India Oxenberg homeless; gets ‘downhill’ treatment from Clare Bronfman


By Frank Parlato

NXIVM slave India Oxenberg is getting the ‘downhill’ treatment.

She has been identified as co -conspirator #2 in the federal criminal complaint against Keith Raniere and is in legal jeopardy.

Her slave master, Allison Mack, identified as co conspirator #1 , was arrested on charges of sex trafficking and forced labor. Mack posted $5 million bail, and was released from jail on condition she speak to no one connected to NXIVM – – including India.

Allison defected from the slave cult she helped build. India has not been arrested yet.

Sources say Clare Bronfman is NOT paying for India’s lawyer.  There has been bad blood between the two women since 2012 when Bronfman wanted India to be her slave. India declined. Bronfman, an aggressive slave master, requires attractive slaves to bed her. She was offended when India did not find that a palatable option.

India became Allison’s slave instead. Now India is without a slave master. Her Grand Master, Keith Raniere, known also as Vanguard, has been denied bail and is unable to give orders from his prison cell in Brooklyn.

Bronfman holds the slave cult together. Some think it strange Bronfman is not supporting India. After all, how much would it cost to take care of her needs? India works at a vegan cafe for low wages. She is homeless.

India could be a valuable witness.  If she were to testify for the prosecution, she could truthfully tell all she knows and sink Raniere and the entire cult.  On the other hand, if India sides with Raniere, she could lie and testify that everything in the cult was consensual and dispute testimony of alleged victims who claim they were coerced.

India cannot side with Allison, who is scrambling to make a plea deal and will likely testify against Raniere and India too, if need be. [Happily Allison is getting deprogrammed  and the psychiatric help she so sorely needs.]

Clare Bronfman wanted pretty India Oxenberg to be her sex-slave. India demurred. Bronfman got angry. Now India is homeless.  There is a story making the NXIVM rounds: India was asked if she regretted turning down the wealthy Clare Bronfman’s offer to be her sex slave. India is said to have quipped, “Yes I regret it every day, but I’m happy about it every night!”


Pretty India Oxenberg rebuffed Clare Bronfman and chose Allison Mack to be her slave master instead. Now that Allison has defected, India is facing the consequences.

Before she was arrested, Allison paid $10,000 to India’s lawyer, Tom Engel. He is with the law firm, Engel Thornburgh & McCarney LLP.   But $10,000 is not much for criminal defense.

Conversely, Bronfman has likely paid a fortune to her lawyer, Dennis Burke, the former Obama-appointed US Attorney for Arizona, best known for his cover-up in the Fast and Furious drug and gun running scheme of the DOJ and his forced resignation to quell the growing cry for a serious criminal investigation. Burke was rewarded for his illegal efforts and taking the fall for a corrupt DOJ, by being appointed to a top advisory board position with the DOJ – the same agency prosecuting Raniere.  Burke is well-wired at the DOJ – at the highest levels, and undoubtedly Bronfman believes she is insulated from prosecution. You don’t arrest Bronfmans in the USA.

Bronfman is also said to be confident – with Burke’s influence – that she can get Raniere freed and prove herself the heroine to Vanguard and assume her proper wifely role, ministering ever-after to his every need.

In addition to paying her own high-priced, influence-peddling lawyer, Bronfman probably paid $1 million in retainers for Raniere’s team of lawyers, from lead lawyer Paul DerOhanassian to the law firm of Ben Brafman.

India has no money to pay for a lawyer. And India Oxenberg is not above the law like a Bronfman.  India does not have a home. She was staying with Mack in her apartment at 111 Hicks in Brooklyn Heights. When Allison was arrested, India ran away and stayed at the home of hairdresser, Cedric F. Celik, who runs CC salon AKA Cedric Celik.

Hairdresser Cedric F. Celik, provides the front for the sex-slaver recruiting of NXIVM at his salon at 10 W. 37th Street.

Celik, a loyal supporter of the sex-slaver cult, provides the front for slave recruitment at his salon on 10 W 37th St. in New York.

So let’s recap: Clare retained Dennis Burke, the above-the-law, DOJ-connected attorney. Raniere’s got a team of five high priced lawyers. Allison’s got two lawyers, reportedly paid $150,000 up front, possibly by Clare and is said to be making a deal.

India works at a vegan restaurant, is homeless, and has a lone attorney paid a mere $10,000.

And shit flows downhill.


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Frank Parlato


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  • Sarah Edmondson reports she was branded in Clifton Park in New York State in March 2017.

