Ex-lover: Raniere said 12-year old girls should have sex with adult men ‘if they’re ready’!

Rhiannon was 12 years old when Keith Raniere began tutoring her.

Readers of Frank Report have heard from this source before. But now with sex-slaver Keith Raniere behind bars in Brooklyn, more women are coming out and telling me their tales of horror, some telling me for the second and third time, and adding details. Most of them do not want their names to be revealed. This particular woman, who asked to remain anonymous, was for a short time a sister-wife of Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman, Dr. Danielle Roberts, Rosa Laura Junco and others. She was not branded.

One wonders if what Raniere told her, he also told the others and, somehow, they remained with the cult. This woman left. I think it warrants some review.

By A Woman Who Knew Raniere

Keith Raniere told me that having sex with a 12 year old girl is not wrong. The prohibition is a man made rule. Some girls are not ready at age 12, true, he said. But some 12 year old’s are ready to enjoy sex. People mature at different levels, he said. If a 12 year old is ready, there’s nothing wrong with having sex with her if there is no pain. Keith himself had sex with girls that young.

He told me how mothers in certain tribes [he did not say which] give their children oral sex to soothe them. Undernourished children who have no dinner are sometimes given fellatio by their mothers to help them sleep at night on an empty stomach. He also said that fathers should have sex with their teenage daughters since they are attracted to them because they look like their mothers when they were ‘young and nubile.’

There is nothing wrong with a 12 or 13 year old girl learning about sex from her father or a man she looks up to as a father figure, he said.

He also said that sex should be easy and fun, a game like playing tennis. Why make of it a big sacrosanct thing.  He said to me and evidently many others that his penis was covered by skin. So was his elbow or his hand. I wouldn’t object to touching his hand. He laughed when he presented me his elbow and said – are you afraid to touch the skin of my elbow?

He believed in polyamory but only for himself, not for the women he played with. He said I should have sex with him. It’s nothing more than playing tennis or the violin. But once I had sex with him, it was like ‘now you can never have sex with any other man the rest of your life.’ he said, the vibrations from other inferior men would disturb his deep connection to me on a psycho-spiritual way. If i had sex with another man – after we connected, it might kill him – from the inferior vibrations and it might kill me too since he was purifying me with every sex session.

It was funny. First, he said it was just a game and then he turned it into this big vibration thing. He said, I would have an avatar baby with him which turned me off since I already had two teenage girls and, frankly, I did not want any more children.

One last thing. I don’t know if he did this with others, but we had unprotected sex. What precautions he used then or since, I don’t know but with me he took none whatsoever.

I did not get any diseases from him, but I have heard that Allison and other women were deeply concerned about herpes.

I left him and slunk quietly away. He was a creep and I could see he might be a very dangerous character.

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  • OK I’m probably misremembering, but I have a vague recollection of an ex-NXIVM friend who left the cult telling me that Raniere was sexually molested by his abusive, overbearing alcoholic mother when he was in his early teens. Does that ring a bell for anyone else? I certainly don’t believe this would justify his future pedophilia, but it might help explain it.

    • Claimed he first had sex at 11 years old with an older woman. Some implication that his mother had difficulties with alcohol. Could be all lies – you never know with KR.

    • That is consistent with the Psychological Profile of a Cult Leader. I wrote about the commonalities and profile in my book. One of the factors is ‘Excessive aggrandizement based on childhood trauma, needs to compensate for childhood’.

      This is why Keith has a love/hate relationship with women. He tries to love them, but in his core, he wants to humiliate them and control them. You also see this with Charles Manson and some serial killers. Very dark.

  • I met the Dalai Lama before in Wisconsin, then spent time with him in India for my film. You can look me up on IMDB.

    I was recruited (actually tricked) into taking ESP after I saw a friend at the Albany event. But I saw the dark underbelly of NXSCUM after taking the classes and hanging out with Vancouver group.

