good or bad, the only thing that matters is that they talk about you !”…

    But I’m more interested in people like Becca Friedman : She doesn’t run a business whom’s she’s the main product. She’s not working on her self promotion 24/7. She’s a real person and her testimony reveals us how NXIVM (a mainstream cult after all) is working and the way one could recover from it.

    Because in the end, it’s always the silent majority, the invisible you-and-me-like, that is funding such organisation thru it’s indoctrination.

    But it’s real that we need VIP NXIVM members speech here : “Good or bad, the only thing that matters is that they talk about you !”… And above all, we need that former VIP NXIVM members speak here, as they are the ones they had the closest point of view on the inner onion’s layer, when they were not confined in one of the VIP-sandboxes (like the Bronfman sisters they were confined in the very special sandboxes Raniere built for each of her).

    I think it’s Raniere’s main “super-villain” power : Putting people in mental sandboxes, one by one. Maybe Nurse Nancy helped him to sharpen that “gift”. Maybe Nurse Nancy has been confined in her own sandbox by him. That would explain why she gave two being (she carried for 9 months, she gave birth to and raised) to that manipulative pig !

    Actually, I think she helped him a lot to industrialize this into a “mental sandbox factory” called Rational Enquiry/ESP.

    • AM’s parents were ok with what their daughter has made. They support her. India Oxenberg’s mother has fought this organisation since she knew. If she hadn’t spoken up, all this shit would have continued. Her problem is that she was alone and her ex-husband Van Dien has complicated the situation by telling India that she should blame her mother to have talked about DOS. They were all about their reputations.

      • I remember reading an article on this site from last year that said her dad agreed with most of the SOP principles, but didn’t expand on that (and I think if they had it might explain even more). It also stated that her mom didn’t want to disagree with the smartest man they knew. So her parents appear to not be the best parents.

  • It’s all the fault of those damned bastards Shuster and Siegel. They created Superman. Without Superman, this never would have happened!


  • This crazy bitch was way too competitive and controlling! Who really believes world peace is possible right now? Let it work out for itself and be at peace with yourself if you sang world peace

  • As i suspected, I had a bad feeling that Allison’s parents were somehow involved with this and they apporved of Raniere? No offense, but they’re a bunch of idiots allowing this to happen to their own daughter. Allison has been a slave to to her parents. Now, she’s a slave to Raniere and to her own madness,

  • I feel sad for her. She was obviously lost and looking for help in life and fell in with the wrong crowd and was brainwashed. It happened to followers of Jim Jones, David Koresh and Charles Manson. She is a victim that through the use of damming COLLATERAL has had her life ruined. I feel for her, no matter what she has done she is a victim of the real monster – keith.

    If i was her I would go speak to the FBI, tell them he forced her or brainwashed her and let the cards fall where they should

  • Best cure for AM’s insanity : double cheeseburger w/ bacon (fried red sash with two stripes) + 250g fries + 9-12 chicken nuggets w/ dips + 0,5l regular soda + soft ice with caramel topping + a 3-5 hours nap…

  • Julia, you need to correct your article. Articles keep saying he made her quit Smallville. She did not. She was on the show fully all through Season 10, which was the show’s planned end. Alison also made mutiple appearances on “Wilfred” after that, before her “The Following” appearance. You guys need to correct your timeline on this. She was NOT made to quit “Smallville”.

      • It hurts their credibility, very dumb. It’s obvious her involvement *started* during Smallville, but that she didn’t get alarmingly deep till after Smallville was off the air. Hell, the Wilfred appearances went on for a bit, and that was way after Smallvile. She also spent a little while in there with some low-level wannabe director that made a film called “Marilyn” that AM was in and has never been released. That’s where those fuzzy nude pics they use here came from. I don’t understand why they ignore things and want to keep an inaccurate timeline of events w AM.

        • It only hurts their credibility with Smallville-obsessed readers. Personally, I don’t give half a shit about exactly when and why Mack quit some insipid TV show.

