Exclusive: Raniere claimed he had proof for Holocaust denial, so Bronfman, Zionists, had to stop him at commodities

The late Edgar Bronfman, Sr.

Back in 2005, two sisters, Sara and Clare Bronfman, invested $65 million into a series of commodities futures trades following the advice of their awesome mentor, a man named Keith Raniere, who told them he was the smartest man in the world. He told them he developed a foolproof mathematical formula for investing in the market.

The Bronfman sisters made the investments, by loaning $65 million to an entity called First Principles LLC, whose sole stockholder was a woman named Nancy Salzman, top assistant of Mr. Raniere.

The world’s smartest man?

Somehow, the sisters lost the entire $65 million. Mr. Raniere explained the losses were not due to his blunders but to outside forces beyond his control.

According to some insiders, Keith told the sisters their father, billionaire Edgar Bronfman Sr., pulled strings and invested money to manipulate commodities prices against Mr. Raniere’s advised positions to cause the staggering losses for the sisters.

It was initially assumed that, if this were true [and the sisters had no reason to doubt the veracity of Keith Raniere, for he was their mentor {and the smartest man in the world}  who wanted only their good] that Pater Bronfman did so because he did not like Keith Raniere having undue influence over his daughters, and wanted him discredited at any price.

Sources now say there was a deeper, more sinister motive for the late Mr. Bronfman [he died in December 2013] to stop Keith Raniere: Keith represented a threat to unseen forces who rule the Zionist world..

Edgar Bronfman [above] was President of the World Jewish Congress [from 1979-2007.] He was also President of the World Jewish Restitution Organization, whose stated objective is to ensure “…the return of communal Jewish property stolen by the Nazis and then by the communists in Eastern Europe, and property in Western Europe stolen by the Nazis and unaccounted for.”

The conflict lay, Mr. Raniere explained, not in that he had an uplifting influence over the daughters of one of the leaders of the Jews but that Mr. Raniere knew something that threatened the foundations of the life work of Edgar Bronfman – and the powers of the Jewish world.

Of course, some scoffed at the notion that Mr. Bronfman even knew about the commodities investments his daughters took part in. Indeed they took great pains to hide it from him.  These people claim that Raniere merely blundered, or more likely swindled the sisters out of the money and used Papa Bronfman as a decoy.  The sisters chose to believe Keith, who was, after all, the smartest man in the world and, they said, the most ethical.

Now, for the first time, Frank Report reveals what Keith Raniere told his most intimate disciples about the reason Edgar Bronfman went against him:

Keith Raniere told several disciples that he discovered that Nazi Germany did not use extermination camps and gas chambers to mass murder Jews; and the actual number of Jews killed was significantly lower than the historically accepted figure of 6 million.

Raniere had proof, he said, that the holocaust was a Zionist Fraud, and the “Hoax of the Twentieth Century”, a vast Zionist/Allied/Soviet conspiracy. 

According to several disciples with whom he confided, Mr. Raniere’s views were as follows::

  1. The Holocaust is an exaggeration arising out of a Jewish conspiracy, designed to advance the interest of Jews at the expense of other peoples.
  2. The stories of Nazi brutality were just propaganda.
  3. Germany was the victim of Allied aggression.
  4. Allegations made against Germany, including the Holocaust, were wartime propaganda which had been used to justify the United States’ involvement in World War II.
  5. The Allies made the Nazis the “scapegoat” for their own misdeeds.  The atrocities of the Allies were more brutal, painful, mortal and numerous than the most extreme allegations made against the Germans. The Nazi treatment of Jews was no different from what the Allies did to their enemies in World War II.
  6. Israeli politicians [men like Edgar Bronfman] derived billions of dollars from nonexistent, mythical and imaginary cadavers, whose numbers have been reckoned in an unusually distorted and dishonest manner
  7. There was no German program to exterminate Europe’s Jews, and the estimate of six million Jewish wartime dead is an irresponsible exaggeration. The Holocaust – the alleged extermination of some six million Jews (most of them by gassing) – is a hoax and should be recognized as such.
  8. The gas chambers used by the Nazis to exterminate the Jews did not exist. There were no execution gas chambers in Auschwitz or in any other concentration camp. Today, what are displayed as ‘gas chambers’ at the remains of the Auschwitz camp in Poland are a post-war fabrication by the Polish communist regime or the Soviet Union.  Neither at Auschwitz nor in any territory controlled by the Germans was there ‘mass murder of Jews’ in ‘gas chambers.’ Mr. Raniere admits there were scattered killings. But most who died at Auschwitz were the victims of “natural causes” such as disease, not gassing. The death of some Jews were due to the typhus plague during the war and the famine towards the end of the war caused by the defeat of the Germans.
  9. The majority of documentation relating to the operation of the gas chambers in death camps, is “rare” and “unreliable” – and based upon misleading evidence, false statements, and outright lies.
  10. The Zionists fabricated a legend, under the name of the Massacre of the Jews. It is myth. Leading Jews – such as Edgar Bronfman – spread this myth as part of a plundering plot intended to enable the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, garner support for the state of Israel and pocket money for themselves and their Jewish friends – some of whom are connected to the Illuminati.