    I know I’m going to be attacked, and false stuff said about me. But, people need to learn about NXSCUM.

    Keith Raniere is a very dangerous man. And I write about him and all the peeps I met along the way – Christine Collins, Brandon Porter, Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk, Sara Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, and Clare Bronfman.

    I’ve taken steps to protect myself and hope these crooks will be locked up soon!

      • Definitely so. Many of us will sleep 100% better. NXSCUM needs to be exposed and stopped.

    • Read your book – thanks for sharing your experience. Please note it is the Albany Times Union not the Albany Sun Times. Stay safe; he can be a tenacious and vindictive bastard (via his minions now that he is locked up)! I know I don’t want any of them anywhere near my life.

      • Not sure about buying the book. Is it written like formerNexian’s early childish posts on here where he obsessed about Kreuk and called people names like Allie Whack, Kristin Poop, Kristin Kook, Halloween breath etc? Also not sure how accurate it would be if he thinks Kreuk recruited Edmondson or as he preferred to spell it Edmonton

        Litecoin Baby [ETH]
        ‏ @LitecoinBaby
        Mar 26
        Replying to @NXIVMInfo @Peaceful_411

        Wrong! Kreuk recruited Sarah Edmonton.

        Litecoin Baby [ETH]
        ‏ @LitecoinBaby
        Mar 26
        Replying to @kdsmurray @eorden

        Truth hurts. Look it up. It started with weasel Mark Hildreth who brought in Kristin Kreuk. Kreuk then recruited Allison Mack and Sarah Edmonton

        • You can download a sample chapter on Kindle and read it. This book is written in True Crime genre about Cults. This is my third published novel. Nothing to joke about…

          It also includes FBI reports, Psychological Profile of a Cult leader, and FBI-alleged crimes of senior NXIVM members.

          The book is not about Kristin. The book is about NXIVM and the twisted world of Keith Raniere. But, KK does make an appearance…

          • If you want to sell your NXIVM book, your sample chapter should be one dealing with interesting things about THIS CULT, not one briefly recounting other cults.

    • Kristin Kreuk isn’t going to even be charged, let alone indicted, tried or convicted. Get over yourself. You sound like someone who joined NXIVM to get some actors to work on your project or hook up with one of them and when they refused now you’re taking it out on them here. You sound so jilted.

      • I never said she was going to be charged with any crimes. However, she did 1) recruit dozens of women into NXIVM, 2) abandon Allison Mack who then became a sex slaver and branded women, 3) appear glazed at trainings, while having no personal hygiene, 4) go on special trips to Necker Island, 5) appear so brainwashed that her production crew didn’t want to work with her.

        • What is your proof for these?

          1) Only two people she’s referred/recruited took part in the sash path. Kendra Voth and Allison Mack. Kendra left a long time ago, even before Kristin. The rest probably took a few courses, got whatever they needed out of it or not, and then quit. Who are these dozens of people who came in and became like Allison Mack?
          2) Allison is a grown woman. She made her own bed figuratively and literally.
          3) A subjective experience contradicted by many others including people who have had their letters posted on this site.
          4) So what? Who wouldn’t want to go to a private tropical island on a private jet and have a good time. This was way before DOS happened.
          5) I’ve never read or heard this anywhere from anyone else. So far, you’re the only one who has claimed such.

          • Ahhhh…Sultan! I put some material about Kristin Kreuk in my book just for you. So, you can add that to your KK shrine. Just kidding.

            I had the same production team – Radius Squared in Vancouver. Radius Squared filmed Allison’s and Kristin’s short vids/films. Radius originally did the Girls by Design filming. My friend Matt Lyons was flown to Thailand to shoot some Girls by Design stuff for Kristin and Kendra. Same crew – Matt, Kaleena, Galen.

