Pt 6: The Slave Women of DOS: Dawn Morrison, once prime harem material, spends middle age waiting for Raniere

Dawn Morrison

[This report has been developed from information provided from sources. For their protection, they are unnamed. It is up to the reader to judge whether the information presented is factual or not.]

Dawn Morrison is 49. In less spiritual worlds, Miss Morrison would be considered vivacious and attractive. Keith Raniere did think of her that way once.

But that was 20 years ago. Now she has become too old for the ageless Mr. Raniere.

Still she was one of the early beauties to arrive to the harem of Keith Raniere.

The basic order of the harem, in terms of arrival, were:

  1. Linda Smith [She was the first chosen, told she would bear his golden child. She never had his child and left Mr. Raniere decades ago].
  2. Karen Unterreiner [1981; 58, the aging spinster is still with him; she is a cancer survivor.]
  3. Gina Hutchinson [1984; the child started having sex with him when she was 15; she committed suicide.]
  4. Pam Cafritz [1988; she died of cancer 2016. She kept a journal of her calories every day, and Mr. Raniere would put her on a scale and weigh her daily.]
  5. Kristin Keeffe [1990; fled from Mr. Raniere in 2014. She was not chosen to bear his golden child but nevertheless she had a child with Mr. Raniere. He lied to his students that he was not the father. Miss Keeffe and their son fled from Mr. Raniere with help of New York State police who placed her in ‘safe houses’, battered women’s shelters; She too is a cancer survivor.]
  6. Toni Natalie [1992; The second of the women chosen to bear his golden child. Mr. Raniere told her they were in a monogamous relationship. She discovered he was lying and had a small harem; she left in 1999 They never had child. Mr. Raniere sued her repeatedly over the next 17 years].
  7. Barbara Jeske [1993; died of cancer 2014. To hide her role in the harem, Mr. Raniere told women he was wooing that she was lesbian.]
  8. Dawn Morrison [1997; the subject of this post is still with Mr. Raniere]
  9. Nancy Salzman [1998]. The Figurehead [some say the likely fall woman] for his businesses. While new in the harem herself, Nancy offered her teenage daughters, Lauren and Michelle, when they were 19 and 17, for Mr. Raniere’s sexual healing. He obliged the mother’s maternal desires and taught the teenage children of Ms. Salzman as he taught her.
  10. Barbara Bouchey [2000; He told her at first she and he were in a monogamous relationship; she soon found out that was false. She chose to remain. He told her she was the woman chosen to bear his golden child.  She left in 2009 after she discovered he was committing financial fraud. She never had child. Using the vast wealth of Clare Bronfman, Mr. Raniere sued her repeatedly.]

Of course it is to be understood that, in addition to these 10 women, Mr. Raniere had many other women and children who stayed or left as chance and desire dictated.

Dawn Morrison, as the eighth of the first women of his harem deserves high honor.

She met Mr. Raniere at a health food store. At the time she had a boyfriend and worked selling advertising at WGNA radio. Mr. Raniere was at the time telling Miss Natalie that her and her were in a monogamous relationship. He secretly kept Miss Cafritz, Miss Keeffe, Miss Jeske, Miss Unterreiner as steady and knowing attendants to his amorous proclivities. Miss Hutchinson was on an on again and off again status as she struggled with his teachings that she must be faithful to hum, while he kept a harem.

He wooed Miss Morrison, encouraging her to leave her boyfriend. She did. She quit her job and in the beginning of their relationship, Mr. Raniere’s amorous propensities overwhelmed her. He was stimulated by her youthful beauty. He was ardent.

Because he was deceiving Toni Natalie at the time –  that Miss Natalie and he were in a monogamous relationship, Mr. Raniere had to be creative about his meetings with Miss Morrison. [Much as he had been creative with 12 year old Rhiannon – who he sneaked into elevators, behind staircases, and in his office after hours, to sexually heal the precocious preteen.]

Along with the birds and the bees, Mr. Raniere and Miss Morrison would frolic in the forests of Knox Woods. Happy were those summer days of love and splendid encounters. Once as they were in their forest hideaway, they were spotted by police. No charges were leveled; for in those days, the police knew little of Mr. Raniere. Lacking in understanding of the high points of nature and her demands for aesthetic beauty, the dullard police asked them to get dressed and leave the woodlands, for, from their narrow perspective, the bedroom was a more suitable place to practice love-making.

Miss Morrison expected Mr. Raniere to make her his number one harem woman. But he was enamored with Miss Natalie. He took great pains to ensure Miss Natalie did not learn about the other women, which required him to be often home when she was not working.  He wanted Miss Morrison available 24 hours per day, which meant of course in the afternoon. It was her karma, he told her to be with him. She agreed for everything he said to her was truth.

She started with his advice, a car cleaning company, called KAR-MA LLC.

If one wonders why she broke up the word ‘Karma’ into KAR-MA, it is because the first three letters, K-A-R, happen to be the initials of Keith Allen Raniere.


Miss Morrison enjoyed what many a young slave today would gladly have – a couple of months of frequent sexual healing with Mr. Raniere followed by years of intermittent sexual healing, followed by years of tapering off to once or twice a year, followed by once or twice every couple of years followed by nothing, as she became too old to be sexually healed by Mr. Raniere.

Like all slaves of Mr. Raniere, she must never have another man [unless she cheats on him]. And cheat or be a nun are her only options, for in his kingdom, at 49, she is well past her prime.

Under normal circumstances, she would not be invited to DOS branding. Although she may have volunteered and Mr. Raniere might have approved it for ‘auld lang syne.’

But, after the exposure of DOS, and with young women set to be branded who have fled, the need for DOS slave members is acute.

Miss Mack and her band of slaves who run DOS, who want to create a worldwide women’s movement, might ask Miss Morrison to give collateral and be branded and become a slave of one of the younger women.

She may be too old for Mr. Raniere’s ardor but she waits for the day he might find himself in her neighborhood and come calling. Meantime she waits, and cleans cars.

If she gets branded perhaps she can sport the scars of ‘K-A-R.’



old dawn 2
Dawn Morrison, 49, is too old for Keith Raniere, 57.
old dawn
Like the young DOS women, Miss Morrison runs and diets.
Keith Raniere has taught many women and continues to teach.

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