How Keith Raniere claimed he got  his “evidence” is unclear. Once source said he found most of his information on the internet and, combined with his own gigantic brain, and insight into the past, permitted him to put it all together as no one had before. 

How Edgar Bronfman found out about Keith’s internet realizations, or how the Illuminati got wind of it, is also unclear. But Keith Raniere said to numerous disciples, with a straight face and in a whisper, that Edgar Bronfman and the Illuminati were marshaled against him.

This knowledge Keith had – it put a scare into old Papa Bronfman and other terrified Jews – afraid that Keith would come out with the proof – once he had the money – and this seems to have been the motive for them to foil his commodities investments, Keith Raniere said

Perhaps he got some of his insights from his own disciples. Keith Rainiere claimed to have identified six lovers and disciples as having been connected with the Nazis in a previous life.

Keith Raniere claimed his knowledge is so vast he could tell who people were in their past lives.  Some of his insights included the following:

Toni Natalie – his former girlfriend and the woman designated to have his avatar child –  was Herman Goering in her previous life.

Keith Raniere and Toni Natalie who he determined was Herman Goering [below].


Barbara Bouchey, another girlfriend designated to have an avatar child, was, in her past life, Mr. Raniere said, Reinhard Heydrich.


Ivy Nevares, another girlfriend designated to have an avatar baby, was a Nazi working under Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda.

The late Pamela Cafritz was identified as an obscure and low-level Nazi whose name has not been passed down to history.

Alex Betancourt was identified as Benito Mussolini, the Italian dictator.



K Raniere 4 brighterr


So if anyone would know enough to sink the Zionist view of the Holocaust, and lead the Holocaust Deniers to triumph, who better could it be then the word’s smartest man, who had top Nazis reincarnated as his very disciples?

Either that or he is just a liar, a plain, darn, old fashioned, bullshitting liar. He swindled those girls out of $65 million, or he blew it through stupidity, and lied about it.

Either he is telling the truth or his lie was a $65 million dollar whopper.


Not a true picture but photo-shopped to depict an impression of Keith Raniere that the author has of him.



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[…] How did that happen? According to the FrankReport blog: […]

5 years ago

Keith & Co. have a problem with manipulating the truth to suit Keith’s own greed.

5 years ago

nothing says, “i’m sure the nazis did nothing wrong” like convincing people they were nazis in a past life and therefore have to work their whole lives to make up for it

5 years ago

I think there is trolling. I also think Nancy is the reincarnation of Adolph himself. I think Frank should add the appropriate mustache and hairstyle to her pic so we can compare the rwo.

Frank may be gettting trolled
Frank may be gettting trolled
5 years ago

Surely some of Mr. Parlato’s sources are actually trolls from the Raniere-verse. Even if Keith doesn’t do it or order it directly, surely some loyalists would plant outrageous stories hoping Frank would post them and thereby be discredited.

This is just the kind of extreme stuff I would expect to be planted for that purpoee.

Crazy Man dumb story
Crazy Man dumb story
5 years ago

And yet again, people believe this crazy mans stories. Not only that people are born again Nazis. Than the holocaust never happened. Than he Keith Raniere loses 68 Million dollars to the Bronfman Brats father who must really be the smartest man in the world who can manipulate the entire commodities market at just the right time so Raniere loses all 68 Million.
Rumor is Rainere kept trying to buy back the dollar and putting in more of the Brats money and losing it so they’d have to cough up more dough to bail him out of his addiction.
How is that their father fault? Maybe, Edgar Bronfman was playing mind control on Raniere.

5 years ago

Kill is a Dutch word for stream.

5 years ago

Another 5star post 🙂 Keep it up Frank. People have to be the very craziest to be friends and supporters of someone calling them reincarnated nazis! The world never needed the first nazis born let alone the same ones born again lol And the illuminati’s called “killuminati” sometimes. I know they wouldn’t want him for the arts, but maybe they’ll kill him!

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