            Everything is there in the book – names, places, dates. Sorry to shatter your dream Sultan…

          • So they filmed things for her and one guy flew to Thailand to do the same, yet they didn’t want to work with her because she was so brainwashed? That makes no sense. All I’ve seen, read, or heard is people with names going on the record vouching for her and even some anonymous people doing the same, yet you and only anonymous posters stating otherwise.

            Like I said, you sound jilted.

            And my dreams were killed a long time ago.

          • I think Kristin hosting classes at her home is very troubling.
            Inviting recruits to her home, to meet her…and be indoctrinated into the cult was being more than the passive poster girl I had assumed she was.
            I still doubt she knew (at the time) of the sexual evils of the cult when she did this…but hosting classes at her home shows active recruiting.
            Her hands aren’t clean….

          • No one said she was a passive poster girl. MLMs ask their participants to recruit. It’s part of their business model and there is nothing nefarious about it, otherwise all MLMs would be illegal and they’re not. It’s how they bring in business. If referring/recruiting people to companies was some evil or illegal then companies that you are a customer of which ask you to bring in your friends or families with promises of discounts would be immoral or breaking the law, and it is not.

            Kristin’s hands are only dirty because she dipped them into the NXIVM waters and they used her credibility and returned the favor by sullying her name via guilt by association several years after the fact. She should’ve stayed away in the first place. But she could’ve never known that it would devolve into the DOS sex-cult over a period of several years as its egotistical leader became more and more arrogant in what he thought he could get away with. Otherwise, it was a group that was teaching and taking a ripped off amalgam of HPM seminars (which means it wasn’t even VanFraud’s own creation) that had a number of her friends and co-workers in it and that she thought helped her and could help other people.

          • Yes, NXIVM required members to recruit, and Kristin did.
            Just because only two of her recruits (that we know of) took the sash-path doesn’t absolve her of actively recruiting all the others at her home, for one example. The fact they never rose high, or dropped out (after their money ran out or minds woke up) doesn’t absolve her.
            That Kristin was mindfucked herself, of course, is a mitigating factor. But even if her brain was washed, her hands are still dirty.

          • To absolve means to free from guilt, which presupposes the latter. Guilt implies something wrong was done. Who says she did anything wrong? She recruited for self-help seminars with an intent to help people. She didn’t recruit for illegal activities or for women to become part of a master/slave sex cult. So there is nothing she should feel guilty for. The slippery slope and guilt by association fallacies have already been repeatedly stated. There are too many other causal factors and agents involved. Unless you have evidence that she was tied to illegal activities or that she was involved and knew about the sex cult, you have nothing. When a large group, company, team, association, etc., whatever, devolves long after you’re gone from it, you aren’t responsible for it.

          • Look, I know and appreciate that this is a free forum, but why does every topic seem to devolve into celebrities: who knew what when, who is a victim vs. perpetrator, etc.? There are some extremely heated discussions here, when it seems the facts are not yet all in. I think everything will sort out in due time. I predict the toughest nut to crack will be Clare Bronfman, with her gazillions, remote private island, and non-US influence. What I appreciate about FN’s observations is the very pertinent comparison of Keith Raniere to other cult leaders. We cannot understand Raniere if we do not look to those before him. (Paraphrasing:) “Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.” This man is DANGEROUS – all the signs are there. Luckily he was curtailed before anything similar to the Jonestown or Waco massacres occurred. I for one am secretly pleased that Raniere is being deprived of good sleep and food. I am no sadist, but it’s a strange karma in that he imposed the same conditions on his slaves / devotees / lovers without one iota of compunction. Without losing one wink of his eight-hour daytime naps. Keith, you will eventually learn to appreciate the crumbs you get in the prison system. Cornbread, Jello, beans, and the occasional hot dog. Bet your ladies would have loved some of those, at times.

        • Allison Mack was abandoned?? Catherine Oxenberg can’t even get her own daughter out of the cult even with her grandmother trying to help. What was Kreuk supposed to do when Mack reportedly had her own parents and sister supporting her cult involvement — kidnap a 30 year old Mack?