        • AM was also in two off Broadway plays: Love, Loss and What I Wore and Apple Cove and she was wonderful in both. I thought she was going to have this huge career after Smallville but now it looks like jailtime–so much wasted talent.

  • People are blaming Kristin Kreuk for “bringing” Allison into NXIVM and forming DOS to brand women to make them sex slaves of a man.

    Allison’s parents and other family members are *far* more at fault than Kristin will ever be.

    • That’s right, because her parents talked her into joining… wait, no they didn’t.

      That’s right, it was Kristin who kept mentioning this program she and Mark were doing, again and again, for 2 years, until finally Allison acquiesced.

      Kristin’s intention was not ill-intended, but the consequences were utterly tragic and horrible. The consequences of our actions matter. Without Kristin, Allison would be living a far different life now.

      • There’s nothing “illogical” about the argument for causality and blame.

        Now it’s some new game being played that Kristin “pestered” Allison into joining. Or Allison was in some “vulnerable” position and so she was “ripe for the taking”.

        You want to find an easy target to blame other than Allison’s own volition and you’re casting it onto the easy target – the person who “recruited” her. You want consequences to matter just because of the deleterious end result but there is nothing in the chain of events that says recruiting for self-help courses leads someone down the path to be second in command to the leader of a sex cult that brands women in a causal chain.

        Did others Kristin recruit become like Allison? No. The only person was Allison herself. Every other case is an exception that negates entailment.

        • I read your posts since JT’s blog : You look to be a really nice guy. I think there is a real girl in this world that deserves you. I bet that girl won’t be in the intertainment industry : Cat food cans doesn’t contain cat meat, whereas they are nice cat pictures on them !

          • LOLoloooo…wthh (what the holy hell). Right On!!!

            Like baby food jars, aren’t made with real babies inside. Hahaha.

            Xactly! It’s Hollyweird. None of it is real. You cannot put celebrities on a Pedestal and worship them blindly. Are they Greek Gods now? If you pray real hard to Kristin Kook, will that bring rain or increase your sausage size? Methinksnot!

          • FN : Wow ! If it works just tell me ! Let me try : Kristin Goddess, I beg your for giving me … Nevermind. No, I didn’t tell it. No, it’s not what I meant ! I’m alright !!! LOL !!!

          • You can’t blame Frank for using KK for clicks when at the same time her fans and opposition continue to argue about her at length in the comments sections of articles where she isn’t even mentioned.

        • Why do you put the words in quotes? Do you mean to use them or not?

          You’ve had a thing for Kristin for years. I found you unexpectedly in a forum from 2011. One member talked about how he liked exotic women and half-asian was best of all, why he liked Kristin. Nice company you keep.

          You put Kristin on a pedestal, vs seeing her humanity. And you attack anything that threatens that narrative, including not seeing the humanity of Allison, especially, and other slaves.

          Without Kristin, Allison would be in a different life. If Kristin doesn’t feel bad about that, she’s not a human. And she is a human, despite your wanting to put her on a pedestal.

          If Allison had bypassed the NXIVM introduction, she’d still have fans, a career, a fiance-now-husban, probably kids, and $8 million. And not prison.

          • I use quotes both for emphasis and quoting. There is no html “em” that can be entered in a text only blog. Perhaps I should find a new character to use.

            “You’ve had a thing for Kristin for years. I found you unexpectedly in a forum from 2011. One member talked about how he liked exotic women and half-asian was best of all, why he liked Kristin. Nice company you keep.

            “You put Kristin on a pedestal, vs seeing her humanity. And you attack anything that threatens that narrative, including not seeing the humanity of Allison, especially, and other slaves.”

            Even if I grant this as true (only for this statement) this is irrelevant to the the argument and effectively a form of ad hominem. Motivations drive people but they do not affect whether the reasoning is right or wrong. You too have a motivation to keep blaming Kristin for Allison’s decent into depravity.

            If I put Kristin on a pedestal then I wouldn’t have criticized her involvement in NXIVM for years on this forum that you have referenced. Some other fans did as well.. Perhaps if Allison had the same dedicated but critical fandom that she listened to like Kristin did, who admitted to browsing this forum a long time ago and showed it by responding to some of their concerns about “Girls By Design”, Allison too may have considered her self, career, and reputation more important than satisfying the whims of the group’s leader.