    The Milwaukee Sentinel tracked down records of accused NXIVM brander Dr. Danielle Roberts’ work in Wisconsin for a hospital staffing temp agency.

    “Spencer Sutherland, senior public relations manager, said Roberts was an independent contractor who his firm assigned to Wisconsin hospitals for two stints — from October 2012 to November 2013 and from March 2016 to July 2017. She has not taken any assignments through his firm since then. That is consistent with other records.”

    So it apppears that Dr. Roberts had a job in Wisconsin in March 2017 when Sarah Edmondson was branded. It’s possible of course that she flew back to Albany for the brandings.

    Note that the July 2017 end date is close to the June 2017 breaking of the DOS branding story by Frank Report.

    “Caryn Kaufman, a spokeswoman for Ascension Wisconsin, said Roberts was never employed directly by St. Mary’s but worked for a staffing agency that provided temporary workers for the hospital. Ascension owns St. Mary’s and its affiliates.

    “As soon as we learned of her alleged behavior in New York, we immediately notified the placement agency and revoked approval of Danielle Roberts for any future assignments at any of our sites of care,” Kaufman said.”

    The newspaper also reported that Dr. Roberts was recruiting patients to NXIVM-related Exo|Eso:

    “One of her former St. Mary’s patients told the Journal Sentinel that Roberts tried to persuade him to attend a 16-day seminar hosted by exo/eso, an affiliate of Nxivm that she runs. She has posted a 20-minute video online in which she talks about “creating belief systems for miraculous healing.”

    Such 16-day seminars are said to cost up to $7,500. “

    • Danielle Roberts could be in two places at once because she wasn’t full-time at St. Marys: “Dorsey said Roberts told him that she worked at St. Mary’s one week a month.”

      Also, Roberts was disheveled:

      “But what struck Dorsey the most, he said, was the doctor’s “disheveled appearance” and the fact that she seemed to be operating in “some kind of a haze.” On his final day in the hospital, he searched her name online, finding out about her ties to Raniere and the allegations that she branded his followers.

      He said he then filed a complaint on St. Mary’s website, linking to a news story on the sex cult and Roberts. In response, he got a note thanking him for the information and vowing to follow up. The note had a request for confidentiality. He has heard nothing since.

      “Hospitals should not have staff members doing torture and branding routines in cults,” Dorsey said.

      If he was able to find this information using Google, Dorsey said, he believed the hospital should have been able to do the same.

      He noted that Raniere teaches a philosophy that “pain is love,” according to news accounts.

      “So, basically, I go to get healed and end up with a doctor whose cult believes that pain is necessary in loving relationships,” Dorsey said in an email. “I can’t make this stuff up!”

  • I’m curious as to what the prosecution might offer her. My very limited knowledge of how plea bargains work is that they might let her plead guilty to a lesser offense. For example, maybe plea guilty to blackmail but not sex trafficking?

  • While Laura is busy with other things, I thought I would share this article from Vanity Fair (which brought us the heiresses and the cult)

    Not only did Allison try to spread the Jness message to Kelly Clarkson and Emma Watson, there were also about 4-5 feminist authors that Allison attempted to spread the litany too.

  • Here’s an interesting update! Makes me wonder if someone from Keith Raniere’s group has been trying to change things online.

    Previously ( about 3 days ago ), you used to be able to go to and type in without quotes “Keith Raniere”

    And it would show him on the right this.

    “Born: 1950 (age 68 years), New York City, New York, United States
    Headquarters: Colonie, New York
    Key people: Keith Raniere (founder); Nancy Salzman (president)”

    Then there would be a ton of photos of him.

    Now, all the photos of him are gone.

    And below it, it has ONE SINGLE photo of Emiliano Salanis

    Which says SEE RESULTS FOR

    If you click that, it then takes you to the ORIGINAL page of what was there.

    Very odd.

    • Much of that first set of “data” is wrong. Keith was born in 1960 he is 57 and will be 58 in August.This blurb is more accurate – See results about

      Keith Raniere (American author)
      Born: August 26, 1960 (age 57 years), Brooklyn, New York City, NY
      Education: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

      But it has Emiliano’s picture. They photo of Emiliano is from his “Conversation with Keith”. Keith is in that picture to the right of EMI. But they snipped the picture of the wrong person or it was intentional.

    • Not so odd. Google was probably asked to remove the search results…The request was not necessarily by NXIVM, either..


    The young woman looked fit as a fiddle on Saturday — because she’s finally able to eat, an insider told The Post.

    India Oxenberg appeared healthy as she spent a day at work at the East Village vegetarian restaurant PlantMade, where she is a manager.