          And the Variety article which doesn’t even mention Kreuk says, “In Vancouver, Mack became enamored of the ESP courses and continued to move through higher levels. She sought to recruit her “Smallville” co-workers and other friends to sign up for ESP offerings, multiple sources confirmed.”

          Interestingly, Kreuk, who wasn’t even in the last two seasons of Smallville, attended the show’s final wrap party along with her friends from the CAST and CREW, unlike Allison Mack who was mysteriously absent.

    • “I was recruited (actually tricked) into taking ESP”

      How could you be tricked? Previously you wrote: “Before I first started with NXIVM, people in the film community warned me about Kreuk. They said that Kreuk was the brainwashed one, and Allison Mack was just dabbling with NXIVM.”

      Did you think you were joining a different cult or something?

      • When I met Keith in Albany, he was not like his reputation at all. And that is my point, these Cults have shifted from religion to self-help. And that is the whole point, you could be taking classes (and be in a cult) and not even realize it. That’s how people like India Oxenberg get sucked in.

        You’re taught about Ethics, improving the planet, whatever your gig is – but that is just the Cult bringing you in closer, and closer.

        And after a few EMs, you get the thousand-yard stare. And you get drawn in further, and further…

  • Anyone who has ever had sex with Keith Raniere is fucking stupid and easily manipulated, obviously. I can’t believe all these half-wit, new age, fucking pseudo-spiritual assholes fell for his shit. You got brainwashed by an ugly, sociopathic, narcissistic rapist. Good job, dipshits. Good job.

    • Let’s get this straight once and for all, the hard truth is that Keith Raniere has an itsty-bitsy teeny-weenie that often gets lost inside of his male bikini. It ain’t “tiny,” it’s teeny, as in teeny weenie! His boyfriend, Anthony Weineir, has a picture of it on his phone and so does buddy, Eric Schneiderman.

  • I’ve heard that about VanGrifter before – he uses the ‘some African tribes’ excuse, which is totally bogus.

    I wanted to thank everyone for all the support and kindness. It’s been hard to talk about some of these experiences. Nevertheless, it’s important for people to know how NXIVM brainwashes people, shatters families, and destroys lives. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

    The First Book on NXIVM is out – it’s called American Cult. It’s my book. Please feel free to email me any questions.


    Thank you all for the Support!
    – Omar R.

    • I hope writing it has helped you heal, and I hope you sell loads and loads of copies.

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wP9m_6EJ5Xw

      You do indeed have my sympathies if you ever got entangled with the Raniere-verse. And telling your story is useful, assuming that it is true and not embellished or invented.

      But there are some professional ethics issues to be addressed about the subject of the above youtube video….

    • Omar W. Rosales, J.D., is an American Writer, Anthropologist, Expedition Leader, and Television Host best known for his book, “Elemental Shaman”. Rosales travels the World to profile Spiritual Masters and transmit their messages for humanity. Famous interviewees include His Holiness, the 17th Karmapa and His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama.

      A student of noted Mayanists William R. Fowler, Arthur Demarest, and Edward Fischer, Rosales graduated with an Honors degree in Anthropology and Economics from Vanderbilt University in the late 1990s. After college, he served as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps. His assignments included two overseas tours in Japan. Rosales subsequently graduated from The University of Texas School of Law in 2005.

      An experienced hiker and expedition leader, Rosales currently lives in the Pacific Northwest. A member of the American Alpine Club and the Royal Geographical Society, Omar holds a doctorate in Law.

      • The Kindle preview of the “American Cult: NXIVM Exposed” book by Omar W. Rosales (written “somewhere in Texas, March 30, 2018”) claims that the author is on a first-name basis with Keith Raniere and “Allie” Mack because he knows them personally.

        The “Elemental Shaman” book was published in 2009, and the Omar W. Rosales that wrote it was said to live in Vancouver, and to have gone to law school at UT Austin in 2005.

