This marvelous portrait of Sir Keith Raniere should be inspiration enough to beckon his "friends' to come out of the shadow and support their liege. Where art thou friends of Raniere? Come forward and be counted.

Report from the inside: Raniere not sleeping or eating well


Reports from inside prison:

Keith Raniere has been transferred to another “Special Section” of the Metropolitan Detention Center. This one does not require him to be locked down 23 hours per day and will give him some access to a TV.

According to sources, Raniere is having a difficult time adjusting to his new life – especially prison food and the fact that lights are on 24/7. He’s apparently not eating much or sleeping well – which is probably  OK because he claims to only need 2-hours of sleep per night and, as he taught his DOS slaves, a fully integrated person needs little food – about 500 calories per day.

Raniere’s probably going to have the rest of his life to get used to these things and ironically the very things he imposed on his slaves – little sleep and little good food – are now being imposed on him.

And there are those who do not believe in Karma.



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  • I’m betting what Keith misses most is access to his slaves and food and his comfy bed. He can handle the sleepless nights – he’s a big boy when it comes to that.

  • The worst thing you can do to a spoiled, hedonistic power freak is to take away his freedom. Keith had a good ride for decades, at the expense of many. He was never interested in helping anyone achieve anything. His is a cold, cold heart, and I do not weep for him.

    • Exactly OCD! Especially the ability to control others. VanGrifter is probably on the verge of a breakdown – not having followers to order around and people to look up to him. That is what being a Cult Leader is about – the control. Many times, these creeps will get a bigger high with ordering others to do their bidding, than actually carrying out the act themselves.

      Same thing with Koresh, Jim Jones, and Manson. It’s the CONTROL aspect that conveys POWER. Take that away, and the entire facade and fiction that the Cult Leader has built starts to collapse…

      • Thanks FN. Good points, especially the comparison to Jones and Koresh. Both started organizations that seemed gentle and benign at the time. Note the escalation that eventually resulted in so many deaths. What is chilling about KR is the similar gradual, escalation over the years.

  • So let me get this straight: because widdel Keithy is having problems going night night, he gets television? I’m no fan of bloodlust, but throw him back and cut him back to one book per week. Life ain’t a hot sauce pizza at Hooters.



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