    Asked about her worried family members Saturday, India Oxenburg said, “I talk to them every day.”

    Asked whether she wanted to comment on the federal probe of the cult and if she was in any way involved, India said, “No, you can talk to my lawyer, though.”

    Lawyer Carla DiMare would only say, “India is a remarkable young woman . . . She’s just a young woman and she’s being thrust into this. She’s a remarkable woman, and she’s a great person.”

  • Mack back in court on Thursday, a lot more will unfold between now and then

  • It makes no sense that Clare Bronfman isn’t providing legal counsel for all of the slaves. Then again, Clare’s been in a cult almost half her life. Thinking clearly is beyond her.

  • With Raniere in jail, Mack defected and Clare’s indictment on the way, how is there even still a cult for India to be involved with? I’m sure Clare knows her time is up as Mack will spill the beans; therefore, no reason for Clare to help India

  • That picture of Clare is really disturbing. Just look at those eyes….no….on second thought don’t look too closely….you might need therapy if you do.

    • That’s actually the best picture I’ve ever seen of her. All of the others are much less flattering. If I didn’t know who she was and what she does, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed based on that picture.

      • You imagine that any sentient creature would be in bed with you? Scott Johnson of Texas who sells Amway and fondles sheep and caresses guns?? Thank you for the laugh.

      • All these idiot in here are x members..u from Texas so u must be a molesteR
        Gun loving York jews uppity fools
        JNESS-JEWNESS..middles age women with nothing to god belsen was eh gas

        • By which I mean it’s not so much a choice since most people in abusive relationships don’t jump into them knowing they will be abused

        • Sure, kinda the same thing that saying “she didn’t say no” after raping a woman who’d have to much to drink and just couldn’t talk…

          • It’s completely different. This is not rape. These damn women chose to be in there and have sex with each other. Don’t give me this rape crap. They chose to get branded. They could have walked away.

            It can’t even be compared to going for a drink and then being raped. Bad analogy.

            They have a brain. Damn well use it. Don’t give me this rape crap.

          • Take Responsibility. You are clearly an uneducated moron. Educate yourself on cults before opening your stupid mouth.

    • Here we go with the “victim” thing again. She’s not a victim. We have something called the age of consent. If they are above a certain age, they have the ability to consent. These gals consented. The fact that they could not see past any manipulation is , well, beside the point. They need to be judged on the CRIMES they committed or abetted or covered-up. Plain and simple.

      India: call me. I am not far away. It’s warm here

      • Hiram, they should put you in the MDC along with Keith Raniere. You guys share the same misogynistic values. He will also teach you how to suck his dick and to have an asshole as big as you are.

        • Vanguard called me with his one weekly phone call. He told me to take care of her. He’s very concerned.

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      • you can still be a victim of rape above the age of consent. if you couldnt, Janes 1 and 2 would have no case. they were manipulated into having sex with Keith so their collateral wouldnt be released. they technically agreed and went allng on those conditions. it is rape because they were trapped and didnt really have a choice.

  • Slave to Clare Bronfman. Sounds like they were passing each other around. Women having women, men having men, women having men and so on. I think they are all going to need testing for STDs after this

    • Vangardasil and company are going to have civil suits out the wazoo. Exposure to sexually transmitted disease from sleeping with how many women, several hundred, some of them young women, underage women, teenagers, pre-teens–the odds of one of them carrying HPV is certain. We haven’t heard much about medical care within NXIVM, aside from Raniere claiming the ability to cure cancer in the elder Salzman. The same ‘treatment’ also apparently causing the unnecessary death of Cafritz. Any woman who had sexual contact with him should be tested right away.

  • There’s a lot of divergent claims about her…

    -“She’s talking to her grandmother…”
    -“She’s probably already made a deal…”
    -“She’s eating again and seems healthy…”


    -“She doesn’t want to talk to her mother…”
    -“She’s willing to take the blame and go to prison…”
    -“She’s still sex slave team…”
    -“She’s working in one of the cult’s front…”
    -“She’s staying at one of the cult loyal supporter’s place…”

    So which is it ? And what’s the point to tell that basically nobody really knows…?!

    Unfortunatly the balance doesn’t help to be optimistic here.

    • Fact, she spoke to her grandmother when her grandmother was here. She refused to speak to Catherine. Catherine returned to Los Angeles with a heavy heart as Princes Elizabeth could not reason with India.

      Fact: Fuat “Cedrik” Celik, is a long time NYC Espian and coach (see the coaches list from the old SID blog). He recently gave India her shorter hair cut. see India’s IG account He obviously is still devout and loyal if he is harboring DOS slaves. Another associate at the salon is also a long time Espian (Frederic Boudet).