        It’s easy to believe that someone with such interests in Vancouver in 2009 would be recruited by the local ESP chapter and meet Allison Mack. He probably went to a V-Week or two, where he could have met Raniere. He perhaps also took an advanced course in Albany.

        The Omar W. Rosales in the youtube clip is an Austin Texas lawyer in the business of threatening to sue 400 Austin small businesses for violations of Americans with Disability Act (mostly without merit or immediately fixed when pointed out), but collecting a few thousand dollars per case to settle the remainder. His law license was suspended for 3 years for that. He is doing it again to health care providers, claiming their web sites (!) violate the ADA. This time he may get disbarred.

        The Texas lawyer has a bump on his face between his lip and chin. The “Elemental Shaman” author’s picture has the same bump. They are clearly the same person.

      • “J.D.” is the abbreviation for “Juris Doctor,” but that is not at all the same as an advanced degree like a Ph.D. that would qualify someone to teach at a law school. So saying “Omar holds a doctorate in Law” is just blowing hot air.

        • What do you think Juris Doctor translates to?
          The Juris Doctor degree (J.D. or JD), is known as the Doctor of Jurisprudence degree…and Jurisprudence is another word for Law…hence, he holds a doctorate in Law.

  • A few things are off in Keith’s beliefs:

    1. Keith never had sex when he was 12. He was always a book-wormy, geeky looking motherfucker. With a super small penis and bad hygiene. He likely had his first sex at 25 and only because he figured out how to defraud women by claiming he’s a genius. He could have been a young pedophile then though sleeping with younger children. I wouldn’t put that past him.

    2. I understand the concept of brainwashing. But as soon as a man says it’s ok to be a pedophile, wouldn’t many of these women have left? What he’s saying is contrary to most beliefs other than those of some very backwards countries with extremist religious beliefs. And aren’t some of these women still in the cult? God damn what’s wrong with these people? There’s certain lines you do not cross. Child molestation, rape and most murders are those lines. Maybe he didn’t say this to everyone. No idea.

    3. Keith does have herpes and all of these women should get checked. I have that from a highly reliable source. Because you slept with him doesn’t mean you have it, but you should get checked. I’m looking at you Allison Mack – oh wait – you can’t leave your home for an STD test. Sucks to be you.

    4. If having sex with other men will kill Keith, I invite all the women from the harem to go buck wild and have sex with many men. Sigh. If only it were so.

    It’s hard to judge anyone in this situation but pedophelia and promoting it should have been a giant red flag.

    • Pedophelia,

      1. I think Raniere did have sex when he was 12. His “partner” was his right hand…or is he left-handed?

      2. Have you ever heard of the story about putting a frog in lukewarm water and raising the heat slowly vs. putting one in hot water?

      3. Raniere not wanting the women to have sex with other men was a method of him not getting a disease, but even if they complied, they could have had sex before they met him, so it didn’t work very well. Not very smart for the smartest man on the planet.

      4. Having sex with other men only damages him if they then have sex with him again. That looks like it will be pretty improbable, with his cellmate “Bubba” being his only future source of sex, if that’s what you want to call the hershey highway treatment.

  • VanDumb doesn’t believe any of the nonsense that comes out of his mouth when he talks about psycho-spirituality, vibrations, and other New Age mumbo jumbo. It was just a game of toying with women and seeing how easily he could get them to drop their panties and sleep with him with all the bullshit he says.

    • @ Robert Browning:

      If you’re going to troll on a site, or blame the Jews, at least know your subject.

      For the rest of you, who doubt the idea that Jews play a large role in many of the problems facing the world, I would encourage you to read the following books (& you too, R. Browning):

      Jews Must Live – by Samuel Roth (a Jew himself)

      The Invention of the Jewish People – by Shlomo Sand (also Jewish, a historian at the Univ. of Tel Aviv; book spent 19 weeks as an International bestseller).