            “Without Kristin, Allison would be in a different life. If Kristin doesn’t feel bad about that, she’s not a human. If Kristin doesn’t feel bad about that, she’s not a human. And she is a human, despite your wanting to put her on a pedestal.”

            You’ve repeated this many times and it has already been answered. Also appeal to emotion doesn’t impact the the argument. I’m sure Kristin feels bad about Allison’s current state. She probably has a hard time believing it due to the Allison she used to know. If you believe the comments posted on this site, some have referenced Kristin’s attempt to intervene and pull Allison out at least once, maybe twice. But she has no reason to feel guilty for being introductory causal agent in this chain for reasons already made and explained.

            “If Allison had bypassed the NXIVM introduction, she’d still have fans, a career, a fiance-now-husban, probably kids, and $8 million. And not prison.”

            So even her fiance who is not in the group – the person she supposedly loved with her heart and intended to spend the rest of her life with – couldn’t extricate her, yet you want to still blame Kristin.

            The only people to blame in this madness is Keith Raniere and his inner core of enablers who projected a false image of the man, fed his ego, and did his bidding for two decades.

    • But SOS, you forget … KRISTIN KOOK HAD.NO.IDEA what was going on.

      Never mind she recruited her buddies and was a spokesmodel for NXIVM for YEARS.

      Poor sweet, innocent KRISTIN POOP. It was all a big misunderstanding. She was just trying to get over her shyness, dontcha see?

      Never mind that one of her Best Friends is about to end in prison for 40 years. How dreadful for POOR INNOCENT KRISTIN KOOK.

      Wake up Slaveworshiper. Kristin is a vapid airhead. She brought her friends to the Gates of Hell and threw them right in, smiling the whole time.

      But …wait for it… SHE.HAD.NO.IDEA what was going on after 6 years. None at all. Blame it on Russian Hackers, Blame it on Facebook Bots, blame it on Allie’s Parents, Hell…blame it on mercury in retrograde. But never on POOR INNOCENT KRISTIN POOP

      • “Never judge someone’s character based on the words of another. Instead, study the motives behind the words of the person casting the bad judgment. An honest woman can sell tangerines all day and remain a good person until she dies, but there will always be naysayers who will try to convince you otherwise. Perhaps this woman did not give them something for free, or at a discount. Perhaps too, that she refused to stand with them when they were wrong — or just stood up for something she felt was right. And also, it could be that some bitter women are envious of her, or that she rejected the advances of some very proud men. Always trust your heart. If the Creator stood before a million men with the light of a million lamps, only a few would truly see him because truth is already alive in their hearts. Truth can only be seen by those with truth in them. He who does not have Truth in his heart, will always be blind to her.” ~ Suzy Kassem

      • You two are becoming the worst kind of comedy team…feeding off each other while laughing at each other’s jokes, juvenile nicknames and zany hyperbole…that only you two enjoy.

        But to saner readers, your ridiculousness hurts your possible (but unsubstantiated) opinion.

        Repeating the same insults, even with exclamation points and CAPITAL letters, doesn’t sway anyone…it just turns them away.

        • Anyone involved with NXIVM can say whatever the heck they want. They know more than the rest of us and we appreciate their perspective. And I don’t recall SFMPE resorting to the nastiness or craziness that some commenters do, and has good insights. Let them play in the sandbox. I doubt Frank minds.

      • More than 6 years. She was seen at an intensive in 2006, so start date was then or earlier, and Sarah Edmundson said Kristin left the cult in 2013.

        • Summer of 2006 until 2013. It doesn’t mean she was part of it in 2013 and most likely wasn’t at all for most of 2012 since the amount of time it takes to film a 22 episode TV series as lead is at least 50-60 hours a week, maybe more. The same thing applied for 2013. She probably paid membership dues but didn’t take courses nor coach them during those later years.

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