      Speculation: She is eating again. In my opinion: India does look better than when I and the committee saw her last fall. Back then, her hair was thinning and she looked haggard and pale. She spent most of November and December with her dads on the West Coast, only returning East in January for coaches summit where she reunited with Allison it appears. Short of that appearance in the Capital District, it appears she moved on to NYC and has been there since.

      To the best of my knowledge – Plant Made NYC is not an ESPIAN front, unless you consider it to be one because two DOS slaves are employed there. It is owned by VEGAN chef Matthew Kenney who has his own litany of lawsuits against him from a failed vegan culinary school to unpaid rent and failed restaurant projects.

      Requires Clarification from the reporter: I was under the impression that Clare was not a slave master or even a member of DOS because she was not liked by the other girls. Year 2012 appears to be a typo. India first took a course in 2011 with her mother, and was not in NYS until late 2015 early 2016. She was dating Michel Chernitzky up until about this point. Seems unlikely that Clare and India would even have crossed paths.

      My opinion. Clare Bronfman is not above the law. Her father is no longer alive. Edgar Bronfman, Sr. may have had the power to call in favors to keep his daughter(s) out of jail but that should no longer be the case. Clare and Sara share a sperm donor with their other Bronfman siblings and appear to be what they are the odd ducks of one of their fathers marriages.

      • Thank you for the clarification.

        I don’t know much about US laws but I’m hopefull you’re right about Clare B. I don’t think either that there’s any risk she escapes to a non-extradition country as I’ve read in some previous articles comments.

        While in theory, she could have, she wants to stay close to her guru, And international tensions haven’t been that high since the cold war, most countries would avoid at any cost making things worse by welcoming her, including (especially ?) Russia and China now. Even North Korea since yesterday…
        Venezuela, Iran and Syria maybe, but not sure she’d go to any of those dream locations.

      • Your logic is flawed. Just because someone is giving shelter to someone who doesn’t have a home, doesn’t imply that person is devout or anything other than a decent human being. He might be devout and loyal, but your reasoning points to your own twisted mind.

    • Just another fat bitch
      Who cares
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  • I know from personal experience that a good therapist can really shift how you see things. With regards to India, it’s tough to believe that she won’t go back to her mom if the only other option is sleeping on the street.

    • Chick is well off your concern is vapid shit water
      Sleeping on street..go do some house work
      Bored jewgurl

  • “There has been bad blood between the two women since 2012 when Bronfman wanted India to be her slave.”

    Frank, are you saying “slaves” (DOS?) existed since 2012?

    I understood they only started in the last 2-3 years, not 6 years ago

    • There is a lot of misinformation being spewed but I must ask, If Frank was fired a long time ago, where’s he getting this information about India?

  • Woohoo!!! Awesome news. May that soon be the case for India, Nicki, and any others remaining as well.

    • For all I can tell, it’s nothing but a wild guess from Frank. I have not seen anywhere else that Allison is in treatment. Given the fact that she is under house arrest, it seems rather unlikely.

      • While under house arrest, you can still go to places approved by the court, such as work or, I imagine, Doctor’s appointments. Doesn’t mean it’s true but I hope it is. And I likwise pray India and Nicki get help as well. If nothing else, they’ll have themselves back.

      • Especially if it’s part of whatever plea bargain she is working on.

      • “For all I can tell it’s nothing but a wild guess from Frank.” Wait, you’re not a journalist? A journalist with sources? Well, fancy that. Maybe that’s why you don’t have a blog.

        The people I’ve known who’ve worshiped Athena were all men and all were woke on the outside (superficially) but not on the inside. Like Keith Raniere.

    • Yes, hopefully, Allison will come out of her stupor and have more appreciation for her crimes while serving 10-20 (or more). If Allison was a dude, would you have as much sympathy for her? Of course not; that’s what makes you a sexist.

      • If Allison was a dude, she wouldn’t have become Keith Raniere’s target.

        You’re an idiot, Scott Johnson of Texas who sells Amway and fondles sheep. A sexist idiot without compassion for other humans.

        • Allison used her gender to make a Hollywood career and then a career in NXIVM
          recruiting slaves.

          Those who live by the sword die by the sword.

          Ms. Mack is not an innocent victim.

          Allison was the would be new “Queen Bee” of NXIVM after the death of Pam Caffritz.

        • U eh loser..tex is right
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      • Grandma’s Yugoslavia was a thing prior to WW2. There is not much to go back to after the communists took over.

        • I wanted to say that too !