      The Jews and Their Lies – by Martin Luther (founder of the Lutheran Church).

      The Talmud Unmasked – JB Pranaitis (Hebrew Language professor, Lithuanian Catholic Priest).

      The Myth of German Villainy – Benton Bradberry (well-rounded 20th century history book, which talks about the TRUTH behind Communism, which was a Jewish movement, and the mischaracterization of Germany as history’s ultimate villain).

      The World Conquerors – by Louis Marschalko (a Hungarian who had firsthand experience with Jewish Communism, and a well-researched read).

      The Myth of the Six Million – David L. Hoggan (well-researched, and will turn any truly openminded person into a “Holocaust Denier”, which is the ONLY aspect of history where questioning the official narratives is a criminal offense in some countries).

      Finally, to end on a nice note:

      The problems that are “the fault of Jews” do NOT, I repeat, do NOT involve each and every Jew in the world. Your friendly dentist is not part of a global conspiracy to take over the world, and enslave the hated Goyim. Most Jews, are just like anybody else – trying to get through life, without too many problems, and with a little love, happiness, and peace. To categorically believe that EVERY Jew is “secretly plotting, and out to get you” is not only narrowminded, oversimplistic, and plain stupid, it is also simply not true.

      In peaceful regards,


      • And now we have gone from assholes shoving their political beliefs down our throats, moving on to the ever delightful topic of religion.

        There are good and bad people of every variety.

  • Keith Raniere likes 12 year old girls because that is Raniere’s mental age.
    And all of the adult women in NXIVM, a group that was about 80% female, saw nothing wrong with Keith Raniere!

    These NXIVM women continued to serve Raniere and prostate themselves before their perverted Vanguard.

    BTW if humans don’t copulate like rabbits, they don’t have to worry about herpes.

    This article uses the phrase “sister wife” a phrase often used by Mormon women in polygamous households.
    The NXIVM women should have read about the Mormon Patriarch Brigham Young who had an estimated 27 wives.
    Brigham Young had so many wives that he would forget who they were.
    Young would tell a woman “You look familiar.” She would then have to tell him that they were married and Brigham Young would look it up to confirm it.

    These Mormon women would constantly feud among themselves to determine who would sleep with Brigham Young next.
    Is that a lifestyle that modern, empowered American women want?

    NXIVM is the exact opposite of female empowerment.

    • That’s exactly what a Trump-lover just like yourself (aka american_gadfly on reddit and on shadowpeople subreddit, Americangadfly2 on twitter) would say. You like retweeting Trump. Go #MAGA, right shadow? Trump supporters almost got pedophile Roy Moore elected.

      Keith Raniere likes 12-year-old girls because he’s a pedophile. In case you need the definition, a pedophile is “an adult who is sexually attracted to children.”

    • Shadowstate, your fans seem to follow you wherever you go.
      Fascinating you are so important to these people that they need to be obsessed with you.

      • “Maturity is the capacity to use one’s intelligence without the guidance of another.”

        “The ability to tell right from wrong is the result of our ability to think”

        “Morality is not properly the doctrine of how we make ourselves happy, but how we make ourselves worthy of happiness.”

        “Have the courage to use your own intelligence.”

        Immanuel Kant

        • Yes Larry! also, whenever you’re about to do something or say something – think – if everyone were to do the same thing, would that be good for everyone or bad? if good -go ahead, if bad – refrain.

          The Categorical Imperative – helping people do the right thing since 1785!

    • What’s in New York’s water? That’s where Mormonism started, where the largest Amway scam artist, Dexter Yager got started, Eric Schneiderman, Anthony Weiner, Harvey Weinstein, and where Raniere came from. Plus, Bill Cosby (Philly, close enough). I probably missed a few. Even Bill Clinton is jealous of that track record. They should start their own #metoo movement, with the opposite meaning.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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