          But maybe leaving the US for Europe wouldn’t be such a bad idea to heal and start over…

          • And where is she supposed to go? She might get a Serbian passport and could live in a country with a different language, which she can neither read nor speak. How is that supposed to work?

            She would need Visa for all the other European countries. Malta is selling them for $250k each and is English speaking. You could have luck in Cyprus as well. You need to own a house of some value and you can apply for a Passport.

          • F.D.C. Willard,

            If the grandmother used to be a princess in Yugoslavia, she might have the oportunity to choose any nationality within the countries created from it (including Slovenia and Croatia who are UE countries, therefore all of UE would be open), and same for her descendants.

            If she still holds a Princess title, she may also has a diplomatic status (I used to work in an airport and every single prince and princess I’ve met during that time had a diplomatic passport…).

            I can’t say for sure obviously but I wouldn’t be surprised if she had more connections to make it happen than most of us.

          • She was born in 1936, which means she either left after the German/Italian occupation or after the Communist takeover which would make her 4 or 9 when she lost all her privileges. And those princes with diplomatic status are representatives of their countries.

            She is just a normal person by now. And she has a Serbian passport and tried to run for some office in Belgrade. This means most likely no EU passport for her. Even if she gets one, there will be no country left in the EU with English being the first language but Malta and Ireland where she could go.

            On top of that most countries in the EU require you to hand in your old passport. She would have to decide if she wanted to move over and give up her American citizenship or not.

          • Yeah it became so much better. There was a civil war which went on from the late 80s to 2001. So much better…

            Man you dumb Rednecks should stop watching Fox News.

      • No such thing anymore.
        Yugoslavia existed as a state only from 1918 to 1992.
        From 1918 to 1945 it was the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.
        From 1945 to 1992 it was the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
        Then followed a bloody civil war and as of 2006 even the last remnants – Serbia and Montenegro – decided to part ways.

  • There’s nothing worse than women slave masters fighting over their slaves.

    How in 21st Century America do we have white middle class women owning slaves and operating harems?
    And all the while talking about female empowerment!

    • Think about this the next time that any political group claims there is a “war on women”…

        • “The Women” was written at a time when women had far less personal and economic freedom. Women were routinely belittled and infantilized.
          Raniere has recreated these anti-women restrictions and prejudices in his little dystopian world. Only even more so. In addition to appropriating their money, he indoctrinated his women to believe they are morally inferior to men and deserve punishment. Is it any wonder that these women hurt each other?

      • @Tuttle. Damn straight. The hypocrisy stinks.

        And why is the mainstream suppressing this story? Harvey, Cosby, Lauer and all so-called male perpetrators receive 24-7 media attention-air waves and print media. Yet this case -where women abuse other women- gets menial to no broadcast coverage in print or electronic media, only by tabloid newspapers and TV programmes. I smell conspiracy to suppress because if this received the same air play as the male perpetrators the #metoo movement would be exposed for what it is- #pureBS

        • That Allison Mack is on the same level of celebrity as Weinstein, Lauer, Cosby, etc

    • So true.this was all women jewness sex cult
      Blame the man,
      Facilitator of this jewness live cult.kinky sex
      Wish I was there with camcorder like Yugoslavia
      Other than tex.
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  • Found this on a Facebook post:

    Any of my people out there interested in this job opportunity?:

    Private humanitarian school In Mexico City seeks Native English speakers who love children!
    Are you passionate about working with babies and children??
    This position is a Career building opportunity within our company for those who want to grow them selves within a unique and profound New Educational System.
    A multicultural school is currently seeking candidates to work with an extraordinary program aimed at developing multilingual, multicultural children. The company’s mission is to provide children a unique education so as adults, they can uphold and promote a more ethical, peaceful world.
    The company is specifically looking for people who:
    Were born and raised In the US.
    Speak English as their native language; Training provided.
    Please contact India Oxenberg with any additional questions about the position or any details about or schools internationally.
    India Oxenberg

    • The site,, though visible on wayback archive, is no longer up. RME stands for “Rainbow Multicultural Education.”. Rainbow is Sara’s baby, and also a part of Ethical Science Foundation, Clare’s baby. India’s name is present because she and the other slaves were used as slave labor by Keith, Nancy, Clare, Sara, etc.

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    • India originally started as a Rainbow Cultural Garden MDS in Los Angeles under Angelica Hinojos until she moved to Albany.

      • Where was her mommy
        How come u know so much
        All vegans are weird
        Mindless creeps skin wafer whores of cult girl..children of god same shit another pile of juju

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” He also appeared in "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM, and was credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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